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Here at QuoteGrab, we know how essential it is that both you and your employees can get around. And how can you possibly get anywhere without petrol/diesel in your car? Fill out this short form and we can help you find the best fuel card for you!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes Two minutes

It doesn't take a lifetime to find a great fuel card. Our form takes a couple of minutes to fill in - and that's your job done!

Saves you money

Save Money

The majority of your budget shouldn't be spent on finding your employees a well-priced fuel card. We can find you one that saves you money on both fuel and the cards themselves!

Find a great provider

Get a Great Fuel Card

Luckily, we know our way around this business - so we're the perfect people to find you the cheapest fuel available.

Find Fuel Cards For You

Whether you're head of a delivery company or just someone who wants to supply a company car to their employees, you need a good fuel card to do this. Without fuel, you're not going anywhere!

Here at QuoteGrab, we know that getting around is essential. In fact, for a lot of workers- like salesmen or delivery drivers - if they can't travel, they can't make a profit. We know you need options, you need to be able to fill up your tank in as many places as possible to ensure you can keep working - and many cards limit the number of places you can visit.

That's why we inspect the fine print of every card we can find, to ensure we can find the top four in your price range! From these four options, you get free rein on whatever one you want to choose - we think your say matters!

Why Compare Fuel Card Prices?

There are so many things that affect the total price of a fuel card, which is why it's so important to compare all the ones available to you. Quite a few companies offer discounted full prices - but only because they charge the money you ‘save' as fees. Also, some cards actually offer invoice and tax return assistance - saving you from piles of paperwork and costly mistakes. You can easily rid yourself of any hidden fees and even gain yourself some added benefits - like free invoicing, or shopping vouchers for buying a certain amount of fuel - by, you guessed it, comparing!

Here at Quotegrab, we don't often suggest providers to you that include additional fees - unless we really believe that the company would work for you and your team! And, if we do suggest a company that charges extra fees, we make sure we tell you clearly and quickly! We don't hide anything from our clients and we're completely upfront about any additional costs that may occur - so you don't get any nasty surprises. Also, if you do have a tight budget, we honour that - and match you to the penny!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Fuel Cards

Customise Fuel Cards To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (10+ years) Vehicle Experts

Discover Where To Get The Cheapest Fuel

Don't spend your own precious time comparing fuel cards, let us do all the hard work for you!

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In 2016, the global fuel card market was valued at 595.72 billion U.S. dollars and it was predicted to grow to 842.41 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.
According to Satista - February 2019[†]
How To Get Cheaper Fuel Cards

The Quotegrab team loves a bargain - and we definitely aren't alone in saying that! So, we deemed it fit to pass on some of our know-how on cutting costs. Here are our tried-and-tested tips for bringing down that bill.


Compare, Compare, Compare

Remember, lots of companies have hidden fees. Find out as much as you can about each company so you can compare them accurately. Some charge low/no fees - which will obviously save you loads!


Shop At Your Local Supermarket

The fuel available at your local petrol or gas station is around 3% cheaper than the rest of the country. When selecting a fuel card, make sure this option is available on the card, as not all cards can be used at every location.


Re-train Staff

Instances such as speeding or idling waste so much fuel - which is costly to replace. If you take time to reeducate staff on what they should/shouldn't be doing when in their company car, you could end up saving thousands a year!


Swap Cars

You really need to assess the company car you're handing out to employees. Some naturally guzzle more gas than the average car, so consider swapping these out for more environmentally friendly cars - like a fiat 500 - to save!

What Exactly Is A Fuel Card?

It's kind of like a credit card, but just for fuel. It's usually supplied by a company, as it makes it easier to report fuel costs to your countries tax office.

What Are The Benefits Of A Fuel Card?

Purchasing one of these cards usually results in a discount on fuel prices - some companies even allow you to buy fuel at a wholesale price. Plus, the use of them requires less admin for your finance team!

Tips To Get Your Fuel Card Prices Cheaper

It's great that you want to provide your workers with a safe space, but you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on it. Here are QuoteGrab's top tips for cutting costs:


Compare Companies
Companies could have high fees, or they could have no fees at all. Keep comparing them to work out the overall cost - then pick the cheapest one!


Shop At The Supermarket
Though 3% per pump seems minuscule, shopping at supermarkets can result in massive savings when you're putting your books together at the end of the tax year


Re-train Staff
Slipping over the limit or idling for too long guzzles a ridiculous - and costly - amount of fuel. Tell employees what they're doing wrong to ensure they stop - and save money!


Buy A Better Car
If you're supplying SUVs (or similar) to your employees, you really need to think more strategically. Swap it for a more environmentally friendly car to cut down the amount of petrol you use.


Car Share
If you have two employees going out on the same job, ask them to car share instead of taking both cars! You'll save 50% of the fuel cost this way


Reroute Where Possible
Cutting a couple of miles off your journey can save a ridiculous amount of fuel. Always look for shortcuts if you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's so much you want to learn about fuel cards, and you're desperate to get your questions answered. Well, we've answered them here:

+ What Is A Fuel Card?

A fuel card (which is sometimes referred to as a fleet card) is usually a chip and pin card, that holds many similarties to a traditional credit card. Except, you can only use it on fuel - and sometimes other forms of vechile maintenence depending on your card type and the limits you put onto it. These cards are extremely handy for business owners, as they can set spending limits and keep a check on exactly what's being spent, when, where and by who. This not only makes it easier to record for tax purposes, but it also prevents fuel stealing!

+ Do I Need A Fuel Card?

If you're supplying employees with a company car, you really should provide a fuel card. Though it isn't essential to do so, it does offer business a lot of benefits such as;

No Interest: Unlike company credit cards, which charge you interest everytime you spend on them, a fuel card won't charge you any interest. If you drive a lot, you could actually save thousands from this alone!

Better Fuel Prices: This depends on the type of card you use but, more often than not, you're offered some sort of discount for using one. It could be a competitive pump price, or it could be the option to purchase fuel at a wholesale value - either way, result!

Cut Down On Admin Fees: Instead of sorting through hundreds of bills and tax forms, you'll recieve one invoice only - usually once a week, and online - that's already HMRC compliant. You don't have to put any work in, just hand the information over - simple.

Better Security: Every fuel card is assigned to an individual driver or vechile and, under no circumstances, should they be swapped around. They also all require a pin or signature to access, reducing the risk of the card being used with bad intent if lost or stolen.

Easy To Manage: You can acutally use fuel cards to access information on old fuel purchases, and compare all the reports to discover if you're over spending anyway. This can be done in a few clicks, which saves you from hunting out and comparing old receipts like you have done before!

+ How Do I Find The Best Fuel Card For Me?

Well, to put it simply, you don't. We do. We actually ask a handful of questions to get a better idea of what you actually need this card for, so we can find you one that offers those things for a good price. We look at where you're actually located, the routes you regularly drive, the type of car you drive, how many of these cars you have and - obviously - your budget, to find the best deal for you. Obviously that's a lot of work, and can be quite time-consuming. That's why we don't want you worrying about what fuel card to buy or where to use it. You just put your feet up, let us do all the hard work!

+ How Much Is A Fuel Card?

Prices are competitive, which is why comparing them is so essential. The total price depends on numerous things, such as which company you use and where you purchase the fuel. Tell us your requirements on this short form, and we'll let you know which card to pick!