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Here at QuoteGrab, we know how important it is to you that your company vehicles are secure - after all, they cost you a lot of money so you wouldn't want to see anything bad to happen to them! Fill out this quick form and we can start helping you find the best vehicle tracking system immediately!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes Two minutes

We know how important it is to start tracking your vehicles as fast as possible! That's why we made sure our form only takes a couple of minutes to fill in!

Saves you money

Save Money

As essential as a good vehicle tracking system is to your business, we don't think you should have to spend all your money on it. We help you compare prices, so you can get the best system for your budget.

Find a great provider

Get A Great Vehicle Tracker

This isn't our first rodeo, we've helped plenty of business find a great system to monitor their fleet. So we know how to get you the best features for a great price!

Find A Vehicle Tracking System For You

We know the safety of your fleet, both the drivers and the cars themselves, is of the utmost importance to you. Keeping tabs on the location of each vehicle improves both security and driving skills - which is why it's essential you find a great system!

Here at Quotegrab, we understand that a variety of things can actually affect the type of tracker you want. Anything from the amount you need, to the features you desire, will affect the overall price - and the type of system that will work for your business.

That's why, when we compare all the tracking companies we can find, we select the top 4 options we think will work best for you. We believe you should get the final say in what provider fits you!

Why Compare Vehicle Tracking System Prices?

Did you know that there are actually two main types of vehicle tracking system;

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: A live tracking system gives business owners real-time updates on the location, driver behaviour and usage of the cars in their fleet. As all the information is sent to you wirelessly, all you need to do is sit back and watch what unfolds.

Passive Vehicle Tracking: This system isn't live, you can only download the data collected on a journey from a GPS, once it's returned to you. Though the process of using them is slightly more time consuming than a real-time tracker, they hold a lot more data on them - including exact routes a driver took, how much time was spent idling etc.

Obviously, both these systems have pros and cons, and the prices vary between them quite significantly. Which is why it's so important to compare prices. Though one may be more expensive, it could have a wider range of features - or maybe even the cheaper one has better features for your business. You'll never know if you don't compare them!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Vehicle Tracking Systems

Customise Trackers To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (10+ years) Vehicle Experts

Discover Where To Get The Cheapest System

Comparing vehicle tracking systems is an extremely time-consuming process, so don't waste yours! Why don't you just put your feet up, let us do all the hard work for you!

Just make sure you fill out this short form first!

Car trackers have increased recovery rates of stolen vehicles when vehicle owners provide the GPS coordinates to police or the local authorities to aid in recovery efforts.
According to Fleetminder - May 2019[†]
How to get a Cheaper Vehicle Tracking System

Fancy a bargain? We can never turn one down at Quotegrab! That's why we thought we should pass down some of our top tips for saving on your spends. And when it comes to something as crucial as a time system, the extra pennies are always appreciated.


Don't Stop Comparing

There are so many companies out there that are willing to supply businesses like yours with good deals on their vehicle tracking systems -you just need to find them. The company you use, the device you buy and the quantity of these devices all affect your total price - which is why comparing trackers is so essential.


Choose A Different Type Of Tracker

Well, I've already informed you about the two(main) types of trackers available for you to purchase; a real-time vehicle tracker or a passive vehicle tracker. Generally, a passive tracker is cheaper so, if you're not fussed about when you receive the date, this could be a great option for you!


Purchase Fewer Vehicles

When you purchase a vehicle tracking system, you have to purchase a certain amount of individual trackers, as one is assigned to each driver. If you don't provide many cards, you won't have to buy a lot of these systems! Alternatively, you could choose to just not cover every vehicle you have.


Lease A Tracker

Obviously, buying a tracking system outright can be quite expensive - especially if you possess a large fleet of vehicles. But, you can actually lease a tracking system from as little as ||$||1||$|| a day. This cuts costs significantly for small/new businesses who can't quite afford to buy a system outright just yet.

What Exactly Is A Vehicle Tracking System?

Well, it's a way to monitor the location of a vehicle and keep an eye on a drives behaviours. This can either be done wirelessly or by downloading GPS data!

What Are The Benefits Of A Vehicle Tracking System?

Obviously, the benefits exact benefits rely on the type of system you buy. But overall, it provides security for your fleet, improves drivers' behaviour on the road and reduces a lot of your costs i.e implementing one of these systems can result in lower car insurance!

Tips To Get Your Vehicle Tracking Prices Cheaper

We applaud managers that respect the safety of their team and equipment and want to go out of their way to improve it. However, we don't believe you need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to do this. Here are QuoteGrab's top tips to keep costs down:


Don't Stop Comparing
Every company has its own set of fees or charges its own price for a particular feature. Keep comparing providers so you can choose the one that offers every feature you want, for a budget price.


Choose A Different Type Of tracker
You have two types of tracker to choose from, and I've already mentioned that a passive tracking system costs significantly less than a real-time one. The features are near-enough the same for both systems, but a passive system takes longer to give you the information. It's a small price to pay for a big discount.


Purchase Fewer Vehicles
his one's obvious - the fewer vehicles you have, the fewer trackers you'll have to buy! You can also choose to not provide a certain number of drivers with one of these systems instead.


Lease A Tracker
f you can't afford the full price of a tracking system, you can always lease one instead. Prices start from just ||$||1||$|| a day and are a perfect way to get a tracker before you can afford it.


Purchase Cheaper Cars
If you have expensive vehicles in your fleet, a lot of companies will refuse to give you insurance without having a tracker installed. If you purchase cheaper cars, you won't be forced to implement this technology in every car you have.


Gather Less Information
The fewer features your tracker can record, the cheaper it will be. So, if you're not bothered about finding out when a car was idle, for example, a basic system will do you just fine!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've seen your emails, we've listened to your voicemails and we know just how desperate you are to get all your questions answered ASAP. Well, don't fret - we've answered them here!

+ What Is A Vehicle Tracking System?

Well, the clue's in the name really - it's a system used to track vehicles. But more specifically, it monitors;

  • The Speed Of A Vehicle
  • The Route A Vehicle Is Taking
  • The Behaviour Of A Driver On A Road
  • Where The Vehicle Uses The Most Fuel
  • Whether The Vehicle Needs Maintenance
  • The Location Of A Vehicle
  • If A Vehicle Makes Any Unscheduled Stops

Using the data it collects, it can gather an exact report of when, where and how your vehicles are being used. This not only protects the safety of your fleet and drivers, but it also helps you locate any stolen vehicles and forces your drivers into better practices on the road!

+ Do I Need A Business Lawyer?

This depends on what kind of business your starting; the rule of thumb to follow is that the more simple your business is, the less likely you will need a lawyer. Those who own sole proprietorships won't need one as it is a simple business, and only requires local business licenses. Partnerships and LLCs on the other hand should consider a lawyer due to the complexity of the business and the amount of documentation involved. Corporations are the most complicated type of business, and the need to prepare bylaws and other documents confirms that you will need a lawyer!

+ Do I Need A Vehicle Tracking System?

Though it's not usually a requirement to install one of these systems (unless you have an expensive car, in which case, your car insurance provider will be adamant you get one), I strongly advise that you do. There are so many benefits to getting one, including:

Locating Stolen Vehicles: If by some unfortunate circumstance, one of your vehicles is stolen, you can hand the GPS location over to the police, who will then use it to return that vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

Getting Cheaper Car Insurance: If you have one of these trackers installed, you're way more likely to be offered cheaper car insurance. This is because there's less risk of damage or stolen property with a tracker implemented.

Getting Your Drivers To Drive Better: It's to be expected really, that your drivers will drive better if they know they're being monitored. They're less likely to speed or make any unscheduled stops if they know you're watching them, and gathering data on what they do.

+ How Do I Find The Best Vehicle Tracking System For Me?

Guess what, you don't have to! We actually asses the information you give us and compare it to what the providers we have on offer well, offer. This means that while we're doing all the hard work, you can just sit back and put your feet up. But make sure you fill out our short form first!

+ How Much Is A Vehicle Tracking System?

Honestly, it depends on what you want, We need to know which type of tracker you want, what features you want it to have and how many you need! As soon as you tell us your requirements, we can start comparing systems - and let you know which one to pick and how much it will cost ASAP!