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You've started a business?


Your sales are shooting for the stars…

You're starting to bag some awesome clients…

And you've officially become an expert in your field!

The thing is, you aren't an expert in technology. Given the role of technology in today's world, it's safe to say that that's one hell of a problem.

confused person looking at tech
Is this you, like, right now?

Not to worry - that's why I'm here!

If you're looking to revamp your business, your tech is one of the first places you should start.

This is especially true considering everyone else is also innovating their phone system:

According to Ofcom, the number of landlines fell in 2018 by 1%, citing VoIP as the culprit.

And Virgin Media is just one of the many companies sparking the switch that countless individuals and businesses are making.

Why wouldn't you want to keep up with the competition?

So, to help you decide on the company you should shake things up with, I've provided you with a complete review to Virgin Media's VoIP.

No more researching which provider will suit your business.

And definitely no more trying - and failing - to understand technology.

This article will cover what VoIP is, the products Virgin Media provide for VoIP services, the other services they provide, the support they provide, and my final verdict on Virgin Media VoIP.

Chapter 1

What Is VoIP?

I could analyse VoIP providers all day.

I could weigh up the pros and cons of each company.

And I could even tot up the values of each VoIP phone on the market.

But me showing off my VoIP expertise would be pointless if you didn't actually know what VoIP was!

Read More: Wikipedia on VoIP

So, to make sure you actually understand what's going on in this review - and know how knowledgeable I am - I thought we should go through what VoIP actually is first:

VoIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a group of technologies that deliver voice communications and multimedia over the internet.

Or, translated for the non-techies among us:

VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the internet.

Ooh, how trendy!

Here's how it all works:

Your voice is converted into digital information. This is then sent over the internet just like any other piece of data. By converging your voice and data services onto one network, it can provide benefits in terms of operation and costs. But instead of transmitting this information over a circuit-switched network that traditional telephony sticks to, the digital information is packetised. The transmission occurs as IP packets over a packet-switched network. Media streams are transported through special media delivery protocols that encode audio and video with codecs.

As this internet-based communication often falls within broadband, sometimes you don't have to pay a penny for it. VoIP calls to other VoIP owners are also free.

Nevertheless, calls can be 40-80% cheaper using VoIP rather than a traditional service.

Alongside the low-cost benefits of using VoIP for your business is the variety of functions not on offer with traditional telephony:

Call centre agents can work from anywhere that has an internet connection, and you can route your incoming calls wherever you plug in your phone.

Employment is becoming remote at a staggering rate, and VoIP can allow this to occur seamlessly.

Yet aside from phones, VoIP is also available on laptops and other devices that have internet access.

Another term we need to define is ‘SIP Trunking':

This enables the end point's Private Branch Exchange to send and receive calls via the internet. It is considered a component of VoIP. A SIP trunk is installed virtually over an internet connection, cutting out the need for hardware and wires. It reduces multiple phone lines into a single point of entry, simplifying communications between you and your clients. And who doesn't like getting organised?

Chapter 2

Who Are Virgin Media Business?

Virgin Media Business Limited is a provider of telecommunications that specialises in providing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

In fact, with Liberty Global plc, Virgin currently serves 27 million customers across 14 countries.

But Virgin Media Business, an arm of this corporation, was founded in 2010. Previously known as ntl:Telewest Business, they took this provider over.

As a branch of global business icon Virgin, it obviously provides products and services to UK businesses. But this isn't a mere branch of Virgin.

VMB is actually the biggest Virgin brand , and stakes its claim as the UK's first provider of broadband, TV, mobile phone, and home phone services.

their logo
Question is - are they any good?

But alongside its claim to fame, its clients have a similar level of prestige:

Telefonica, London Grid for Learning, and Hampshire Fire and Rescue figure as just a few of their customers.

So - could you be joining them?

Despite its humble beginnings, there's no doubt that it has one of the strongest presences in the technology market for broadband and phones:

It offered a nationwide fibre-optic network in the UK to the British Government.

Virgin Media Business is currently promising £3 billion to bring its fibre-optic network to the whole of the UK.

It was the first telecommunications provider to re-certify its Ethernet portfolio under the Metro Ethernet Forum in the world.

Regardless of its international recognition, it has put unleashing the full digital potential of its customers at the forefront of everything it does.

And you could be included in that.

Its customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. It also clearly outlines the individual sectors it works with.

These sectors include:

- High street and online retail

- Leisure, sport and tourism

- Health and beauty

- IT and creative design

- Financial and professional services

- Skilled trades

Chapter 3

What Products And Services Do They Sell?

Virgin Media Business have a wide variety of products and services on offer for an even wider array of businesses.

From business size, to the sector they are operating in, Virgin Media Business clearly state who they work with and the services they can offer them.

Yet more specifically, they offer VoIP.

Their VoIP services are only available for medium-sized businesses (between 20 and 250 employees) and enterprise businesses (more than 250 employees), and businesses operating in the public sector.

team of IT workers
It's pretty exclusive at Virgin Media Business.

I know, I know, VoIP sounds complex, right?

Well, things are about to get that much more complicated.

Virgin Media Business offers 3 different VoIP services.

They supply all of the kit - all your business needs is an internet connection!

Their VoIP options go by the names SIP Trunking, Enterprise Cloud Voice, and SME Cloud Voice:

SIP Trunking

This is an Enterprise IP Voice solution.

By optimising your business' secure data connection, you only need one connection for voice and data.

It simply plugs into your phone system, providing a quick and easy answer to your telephone needs. This is just for making and receiving calls over your existing data connectivity.

This can use your existing handsets.

This service is ideal for medium and large businesses with multiple offices.

This service is in particular easily scalable, and comes with features including Direct Dialling Inwards, Call Line Identity, Caller Line Identity presentation, Caller Line Identity Restriction, and Presentation Numbers.

Enterprise Cloud Voice

This is the solution for businesses seeking an end-to-end voice service.

Or, this is ideal for small business and large corporations looking to move away from traditional phone systems.

This uses Virgin's data network to support your business' voice and data needs; you can surf the web, make voice calls, and share documents - all through the same connection.

The product on offer includes the latest software, automatic updates, and no hardware.

There are no up-front costs, and a single phone number included.

SME Cloud Voice

This service involves 2 licences that offer connectivity and flexibility. You can choose between either, or a mix depending on your business.

1. Functional License

This is great for high street and online businesses, local GPs, health and beauty practices, and hospitality and leisure companies.

This license allows you to make or take voice and video calls over a strong digital connection.

This comes as an inclusive package with features like reporting and call directing, and other features (including caller ID and call waiting).

2. Mobile Licence

This is perfect for remote workers, financial and professional services, law firms, and hospitality and leisure companies.

This license gives you the functionality of being at the office, even if you're on the move.

This comes with the same features promised in the functional licence, but also includes answer confirmation, hot-desking guest and host, push-to-talk, remote office, do not answer, and Commpilot Express.

Your voice traffic is also prioritised over Voom Fibre business broadband, allowing high-quality calls.

This licence can be scaled up as a business grows as additional users can be added as and when required.

Finally, every colleague can access the relevant data, meaning collaboration can occur wherever, whenever.

These VoIP options - or VoIP solutions, according to Virgin Media Business - is one of Virgin Media Business' many applications:

- Business applications

- WiFi solutions

- Security solutions

- Unified communications

- Call centre solutions

Outside of these VoIP options, Virgin Media Business also offers these products and services for small businesses:

- Business broadband

- Internet access

- 100Mbps essential business internet

- Phone lines and systems

- Business mobile

- And mobile SIMs

These products and services for medium-sized businesses:

- Business broadband

- Internet access

- Connecting sites and VPNs

- Phone lines and systems

- Mobile SIMs

And these products and services for enterprise businesses:

- Internet access

- Connecting sites and VPNs

- Phone lines and systems

- Enterprise mobile solutions

- Dedicated cloud connections

Chapter 4

What Support Do They Have?

Virgin Media Business offers an array of support for potential and existing customers.

In fact, it's one of the standout features that we love about Virgin Media Business.

On the product and service pages, a contact number is clearly at the top, as well as the option to contact Virgin Media business online, too.

And a live chat bot also makes a regular appearance on every page. That means if you have a query, it will be solved!

customer support agent
She's just that good.

But alongside the clear information presented regarding their services, is a list of their other goods and services that can also support your purchase.

It might be a nifty sales tactic, but it covers each angle of possible support!

For example, at the bottom of the page were links to their phone lines for their customers to ‘get connected' , as were other applications to ‘do more with that connection'.

Following the resources of information was an array of ‘expertise' from Virgin itself:

From their own articles, to customer stories, Virgin Media Business provides support throughout the browsing and purchase stage, as well as when the service or good has been bought.

customer support
Here - take a tissue...

On top of this, there is a ‘help and advice' page with a plethora of information for existing customers and potential customers.

This includes online support with:

Bills and payments

Products and services

Technical support

From individual product support, to individual support for existing customers: from guides and routers to their helpful content, there is no shortage of support.

They also have a complaints system, along with specific contact numbers for sales inquiries and reporting faults.

You can even see the latest news and changes that might have affected your business!

This can include a new invoice layout, or information about sort codes changing, for example.

For their VoIP services in particular, the support includes:

Numerous pages dedicated to help and support regarding the individual services, such as Cloud Voice.

Plenty of articles about VoIP, for example a guide to the ‘Top 10 Cloud Voice Scenarios', as well as a collection of videos directly related to the service.

Access to all of the guides and documentation for all products and services, including features and handsets guides.

Chapter 5

What's The Buying Process Like?

In a word?


(Here's a few more words:)

Let's say you've started with the VoIP solution page.

Accompanying the short and sweet description and explanation of what VoIP actually is is a list of the options.

sip trunking explanation
But hey, they tried.

And with the options comes a quick summary of what they do, who they're for, and links jam-packed with explanations and greater detail.

Now, let's say you've perused the options, and you've made a decision:

You're interested in SIP Trunking, and you are ready to click ‘add to basket'.

Well, there's countless information telling you exactly what SIP trunking is , and a list of reasons telling you why it's the solution for your business to help convince you!

sip trunking explanation
Virgin Media Business know how to keep things positive!

And having flipped through a digital booklet, or maybe used the live chat to answer your queries, you are directed to a phone conversation or a message with a consultant.

This is the next stage to take if you're ready to buy the new tech for your business.

As this is an application rather than a product, all purchases start with one of these appointments.

You might not need a quick chat to decide on which mobile will suit your business, but given the centrality of this tech to your business, affording time for this discussion is key.

And anyway, who doesn't like advice from an expert?


Virgin Media Business places a lot of importance on fine-tuning a product or service to your business, hence the consultant applying their knowledge of the products or services to the options that can match your business.

For those with less tech know-how than yours truly, this is certainly a useful asset of the website!

consultation booking page
Hands up if your office is a mess, too.

You can be sure you'll get the VoIP solution for your business.

Chapter 6

Our Verdict

Positives Negatives

Very informative

Not clear on how to buy

Great level of support on offer

Prices or quotes not available on website - you need a consultation

Easy to navigate website

Poorly rated by customers

What's crystal clear, dripping in relevant information, and a super-trustworthy source for your business needs?

(No, it's not shark-infested custard.)

It's Virgin Media Business.

With simple explanations of complicated topics, it also offers access to the techy-stuff for people like me!

Plus, with explanations for which option is best for which business, you simply cannot go wrong.

summary of options
I honestly don't think you can go wrong!

Plus, you can be sure that the advice you're getting is up to scratch - you know you're in safe hands when it comes to such an established brand.

But it's their emphasis on the consulting process which scores them such a high-rating from us:

Finding the perfect fit for a business depending on its size, sector, and individual needs is a must-have when it comes to something as significant as your internet and access to voice calls.

This is confirmed by the array of support on offer.

Downloadable guides, expert articles, contact numbers, live chat bots, and online query consultations are just a few examples of how customers can find answers to their questions.

And when it comes to something as confusing as this, you need it!

So we know what I think.

But what does everyone else think of Virgin Media Business?

The answer: not the same as my verdict, I'm afraid.

Virgin Media Business have been panned in the reviews, with 92% of TrustPilot reviews scoring it a painful 1 star.

someone leaving a bad review
She doesn't have to be so happy about it...

A mere 4% scored them 5 stars, and weren't just happy to chat about this business…

They also stated that they were confused by the sheer volume of negative reviews!

From great support, to easy installation, Virgin Media Business ticked all the boxes for some people.

But will it do the same for you?