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Image of business owner on a VoIP phone
He loves VoIP - could you?

Is your business phone system getting left behind?

Is technology moving forward, while you remain firmly planted in the past?

Perhaps it's time to consider your options.

Heading over to a VoIP-based phone solution could put your business back on the map.

Your competitors are doing it, so why not you?

In fact, 70% of businesses are ditching old-school phone lines.

The world of hosted and cloud-based telephones is here to stay.

Want to jump aboard?

We're going to dive deep and review one of the top providers: VoIPon.


Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Did You Know?

VoIPon was one of the first European resellers of Digium.

Fancy getting ahead in business?

Then get involved with this forward-looking business!

Chapter 1

What is VoIP?

First off, it's always important to get a sense of what VoIP is and what it does.

After all, if you're going to make the big switch, then you want to have a basic grasp on the technology.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a digital technology for sending voice data over the internet.

IP telephony means…

High quality calls

Low costs

Complete elimination of cables offered by telecommunication companies

The power of VoIP will provide you with access to an array of up-to-the-minute phone services.

The beauty is that all of them can be controlled by you through a single online portal - or customer panel.

What else is great about VoIP?

It gives you the opportunity to contact your clients, business partners, colleagues from anywhere.

Now you can take business calls wherever you are in the world.

Executive on the phone on the go
Wherever you are...

You can create branches internationally and talk for free between them by dialing an extension number.

Any other good news?

How about...

Minimal subscription - no long term contracts

Noticeably lower bills for long-distance and international calls

No need to purchase special devices

No fee for installation and system maintenance

It goes without saying that a VoIP phone system has too many positives to be ignored.

The massively reduced costs involved mean that any start-up can also join in.

First, you need to learn more about the VoIP hardware you'll need for your business... and that's why we're here.

Which leads us onto VoIPon…

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Chapter 2

Who are VoIPon?
Voipon Logo

VoIPon are a worldwide B2B distributor of high quality VoIP hardware.

Why choose VoIPon?

These guys are no newcomers to the space.

Their portfolio features the leading brands in the market today such as:

- Gigaset

- Yealink

- Grandstream

- Digium

- Snom

- 2N Telecommunications

Formed in 2005, VoIPon have continued to grow at a rapid rate.

They consistently diversify their product portfolio and forge long lasting partnerships with top VoIP manufacturers.

Because of this, VoIPon holds a reputation of being one of the foremost VoIP hardware companies around.

The VoIPon staff too, are known for their extensive knowledge and understanding.

You can ask them anything!

This is enhanced by them using the same technology as they sell.

VoIPon are able to tailor solutions to your own specific budget and requirements.

Essentially, VoIPon holds a passionate belief in the vision and potential of their market.

This is clearly highlighted by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the VoIPon team, who are always on hand to help.

A provider on the phone to a customer/just on the phone
Their customer service is off the charts!

These guys also have a strong moral compass too.

VoIPon are also dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of their operations.

As a result, they are accredited to both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality and Environmental international standards.

Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Did You Know?

VoIPon have a free 30 day trial so you can determine if it's the tech for you.

Not sure about the product? Not sure about its suitability to your business?

You need to pay a penny!

Chapter 3

What brands do they sell?

As you'd expect, VoIPon stock a huge range of the industry's top brands.

This enables them to assist in all your hardware needs as you get your new phone system setup.

Whatever it is you want, VoIPon will stock it.

If you're after a particular brand or product, then their team can help source it for you.

As it is, their enviable range of manufacturer's reads like a who's who of VoIP experts...












Alpha Tech

































Chapter 4

What products do they offer?

As you'd imagine, with all those brands, VoIPon also supplies a massive amount of hardware.

To make life easier, they divide them into 4 main categories:

VoIP Phones

Wireless IP Phones

VoIP Headsets

VoIP Conference Phones

The website is nicely broken down and easy to navigate.

Importantly, it also runs quickly, so you won't have to wait for each section to load.

This makes the browsing experience a lot more enjoyable!

For example, if you want a VoIP phone, you'd click on the relevant section and then select the brand you want.

You can then hone in on the specific phone for you.

For example, say you wanted to buy a VoIP conference phone.

You would first click on the VoIP conference phone tab.

And then you are taken to a page with each brand. In this example, there are 5.

VoIPon brand page

If you wanted to look at the Yealink Conference Phones, you'd simply click on the Yealink box.

This would take you to the Yealink product page.

product page

From here, you can scroll down all their conference phone models and find out more by clicking on the Product Name.

This will bring up a more in-depth model page like this:

model page

As you can see, the process is simple and intuitive.

You can add to your basket along the way and order as on any ecommerce site.

VoIPon make the searching and buying operations very smooth.

Compare Products

A great little feature here is the “Comparisons” button.

This takes you to a comprehensive product comparison page, including photos of each model.

They have these pages for both VoIP Phones and Wireless IP phones.

You can select different brands and compare their models within a range of categories.

For VoIP Phones, these are:

Number of lines



Expansion Modules

Headset Jack

Display size


Integrated PoE

For Wireless IP phones, these are:

Display size


Talk Time

Hands Free


Price exc. VAT

Product photo

Buy now button

You can add any products from the comparison page straight into your shopping cart too.

Headset Compatibility Guide

A second VoIPon feature is called “VoIP Headset Compatibility Guide”.

Here, you can find out which of their headsets are compatible with their own huge range of products.

This button can be found on each product page.

Again, you can click on whichever brand you wish to view and the compatibility table appears.

Additional Products

To make life easier for you, VoIPon place all their additional hardware product lines in a sidebar.

They consist of:

Routers and Switches


VoIP Gateways

Session Border Controllers

SIP Door Entry Systems

Hosted IP PBX

VoIP Paging Intercoms

VoIP Networking

IP Cameras

IP Video Conferencing

Video Phones

Microsoft Teams

Skype For Business

Analog Adapters

Asterisk Hardware

VoIP Accessories

As in previous categories, these pages direct you to a range of specific brands from you to choose.

Want a Session Border Controller (SBC)?

You'll get taken to a page with these 4 brands available:

brand page

From there, you can select the brand and move onto the product pages and product description pages.

As you can see, VoIPon handle a great deal of stock in their online shop.

Importantly, they make it easy to access and do a good job of categorising.

The comparison and compatibility pages add to this efficiency and show that they care about their customer's online experience.

So, what about the buying specifics?

Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Did You Know?

You can buy VoIPon products in American dollars, British pounds, and Euros.

Now that's worldwide...

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Chapter 5

What's the buying process like?

VoIPon make buying their products a straightforward process.

Simply add items to your basket and when you are finished, pay through the checkout page.

Ways You Can Pay

VoIPon understand that hardware can sometimes create a hefty financial investment in order for a business to grow.

As a result, they provide lots of payment options - to make the payment process as stress-free as possible.

They accept:



All major credit and debit cards

And even offer credit terms

Additional Information

For more information about the product when you buy, there is a handy dropdown list for you to access.

the dropdown

Here, you can maximise each section and find out more information.

For example, the documents and manuals…

This gives you the ability to download the manuals for yourself.

Proforma Invoices

VoIPon know that many of their customers will be requiring large, multiple-buy purchases.

These kinds of purchase may require sign off for approval.

This is why they provide a proforma invoice option.

This appears within your shopping cart page, when you add products into the cart.

All you have to do is add your products and then click on the “Need a Proforma Invoice?” button.

From there, you just need to fill out a form with your details and VoIPon create a Proforma invoice for your order.

It's a nice and simple touch that is there to help you.

Chapter 6

Becoming a VoIPon Reseller

At VoIPon, you have the chance to get the very best prices in the market.

You get the opportunity to apply and become one of many authorised VoIPon resellers.

Once authorised, you will have incredible access to their “reseller portal”.

Here, you'll be able to take advantage of fantastic reseller prices.

Why become a VoIPon reseller?

Being a leading online VoIP hardware distributor, VoIPon has agreements with several top VoIP & IT manufacturers.

This means that you can fully realise the potential of your business and rapidly grow your own product portfolio.

Visual of a graph showing growth
And it's all thanks to VoIP (and hard work)!

The VoIPon sales, support and marketing teams are on standby to offer you knowledge and support along the way.

To become a VoIPon registered dealer:

- You need to be a VoIP reseller or consultant

- Purchased products must be for resale only

- Reseller accounts aren't available to end users

- Claimants should have an honest objective to buy and resell VoIPon products

- The starting minimum order amount is £200

Once you have completed the reseller registration form, you will receive confirmation by email if you have been successful.

VoIPon assess all applications very quickly , often after just a couple of hours.

Advantages of being a VoIPon reseller

Here are the main reasons why being a reseller for VoIPon could be great for you.

Credit accounts

Large range of new VoIP products

Get reseller prices & quantity based discounts

Expert VoIP staff on hand

Access to product promotion material

Instant approval to resell top wireless products

Perfect for VoIP / IT resellers & consultants

After sales support

Delivery direct to your customer's door the next day.

Chapter 7

What support do they offer?

In terms of general support, VoIPon offer all the usual ways of contact such as:

- Phone

- Email

- Online form

- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

They also offer tailored “tech support” too.

These are separated into 4 categories:

Support tickets

Should you need specific product support, then you can submit a support ticket.

You will be redirected to a ticket page, where you select whether you made your purchase online or offline.

ticket page

Then, as a registered user, you will be able to submit your ticket for tailored support.

Support/Training Packs

Looking for dedicated support?

VoIPon offer premium support packs at different rates, depending on the level of support you need.

The 3 packages are outlined below:

support packages

Product Returns

Do you have a faulty product and need to return it?

Not to worry, because VoIPon have a dedicated Returns Help Centre.

First, the VoIPon guys provide support information pages - so you can be sure your product is configured correctly.

Their recommended procedure is as follows:

1. Support

If it is still faulty, then you can write up an RMA Request.

2. RMA Request

This is simply a returns request form.

Enter all the details in correctly, and VoIPon can validate and check your returns request.

3. Status

If you purchased the product through the VoIPon site, then you can even track your r eturns request online.

Their very own ticket centre makes life easy, and keeps you in the loop.

4. Returning an item

What comes through is that VoIPon are always very open and transparent with their customers.

For example, they even create a ‘blueprint' for the returns process for both business and consumer customers.

This easy to understand table means you're never left in the dark when it comes to returned items.

For Business Customers:

business customers pic

For Consumer Customers:

consumer customer pic


VoIPon remind their customers here that on every product page, you are able to open or download specific datasheets.

Sometimes, this can be overlooked so it's important you check the relevant manual for guidance.

Chapter 8

Our Verdict

VoIPon are an impressive online hardware provider.

They stock just about everything you'd need in terms of VoIP systems, including all the leading brands.

Not only this, but they are competitively priced and aim to deliver the next working day.

VoIPon have a Trust Pilot rating of 3 stars.

Most of the low scores are related to slow delivery or returns issues.

These appear to be isolated incidents and overall, people are very impressed with the VoIPon service.

Someone using a phone looking happy
No seriously - VoIPon are that good!

Their staff clearly have great product knowledge and a very clear idea of where to position products and pricing in the marketplace.

In the main, they also back this up with excellent customer service.

Are you ready to decide on your VoIP solution yet?

Get in touch with our team and we'll put you through to the best providers for your business.