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You own a business?

High five!

Chances are your phone is starting to ring off the hook.

New clients, more customers, and an increasing amount of people to call adds up to greater reliance on your phone.

It's for that reason that everyone - and I mean everyone - is turning to VoIP technology.

It's cheap, it's adaptable to your business (wherever it goes) and it gives you high quality phone calls.

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And given you're set to hit success, you need to find one right now.

If only you knew a company that sold VoIP products and services…

Oh wait - Voipfone does!

voipfone logo
Could your next purchase be from these guys?

So, it only seemed right I reviewed Voipfone to help you determine if they're the best for your business.

This article will take you through:

- What Voipfone are

- What services and products they offer

- How much these services and products cost

- The customer support on offer

- And what their customers think

Just want an answer, like, right now?

I've included a final verdict so you can cut to the chase and make the decision on your next VoIP purchase.

Chapter 1

What Is Voipfone?

Did you know that Voipfone doesn't advertise?

And no, I don't mean that in a “we don't advertise except subtly in tv shows” Starbucks kinda way.

They legitimately believe they have no need to advertise because they're too good for it.

And I've got to say…

I agree.

To be a multi-award winning business worth over £4,000,000 who's never spent a penny on advertising… you've got to be doing something right.

proud business owner
They just can't help but flex.

But the real question here is - what is Voipfone?

Well, you've heard of VoIP right?

(That's Voice Over Internet Protocol for anyone not in the know.)

It's a way to make free calls all over the world!

And Voipfone was one of the first companies out there to utilize this hot-off-the-press technology back in 2004.

(Still piping hot, though!)

Their founder, Lee Rose, built the brand from the ground up.

But the company wasn't always as perfect as it is today.

Rose and his team (his wife, a random teenager, and ex-BT employee, Colin Duffy) made a fair few mistakes over the years.

Whether it was not building a security system and getting scammed multiple times when they first opened, or not building a system strong enough for a lot of traffic, there's no doubt about it:

They were struggling.

voipfone pre-success
They aren't cryin' anymore.

Lucky for you, the staff at Voipfone didn't give up on the dream.





Soon, Voipfone had established itself as one of the leading founders of VoIP.

(Not bad.)

Chapter 2

What Does Voipfone Offer?

Even if you aren't a fan of this company, there's one thing for sure:

Voipfone knows how to provide a unique service.

From porting services to plug & go VoIP hardware, they provide everything VoIP-related to their customers.

Want to know the best thing about it?

You can build your own package!

You only pay for the services you need.

It's their “no nonsense approach...to give you the best value possible.”

someone holding money
They put a lot of value on, uh, value.

Voipfone prides itself on their upfront approach to business.

They don't force you into rigid contracts with really expensive cancellation policies.

Instead, you're given the chance to create your own, fully-flexible, completely-scalable package.

Let's take a sneak peak at these services:

Call Queueing

If you were a customer, what's one thing that would put you off of doing business with a company?

I imagine never being able to contact them is at the top of the list.

A constant engaged tone would annoy even your most loyal customers.

In turn, they'll probably leave you for a rival company.

But you can stop this just by adding the call queueing feature to your bundle.

For just £2 a month, you can be the envy of your business rivals with your fancy system.

From now on, when a customer calls you, they'll be greeted by your super-friendly automated spokesperson.

They'll give them constant queue updates and play them some funky music when they're not talking!

Less impatient customers, more time to boogie.

Virtual Switchboard

There's nothing worse than constantly being passed around 30 different departments, trying to find someone who can help with your problem.

That's a sure-fire way to lose all your customers.

But there's a way to stop this happening.

For just £2 a month, you can add a virtual switchboard to your package.

So, when customers ring you, they'll be given options like:

“Press 1 for the IT department.”

“Press 2 for media inquiries.”

“Press 3 to order me a pizza.”

And so on.

someone enjoying the benefits of the switchboard
Save me a slice!

It's really easy to set up, too!

Just go on to your Voipfone control panel and enter the options you want your callers to have (and the numbers they direct to) in the IVR menu.

It'll take less than 5 minutes!

PBX Call Groups

Sick of always being the one to answer the phone?


With PBX call groups, you can ensure every phone in each department rings at once.

Someone else can take the call for a change!

Oh, and before I forget...

It only costs £1 a month.

Totally worth it.

PBX Extension Numbers

Every virtual PBX account can hold up to 800 extensions.

(Yep, that's a lot.)

They don't all have to be in the same office either.

All your phones will work exactly the same, no matter the location!

Which is great if you have a lot of employees who work from home.

It only costs £1 a month as well - result!

It doesn't stop there, though…

Here are the other services that might just tickle your tastebuds:

Call Forwarding And Divert

Call Conferencing

Call Barring

GeoDivert App

International Numbers

Fax Services

Landline Services

Call Recording

Call Me Back Web Button

Chapter 3

Does Voipfone Suggest Using Any Hardware?

When using VoIP, Voipfone recommends a few helpful products.

You're rolling your eyes, aren't you?

Well, guess what?

It's not some sales ploy.

They just want you - yes, little ‘ol you - to have the best service, like, ever.

The hardware they suggest actually enhances your user experience!

Let's take a look.

VoIP Hardware Telephones

Don't worry...

Voipfone aren't sneaky salesmen trying to trick you into buying expensive telephones.

In fact, they're very open about how much each handset costs and why it works well with your system.

Plus, they only sell you equipment that compliments your system.

someone using telephone
(And not one from 1983.)

But do you want to know the best thing about purchasing a phone from Voipfone?

They don't lock them!

This'll leave you free to change providers as and when you wish.


Let's take a look at some of their suggestions.

Phone Why You'll Love It Price Rating

Snom D315 Black

Uses a VPN client to provide an extra layer of security



Snom D345 Black

Supports up to 12 SIP accounts



Snom D385 Black

Provides HD audio quality



Snom D375 Black

Long product life despite excessive use



Snom D715 Black

Uses one-touch telephony functions



Snom D725 Black

Provides access to functionality enhancing features



Snom D765 Black

Integrated Bluetooth and USB connectivity



Snom C520 IP Conference Phone

Provides flexible expansion thanks to wireless microphones



Snom Meeting Point

Provides an executive business conferencing feature



Gigaset N300IP - A540H Handset Bundles

Phones are delivered completely configured to your extension



Gigaset N300IP - S650H Pro Handset Bundles

Easily integrates with Voipfone PBX



Gigaset N300IP - R650H Ruggedised Handset Bundles

Easy to transfer internal calls



Gigaset N300IP - C430HX Handset Bundles

Able to plug in and use immediately upon arrival



Gigaset N510IP - S650H Pro Handset Bundles

Call transfers are as easy as ABC



Gigaset N510IP - R650H Ruggedised Handset Bundles

Can be easily allocated to an extension



VoIP Telephone Adaptors

Voipfone actually has only one suggestion for a good telephone adapter.

(It must be the best of the best.)

The Cisco SPA112 VoIP Adaptor.

No clue what a VoIP adaptor is?

Well, they're a great addition for any small businesses or home office's out there.

It's a way of adapting (duh!) your existing phone into a VoIP one - without having to pay out for any expensive handsets.

This makes it a great way for small businesses to reap the benefits of VoIP!

And no setup is required either.

It connects straight to your existing broadband connection, immediately working on your phone.

Not bad for just £40, is it?

(They even throw in two free RJ11 to BT adaptors - result!)

celebration fireworks
Ooh, pretty!

VoIP Hardware Accessories

Ready to continue the shopping spree?

Voipfone have a handy list of accessories that integrate seamlessly with their system, making your user experience that much more pleasant.

But don't worry, you don't have to buy all of these.

You actually only need to buy the accessories that compliment your business.

(Think headsets if you work in a call centre, or noise cancelling technology for people working on construction sites.)

And that's if you need anything at all!

If you have pre-existing equipment that you love, by all means, skip this list.

Accessory Why You Need It Price

Snom D3 Expansion Module

Provides 18 LED keys to give users a wide choice of functions


Snom D7 Expansion Keypad

Provides 18 LED keys to give users a wide choice of functions


Snom A150 Wireless DECT Headset

Has a 15m Bluetooth range


Snom A170 Wireless DECT Headset

Has a noise-cancelling microphone


Snom A100M Monaural Headset

It has a flexible boom to guarantee crystal clear sound


Snom A100D Binaural Headset

It was designed with your comfort in mind, so you can wear it all day long


RTX 4022 DECT Repeater

Extends the area your DECT can cover


Snom D3 Replacement Handset

It's a replacement for your Snom D3 series phone


Snom D7 Replacement Handset

It's a replacement for your Snom D7 series phone


Snom D3 Handset Cable

It's a spare cable for your Snom D3 handset


Snom D7 Handset Cable

It's a spare cable for your Snom D7 handset


Snom Power Supply

Provides power to your devices (if your ethernet cable doesn't already do this)


Agent Buddy Training Switch Adapter

Makes side-by-side training easy


CAT5e Patch Cable 2M Black

It connects two devices (duh)


Network Equipment

VoIP only works if you have a stable internet connection.

So, obviously, you'll need to rely on a strong network, too.

And Voipfone has got that covered.

Voipfone recommends a selection of routers to ensure you have the strongest connection possible.

Equipment Why You Need It Price

Netgear SOHO GS316

It has a fan-less design, so you won't face any audible distractions


Netgear ProSAFE JGS516PE

Offers a variety of network features like IGMP snooping and traffic monitoring


Netgear ProSAFE JGS524PE

Offers plenty of cool network features like link aggregation and rate limiting


Technicolour TG588v v2

Easy to install and easy to access


Technicolour DWA0120

Guaranteed uninterrupted data service transmission


Chapter 4

How Much Does Voipfone Cost?

Remember when I mentioned that Voipfone allows you to build your own packages?

It turns out that isn't the only option.

Let's say you run a reaaally successful business and don't have the time to pick ‘n' mix your tech…

(Or you've procrastinated all day and need to tick this off your to-do list.)


In that case, the Voipfone Unlimited Package might be for you.

This allows you to have a cloud-based PBX that is jam-packed with a whole host of features - including unlimited calling - for just £20 a month.

However, international calls and calls to 08 numbers will still result in charges.

But everything else is included in your package.


One problem though…

This package isn't great if you work somewhere like a call centre.

call centre
Looks like you gotta keep browsing...

It's really been designed for someone with more day-to-day business needs.

Plus, it should only really be purchased by someone with the money to make a long term commitment…

Because you're actually tied into a 12-month contract!

(Don't worry, though - you can still build your own package if this one isn't right for you.)

Anyway, let's move onto the fun bit…

Finding out what features are included in your package!

Direct Dial Number

Failover Call Divert

1471, Last Number To Call

Call Me Back Web Button

Unlimited UK Calling

Inbound Call Routing Control

3 Way Calls

Conference Calls

Call Diverts

Interactive Voice Response System

Busy Lamps

Editable Caller ID

Call Groups

Line & Number Presentation

Call Hold

Emergency Services Access

Call Pickup

Extension Voicemail

Call Transfer

GeoDivert App

Call Queueing

Group Voicemail

Call Waiting

Itemised Call Records

Extension To Extension Free Calling

Voicemail To Email

Message Waiting Indication

Music On Hold

Online Control Panel

Software Telephone App

Web Calls

Chapter 5

What Customer Support And Service Does Voipfone Offer?

A business starts with one thing.

“An awesome logo?”


“A wicked name?”


“Legendary social media adverts?”

Not at all.

A business starts with a product or a service.

And even if said product or service is awesome, wicked, and legendary,

So - how does Voipfone figure?

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First, let's consider the customer support available.

You can ask and see answered questions

I'll be honest: I struggle with technology.

Yes, even me, the humble VoIP expert…

But that's the nature of an ever-changing field!

Despite the clarity of the website and the information available to customers, we can all find things confusing.

But on their homepage is an icon labelled “Got a question?”

From there you can navigate the clearly laid out products and problems ‘til you find a solution.

Easy to understand, easy to find, and easy to use.

Sounds good to me!

You can check out their FAQs

Speaking of extra information…

Voipfone has tapped into one of the best outlets for combatting your queries: a frequently asked questions section.

But they don't just have a few vague questions with even vaguer questions.

Oh, no.

They have a variety of key questions about the business which is crammed full of links and simple explanations.

No stone is left unturned.

You can click for a service status

It doesn't stop there!

The website itself has a section called ‘customer services' at the bottom of the page, bringing its customers to the key information they might want to know.

But despite the easy-to-navigate access to support, it's the ‘service status' button which has me interested.

With a click of your mouse you can see if the systems are operational.

This includes the different services they offer and reports on which days it was working on.

You can enjoy the website's clear layout

I could talk about the specifics of this awesome website all day.

(Might make for a massive article, though.)

But it's the website itself that proves its worth by providing top-notch customer service:

It's layout might read 2009, but its customer service reads much further into the future!

‘Support' even has its own tab on the navigation, as does ‘contact'!

Voipfone clearly wants their customers to know that access to support and customer service is never too far from their reach.

You can take comfort in their remote assistance

Nothing says customer support like a quick fix.

And their remote assistance is just that!

All you gotta do is hit the button, and wait for a response.

(And it's really easy to find.)

Uh, yes please.

Support for their customers is clearly a high point of their VoIP provider.

But have they connected the dots and matched that with their customer service?

(Yes. Yes they have. )

You can find their customer service contact information on each page

Each page.

Every page.

Every single page comes armed with a link to contact their customer services.

That's a live chat, an email address and a phone number.

You simply cannot move without being offered a team member's Voipfone knowledge!

You can see past customer testimonials

Still unsure if Voipfone is the VoIP provider for your business?

Then take it from their customers.

With a page devoted to emails, tweets and messages from current and past customers, you can assess their service for yourself!

But from a glance or two alone, there's one theme that just seems to dominate...

There's one thing that is brought up in every email, forum post and tweet...

It's their customer service.

Awesome advice and fast fixes were reported by most customers, confirming that they did indeed connect those dots!

You can find their social media easily

Fancy writing one of those customer testimonials?

Or maybe you've got a problem you need fixin'?

All it takes is a Tweet or a Facebook post - and Voipfone has links to their social media dotted across the website.

It's almost like they want you to contact them with issues they can solve…

Now that's what you call good customer service!

You can read their reviews

“Okay, so they've got some super-cool customer testimonials on their website…

But isn't that, like, the oldest trick in the book? They could only be good reviews!”

Fair point.

But the reviews not on their website - i.e. on TrustPilot - seem just as positive!

In fact, they say exactly the same thing about Voipfone:

Their customer service is bloomin' brilliant.

Quickly solved queries, amazing advice, and helpful customer service representatives define this company!

You can message customer service reps via Live Chat on every page

Computers are awesome, aren't they?

But sometimes, information on the computer screen just doesn't quite translate.

If you aren't clued in on tech like I am, I'm sure that occurrence is much more frequent than you'd like…

But have no fear - a customer service representative is here!

On every single page you will encounter a ‘live chat' alongside information on how to contact their customer service.

You really can't move for access to extra support!

Chapter 6

What Do Their Customers Think Of Them?

Not to brag, but I'm a VoIP expert.

(And, like, I'm an awesome one.)

I can judge their products.

I can add up their prices.

And I can weigh up their website.

But I can't offer a final verdict on Voipfone without knowing what their customers have to say.

So - what do the reviews say about Voipfone?

Pros Cons

Great prices

Low capability for business use

Even better customer service

Surprise charges

Reliable service

Problems with refunding

Their Trustpilot rating was 4.5 stars.

There's no doubt about it: their customers love Voipfone.

With 84% awarding it top marks, this is clearly a popular choice among users.

More so, they all seem to cite the same benefits.

Money saving, functionality, and the adaptability of the service scored it its high grades, but it wasn't all about the products and services.

Yes, okay…

I've already mentioned the customer service - but the reviewers just can't get enough of it!

someone on the phone enjoying the customer service

Aside from these rather common comments littering positive reviews is a statement that stands out.

Quite a few reviews claim they switched to Voipfone from BT, and the complete contrast in services cemented their love for their new provider.

I don't know about you, but they sound pretty awesome to me!

So, we've covered why people love ‘em…

But what about the 2% of reviews that label ‘em “poor”?

The problems cited in negative reviews centred around problems not often mentioned, thus suggesting anomalies in service.

For example, one cited an issue with their automated top-up payment:

The story goes that during a call with a pretty important client, the phone line cut. It turns out that the ‘trigger level' was set to £5, so when the call cost more than that, the call dropped, despite being processed as an automatic top-up.

Can their products handle business use?

business environment
It looks parched.

And contrary to popular claims regarding their customer service, some weren't so happy with the support:

Another review claimed they were charged for migrating their number away despite having covered that cost before. On top of that, they said the normally super-fast customer service wasn't so super-fast.

In fact, they didn't even fix the issue!

Speaking of not fixing issues…

Another customer claimed that their iOS app was troubled with problems, pinging with incorrect notifications - and still hadn't been sorted.

The low number of complaints might bolster Voipfone's position as a top-quality VoIP provider, but even the negative needs to be considered.

Chapter 7

Our Verdict

It's all come down to this.

It's all come down to my final verdict.

Did the positive reviews sway me to say something awesome about Voipfone?

Or will the early-noughties website steer me in another direction?

Our rating:


Here's a quick overview of what I thought about Voipfone:

Pros Cons

Easy to use website

Sneaky Terms and Conditions

Great customer service

Website is lacklustre

Incredible prices

(They're just that good!)

Voipfone has clearly impressed me.

At first glance, it looked like a mediocre VoIP provider trapped in 2010.

And despite the wide away of advantages boosting its rating, this is where it falls short for me.

I know, I know - you should never judge a book by its cover…

But for business owners looking for a solution to their VoIP needs, a messy and outdated look can be quite off-putting.

(Sorry, mum.)

Nevertheless, they make up for this limiting look with the content of the website:

It's easy to navigate (despite the mess of too many pages and a huu-uge footer) , and full of services.

[someone looking amazed at phone or laptop
Not sure he's old enough to actually own a business...

Brimming with information, Voipfone knows how to explain complex topics to potential customers.

Add some awesome prices - no, like, awesome prices - and you've got the recipe for a solution to your business' telephony needs.

Or do you?

The low prices might look seriously cool to customers, but given some negative reviews, it seems all a bit suspicious…

Companies offering such low prices tend to pull sneaky tricks on their customers by concealing the truth of the prices in their Terms and Conditions.

In fact, this was confirmed in a review.

Team that with their website, and it all looks a bit untrustworthy.

You want a clean, streamlined service.

You don't want suspicion; you want success!

Yet despite my claims, there is a redeeming factor: and its their customer service.

(I haven't mentioned that already, have I?)

The access to it, the quality of advice given, the speed of support - that's how you put the customer first.

(Take note, BT.)

Anything else of note?

Oh, I don't know, maybe all of their awards?


The Queen's Award for Enterprise

Best VoIP Award 2019

Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2019

Best Business VoIP Provider Award 2018

ITSPA Best SOHO VoIP Provider Award 2018


someone with an award
Look at them go!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The huge, massive, amazing iceberg.

So, that's customer-certified, expert-certified, and me-certified.

Yep - Voipfone is pretty darn good.