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Takes Two minutes

Sourcing the solutions to your problems is at the forefront of everything we do - that's why we've made our forms super-quick so you can solve it sooner.

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Save Money

Clearly we care about acquiring the answers to your issues. But supporting your business and saving you money? It's the complete Quotegrab package.

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Our technology only finds you top solicitors to suit your business and its needs. Skip searching for one yourself, and head straight to the solution!

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In case you haven't noticed, saving you money and seeing your business succeed are our main concerns, here at Quotegrab. And a super-solicitor is just one of the ways to guarantee this for your business. So, how do you go about finding one of these solicitors? That's where we come in.

We've brought together only the best solicitors that can support your business. So while you're getting back to ticking those tasks off your to-do list, we're busy reading reviews, adding up the ratings, and examining their years of experience. Add it all together, and we've officially worked out which solicitor can boost your business.

Once you're up to speed with solicitors, we quicken the pace with a quote, and fast as a flash - you have found your solicitor!

Why Compare Solicitor Prices?

At Quotegrab, we know how difficult it is to run a business. And keeping control of your cash is one of the most important facets of it. Cost and quality should always be considered together however - price shouldn't be the only thing on your mind. But as a business owner, you know it doesn't hurt to bag a bargain, though; save the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves...

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality solicitors

Discover a wide range of solicitors to choose from

Talk to highly experienced (10+ years) solicitors

Find a firm that can suit your business needs

We clearly think that solicitors are an essential hire for any business, whether it's assisting in the sale of a business, or sorting legal agreements. Question is: how can you find a solicitor?

Easy - just grab a quote!

There are over 140,000 practising solicitors in England and Wales - and it's only set to rise! You're seriously spoilt for choice.
According to Legal Cheek - October 2019[†]
How To Get A Solicitor Cheaper

The Quotegrab team loves a bargain - and we definitely aren't alone in saying that! So, we deemed it fit to pass on some of our know-how on cutting costs. Here are our tried-and-tested tips for bringing down that bill.


Keep On Comparing

To find a cheaper solicitor, simply compare the choices: by comparing experience, expertise, and price, you can assess if you can hire a more valuable solicitor. or a lower-cost alternative. Don't have the time to compare? Don't have the know-how, either? Leave it to us...


Be Thorough, Be Honest

Sure, we can find you the low-cost, high-quality solution to your solicitor needs. No problem! But if you want to reduce the bill even further, honesty is the best policy. Your solicitor should know all the facts not simply to reduce surprises in the legal process, but also to avoid expensive errors.


Choose The Cheaper Solicitor

It's obvious, isn't it? If you want to get a cheaper solicitor, swap out your current legal aide for a low-cost one. But beware the potential drop in quality that accompanies the new price-tag - when it comes to staying within the law, any problems will be more costly in the future.


Efficiency Isn't Expensive

You're in business; you know that every minute matters! So, it follows that staying on track with your lawyer, and producing the relevant documents and answers quickly, can reduce your bill by lowering the length of time you contract them for. This will also prove valuable in reaching a speedy solution.

What Exactly Can A Solicitor Do?

Solicitors offer legal advice and act on behalf of clients. Their services can be used for both personal and business-related purposes, but they often specialise in sectors such as property or tax. The typical tasks to support businesses include: business start-up and restructuring advice; sorting co-founder agreements; assistance with franchising; the sale and purchasing of a business; and legal drafting.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Solicitor?

When you click ‘hire' you are getting a legal expert that can guide you through the confusing jargon and the complicated laws that just don't translate to you. You can finally save time on trying to decode legal matters, and be rest assured that it's sorted. Plus, if you make a legal mistake, it might end up costing more to hire a lawyer for an emergency solution than hiring one in the first place!

Tips To Get Your Solicitor Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there are always little ways to keep costs down. Here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your solicitor-related costs:


Get Organised
Identify the relevant information, and bring it forward when your solicitor needs it. By reducing the solicitor's time spent researching, you will reduce their total time used for the legal process in question, reducing that bill.


Be Thorough
Speaking of staying organised, make sure that you present this information in a thorough manner. By preventing future, costly errors you can keep the costs low and ensure a speedy solution is reached.


Efficiency Is Essential
Keep it concise: if you have a problem, put it to ‘em! Solicitors will make you cough up for every minute of their precious advice, so keep it thorough, keep it accurate, and produce it when they need it. It's time to get efficient!


Don't Forget To Communicate
Not sure what that weird-legal-word means? Have no clue if you mentioned this key piece of info about the co-founder? Communication is key to reducing your bill by shortening the time spent with your solicitor.


Compare, Compare, Compare
If you're seeking out low prices, comparing the candidates is the best way to do this. Determine your need for a solicitor, and pick the price that suits your purse the best - or let us do that for you...


Hire And Fire
So, you've hired your solicitor. Problem is they simply aren't meeting your standards! Don't waste your budget on a low-quality hire; fire them, fill out the form, and grab a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been tweeted, emailed, and asked so many questions in our time. Lucky for your queries, we've decided to clear up your concerns, and answer them.

+ Can I Get Free Advice From A Solicitor?

Some solicitors do offer 30 minutes of free legal advice to potential clients. To make the most of this time, it is recommended that you bring all relevant documents and consider the questions you would ask in this time before the meeting. Keeping organised and being thorough in presenting your need for legal assistance will make the best use of this time.

+ What Is The Difference Between A Barrister And Solicitor?

They are both a type of lawyer, but the main difference is that a barrister defends people in court, whilst solicitors perform legal work outside of court. Solicitors can obtain certain rights which enable them to represent their clients in court, but compared to barristers this is a much rarer occurrence.

+ What's Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal transaction of the ownership of a property or piece of land. This is one of the most popular tasks that a solicitor is hired for, but it is more commonly a personal matter, and is not business-related. Nevertheless, commercial conveyancing tends to be a more complicated matter than that of residential property.

+ How Do I Choose A Suitable Solicitor?

As with most choices, it is beneficial to assess your business needs, the industry you work in, and your budget. Only then can you be sure that your search will end with the perfect match. Solicitors can also be easily vetted based on the solicitor firms' awards and qualifications. Or, you could cut out that time-wasting process, and let us take the reins!

+ What If I Have A Complaint About A Solicitor?

The first step to take is attempting to resolve the matter with your solicitor. But if this doesn't work out, you should then turn to the Legal Ombudsman. This free service investigates complaints against lawyers based in England and Wales. For more serious complaints, the Solicitors Regulation Authority can be contacted.