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Here at QuoteGrab, we know just how costly posting mail can be, especially if you're doing it on a regular basis. That's why franking machines are so important to companies like yours - because they save you so much money! But, as important as they are, choosing one for your business can be rather confusing. There are so many contract options available, and it's easy to become scared of pricking the right one - especially when the contracts are generally quite long. Well, have no fear - we're here to help! We always go above and beyond to help businesses like yours to select the franking machine that suits their needs.

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Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

We understand how busy you are, and know that you won't want to waste any crucial business time filling in thousands of forms with pointless information. That's why we made our form clear and concise, so it takes just minutes to fill in - you're welcome!

Saves you money

Save Money

You don't want to waste all your hard-earned profit on a franking machine, do you? After all, you're purchasing one to save money - not lose more of it. We can help you find the best-priced machine possible!

Find a great provider

Get A Great Franking Machine

We know you don't want to purchase a franking machine that doesn't efficiently cover your needs. If you buy one that's too large for your needs, you're wasting money - too small, and you can't send enough mail! We can help you find the best machine for your mail needs.

Find Franking Machines For You

We understand just how important choosing the right franking machine is to your business - as, choosing the wrong one can be costly. It doesn't matter if you're exceeding or failing to meet your expectations - it will still cost you greatly. Which is why the machine you choose has to be near perfect. There are three categories to choose from when comparing machines; small, medium and large. A large machine can frank over 1000 letters/parcels a day, a medium one up to 300 and a small - anything less than 100!

Here at QuoteGrab, we know just how overwhelming all the machine options there are available to you. If you're not working out how many letters you send a day, you're weighing your parcels or studying the difference between purchasing, leasing and renting a franking machine!

That's why we go out of our way to compare all the machines for you. After finding out a bit about you and your company, we scrutinize over what machine will suit your needs. Then we supply you with up to four top quotes!

Why Compare Franking Machine Prices?

Franking machine prices vary greatly, depending on what you actually need from them - and don't say you need them to frank your mail, that's obvious. We need you to find out exactly how many letters/parcels you send out each month, so we can set you up with the right size system for your needs. After all, you don't want to purchase a small system and end up sending 100 letters a week! Also, many clients are under the impression that if they need to send a lot of parcels - which they have to weigh - they need to purchase a large, expensive machine to get the addition of scales! But that's not true. If you shop around, you could end up purchasing a medium-sized machine with additional scales, for the same price as a large machine without them.

This is why we find price comparison so important. You could end up missing out on so many good deals - like additional extras, at no extra cost - because you chose to settle on the first machine you came across. Not to mention, you have the option to either purchase, rent or lease a franking machine as well. You need to mull over the cost of each contract before you make any decisions - so you can get the most out of your money. But don't worry, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Franking Machines

Customise Machines To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (10+ years) Mailing Experts

Discover Where To Find The Best Add-Ons

We don't want you feeling confused or fearful when discussing franking machine choices. That's why we take the stress of the situation away from you completely, and do all the hard work ourselves.

All you need to do is fill out this quick form!

You must have a franking machine license from the Royal Mail to use your franking machine!
According to The Mailing Room - August 2014[†]
How To Get A Franking Machine Cheaper

We don't just love bagging a bargain for our clients - we can't turn down a good deal, ourselves! And because of this, we've picked up many-a-tip over time. So, it's about time we passed some of them down to you…


Lease A Machine

Leasing a franking machine allows you to reap all the benefits of it, without having to pay the high costs involved! You'll actually have to pay a portion of the fee upfront, then the rest on a month by month basis. The only downfall of this is that you're tied into a contract - so, if you spot a better deal, tough. But your provider will usually give you the option to upgrade when your contract runs out!


Rent A Machine

Similarly to leasing a franking machine, you'll be paying for this service on a monthly basis if you choose to rent. However, this runs more like a rolling contract - so you're not actually tied into it, and can quit at any time! The best thing about it though, is that you get given the option to cancel or change your contract at the end of each month! But, when renting, you don't get any service or maintenance costs included in the final price.


Send Less Mail

Obviously, this depends on the sort of company you run. No one expects you to post less mail if you're a clothing company, that would be ridiculous! But if you, for example, send your monthly newsletter as a franked mail item, it's time to stop. Especially if that said newsletter is being sent to thousands of people at a time. Try and send as much information as you can digitally if you want to cut costs significantly.


Implement Mailmark

Mailmarking is the most recent addition to the Royal Mail's franking collection. It's essentially a tracking barcode that can be scanned faster than any other before it. But, perhaps the most remarkable thing about this feature, is the fact that it can save you up to a third on your postage costs. In fact, it costs you about ||$||0.12||$|| less than using a first-class stamp!

What Exactly Is A Franking Machine?

Essentially, it's a machine that's used (usually by businesses) to provide evidence of how much postage has been paid for the letter/parcel in question. These machines are actually regulated by the Royal Mail, and you can't use one without a license!

What Are The Benefits Of A Franking Machine?

Did you know that using a franking machine saves the Royal Mail a significant amount of money because it takes a lot less time and expense than processing a typical stamp? In return, anyone who uses one of these machines receives a major postal discount. Plus, the machine is easy to top up and makes recording postage expenses easier for tax purposes.

Tips To Get Your Franking Machine Cheaper

You want to save thousands, not spend it - right?! Well, here are QuoteGrab's top tips to keep costs down:


Lease A Machine
You can drastically cut the cost of a franking machine, by leasing it instead of purchasing it. Then you'll only have to pay a fraction of the cost, on a month by month basis - until your contract ends.


Rent A Machine
Similarly to a lease, you can rent a machine and pay on a month by month basis. As a bonus, you aren't locked into a contract, so can cease payments at any time.


Send Less Mail
Obviously, this depends on the type of company you run. But, if you can, send as much mail as you can digitally. You'll be able to purchase a smaller (and cheaper) machine as your mail requirements will be lower.


Implement Mailmark
Using the Royal Mail's most recent franking mark can save you bucket loads of cash - up to a third of the price of standard mail, actually!


Change Provider
Different providers charge a variety of prices - and usually for the exact same item. If you've found a deal you like, it doesn't hurt to shop around and see if you can get it even cheaper.


Minimize Your Time Using It
If you're renting a machine, limit the amount of time you use it. If you send out a monthly newsletter, why not make it a quarterly one and only hire it 4 times a year!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've received so many questions regarding franking machines, it's mad! Here, we answer the most popular ones:

+ What Is A Franking Machine?

Well, it's a machine that people use to create and apply evidence of postage to letters and parcels! Using one of these machines ensures that you'll never over or underpay for a mail item again - plus, it prevents your customers from being charged if you've paid the wrong amount. It's actually impossible to use a franking machine without a license, as the usage needs to be approved by the Royal Mail first.

+ Do I Need A Franking Machine?

The biggest selling point of franking machines to businesses like yours, is that they're a massive money saver! Using one can actually cut your costs down by almost a third - you save ||$||0.12||$|| on each 1st class stamp you would've used, for example! But there are so many other reasons to invest in one too;

Convenience: You won't have to waste entire days making trips to the post office anymore - not when you can do everything yourself and just put the mail in the nearest postbox!

Faster: Gone are the days of having to stick on thousands of stamps by hand. Most of these machines are automated, so you can just press a button and get on with your day.

Easy To Refill: Back in the day, if you ran out of stamps, you would have to trawl all the way to the post office to get some more - that's if it was even open. With a franking machine, you can actually get free online refills 24/7!

Simple Accounting: Most franking machines actually have a built-in accounting feature, which records just how much you've been spending on postage. This makes your job a lot easier when it's time to file your taxes!

+ How Do I Find A Franking Machine For Me?

There are so many things to consider when trying to choose a franking machine - at the very least, you have to find out whether purchasing, renting or leasing is right for your business. We don't want you wasting time on time-consuming tasks, so we actually do all the work for you!

+ How Much Is A Franking Machine?

Well, that depends on a variety of things, including;

  • Your Budget
  • How Much Mail You Send
  • Using The Machine Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Whether You Buy/Rent/Lease A Machine
  • How Often You Need To Use A Machine

So, understandably, we need to find out a little bit more about you before we can give you a final price. Fill in our free form now, and we can get back to you with up to four of the best quotes!