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It's official: we are obsessed with mobile phones.

We use Google Maps to get to work, we send out an email when we realise we are going to be late, and we finish the work we forgot to do last night on a trusty app.

And all that's done on a mobile phone!

someone using a mobile phone
Look - she can't live without her cyber-side-kick!

Did you know there were 83,100,000 mobile phones in use in the UK in 2013?

Just imagine how much that's gone up in the last 7 years.

And this number is only set to rise.

Given our addiction, the number of websites claiming to identify the best mobile phone deals, are bound to increase. And Dialaphone is just one of those businesses

dialaphone logo
Let's see how they fare...

With this mix of websites setting out to achieve the same aim, it can be confusing for business owners simply looking for phones that'll do the job.

And that's why I'm here.

I'm going to dissect the products and services they can provide, the support on offer, the buying process, and even deliver a final verdict on Dialaphone.

Chapter 1

How To Choose A Mobile Phone For Business

When it comes to phones for business use, the same ol' terms get thrown about:


No idea what they are?

Well you're in the right place.

It can just get so complex.

And before you even consider taking the plunge and coughing up the cash for a new phone, it's always best to dip your toe in the water, first:

You need to understand the phones.

But the thing is, no one ever mentions mobile phones for business use.

executive on a mobile phone
He's ready to be #successful.

Sure, people use them a lot for their business…

But if you're not so up-to-date with technology, how will you know which is best for you?

And that's why I thought it was best we went through mobile phones for business use.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to determine if your business needs mobile phones:

Always On The Go?

Then a business mobile phone is for you.

With no cords to tie you down, and a charge to last you wherever you are, mobile phones can match the needs of busy executives who aren't tied to the desk.

And in this day and age of remote work and hot-desking, getting a mobile phone for your mobile work is key.

How Much Would You Use The Phone?

If you're a sole trader, chances are you'll direct all of your work calls - or a substantial portion - through your mobile phone. Thus, deciding on the usage of your mobile phone is pretty important.

Do you make a lot of phone calls to clients?

And do you send out your own text updates to customers?

Then you need to parallel your contract with your individual business needs.

By scaling up to get your money's worth, or opting for a less intensive contract you can save it. This can even save you on your electricity bill by reducing how much you normally spend charging the phone!

How Many Handsets Would You Need?

Are you a sole trader?

Then you only need one handset.

Own a large business?

Then you'll need a couple more. Or, like, a lot more.

What Kind Of Contract Do You Want?

If you own a small business, Pay As You Go mobile phones are the budgetable option.

So, when you do have a tight month, you won't have to fork out for an expensive monthly bill; you can control the amount you pay based on your client demand.

For larger businesses, a contract will allow you to stay in control of usage as you can only allow a certain amount of phone minutes, or data, for example.

And who doesn't like avoiding surprise spends?

Chapter 2

What Is Dialaphone?

Technology can be super-confusing.

Take it from me - I write about phones everyday!

That's why we're going to go through the explanation really, really, slowly.

Let's start with a simple definition, shall we?

Dialaphone is a comparison site for mobile phones and networks specialising in low-cost, up-to-date models from the world's biggest mobile phone brands.

They also provide simple and cheap handsets to cover the range of customers looking for a range of phones.

Furthermore, they embellish their offers with discount packages like free minutes, texts, and accessories.

Dialaphone is one of the biggest online merchants currently operating in the mobile phone industry.

A Very Brief History of Dialaphone:


Founded in 1995, Dialaphone (or Dial-A-Phone, Dial A Phone) was an independent mobile retailer that sold phones and related accessories through tabloids. It even became a household name, confirming its presence in the mobile market!


In 1998, Dialaphone transitioned into the online market, creating an e-commerce website that would become its main source of success and new home. They expanded this in 1999 talks with Barclays Private Equity.


They finally went online in late 2000, expanding even further. However, as a result of financial difficulties in the mid-2000s, it was acquired by Phones 4U in 2008. But it faced further turmoil when they went into administration in 2014.

The Present

More recently - following the purchase of the old domain names - a new company was formed under the name Dialaphone. It has been remodelled into a comparison website for mobile phones, energy, and broadband instead of just offering smartphones and accessories. Finding the best deal for customers is now the core aim of Dialaphone.

Chapter 3

What Services Do They Offer?

It's obvious, isn't it?

In case you can't tell from the name of the business, Dialaphone compares mobile phones and their contracts as a part of their services.

Their products include feature phones (basic phones that can do simple functions and thus don't qualify as ‘smart' phones) and smartphones, as well as SIM cards, broadband packages, and energy packages.

confused executive
Is this you, like, right now?

Yep - that's a lot!

And if you're not up-to-date with technology, it can all seem a bit complicated.

That won't help you find a new provider, will it?

In that case, it follows that each should be broken down to understand the complete services on offer.

Mobile Phones

It does what it says on the tin: Dialaphone is most known for its comparison of mobile phone deals.

Just a few of the mobile phone brands on offer include Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia.

As well as comparing them, they also offer a quick FAQs section or guide to comparing these deals to help you get the best deal possible.

That's right - they combat your queries before you've even considered clicking ‘add to basket'!

In simple terms, it compares a variety of mobile phones and their contracts, and compares them based on the number of minutes, the number of texts, data capacity, contract length, cashback, and the monthly cost of the phone.

The phones can also be compared by the networks, including O2, EE, Three, Vodaphone, and ID Mobile.

(You certainly won't be stuck for choice…)

They also categorise certain deals, such as iPhone deals, Samsung Galaxy deals, Google Pixel deals, and Pay As You Go phone deals.

Another category is based on the supplier of the mobiles which includes: Affordable Mobiles, Buymobiles.net, Carphone Warehouse, Fonehouse, Mobile Phones Direct.

Having compared the core details for each mobile phone, it then provides in-depth information about the retailer (including their delivery options and their customer service support), the network (including details of roaming costs and other charges), and the specific price breakdown.

The latter includes the upfront costs, cashback, the monthly cost, and the total cost of ownership.

product on website
Clear and low cost? Sign me up.

No details are missed here, nor any drawbacks to your potential purchase.

Just clear information for the less informed among us.

Lastly, it provides the necessary links to apply for these phones, giving you access to the best deals.

SIM Cards

Dialaphone don't stop with finding the best deal for a mobile phone - they do the same for SIM cards!

Their SIM card deals work just like buying a mobile phone, or having a phone contract - the deal just doesn't include a phone.

However, they do include a handy section which answers some frequently asked questions, such as explaining why a new SIM card might be a better buy than a new mobile phone, and which length of contract is the best for you.

Dialaphone even includes money-saving tips, too!

Yet at the centre of the information resource is how it compares a variety of SIM cards. Dialaphone compares them based on the number of minutes, the number of texts, data capacity, contract length, the cashback on the purchase, and the monthly cost of the card.

sim card product on website
It's difficult to make a mistake!

On top of this, Dialaphone also provides in-depth information on the retailers, the networks, and a price breakdown.

The price breakdown includes the upfront cost, the monthly cost, and the total cost of ownership.

So, if you're not too clued up on SIM cards, you can be sure to find the information you need...

And finally, it provides links to apply for these SIM cards, providing access to the best deals.

Broadband Packages

A comparison of broadband packages is another service offered by Dialaphone.

The packages that are compared include broadband, broadband and TV, TV and phone, and fibre optic broadband.

Dialaphone even provides a handy FAQs section which explains broadband, fibre optic, and which packages suit different customers. It even explains how to find low-cost deals, and how to test bandwidth speeds!

It also has a tool which allows you to enter your postcode and your current provider, and see which alternative is best for your business or home use.

Dialaphone can take the confusion out of comparisons, and do the hard work for you.

Furthermore, it explains how to switch provider, and why a new broadband deal should always be on your mind. Dialaphone then goes onto presents in-depth information on what to look for in a broadband deal, passing on their knowledge to their customers.

It compares the different deals based on the provider, the average speed, the usage, the length of the contract, and the monthly cost.

broadband product
Can't beat a cheeky freebie...

Dialaphone then presents the costs broken down including the full contract cost, the set-up fee, the delivery cost, and the monthly cost after the initial offer has ceased.

On top of this, it then provides the links to purchase this broadband or deal.

It's the complete package!


The providers they compare include BT, Sky, Virgin, EE, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Now, Post Office, and Vodafone.

Energy Packages

The final service on offer is quotes for gas and electricity for households.

You can see a quote for both gas and electricity, or either one on their own. It compares a variety of providers including British Gas, E.ON, npower, and Shell Energy.

energy supplier comparison
Well, this is weirdly easy.

Alongside the quotes, it provides all the information you need to find a new supplier and fit it to your household needs:

It explains how to compare energy suppliers including how to use their energy comparison tool, how to switch on their website, and explains the different types of energy tariff.

It also provides statistics about UK energy usage.

This includes the potential for price rises, and the average household spend on energy.

Dialaphone then goes onto explain why households should compare energy prices, and answer frequently asked questions such as “Is switching energy supplier difficult?” and “Can I switch energy supplier if I rent my home?”.

This is especially important when it comes to such a necessary, yet complicated, spend.

Furthermore, it provides the relevant links to websites on choosing the right tariff and improving efficiency such as the government's energy grants calculator, and Citizens Advice.

That means there's no more excuses for not knowing which energy provider you should use!

Chapter 4

What Support Do They Offer?

Dialaphone clearly pride themselves on sourcing low-cost solutions for households.

However, as they do not provide the phones, broadband, SIM cards, nor the energy themselves, their support is thus limited.

The fact is, they aren't providing products - they are supplying the comparison services.

That being said, the support for their customers in navigating the deals is clear:

Their easy-to-understand website and simple login for customers provides the necessary support for finding the latest deal.

the header
Just click'n'save!

Relevant news and information regarding purchases is also frequently updated, offering support alongside finding deals.

Nevertheless, they do not offer repairs on faulty handsets, and only deal with order queries.

Overall, their customer service and support has been limited since they focus on comparing rather than supplying.

Chapter 5

What's The Buying Process Like?

This is a comparison site.

You can see which deals are the cheapest.

You can see which have the best value for money.

Or you could ditch the money-saving, and just choose the prettiest handset...

Either way, you cannot buy products from Dialaphone.

Nevertheless, Dialaphone does provide the relevant information about the deals in question, as well as the links to the websites you can buy them from.

the buying process for a product
Pretty obvious, isn't it?

For Phones, SIM cards, and broadband, it takes you to the website you need to purchase from.

You then buy the product from the seller.

Energy, on the other hand, requires you to get a quote. From there you can switch to a new supplier.

Their energy comparison service is the only way you can confirm a purchase or a switch on the Dialaphone website.

Here's a rundown of the process:

You input your address and usage into the comparison tool.

You view and compare a range of deals.

You can then confirm your switch on Dialaphone. Your new supplier and your old supplier will contact you to confirm this switch.

Chapter 6

Our Verdict

Positives Negatives

Competitive prices

Reviewers claim the low prices cost you when it comes to quality

It provides lots of relevant information about saving money

No information for business use of these products

It finds you the best deals on the market

It doesn't specify who could suit these deals best, e.g. users who make a lot of phone calls

It breaks down each of the costs involved in the deal

Limited customers have given the limited reviews

There's no doubt that Dialaphone is an incredible resource for information on finding cheaper mobile phones, broadband, and energy.

And then it can even find you the best deal!

That's exactly why we loved it as a money saving tool:

It means you can skip spending time researching the basics of broadband, and head straight for the money-saving solution.

Yet despite being an incredible resource for people looking for these products, it's an incredible resource for households and personal use only.

someone on phone in cafe
Ooh, is that a flat white?

There is no mention of these products for business use, so if you're looking for business solution, you will struggle to find it here.

Sure, you could do your own research on finding a mobile phone for business use…

(Or check out the first chapter of this article, instead!)

But doesn't this defeat the purpose of saving money and saving time?

Regardless, it provides a plethora of information on the goods and services it compares which can be utilised by households and businesses alike.

Question is - what does everyone else have to say about Dialaphone?

The answer - not a lot.

Given that there are technically 2 Dialaphones (one operating up ‘til 2014, and the other starting in 2018), it was difficult to ascertain which company reviews were actually talking about.

the two different brands

There are plenty of reviews pre-2014, but for the revamped company, not much has actually been said.

Dialaphone has a Trustpilot rating of 4 stars.

Nevertheless, this easy-to-use website is perfect for all customers, especially those struggling to get to grips with all-things-tech.

They say that ‘God is in the details', and that is definitely true at Dialaphone...