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Takes Two minutes

We pride ourselves on fast results, which is why we ensure our forms only take a few minutes to complete. You're two minutes away from your best HR Consultant yet!

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Save Money

We know you don't want to waste money on overpriced services, you'd rather invest that back into your business. That's why we provide you with high-quality, low-cost solutions to your business needs instead.

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Don't waste time trying out a thousand different consultancy agencies. We only match you with up to 4 providers who match all your business needs!

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Our company's main priority is seeing businesses like yours succeed! And, to reach that success, we believe you need the best team supporting you. But how do we ensure we pick the right provider for you?

Well, we actually have in-house HR Consultancy experts that spend their day comparing and contrasting every provider out there. We know that's it's not a “one type fits all” kind of job. Every business has different needs, budgets and time-scales. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to pick the best of the bunch.

And even after we have found the best, we narrow it down to the top four providers of the sector - and supply you with quotes for those, almost instantly!

Why Compare HR Consultancy Prices?

Why wouldn't you compare prices? You don't just want to accept the first offer you come across, do you? Here at Quotegrab, we want to see you spending your money on investments into your business's growth - that's why we focus on finding the best consultant for you, at the lowest price possible.

We believe that your new HR Consultant is more than just a third-party employee, they're an investment into your future. After all, the more your company grows, the faster your need for one increases. And you don't want to scrimp on your future, do you?

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low Cost, High Quality Consultants

Discover The Strengths Of All The Top Consultancy Providers

Only Talk To Diversely Experienced (15+ years) HR Consultants

Adapt Service Packages To Suit Your Budget And Needs

We believe that every business deserves a boost up onto that ladder of success. And we want to be the ones giving you that boost!

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As demand for these services [health, benefits, retirement and compensation] increases, HR consultants experience higher demand for advisory services.
According to Ibis World - January 2019[†]
How To Get A HR Consultant Cheaper

We all love a bargain, don't we? Getting a high-quality service and snagging a deal are the key to boosting your business. So, we thought it was time to pass on some of the knowledge that we've garnered along the way on how to cut your costs.


Pick A Cheaper Consultant

Choosing a lower priced consultant seems like an obvious choice, doesn't it? But it is the easiest way to hire a cheaper one after all! However, though we only offer you the best providers, monetary value still has some relation to the quality of that provider. The more you pay, the higher the seniority of the expert you recieve. But, if you only need menial tasks completed, you're all set to choose the cheapest option possible!


Limit Their Working Hours

The less work you give them, the less money they'll charge - duh! Why not hire a part-time HR Consultant? That way, you'll only be paying half their usual fee! Yes, they'll obviously be doing less for you - but if you're a small/medium sized company (or not making much profit just yet) that shouldn't be a problem! You wouldn't actually need a full time consultant!


Get A Basic Package

Many of our providers actually offer you a variety of package options - from basic to expert. If you're attempting to save costs right now, the basic packages on offer would be perfect for you! Although your consultant would only be covering simple tasks, they'll still be providing a great service for your company!



Did you know that we can actually find you Virtual Assistants that offer HR services? Well, we can! As virtual assistants charge hourly, and aren't tied into a long-winded contract, you would only pay them for the work they do! So, if you're low on funds, just hire them for an hours work.

What Exactly Can A HR Consultant Do?

They're the people that make sure your company is following HR protocol, and your team are happy. From conducting intense training sessions that ensure your HR plans have been implemented, to hosting question times for any confused employees - these guys cover it all!

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A HR Consultant?

It's highly unlikely that you're trained in HR policies - if you were, you wouldn't be here! Hiring a HR Consultant would reduce any stress you would be caused by learning about all the laws and regulations surrounding this sector of business! You'll have more time to focus on what you're good at - making money!

Tips To Get Your HR Consultant's Prices Cheaper

Even millionaires want to keep their costs down. Don't think that just because you have the money available, you shouldn't qualify for a reduced price! Here are our suggestions on the best way to cut costs:


Compare, Compare, Compare
The best way to get the best price, is to compare the best deals! Only then can you find the lowest priced option that suits your needs.


Cut Out The Agencies
As great as some agencies can be, they all (usually) provide that one little thing we hate - fees. If you request to be paired up with a freelancer instead, we can cut out those extra fees entirely!


Hire A Virtual Assistant
Forget equipment costs and holiday entitlements, when you work with a virtual assistant you're only paying one thing - their wage. They charge less because they don't have to factor in any additional benefits!


Don't Be Extravagant
Basic tasks equate to a basic price. The easier the tasks you outsource - and the lower the frequency of them - the cheaper the deal you'll receive!


Get A Basic Package
Packages are charged at a lower rate anyway, but choosing the simplest of the options ensures your price will be even lower!


Widen Your Search
Don't just compare the providers we send you, let us know and we can help you compare individual consultants too!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've had customers all but hounding on our door to get the answers to their most commonly asked questions. ‘Cause we're nice, we thought we'd answer them here for you!

+ What Is A HR Consultant?

An individual/company that supplies businesses like yours with personalised services and expert advice. They're the people that enforce pre-existing HR policies - and create/implement new ones!

+ Do I Need A HR Consultant?

Unless your company consists of you alone, you need a HR consultant. The more employees you have, the stronger the need for one. As your company grows, so will any employee/managerial issues. To keep a sense of trust and stability for your employees, outsource a third party HR Consultant to oversee things from an unbiased perspective.

+ How Do I Find The Best HR Consultants?

Don't search for a consultant yourself, it poses so many risks. Most agencies vet every potential consultant before they put them on their books, to ensure they only deliver the best. And we always vet our agencies - so you'd actually be receiving the best of the best!

+ How Long Does It Usually Take?

Often, business coaches recommend that it lasts for at least one year. This is because it takes time for every change implemented to develop into results - whether successful, or not. Fact is, change is a painful, slow process that requires time and consistent support. It's for this reason that business coaches often insist on this window to ensure all changes can be implemented.

+ How Much Does A HR Consultant Charge?

Well, that depends on a lot of things - like if you want a package, or what services you need and how often. Our providers are always willing to work around your budget, so get a quote from us for an exact price.