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Here at QuoteGrab, we put your business first. That's right: when it comes to low-cost, high-quality solutions for your business needs, we've got you covered. So, if you're looking for Property Coverage Insurance for your business - no matter what size, nor shape it may be - we can find it. All you have to do is fill out a form, and grab a quote!

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Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

If you thought finding the answer to your Property Coverage Insurance needs was good, wait until you hear how quick our quotes are. Yes - that's 120 seconds ‘til a solution!

Saves you money

Save Money

Making money is just as important as saving it when it comes to running a business. That's why we put finding you a low-cost solution at the forefront of everything we do.

Find a great provider

Get Great Invoice Discounting Property Coverage Insurance

It's not all about the price, however. We can help you skip the poor quality options, and head straight for the low-cost, high-quality solutions for your business.

Find The Property Coverage Insurance For You

If it hasn't been made clear enough, here at QuoteGrab we put finding the solutions to your Property Coverage Insurance needs at the top of our to-do list. And finding those solutions which are low-cost and high-quality never falls too far from the top of that, either. It's business solutions like Property Coverage Insurance that can ensure this by protecting your business no matter what it faces. Question is: how do you find an insurer that can provide this? Well, you won't have to. That's our job!

Finding the fix for your business is at the forefront of everything we do. So, when you've filled out our super-fast form and clicked for a quote, we're investigating the insurers, running the numbers on the premiums, and weighing up the pros and cons. That means we can point you to the best Property Coverage Insurance for your business.

That's right - you won't have to lift a finger! (Well, apart from when you fill out the form)

All you have to do is grab a quote.

Why Compare Property Coverage Insurance Prices?

You don't need to be Bill Gates to know that money matters when it comes to running a business. The choices you make regarding your business' bank balance can completely alter it's future, whether it's reaching for success, or being thrown into jeopardy. That's why finding you a solution for your business needs which won't break the bank is our promise. And sure, whilst price isn't the only factor in your business decisions, finding a low-cost, high-quality answer to your insurance needs is key.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality Property Coverage Insurance

Explore a wide range of potential insurance premiums

Talk to highly experienced (10+ years) property coverage insurers

Discover a variety of premiums to suit your evolving business

Property coverage insurance - just like many other forms of insurance - is key to protecting your business; your business deserves the protection and consistent support to keep it afloat. But how do you find an insurer who can provide Property Coverage Insurance?

Easy - with us! Just fill out our super-fast form, and grab a quote.

45 million square feet of commercial property is built in the UK alone every year. How much could be built around the world every year?
Property Industry Alliance - 2017[†]
How To Get Property Coverage Insurance Cheaper

Sourcing your business solutions at a low-cost is just part of the job description, here at QuoteGrab. And clearly, we've developed the skillset for bagging a bargain. That's why we've decided to let you in on a few of our top money-saving secrets.


Compare The Costs

Fancy a lower-cost alternative to your current Property Coverage Insurance? Then it's time to put your comparing boots on. That's right: pick a few candidates, and rate their coverage, cost, and reviews. Don't forget to match them up to your own business! That's a lot to do, right? Then why not leave it us?


Remodel And Reduce The Risk

It's no surprise that the building itself is a key factor in determining the price-tag tied to your premium. Potentially combustible material lining your walls? That's gonna cost you. Fire-resistant materials? That will score you a discount! Make the investment in your business' safety, and start saving.


Get The Low-down On Your Location

So, we know that flammable buildings are going to have more expensive premiums. But did you know your distance to fire hydrants and other safety measures can also push up or pull down the price? By opting for a commercial property in close reach of these safety measures you can be sure to lower your premium.


Change Your Way Of Business

The way you do business also factors into your premium. Fancy a low-cost premium? Then swap the high-risk business ideas such as restaurants for ones which have a lower chance of a fire, such as an office. It might not be a feasible switch, but reflecting on the premium you pay can help you make the necessary cuts to your costs.

What Exactly Can Property Coverage Insurance Do?

Property coverage insurance - or Commercial Property Insurance- can cover any commercial property, and provides either property protection coverage or liability coverage. It reimburses the owner or renter if the structure or the contents of the building are damaged or taken, or if someone is injured on the property. It carries the same coverage as property insurance for consumers. This coverage includes manufacturing or other equipment for your business, office equipment, inventory, fences and landscaping, signs, and satellite dishes.

What Are The Benefits Of Property Coverage Insurance?

The most obvious benefit is that you cut your losses the moment an incident occurs. That's money back on what you lost, meaning you can get your business back on its feet within a relatively short amount of time. Plus, this insurance is tax-deductible, saving you in terms of the taxes you pay! If that wasn't enough, Property Coverage Insurance actually combines a variety of types of coverage into one policy, and - just like with buying a package - you can nab a low-cost deal on your insurance.

Tips To Get Your Property Coverage Insurance Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there's always a way to keep those costs down. Here are some QuoteGrab suggestions for cutting down on your Property Coverage Insurance costs:


Lessen Your Losses
A history of prior losses will drive up the price of your premium as it suggests you run a high-risk business. So, by making the conscious effort to increase your safety measures and prevent future losses, you will lower it. Investing in the safety of your business and employees is priceless, and will reduce costs well into your future.


Know The Neighbourhood
Let's say you own a house. And this house just so happens to be in an area where there's a lot of crime. It follows that the high risk of theft means a high-priced premium, right? If your business operates in an area with a high crime rate, the same theory follows. The same goes for the risk-worthiness of your neighbouring businesses have. For example: do they have a high chance of fires? This will push your premium.


Safety First
Access to measures that can increase your safety are the easiest and cheapest ways to lower the cost of your Property Coverage Insurance premium. Whether its investing in fire alarms, or being down the road from a fire hydrant, these measures can lower it whilst also restoring peace of mind to your workweek.


Compare The Insurers
If you want to reduce the price of your premium, it's time you scoured the internet to find that low-cost solution! We recommend comparing their experience with businesses like yours, their reviews from their clients, and - of course - their prices. Don't have time to do this? Not sure how to do this? Then fill out the form and grab a quote!


Business-Specific Safety
The business using the building also influences the price of the premium. By putting in place methods that reduce the risks your business poses to the building, you can bag a bargain. This could include ensuring your restaurant has all the procedures in place to reduce a fire risk, for example.


Low-Risk Location; Low-Cost Premium
Let's say you run a low-risk business, you work in a safe neighbourhood, and you're opposite a fire station. Problem is, the city you work in has a high risk for earthquakes and flooding. Bad luck! This will raise your premium. You can either opt for buildings in areas that are low-risk for natural disasters… Or instil our top QuoteGrab tips for cutting the costs elsewhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get emailed, tweeted and asked the same questions about property coverage every day. So to combat those queries, we've decided to answer the most common ones here.

+ Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance?

You can't run a business without a computer, right? What about a phone? Or what about those really important documents with all customers' details? Exactly. You need Property Coverage Insurance so if you do happen to lose these important things - whether it's through fire or a natural disaster - you can be reimbursed. Quick-as-a-flash, you can get back to your business. It might seem a hefty cost, but it's a necessary investment to protect your business.

+ What Does The Insurance Cover?

Commercial Property Insurancetends to split into two types of insurance: Building insurance which covers the rebuild and repair of the building. This protects against natural disasters, riots, fire, subsidence, and theft. Content insurance which covers what's inside of the building, such as the equipment that's used in the day to day running your business.

+ Who Pays For The Insurance?

The lease should clarify who should pay for the building's insurance, but typically it is the landlord who arranges and pays for the insurance if the property is being rented. If the lease is under “full insurance and reparing” terms, the commercial tenant pays the insurance. Nevertheless, more often than not, Commercial Property Insurance is aimed at landlords.

+ What Is The Difference Between Commercial Property InsuranceAnd Property Coverage Insurance?

There is no difference between these terms if it's in the context of business use. Commercial Property Insurance is a more specific term for Property Coverage Insurance as it is for properties used by businesses. Property coverage insurance can also apply to properties not used for business purposes.

+ Who Needs Property Coverage Insurance?

Property Coverage Insurance is necessary for companies that own a commercial office or building, rent a commercial building or office, have valuable property contained within it, keep inventory within it, or handle property that belongs to others. Or, in more simple terms, every business owner should have Property Coverage Insurance. Incidents such as fires or natural disasters don't discriminate, so protecting your business - whether big or small, established or starting-up - is key.