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Here at QuoteGrab, we understand just how time-consuming manual letter folding can be. Not to mention, folding 3000 letters an hour by hand can be incredibly painful - hello arthritis. It's time to introduce yourself to letter folding machines, and you can cut that fold time down to a minute - and save your poor hands from more stress. As great as these machines sound, there are so many things to consider before you purchase one, which can be just as time-consuming as the letter folding itself. But don't worry, we're here to help you! We let you relax, while we do all the hard work ourselves.

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Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

You're purchasing one of these machines to save time - and you want to spend that free time doing something worthwhile, not filling in a thousand forms. Not to fear, our short form takes just two minutes to fill in - and that's your job over!

Saves you money

Save Money

If you spend all your budget on a letter folding machine, you won't be left with any money to buy the supplies you need to use it! We do everything we can to find you the lowest-priced system possible, and save you money!

Find a great provider

Get A Great Letter Folder

There are so many different types of letter folding machines out there, and we want to find you the best one. Every business requires a custom machine to suit them, so we go above and beyond to find the one that suits your every need, in your budget!

Find Letter Folders For You

Choosing the right letter folding machine for your company is so important, as it saves you so much time and introduces a professional quality to your work. After all, I can guarantee that if you've been spending the last four hours folding 15,000 letters yourself, they're going to be far from perfect. You're going to be in pain, and lacking motivation, so the folds will actually be all over the place. You need a machine that can not only speed of the operation time (that 4 hours will soon become 4 minutes), but keep every letter in a uniform design.

Here at QuoteGrab, we know just how important this task is to you. But we also understand that finding a machine to complete this task can be a lengthy process. Every machine is designed to suit different businesses needs, so the comparison process alone could take days.

This is why we put such an emphasis on us doing the work for you! We see your time as precious, and don't want you wasting it on something that you don't even have to do yourself! If you fill in our short form, we can gather enough information on you to supply you with up to four of the best quotes!

Why Compare Letter Folder Prices?

You're after a good deal, aren't you? It would be crazy not to compare prices! The differences between each machine are quite vast, after all - you wouldn't want to end up picking a machine that doesn't fulfil your businesses requirements! Many of our clients used to be under the impression that letter folders were a one size fits all piece of machinery. But, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the differences in these machines could range from anything, from the speed it folds, to the type of folds it can do - even to the paper it can take! Yep, these minor things can add on major cash to the final price!

We put so much pressure on ourselves to compare every price out there, when we look for deals for you. We don't want to pick a basic machine, with a fairly average speed and the ability to fold two ways for you just because it fits into your budget, and was on the first page of results. Not when, for the exact same price, we can find you a machine that folds 1000 letters a minute, in 6 different ways - just because we switched provider! We're not only here to save you money, but to make the most out of it too!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Letter Folders

Customise Machines To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (10+ years) Folding Experts

Discover Where To Find The Best Add-Ons

We don't want you wasting valuable time on tedious jobs, when you could be doing something fun - or useful for your business. Instead, we take on these boring jobs for you.

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The most common types of paper folds are the Single Fold, the Letter Fold, the Z Fold, the Double Parallel Fold, the Double Parallel Fold, the Cross Fold, the Half Accordion Fold and the Gate Fold. Most paper folding machines are designed to accommodate these paper folds.
According to Office Zone - September 2011[†]
How To Get Letter Folders Cheaper

We don't just love bagging a bargain for our clients - we can't turn down a good deal, ourselves! And because of this, we've picked up many-a-tip over time. So, it's about time we passed some of them down to you…


Change Your Paper Type

A letter folding machine can actually fold a piece of paper up to 7 different ways - I know, I didn't know there were so many ways to fold paper either. It's extremely unlikely you'll need to use all seven of these folds, so why not switch to a simpler machine? You won't have as many options, but you'll save bucket loads of cash! No one wants to lose out on hundreds of pounds just to make their letter look like a gate, right?!


Use Less Folds

A letter folding machine can actually fold a piece of paper up to 7 different ways - I know, I didn't know there were so many ways to fold paper either. It's extremely unlikely you'll need to use all seven of these folds, so why not switch to a simpler machine? You won't have as many options, but you'll save bucket loads of cash! No one wants to lose out on hundreds of pounds just to make their letter look like a gate, right?!


Slow Down

No, you obviously don't want to spend 4 hours a day folding letters - but I doubt you need the job done in 30 seconds either. After all, will an additional couple of minutes really set your day back that much? I didn't think so. Well, why don't you save yourself a small fortune by purchasing a slower machine? It may take a little longer than some of the more expensive machines, but it's still significantly faster than doing it by hand!


Change The Machine

Did you know that there are actually four main types of letter folding machine? Manual, Buckle, Knife-Folding and Automatic. The type of machine you choose, due to their capabilities, can vary in cost quite significantly. If both your mailing needs and budget are low, why not choose a knife-folding machine? It's a lot cheaper - but can only fold one sheet at a time!

What Exactly Is A Letter Folder?

To put it simply, it's a machine used to fold letters. They work by feeding the paper into a machine at such a high speed, its only option, when it can't move any further, is to buckle. Rollers inside the machine then grip onto the paper, and push it through - folding it in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of A Letter Folder?

Well, using one actually saves you a lot of money as you won't need to throw away any letters that have been wrongly folded again - result! It also results in a more professional looking result, due to the lack of mistakes that are made in the process. But, most importantly, it saves you so much time! Instead of folding 18 letters an hour by hand, a top-tier machine can fold up to 18,000!

Tips To Get Your Letter Folder Cheaper

Want to know one thing better than finding a machine to do all your work for you? Getting that machine at a bargain price! So, here are QuoteGrab's top tips to keep costs down:


Change Your Paper Type
The type of machine you need (and the price you pay) varies depending on the thickness and material of the paper you use. So stick to a standard sheet of A4, and you can keep costs pretty low!


Use Less Folds
Though you can purchase machines that produce up to 7 types of fold, it's highly unlikely that you'll really need to use them. Stick to the two basic folds (single fold and letter fold) and it's unlikely you'll be charged anything extortionate.


Slow Down
The speed of your machine has one of the biggest impacts on the final price. You can choose one between the range of 18,000 an hour, or one sheet at a time. If your mailing responsibilities are low or infrequent, a slower, cheaper machine would be perfect for you.


Change The Machine
There are four types of letter folding machine, that vary in both cost and capability. If you don't need to use it often, or for a large amount of work, the basic knife-folding machine should work just fine!


Rent A Folder
Again, if your mail responsibilities are low or infrequent, you don't have to pay out for a fancy machine. You can actually rent one for as little as 10% of the total price - which is payable either monthly or annually


Compare Providers
As always, different providers frequently offer a variety of prices for pretty much the same product. It's worth comparing the same letter folder from a variety of companies, to see if you can get the price any cheaper!

Frequently Asked Questions

You wouldn't believe how many questions we have in our inbox regarding letter folders! Here, we answer the most popular ones:

+ What Is A Letter Folder?

Well, the clue's in the name really. It's a machine that - you guessed it - folds letters! It's commonly used by companies with a lot of mail responsibility, as it can cut hours off of their operation time. But, what many clients aren't aware of, is that there are actually four types of letter folder!

Manual Folders: These require you to manually feed paper into the machine yourself! As it's a slower process, it's a great option for a business that won't need to use it a lot - or only sends a few letters at a time.

Buckle Folders: This is the most common type of machine used, as it can do a lot on a low budget. It actually used friction rollers to feed the paper into the machine - and can work on 2500 - 10,000 letters an hour (depending on the machine you buy).

Automatic Folders: These are the most advanced systems out there! They can usually handle all 7 types of folding option, and produce around 18,000 letters an hour. They're great for folding glossy paper, as they only use air to feed the machine!

Knife-Folding Machines: These machines use a blunt-edged knife to create folds in a letter. They can even slice the paper at necessary intervals if you want to change the size of the paper!

+ Do I Need A Letter Folder?

Do you want to save time, money and deliver your work with a more professional look? Well, you need a letter folder to do that! Instead of wasting entire days folding letters by hand - which is boring, time-consuming and wreaks havoc on your extremities - a letter folder can complete your entire workload in just minutes. In fact, it's possible to fold 18.000 letters each hour - I doubt you can do that!

Also, after a long day of repetitive tasks, you're bound to start making mistakes - don't beat yourself up about it though, it's only human. When you make these mistakes (like folding it crookedly), you have two options; throw it away or post it anyway. And posting it is pointless anyway, it'll just end up in the recipient's bin instead. After all, nothing looks more unprofessional than sending a letter you can't be bothered to fold properly - (that's how they'll see it). So, switching to a machine will actually save you money and keep your letters looking professional!

+ How Do I Find A Letter Folder For Me?

You don't! We actually do all the work for you. After all, the only reason you're purchasing one of these machines is to free up your time. So, we don't want you wasting it doing something we could easily do for you! As long as you provide us with appropriate information about your company - like your mailing requirements and budget - we can start the search right away!

+ How Much Is A Letter Folder?

Well, that depends. Are you;

  • Renting Or Purchasing It
  • Folding More or Less Than 10,000 Letters A Day
  • Using The Machine Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Using A Special Type Of Paper
  • Folding Your Paper In An Unusual Way

Though these elements seem small, and unlikely to affect your total price, they can actually force it to vary rather greatly. So, fill in our short form so we can find out a little bit more about your needs, and we'll get back to you with up to four quotes ASAP!