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At Quotegrab, we keep things simple: all we want is to see your business succeed. So, if you're in need of a time system, then we can find one for you. And your only job is just as simple as our aim: fill out the form, and grab that quote!

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Takes Two minutes

Sourcing your solutions is the name of the game, here at QuoteGrab. And finding them fast? That's how we play.

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Save Money

Not only can we save time on your search, we can save you money on your solution! It's the best of both worlds.

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Our algorithms are our secret weapon - our tried-and-tested tech only matches you up with the solution to suit your business and its needs.

Find The Time System For You

If it isn't obvious enough, allow me to say it again: here at QuoteGrab, we only care about boosting your business, and we do this by saving you time and saving you money when seeking a solution to your business needs. One of these solutions is finding the time system to suit your business. But how do you find one of these top-notch time systems? Easy - fill out a form, and grab a quote!

The QuoteGrab team only researches, identifies, and matches up the best time systems to the different business sizes and shapes among us. Once you've filled out our super-fast form and have left us to do what we do best, we will be busy compiling the contenders, running the numbers, and figuring out the features. And it's all so you don't have to! But our workday doesn't end there; we've brought together every scrap of information you need to stay up-to-date with the systems.

Once you're up to speed, we chuck in a quick quote to seal the deal.

Why Compare Time Systems Prices?

You don't need to be a maths whizz to know that the price tag is pretty important when it comes to running a business. And you don't need to be a business expert either to understand that cost and quality tend to stick together. Nevertheless, we always strive to bag you a bargain whilst guaranteeing high-quality products.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality time systems

Discover a wide range of time systems to choose from

Get a time system to suit your business' current and future needs

Time systems are pretty crucial when it comes to running a business. How else are you gonna do payroll? How will you even know if they come into work? So we deemed it fit to make sure every business could have access to the best time system to suit their needs. And how can you do that?

It's simple: fill out a form, and grab a quote

In 2014, it was discovered that 40% of US businesses calculate payroll by hand. That means that nearly half of all businesses could do with a time system!
According to Bloomberg - October 2019[†]
How To Get A Time System Cheaper

Fancy a bargain? We can never turn one down at Quotegrab! That's why we thought we should pass down some of our top tips for saving on your spends. And when it comes to something as crucial as a time system, the extra pennies are always appreciated.


Compare your way to a low cost

It's the rule of thumb for seeking out the low-cost options: if you want to lower the price, it's time to get comparing. To maximise the comparison, make sure you take into account the capacity of the technology (e.g. number of fingerprints), features you might need, and, of course, the cost. Or, you could skip that, and grab a quote!


Choose cheap

If you're looking for the easy solution, then look no further! If you want a cheap time system, just pick the cheapest time system. But when you click for the cost, you'll be missing out on a tailored solution for your business needs, and might not get the high-quality product you need. Instead, grab a quote, and we can direct you to a cheap time system.


Reflect and reconsider

To find a low-cost, high-quality compromise, simply reflect on your business and its needs. Identify what you need - and what you really don't - from your current time system. Let's say you own a small business, and you're forking out for 300 fingerprints; just swap for a more suitable product! And our QuoteGrab algorithm can help with that.


Cut back on customisation

Oh, reflecting on your business needs doesn't stop there. Are you paying for features that you don't use, let alone need? Sure, communication with your employees is useful, and who can say ‘no' to something doing the payroll calculations for you? But do you need it to provide complete reports and analysis on attendance?

What Exactly Can A Time System Do?

Time systems - or time and attendance systems - track and monitor the attendance of your employees at work. Whether it's using a fingerprint, scanning one's face, or stamping a card, it can prove when an employee came to work, and when they left. This means you can tell if you employees are turning up and leaving work on time.

What Are The Benefits Of A Time System?

Not only can a time system let you know if your employees are sticking to their contracts, the data can assist with payroll, and provides proof of compliance with labour laws. It can even help cut your costs by giving you accurate information for wages. Plus, it makes tardiness more apparent, and this is one of the biggest busters of efficiency.

Tips To Get Your Time System Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there are always little ways to keep costs down. Here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your time system-related costs:


Go Back To Basics
If you want to cut costs, quality might also suffer from a similar decrease. But if you're willing to pay a lower price and do the rest of the high-quality product's job yourself, this might be a low-cost compromise! For example, most time systems come fitted with the technology to get a head start on your payroll.


Cut Costs By Comparing
If you want to find a cheap time system, then comparing the contenders is the first thing to do. By looking beyond price, and considering the technology, the features, and the ratings of the product, you can see which alternative can pocket you some pennies, but maintain the standards you need. Or rather, fill out our form, and skip this time-consuming process!


De-customise To A Low-cost
It's the extra features and the additional customisations that can stack up the costs of a time system. Do you need intelligence reports? Do you require a fingerprint scanner, or will a fob do the trick? Do you seriously need your employees to be texted when changes arise, or can you email that out instead?


Just Choose Cheap
If you need to go cheap, pick a price that suits your purse-strings best. Heed this warning, however: when you pick for the sake of a price-tag, the quality will probably suffer. Instead, you should consider a variety of factors to ensure a low-cost, yet good quality product. And here at QuoteGrab, we can do that for you.


Reflect On Your Needs
Happy with your time system? Fancy identifying where you can cut costs? Easy. Reflect on your current - and future needs. Then, compare this to your current provider. Are you paying way too much for unnecessary tech? Or do you have way more capacity than you actually need?


Trade In The Tech
The deciding factor on the price of time systems is the technology. Do you need a fingerprint scanner? Does it matter if you have facial recognition? If your business can survive without the space-age stuff, then swap it for the less advanced alternatives. Instantly, the bill will begin to drop. And at Quotegrab, we can help you find one of these alternatives!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get emailed, tweeted and asked the same questions everyday. So, to combat your confusion, we've solved the most common ones here.

+ Will A Time And Attendance System Integrate With My Current Software?

Yes - as this product needs to be used by any business, it is typically created to suit any software. However, it works best with HR and payroll software. Some providers do offer the software and system as a complete package, but others can integrate, instead.

+ Do I Require A Cloud-based Or An On-premise Solution?

Most systems offer either service. On-premise means the software is on your own servers, and that you have control over the data. This requires maintenance that you will have to provide, but you can customise it at will. Cloud based software on the other hand is hosted by your provider, meaning they take care of the maintenance. This suits payroll and HR teams that have a busy 9 to 5 best. There are also hybrid systems which pick-n-mix components of each of these systems.

+ What Are The Different Types Of Time And Attendance System?

There are several different types of time and attendance system: time cards are swiped in the system, producing online timesheets; proximity cards and fobs just require a tap to clock you in - they can even track employee movement across the office; biometric uses fingerprints or similar scanning technology to ensure that it is you that is clocking in; Web-based Login Stations use employees logging in to their computers as a clock in; and Interactive Voice Response which requires an employee to simply call a phone number to clock in.

+ What Do I Do If A Member Of Staff Forgets To Clock In Or Out?

Most time and attendance systems allow employers to add in information manually if someone has forgotten to clock in or out. As this is a common occurrence, this is an easy addition to make to the timesheets in the software.

+ Why Is Time And Attendance Important?

Obviously, the data produced by timesheets and time and attendance systems tells you if employees are coming into work, and if they are working for the hours contracted. These are important components of running a business, not simply for how your business runs, but for how you pay these employees. So, investing in the time and attendance system that suits your business is key. And the QuoteGrab team can help you with that - just grab a quote!

+ What Features Can The System Come With?

There's an array of features to pick and mix: time management tracks employee presence, from overtime to time spent on specific projects; absence and leave management gives employees the ability to manage their own time off; document management allows information to be shared across departments; and business intelligence reporting provides an evaluation of time and attendance.