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Here at QuoteGrab, we only ever have one thing in mind: making sure your business succeeds. So if you're on the lookout for a business overdraft, quick-as-a-flash we can find one. And what do you have to do? Simple - just fill out the form, and grab your quote.

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes Two minutes

We make it our mission to provide you with instant fixes to your business needs. But we don't stop with the solutions, we keep things super-speedy, too! It only takes a matter of minutes to grab a quote.

Saves you money

Save Money

We don't just pride ourselves on finding tailored solutions to your business - cutting your costs is the QuoteGrab way. By comparing the options, you can be sure to find the high-quality, low-cost answer you need.

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Our QuoteGrab algorithm might sound complicated, but it's actually really simple. It only matches you up with the business overdrafts that suit your business to a ‘T'. Business overdraft? Sorted.

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Saving you time and minding your money are at the forefront of everything we do. And securing your success? It's standing there, right next to them. There's only one way you can hold onto each of these 3 fundamentals of business - and that's by picking the perfect business overdraft. But how can you find one? Not to worry, that's why we're here.

Here at Quotegrab, we only pick the best business overdrafts, and make sure they can fit any size budget and any size business. So, whilst you're having your coffee break and getting on with your Tuesday morning, we're running the numbers, researching the reviews, and connecting the dots. We have even identified the must-know information for your business about business overdrafts!

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Why Compare Business Overdraft Prices?

We get it - we know how confusing and complicated business overdrafts can seem. And at QuoteGrab, we've come to realise the root of all this anxiety. It's money! Keeping count of your pennies, and breaking open the piggy bank are big moments in business. And these moments can make it - or break it. This is where we come in. Whilst price is never the only factor in a business decision, we know that money matters.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality business overdrafts

Discover a wide range of business overdrafts to choose from

Get a package to suit your business' current and future needs

Here at QuoteGrab, we clearly think saving money matters. The same goes for business overdrafts - they are really important to your business' success. That's why we think everything should know the ins and outs of business overdrafts, and find one to suit their business.

So, how can you find one? Simply fill out a form, and grab that quote!

19 million people in the UK have an arranged overdraft in the UK alone. Think of how many people across the world have them? And if they're such a necessity for consumers, why doesn't your business have one?
According to BBC - October 2019[†]
How To Get Business Overdrafts Cheaper

We can't turn down a deal, at QuoteGrab. And given our love for cutting costs, we thought that it was time to pass this down to the businesses that we want to see succeed. Reducing the price of your overdraft might seem a difficult feat, but the necessary fees can be kept to a minimum with these tips.


Keep An Eye On Your Account

It's the simplest saving tip: watching that bank balance, and being in control of your budget doesn't cost a penny! By reducing the amount you borrow, you can lower the charges and fees that can eat into your bank balance. You know the importance of saving - and it's time to do the same for your business.


Choose Cheap

Ready for another easy tip? Simply opt for the cheapest overdraft. That means low interest rates, and that means minimal added fees and extra charges. Question is: will this suit your business best? They might not offer the banking support that you deserve.


Get In Touch With Your Bank

If you're struggling to keep those overdraft costs down, talking to your bank might be a source of assistance. They'll be the experts on their services, and can provide adequate advice on your banking needs. They can even waive fees and reduce the interest fee!


Compare Until You Find The Low-cost

Take stock of the business overdrafts, and pick the one that suits your purse strings - simple, right? Don't have time to review your options? Not sure what you're looking for? Leave that to us. Comparing the contenders, and picking the perfect match for your business is our job!

What Exactly Can A Business Overdraft Do?

A business overdraft allows you to access funds, even when your bank balance reads zero. It means that for a period of time, you can have financial support, even when the finances aren't there. Once you've made back the money from your successful business, you pay back the interest on the amount you went into your overdraft. However, you can only spend so much; overdrafts have limits, and this will depend on your business turnover and credit history.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Overdrafts?

Most business struggles relate to one thing: money. Whether you're starting from scratch, or pushing the boat out a bit further, financial support is always needed! This is why business overdrafts are so useful. They can provide a safety net for your finances, and won't leave you broke halfway through the month. Plus, the cash flow can allow you to support your business, even if the financial support isn't fully realised just yet. You even have a choice of the security of the overdraft - you can tailor the experience to your evolving business.

Tips To Get Your Business Overdraft Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there's always a way to cut your costs. So, here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your business overdraft costs:


Compare To Find Your Perfect Cost
Finding a cheaper business overdraft might seem complex, but the process can be simple. Sure, you can select a few contenders, and you can review their benefits for your business. You can then vet them based on pros and cons, and decide on the price... Or, you can just get a quote from us.


Keep Informed About Your Finances
With one eye on your balance, and the other on the future, you can control how far your business dips into its overdraft. This will reduce the fees and the amount of interest you have to pay back.


Talk To The Experts
Are you an expert on banking? Didn't think so. But just as banks offer overdrafts for businesses, they offer support alongside them. So, if you're struggling to manage your overdraft and simply don't know where to turn, your bank can not only offer advice, but also waive fees or reduce the interest rate.


The Cheapest Choice
There's only one way to get a cheaper overdraft - and that's choosing a cheaper one! Give it a google, scan the selection on offer, and pick the price that doesn't make a dent in your budget. Or, you could grab a quote, and we can guide you to the low-cost matches for your business!


Put Your Higher Rate Debts First
If your business has other debts that have higher interest rates than your overdraft, try and make minimum payments on these debts in order to focus any incoming cash on your overdraft. This won't just cut your overdraft costs, but also help manage the debt all businesses have to deal with.


Secure, Or Unsecure?
As a business owner, you can choose between two types of overdraft: secured, and unsecured. Secured means you pay a low interest rate in exchange for offering an asset as security. Unsecured means just high interest rates. So, to bag a bargain, the former is the best for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
We've been tweeted, emailed, and asked so many questions in our time. Lucky for your queries, we've decided to clear up your concerns, and answer them.

+ Is A Business Overdraft A Debt?

Overdrafts are a type of debt; they are a type of credit that is linked to a bank account. When you go into your overdraft, are no longer using your money to support the business - you are borrowing it. It is often regarded as a ‘revolving loan', and - just like other debts - has to be repaid.

+ How Do You Pay Back A Business Overdraft?

The most common path to pay back a business overdraft is to pay it off in increments which often occur on a monthly basis. This does involve strict budgeting, but it can save you much more in the future by avoiding the high fees and interest rates that come with long-term debt.

+ How Do You Change Your Business Overdraft?

Your overdraft can easily be changed, and this flexibility is clearly advertised by many banks. This is a popular feature of business overdrafts due to the nature of running a business, so, as your circumstances change, you can adapt your banking to it.

+ What Happens If You Go Beyond Your Agreed Overdraft?

If you make withdrawals that take your balance beyond your arranged overdraft limit, it becomes an Informal Overdraft Request. If you have a formally agreed limit that you have gone over, interest is often charged at the rate agreed with your overdraft. If you have no existing formally agreed overdraft, a Business Standard Debit Interest Rate will be charged on all debit balances. Comparatively, it is cheaper to to apply for a Formal Overdraft rather than to have an Informal Overdraft Request.

+ Can Your Business Have A Loan And An Overdraft?

Businesses often need a lot of financial support, whether it's taking on a new venture, or simply getting off the ground. And this is why most banks offer businesses not just an overdraft, but also a loan. However, this will depend on your overall approved credit.