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You've started a business?


You've perfected your product.

You've found the best team for the job.

And now you're ready to be successful!

If only it was that easy…

One potential customers wants to know about the warranty on that tech you're selling. And another wants to know why those T-shirts you just delivered are all the wrong size.


You need to sort out your communication.

someone answering angry review
Breathe in, breathe out.

How else are you going to provide that all-important customer service? And what about staying in touch with your suppliers and those other key contacts?

You need a landline phone.

And you need it right now.

My client was in exactly the same situation:

They had just set up their online vegan grocery store when they encountered a problem: selling food over the internet is actually quite tricky.

Products might go off.

Products can arrive late.

And orders can be wrong!

When you have that many teething issues, chances are you'll be on the receiving end of some very angry customers. Angry customers equate to angry tweets.

And angry tweets equate to a poor online rating…

someone leaving an angry review
We trusted you, Jennifer.

But if you can channel those angry customers through a phone call, you can intercept their rage before it gets out of the control.

And if there's an issue with a supplier?

They are only a dial tone away.

Thanks to my client's new landline, they've witnessed a 37% increase in profit month on month. Hands up if you want to see those kind of numbers!

Still not sure what landlines are? No idea how to find the one that can suit your business? Well, that's why I'm here.

Daniel Cooper, Author

Daniel Cooper
Telephones Expert

Did You Know?

The landline telephone first saw a decline in the early 21st century.

The advances made by the mobile network and problems of the old copper wire networking were the culprits behind this…

...But landlines are still a useful business asset!

This article will take you through:

- What a business landline phone is

- Whether your business needs a landline phone

- Our top-rated landline phones

And if you're still stuck on landline phones, I've included a Frequently Asked Questions section to bust your queries about landline phones.

Chapter 1

What Are Landline Phones?

I know, I know - technology can be really confusing.

But have no fear!

I'm not going to convince you to get a landline phone for your business by whipping out terms like ‘cordless' with no explanation, nor tell you the 137 reasons why VoIP may or may not be necessary for your business...

You should probably know what a landline phone actually is first!

someone looking at or using a landline
You'll be the coolest kid in school,

A landline telephone is a phone that uses a metal wire or an optical fibre telephone line for transmission. Or, in less complex terms, a landline telephone is a device with a physical line connection to a telecommunications network.

Mobile phones, on the other hand, use radio waves for transmission.

There are 2 types of landline:

Landlines can be hard-wired or cordless. Wireless devices are used in fixed locations to support the landlines.

A corded landline

Connects to the provider's cabling through a wall jack

This will work even if there is a power outage

The phone base and the receiver are connected by a cord

A cordless landline

The phone base connects to the cabling, but the handset - or the receiver - is connected wirelessly

It must be plugged into the building's electricity supply or it won't work

“But aren't landlines, like, sooooo 20 years ago?”

Ok, fine - mobile phones might have taken over the technology market…

(And the world!)

But landlines still stand as a great way to stay in touch with your customers and the other contacts in your phone book.

Typically, landline phones come laden with a variety of features to support both your home and business needs. Such features include:

Address book



Multiple handsets

Syncing contacts from mobile

The ability to take calls on your mobile phone

Multiple phone lines

Speakerphone capability

Conferencing capability

Clearly, both home use and business use of landlines will differ, and that's why I've brought together the ultimate guide on finding one for your specific needs and usage.

When my client first emailed me 7 months ago, they needed a solution to their business needs.

And they needed it fast.

Daniel Cooper, Author

Daniel Cooper
Telephones Expert

Did You Know?

80% of those under 30 don't have a landline, or they rarely use it...

You want your business to stand out from the crowd, right?

Then it's time to take things retro!

As the CEO of that vegan grocery store (you know, the one I was telling you about), they knew how to pen a swift and seamless email to a supplier if there was a problem with deliveries.

However, when they started receiving complaints on Facebook thick and fast…

(Like 20 angry status updates all calling out their company and getting the wrong message out about their business!)

… They knew that they needed to boost communication with their customers, suppliers, and delivery team to halt any problems in their tracks.

So, when I found them an awesome landline phone for their awesome business, I solved all of their customer service problems.

someone or a team celebrating
Ooh, what a lovely view!

And you can't put a price on happy customers!

All I had to do was determine that a landline phone was best for their business, and then line up one of these phones with their specific needs.

Fancy seeing the same treatment for your business?

Chapter 2

Do I Need A Landline Phone For My Business?

In case you haven't noticed, my client needed a landline phone.

And even last week I got exactly the same email from a new client who ran a children's clothing boutique!

Well, okay, maybe not the exact same…

(Give or take a few words here or there…)

But the issue still stands! Their customers and clients were struggling to contact them.

customers in a shop
Who's up for a spree?

Whether it was the poor quality of the phone calls, or it was the lack of access to the phone when working in the warehouse, the employees were well and truly stumped.

So, when I suggested a landline, the first thing they asked was this:

“Do we actually need a landline for our business?”

Look around.

No, seriously, look around.

Everyone's on their phone, aren't they?

Mobile phones might dominate the world, but landlines still hold a strong position in the household. As a reliable and constant source of communication, most homes still have a landline.

Question is, why would a business need one?

And what about business mobile phones?

Landline phones are an option for a variety of businesses, but considering all businesses are different, tailoring the telephone to an individual business is key.

So, to help you decide on the right option for you, I've brought together the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to determine if your business needs a landline phone:

1. Do your employees work remotely?

If you thought old-fashioned landlines were too outdated for your up-to-date business, then you might be right!

Modern businesses - and the executives that work in them - tend to take things remote.

Working from home is now the new norm!

So, if your employees don't always work in an office - or if you simply don't have an office at all - a landline phone is not an option for your business.

Alternatively, mobile phones can provide the access to telephone-based communication your business needs.

Office-based businesses can use landline phones as employees are always near the phone, reducing the need for multiple mobile phones for multiple employees.

Take one of my clients from last year:

As the owner of a marketing company, they had 4 employees - all of which worked from home.

One was on the graphic design, and another was on the SEO… You can see where I'm going with this.

But just like my other clients, they needed to make sure they were always available for contact with customers.

A potential customer needs an answer to a question, like, right now?

All they have to do is pick up the mobile phone, and provide their expertise!

2. Is your business on a tight budget?

Nothing says running a business quite like a tight budget!

New to the world of business?

Struggling to get your startup onto its feet?

Then a landline is the answer to your business needs.

By saving on forking out for high-tech and high-price mobile phones for each employee, and ensuring that all phone call activity is for the company, you can maximise efficiency.

And no one ever complained about reducing wasted time, did they?

That's why I always put a client's budget at the forefront of everything I do.

Remember that vegan grocery store I told you about?

As a new contender is a busy market, they were struggling to perfect their products and make a profit. So, by finding them a landline, I could save them money, too.

3. Do you have a small office?

Take one of my clients - yes, the one with the clothing company.

Sure, they had a small store to show off their best pieces to their customers, but with an office upstairs, too…

And a warehouse on top of that?

At first, I recommended mobile phones to ensure they can stay mobile and stay connected.

However, it wasn't long before I stumbled across a series of cordless phones and handsets they could pick and choose from.

By having 6 cordless handsets on one landline, they could save money on multiple mobile phones and reap the other rewards of opting for a landline.

(No, seriously, there's loads!)

Sure, a landline might appear to be an easier option for a small business…

But it's actually very adaptable to different businesses of different sizes.

Who knew!

Well, ok, I did…

So - you now know whether a landline will work for your business.

But do you know how awesome a landline could be for your business?

(Didn't think so...)

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That's why I've pulled together each and every benefit of landline phones for your business:

You only need one number

Let's say you own a small plumbing business.

To get the word out about your services, you have the phone number for the business on the side of your van.

Thing is, that's your personal mobile number. And it's also got your home landline under it to make sure you don't miss a call from a potential client.

To you, it looks like a reliable business that's always there for potential customers!

But to others, it looks like a jumble of numbers they don't have time to read in rush-hour traffic…

If you had one number instead, it would look less confusing and more professional.

Customers secured, profit increasing!

You can protect your privacy

When my marketing client first contacted me, I followed up the original email with a phone call.

They answered on their mobile. And the number I called them on was the same number anyone could call them on.

Family, friends, and clients.

But the problem wasn't just that it looked unprofessional - the problem was the lack of privacy!

Just like you want to protect your clients, you should want to protect your business, too.

You can keep your location clear for your customers

Hands up if you dream of an office at the top of a London skyscraper.

Keep your hands up if you don't even work in London.

Yep - this benefit is for you!

Claiming on your website that you are based in the big city - even if you're actually in a suburb a few counties over - can be overturned by using a mobile number for your business.

And when your customer susses out your fibs, you can be sure to lose that customer.

So, by opting for a landline geographically tied to your actual location, you can keep things crystal clear for your customers.

You can reduce your costs

Landline phones get a bad name for one reason alone:

They are considered an outdated way to keep in touch with client and customer alike.

Sure, these simplified pieces of tech might not be rivalling the latest iPhone, but what they save on features they also save on price.

Indeed, that's exactly why my vegan grocery store client came to me!

They knew I could find them the solution to their telephone needs, whilst also saving their budget.

You can have access to some great features

Ok, I know, I know - I just said that landline phones were, like, so last year…

(Or is that ‘last century'?)

But that doesn't mean you don't get some awesome features, too!

Speed dial, voicemail, multi-line expansion and conference calls are just a few of the features you can have with a landline phone.

My vegan grocery store client wasn't just hoping to cut costs with a landline phone…

They were hoping to pick'n'mix certain must-have features too!

Plus, as a hip new vegan online store, they were using a hip new way to contact suppliers:

Conference calls.

Chapter 3

Our Top-Rated Landline Phones

Let's recap:

You now know you want a landline.

You know the features that will prove useful for your business.

And you know the benefits it will bring to your business.

Now, go be successful!


Oh, you don't actually know how to find a landline phone for your business?

Well, I guess it's time I showed you our top-rated landline phones for different businesses!

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For Small Businesses

BT Converse 2300

bt converse 2300
(And it is, too!)


This practical and easy-to-use phone has both hands-free mode and is wall mountable, allowing it to suit any business.

With a 100 name and number memory, this is the perfect size to suit a small or growing business. It is also headset compatible, ensuring it meets the needs of any office.

Reviewers loved this ‘solid' phone which can support the basic needs of a small business.

Some sound issues have been cited, such as low volume, but aside from that no other issues have been mentioned.

For Medium-Sized And Growing Businesses

Panasonic KX-TGC222EB Digital Cordless Phone

Panasonic KX-TGC222EB Digital Cordless Phone
Could it revamp your business?


This phone might come with basic functions such as caller ID, but it provides access to premium features that growing businesses need.

This includes 20 hours of talk time and a remote access answer machine.

Reviewers claimed the signal strength of the phone was their favourite feature, as was the value for money.

The intercom feature was also mentioned, providing the constant contact needed for warehouse and bigger businesses.

For Large Businesses

Siemens Gigaset C530A Cordless Phone

Siemens Gigaset C530A Cordless Phone
Ooh, shiny!


The Gigaset is laden with features that match the needs of big businesses.

With high value additional handsets (you can add more than six) and high quality sound on offer, this phone suits those who rely on a high volume of telephone calls.

The high quality of the phone from the answer phone messages to the clarity of the phone calls were frequently mentioned.

The sales support was also often cited in reviews.

Chapter 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What's A Landline Phone Number?

A landline number is the exact same thing as a phone number.

However, a landline number is different from a cellphone number as they use different methods of transferring a voice call.

Nevertheless, you can transfer your landline number to a mobile phone without your contacts knowing that they are actually calling a different phone.

How Much Is Landline Phone Service?

The cost of a landline per month comes to an average of ||$||15||$|| to ||$||30||$||. This typically costs more than the monthly rates for a mobile phone

However, the monthly cost often cited by carriers is considered misleading. Instead, you should consider it on a case-by-case basis to score the most savings.

Daniel Cooper, Author

Daniel Cooper
Telephones Expert

Did You Know?

Over half of over-60s use their landline for most of their calls.

Why not tap into this forgotten technology and reap the rewards!

If it works for the population that uses their phones the most, it can work for your business.

Is A Cordless Phone A Landline Phone?

A cordless phone can be a landline phone.

The phone base of the cordless phone is connected to the cabling, making it a landline, but the handset is connected wirelessly to the base.

a cordless landline phone in use
C'mon - you want one, don't you?

Do Landline Phones Work During A Power Outage?

Landline phones that are not cordless will work during a power outage as the power companies typically have battery backup or backup generators.

Cordless landline phones, on the other hand, require electricity to transfer the signal from the base to the handset to function.


So, you now know the ins-and-outs of landline phones.

And you even know which landline phone will suit your business best!

But now it's over to you:

What features are you looking for in a phone?

And could cordless be the way to go for your business?