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Saving money and seeing success in your business? Not bad for a day at the office. But at Quotegrab, that's what we do. And finding the best lawyer for your business is just one of the ways to score that. But how can you find one of these lawyers? Well, that's where we come in.

We've compiled the top lawyers that we can find so you can discover your legal solution with a click (or two) of your mouse. So, when your busy running your business, budgeting your next month, and juggling errands, we're doing the maths: we're evaluating their experience, we're rethinking the reviews, and we're matching these top-notch lawyers up to different business sizes and shapes.

This means that when you finally fill out that form, we can solve your business needs quick-as-a-flash!/p>

Why Compare Lawyer Prices?

The QuoteGrab team know the struggle of running a business. There's just so many things to do, and there's just so little time. And then you have to keep in control of your cash! Prices should never be the only thing on your mind - quality should always play a role in your decisions. But then again, pocketing an extra penny here and then is a great way to stay on track.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality lawyers

Discover a wide range of lawyers to choose from

Talk to highly experienced (10+ years) lawyers

Find a firm that can suit your business needs

It's pretty obvious that staying within the law is really important. And when a problem arises, a fast and effective response is a necessity. Question is - how do you find a lawyer?

Right here! Go ahead, grab a quote!

There are 1.34 million lawyers in the United States! I'm sure we can find one to suit your business, wherever you are in the world.
According to Onelegal - October 2019[†]
How To Get A Lawyer Cheaper

Hands up if you love a bargain! So do we. And when it comes to something as important as keeping your business on the right side of the law, finding a low-cost solution is key. So, we deemed it fit to pass on some of our top-tips for controlling-your-cash.


Comparison Is Key

If you want to bag a low-cost lawyer, it's time to compare the contenders! You should take into account their relevant experience to your industry, expertise, specialist knowledge, qualifications, and (of course) cost. That's a lot to do right? No problem. Hand it over to us! Fill out a form, and grab that quote.


Efficiency isn't Expensive

Time is money - and lawyers will hold you to that! That means coming up with the questions before the meetings, and that means cramming emails before they've been sent, and that also means preparing the necessary documentations for when you need it so you can get every drop of advice out of your hire.


Choose Cheap

If you want a cheaper lawyer, simply choose the cheaper lawyer! If only it was that simple... Cutting costs can often mean cutting quality too, and in terms of legal matters, that is not something you should be willing to sacrifice, particularly as that can cause costly problems later on.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

There's one golden rule when it comes to the law - and that's being honest. But it doesn't stop with telling the truth; handing over the relevant information - all the relevant information - will save on future costly confusion and expensive errors, as well as ensuring those efficient meetings you need to reduce the bill.

What Exactly Can A Lawyer Do?

A lawyer is someone who practices law, and is often either a barrister or solicitor. Lawyers apply legal theories to solve specific problems or advance the interests of those who hire lawyers. They research legal issues, interpret laws, advise clients, and represent them in court or in legal transactions. Lucky for you, there are multiple lawyers that focus on a variety of legal matters. Take business lawyers:they focus on issues like taxation, transactions and intellectual property.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer?

This is the main benefit: you hire a legal expert that can take control of any legal issues that arise. Not an expert on the laws? Not sure about the jargon? Lawyers have the experience and expertise to tackle these legal issues, and can prevent expensive problems cropping up when a professional is not consulted. And if it's a case involving a business or individual against you, they will have legal representation. This means you need it, too.

Tips To Get Your Lawyer Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there are always little ways to keep your costs down. This is especially true when considering lawyers; they're a necessity for any business which always pushes up the price tag. So, here are some QuoteGrab suggestions for cutting down on your legal costs:


Try For A Flat Fee Arrangement
Want to get a cheaper price? Negotiate one. There are several types of legal fees put in place by lawyers, but the best for your budget is a flat-fee arrangement; this is based on a predetermined amount, preventing any sudden splurges that can bruise your budget.


Do It Yourself
Don't think you can just hand over the files to your lawyer, and let the fees rocket. The work does not end with your lawyer! You can do the prep work like gathering documents and bringing together the relevant information, skipping out the lawyer's first step of research. Why not save time and money?


Control Your Contact
Lawyers are often an expensive spend. And why wouldn't they be? They do the complicated and necessary tasks for your business! So, to make sure you don't overspend on wasted meetings, improve your efficiency. They will charge you for every single second, so: plan your emails, limit your phone calls, and be prepared!


Always Be Thorough
Speaking of efficiency: their legal advice is precious. So, get your money's worth by having your questions, queries, and concerns under your belt when you turn up to meetings. Stop future, expensive errors in their tracks with your thorough presentation of the key information.


Compare The Candidates
Fancy finding a cheaper alternative? It's time to get comparing. The only way you're gonna find a low-cost lawyer is by looking for ‘em. Compare the contenders based on experience, expertise, and obviously, cost. Don't have that much time on your hands? Not sure how to go about comparing them? Fill out a form, and hey-presto! It's sorted.


Hire And Fire
Let's say your lawyer is hired. They're busy fixing your legal situation, but there's a problem - you're just not convinced. Maybe they aren't up to scratch, or maybe they're costing too much - either way, you'll be wasting money if you don't fire them. Pocket that cash, and put it to a new hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've been tweeted, emailed, and asked so many questions in our time. Lucky for you and your queries, we've decided to clear up your concerns, and answer them.

+ What Does A Business Lawyer Do?

If you're an owner of a small or medium-sized business, you'll want to have a lawyer on-hand to help run through the potential problems you might encounter. Typically, business lawyers focus on taxation, transactions and intellectual property. However, they can also look into choosing a business type to suit you, write employment contracts, sort disputed contracts, and resolve business issues and claims, such as claims of discrimination.

+ Do I Need A Business Lawyer?

This depends on what kind of business your starting; the rule of thumb to follow is that the more simple your business is, the less likely you will need a lawyer. Those who own sole proprietorships won't need one as it is a simple business, and only requires local business licenses. Partnerships and LLCs on the other hand should consider a lawyer due to the complexity of the business and the amount of documentation involved. Corporations are the most complicated type of business, and the need to prepare bylaws and other documents confirms that you will need a lawyer!

+ What Is The Difference Between A Barrister And Solicitor?

They are both a type of lawyer, but the main difference is that a barrister defends people in court, whilst solicitors perform legal work outside of court, such as drawing up legal documents and giving legal advice. Solicitors can obtain certain rights which enable them to represent their clients in court, but compared to barristers this is a much rarer occurrence.

+ What If I Have A Complaint About A Lawyer?

The first step to take is attempting to resolve the matter with your solicitor. But if this doesn't work out, you should then turn to the Legal Ombudsman. This free service investigates complaints against lawyers based in England and Wales. For more serious complaints, the Solicitors Regulation Authority can be contacted.