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Here at Quotegrab, we have one aim - making your business run that much smoother. So, if you are considering changing up your business telephone system, we can help you find the solution. All you have to do is fill out a form, and grab a quote!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

It's all well and good finding a solution to your telephone needs, but not if it comes at the expense of time. Our forms take a matter of minutes.

Saves you money

Save Money

Speaking of saving time, why not save some money, too? Helping you cut costs is at the very top of our business comparison to-do list.

Find a great provider

Get a Great Provider

Quotegrab algorithms will only ever match you to our top approved providers most suited to you and your current business needs.

Find The Best Phone Line Supplier For You

We know that understanding business telephone systems is hard enough. But actually working out which supplier to choose for your new telephone? We certainly wouldn't expect you to know about that. That's our job.

You don't have the time to research, calculate and compare the providers - tallying everything up, cross-referencing it with your budget and negotiating the very best price possible with a pushy sales rep. But we do.

We'll cross examine your provider options based on ratings, price, features, and service. But we won't stop there! We'll present all of that information to you beside crystal clear quotes with no hidden fees or mumbo-jumbo. Simple, no-frill quotes. They're free, they're fast, they're fantastic.

Heck, we love them so much, we named ourselves after them!

Why Compare Telephone Prices?

Saving money is a fundamental of business. And in case you haven't noticed, making sure that your business does brilliantly is kind of our thing. Comparing telephone system prices may just be a very small part of that, but it's an important part. Why, you ask? Because when you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Low cost, high quality service

Broad choice of verified providers

Access to business-suitable features

Adaptable packages to suit your budget and growth plans

Every business needs a telephone system, no ifs, no buts - it's a mark of a trustworthy company, and a direct channel of communication between you and your customers. But whilst variety is the spice of life - it never made making a decision easier!

How on earth are you supposed to know what you're looking for, let alone who to pick? (Hint: our quotes make this task super-duper simple…)

VoIP is growing fast, in 2003 VoIP consisted of only 1-3% of voice calls. In 2019 that figure is a staggering 43%
According to Wikipedia - September 2019[†]
How to Get Your Business Telephone Line Cheaper

Hands up if you love a bargain! Who doesn't? And when you cut costs on something as relentless as your telephone bill, those savings really start to add up. Here are our top tips on doing just that...


Establish What You're Looking For

Do a recon of your current telephone situation: which features are you making use of? Where is your current system is falling short? Note any fancy features and add-ons that fall by the wayside in day-to-day business!


Compare Provider Candidates

Comparing provider options is key to striking the best deal possible. Frequently check out providers and their most competitive deals to pick the perfect package to suit your current company situation (and pocket some extra cash)


Test Out a Virtual System

Cutting out the complex techno-mumble, virtual numbers cut out paying for long distance phone calls by giving you a local presence. Ditch international fees, and get a cheaper phone line by giving this method of communication a go!


Use QuoteGrab To Compare Quotes!

We want you to only ever pay out for the features and packages that you're squeezing every single drop out of. Why not take our quick Quotegrab questionnaire to see all of your most economical options in one place! Handy right?

What Are The Types Of Business Phone Systems?

Aside from VoIP, there are 2 main types of office phone system. The KSU - or Key System Unit - is the most basic model, which uses a key switching device to differentiate between phone lines. The second type is PBX, or Private Branch Exchange . PBX systems switches calls between users on local lines, and allows all users to share a certain number of phone lines.

What is VoIP?

VoIP - or Voice over Internet Protocol - delivers voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet rather than a public telephone network. Rather than being transmitted across a circuit-switched network, the digital information is contained and sent as ‘data packets'. Basically, you can call someone from anywhere - and all you'll need is the internet.

Tips to Make Your Bill Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there are always little ways to keep costs down. Here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your phone-related outgoings:


Make the Most of Alternative Means of Contact
Take advantage of the tech revolution: tweet, message, email… perhaps even considered a live chatbot integration!


Drop Those Extra Features
ot using the video call feature? Paying for 2 lines when you only really make use of the 1? It's time to drop those unnecessary features or reassess you payment package!


Don't Fall Prey to Upselling
Salespeople can be mighty persuasive. Often you'll call up to reduce your bill and rather come away with an upgrade and 6 months added to your contract. Stay strong - only take on what really you need!


Bag Yourself a Bundle
Take advantage of the tech trend of bundles, and save on your business broadband and phones. Get everything you need for your business at a discounted price, and lower that bill!


Switch Provider
Lower your costs over time by switching to a cheaper provider. Keep your eyes on those comparison pages and keep hungry for the very best deal out there!


Compare the Market Regularly
Speaking of switching provider; make the move as and when prices suit you. You heard us: jump ship when you find a better deal elsewhere- that's business baby!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been tweeted, emailed, and asked so many questions in our time. Lucky for you inquisitive folk, we know a lot about phones - amongst other things - so we've decided to put these together.

+ What Is a Business Phone System?

This is a multi-line telephone system that is used in a business environment. It typically is either a VoIP, KSU, or PBX system.

+ Which Phone System Is Best for My Business?

Obviously, this will depend on your business, but in basic terms: KSU suits small businesses as a result of its simplicity; PBX suits businesses that have a greater volume of employees and require better technology; and VoIP? Well that works for just about anyone!

+ If We Switch to VoIP, Can We Keep Our Existing Telephone Number?

Yes, you can keep your number if you switch to a new system and you remain in the same geographic area. This ‘portability' does come with exceptions, however - it does take time for the process to complete, and may require fees.

+ Is VoIP Better Than Landline?

When it comes to cost, features, and control of your calls: VoIP is your best option. Additionally, with VoIP, you can use your mobile phone, computer, or desk phone to make phone calls. We'd say that equals “better”, wouldn't you?

+ Does VoIP Need a Phone Line?

No - all you'll need is an internet connection. Just a couple of taps later, and you're ready to make a call.

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