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Here at QuoteGrab, we only have one aim: seeing your business succeed. And seeing you pocket some cash and stick to your deadlines is never too far behind that ambition, either! When it comes to something as important as Employers' Liability Insurance, finding a high-quality yet low-cost solution is key. So, if you're in need of Employers' Liability Insurance for your business, we can find it for you.

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Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

Sourcing your solution might be at the top of our to-do list, but sourcing it super-fast is a requirement that we fulfill every single time. Our forms only take a matter of minutes!

Saves you money

Save Money

Scoring the mandatory legal protection for your business is a worthy price to pay, especially when it covers you against surprise claims and costs. But it's scoring low-cost protection that is the QuoteGrab way!

Find a great provider

Get Great Employers' Liability Insurance

Not only can we polish off your legal protection with access to low-cost Employers' Liability Insurance, we can guarantee a high-quality insurance policy that is tailored to your business.

Find The Employers' Liability Insurance For You

There's many-a-rule when it comes to running a business, but there's two that really matter: stick to your deadlines, and stick to your budget. However, you won't be able to run a business at all if you don't have Employers' Liability Insurance! And given the penalties for skipping this legal protection, you might as well forget the rule about the budget… Question is: how do you find Employers' Liability Insurance? This is where we come in.

Finding the answers to your business queries is just an average day on the job, here at QuoteGrab. This is especially true given the importance of staying within the law when it comes to running a business. So, once you've clicked for a quote and filled out our super-fast form, we are busy running the numbers on the premiums, picking apart the policies, and rethinking the ratings. And after finding you the tailored solution to your business needs, we lay out the information crystal-clear.

That's right - if you fancy getting in-the-know about Employers' Liability Insurance, you can do it here. So, once you're up to speed, we quicken the pace with a quote. Hey presto - problem solved!

Why Compare Employers' Liability Insurance Prices?

In case you can't tell, finding you a high-quality solution to your business needs at a not-so-high price is just how we do things, here at QuoteGrab. And it's the ‘low-cost' bit that really matters, here. Saving, spending - and occasionally splurging - money can march your business forward to success, or pull it back down to stagnation! That's why we place so much importance on scoring you a great deal at a great price. Comparing prices and insurance policies is just one of the ways we do this.

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality Employers' Liability Insurance

Discover a wide range of premiums to choose from

Get a premium to suit your business' current and future needs

Employers' Liability Insurance isn't just an important facet of running a business - it is actually illegal to fail to provide proof that you are insured. And staying within the law is pretty important when it comes to running a business, let alone a successful one! That's why we think every business should have a premium tailored to their business. So, how can you get that?

Easy - just grab a quote!

25% of businesses in the UK alone said they had not considered Employers' Liability Insurance. How many around the world could be underinsured?
According to Insurance Business Mag - October 2019[†]
How To Get Employers' Liability Insurance Cheaper

We don't just love bagging a bargain for our clients - we can't turn down a good deal, ourselves! And because of this, we've picked up many-a-tip over time. So, it's about time we passed some of them down to you…


Compare, Compare, Compare

There's only one way to bag a bargain - and that's by comparing the different insurers. Make a list of the top contenders, and compare the insurers based on their experience with businesses like yours, their policies, and - of course - their prices. Don't have time to compare the premiums? Not sure how to compare them? Why not leave it to us, and grab a quote!


Less Danger, Less Coverage

Employers' Liability Insurance revolves around the safety of your workplace and the risks your employees face. So, it follows that reducing the dangerous nature of your workspace and the processes involved in production will reduce the need for high coverage. Plus, it'll lower the chance of severe injuries that cost more than the coverage you purchased.


Safety First

Safety doesn't end with the machinery, however. Ensuring that your employees are trained to carry forward sufficient safety measures matters, too. By enforcing training that integrates improved safety measures, and other precautions such as more visible or protective uniforms, you can reduce the need for coverage, and lower your premium.


Reflect On Your Business' Needs

Before making any decision regarding your business, it is always suggested that you consider the individual needs of your business. This is especially true when it comes to deciding the coverage your business needs; this decides the price of your premium, so calculating the amount you might need ensures you get your money's worth and don't overspend.

What Exactly Can Employers' Liability Insurance Do?

Employers' Liability Insurance protects your business against the surprise bill of a compensation claim that can arise from employee illness or injury sustained from work at your business. It ensures that you have a minimum level of cover against the cost of any claims. The insurance can cover any of the medical bills and legal fees that could arise should a claim from a current or ex-employee be made. It is a legal requirement for businesses (in the UK).

What Are The Benefits Of Employers' Liability Insurance?

Firstly, it ensures you don't fall victim to sudden legal costs and medical bills from claims made by employees, and it removes the possibility of the hefty fines dolled out by the government to those who fail to prove that they have the insurance. It also protects your past and present employees, enforcing the mutual respect your business deserves. Protecting both your business's reputation and your employees should be at the forefront of everything you do!

Tips To Get Your Employers' Liability Insurance Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there's always a way to keep those costs down. Here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your website design costs:


Make Sure You Have It
Fancy cutting costs? Then skip out of the hefty fines handed out by the government for failing to have this insurance, and make sure the evidence of your Employers' Liability Insurance is on hand. Also, ensuring your employees have access to the proof is also key. If your employees cannot see it, that's another fine. And that's not cheap...


Consider Your Coverage
Even though lowering your coverage seems the foolproof way to lower your bill, it could result in compensation that goes beyond your coverage. That means another bill on top of your insurance! So, it stands that reflecting on your needs and determining the coverage you need can protect you against these surprise costs.


Compare The Costs
Looking to bag a bargain? Then you're going to have to look for one yourself. Only by comparing the prices and policies on offer can you determine the best price to suit your budget. Or, you can skip out the confusion, and head straight for the low costs - just fill out the form, and grab a quote!


Invest In Safety Precautions
Minimize the chance of danger and thus the chance of legal claims from your employees by investing in renewed precautions. This could be improved safety training for your employees, and this could be more protective uniforms to prevent the extent of potential injuries; whatever investment you choose will decrease the cost of your insurance in the long-run.


Less Danger, Lower Costs
Let's say you run a manufacturing business, and you produce several goods for other companies. One of these goods requires more dangerous production than the other goods, and has a high chance of legal claims and costs against your business. Could you stop producing this good and thus lower your coverage?


Keep Detailed Documents
Some workplace injuries and illnesses take time to appear, thus resulting in late claims. Therefore, it is advised that you maintain detailed documentation of all occurrences, providing proof that could reduce the compensation you have to pay. This can mean lower coverage and thus a lower-priced premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get emailed, tweeted and asked the same questions every day. So to combat those queries, we've decided to answer the most common ones here.

+ Does Your Business Need Employers' Liability Insurance?

If your business has employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, you're required by law to take out this insurance. The other terms for taking out the coverage include: you deduct at source National Insurance contributions and Income Tax from the income you pay your employees; you provide the equipment; you control when, where, and how your employee's work; you have the right to claim profit made by your employees.

+ What Business Are Exempt From Employers' Liability Insurance?

A limited company where only one person is employed and owns more than 50% of the share capital; a company which is not limited and has only one employee who is the principal of the business; partnerships where the directors are equal partners and the only ones employed; public organisations, health services and government bodies; a company where employees are family members.

+ What Does Employers' Liability Insurance Cover?

The policy details vary between insurers, but it in the UK £5 million is the minimum coverage legally required for businesses. It covers the compensation costs which can include medical costs, legal costs, the loss of income and other damages. If a former employee begins to show symptoms that have recovered from an incident that occurred when they worked for your business, this is also covered.

+ What Is The Difference Between Public Liability Insurance And Employers' Liability Insurance?

Both are covers that payout if your business faces a compensation claim. But public liability insurance covers claims made by a third party such as a client, supplier, or a passerby. Employers' Liability Insurance, on the other hand, covers any injury or illness claims made by a current or former employee.