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Here at QuoteGrab, ensuring your business succeeds is at the forefront of everything we do. So, if you're searching for business financing, we can find you a solution - whether it's loans, invoice financing, asset financing, or credit cards. All you need to do is fill out the form, and get a quote!

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Takes Two minutes

We are pretty good at sourcing your solutions. But it's sourcing them super-fast which makes us QuoteGrab - it'll only take you a couple of minutes to solve your business needs!

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Save Money

Saving time? It's easy. Saving money? That's guaranteed. Cutting those all-important costs is always at the top of our to-do list.

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Get Great Business Financing

We love finding solutions for your business needs, but it's our algorithm that does the hard stuff - it only matches you with the business financing that aligns with your business needs.

Find The Business Financing For You

Time and money are precious commodities in the business world. And saving them, spending them, and even splurging them can make or break your business. Business financing is just one of the ways to ensure that your business makes it! But how do you find the business finance for you? Well, you don't need to worry about that - that's our job.

Here at QuoteGrab, we've figured out financing and pooled our knowledge so you can become an expert on all-things-business-financing. So, while your busy keeping the business afloat, we're doing the maths, making notes, and matching up different businesses to the different business financing solutions. A couple of calculations later, and ta da - here's the business financing for you!

All you have to do is fill out the form, and grab your quote (yes, it's that easy!).

Why Compare Business Financing Prices?

Here at QuoteGrab, we know the struggle that is running a business - and money seems to be the basis of nearly all of them! And when you're looking for a solution to your finance needs, you don't want to be spending more than you need to, do you? Saving money is a necessity for boosting your business, but the quality of service should always factor into your final decision.

See, this is why price comparison for business cards is so important. If you don't read the terms and conditions well before you sign, you could end up tacking up a huge debt for something as simple as not using your card for a month - and getting charged a massive inactivity fee! But, we don't want you to waste your time reading the small print of every single business credit card that exists - which is why we do it for you! We take the time doing the long-winded comparison work, so you can just focus on what you're going to spend it on.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality business financing

Discover a wide range of business financing to choose from

Find a provider that can suit your business needs

Clearly, securing finance for your business is crucial to its future success, whether it's starting up your start-up, or taking on a new challenge. But the question still remains - where can you find this business financing?

Just fill out a form, and grab a quote!

8 out of 10 start-ups fail within 18 months. And it's all because of poor cash flow.
According to Forbes - October 2019[†]
How To Get Business Financing Cheaper

In case you haven't noticed, bagging you a bargain is just one of our many talents. And given our experience in snapping up a deal, we thought it was only fair to let you in on a few of our money-saving secrets.


Reflect On Your Business' Needs

There's many-a-type of business financing. So, to decide on which will give you the most worthy deal, consider the amount of money you need, and for how long. Let's say you're looking to invest in new equipment - this calls for a short-term loan.


Check Your Credit Score

A low business credit score - just like a low personal credit score - will affect the loans you can borrow. Poor credit can either amount to expensive rates for business loans, or no loan at all! Improving your credit score, or opting for an alternative to loans will help you cut costs.


Consider Your Business Type

Avoid paying for a financing option which doesn't suit your business; it could end up costing you more in terms of profitability than a more suitable option. For example, loans suit start-ups best as they provide funds for significant expenses, whereas overdrafts suit small businesses that receive income irregularly.


Ask An Expert

To get your money's worth from business financing, consider consulting a professional. Banks can provide this support, and guide you to the suitable source of finance for your business. Or you can save yourself the journey to a local bank, and just grab a quote!

What Exactly Can Business Financing Do?

All businesses - no matter their size, industry, or profitability - requires money. Business financing can provide additional support, whether it's when a business is starting up and needs equipment, or a medium-sized business which is looking to invest in a new challenge, such as opening a new store. There are several different types of business financing that can do this: loans, invoice financing, asset financing, and business credit cards.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Financing?

Business financing can provide a financial safety net for businesses, guaranteeing the support they need. It allows them to invest in capital and other big expenses, it means that cashflow and the budget can be predicted and managed, and it ensures that you remain in control of your business. Rather than selling the ownership in exchange for funding, you can finance your own business until you're ready to ditch the training wheels, and get moving.

Tips To Get Your Business Financing Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there are always little ways to keep costs down. Here are some QuoteGrab suggestions for cutting down on your business financing costs:


Don't Pick The Price; Make A Match
Finding cheap business financing isn't necessarily about picking the one with the lowest price-tag and signing the dotted line. Instead, opting for the financial match for your business will not only suit your budget best, but chances are it'll increase your profitability! Why save money when you can make it?


How To Get A Cheaper Loan
Is a loan the option for your business? To get the best deal on a loan for your business, ensure you're credit score is up to scratch, and if you can, opt for short-term loans. Due to the shorter length of time, you'll pay less interest and pay off the loan within a short period.


How To Get Cheaper Invoice Financing
What about invoice financing? Invoice factoring suits smaller businesses, whereas discounting suits larger businesses - adapting this to your business is key to ensure the perfect match. For smaller businesses, this is one of the best options as the finances grow as the business grows - this doesn't occur with loans. This equals greater profitability, and this equals a money-saving opportunity!


How To Get Cheaper Asset Financing
Or is asset financing the best for your business? In order to lower the price, keeping an eye on the calendar and being wary of the timeframe are key. This way, you will only pay for what you need.


What Does Your Business Need?
By determining your business' needs - whether it's the amount of money required, the regularity of the income, or the length of time the money is borrowed for - you can be sure to decide on the right deal for your business, and won't waste money on an ineffective solution. And we can find this deal for you...


Go Low-Cost, Not Low-Credit
Your business credit score is a core factor that decides the cost of your loan - it can even determine if you can get a loan! Avoid the loan if you have a low credit score as these can be more expensive, and do what you can to improve your score. Or, skip out loans altogether, and try out a business financing alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions
We've been tweeted, emailed, and asked so many questions in our time. Lucky for your queries, we've decided to clear up your concerns, and answer them.

+ What Is Asset Financing?

This is the use of a company's assets to be loaned money. The business that is borrowing the funds must provide the lender with security interest in an asset (typically this is expensive equipment, or vehicles). A similar concept is asset-based lending: this is when the loan is used to buy a good, and this good is used as the asset.

+ What Is Invoice Financing?

This is when businesses borrow money against the amount that is due from their customers. Invoice factoring involves a company selling its invoices to a lender, who then pays a certain percentage of what they're worth. When the lenders have received the invoice from the customer, they will send the rest of the invoice to the business (minus a fee). Invoice discounting is a similar process: a lender pays a business the invoices not yet paid, but the business chases up the invoices instead, then paying back the lender the invoice. However, unlike factoring, customers are not aware of the role of the lender.

+ What's The Difference Between Secured And Unsecured Loans?

A secured loan is connected to something collateral, such as a car or a home. Unsecured means it is not protected by collateral. So, if an unsecured debt goes unpaid, a car or home is not taken by the lender.

+ Which Businesses Need Financing?

There are no rules on who can use business financing. Even profitable companies need extra funding! No matter the size of your business or your industry it is a part of, every business requires money for big purchases, and every company needs cash flow. However, most business financing options are advertised to and suit start-ups and small companies.

+ What Is A Good Credit Score To Get A Business Loan?

To qualify for most small business loans, a credit score of at least 550 is suggested. If you do have a low credit score, you can still get loans suited to your credit score, but these do tend to be more expensive.