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Here at Quotegrab, we understand just how selecting the right broadband is for your business. After all, meeting the demands of your consumers is of your utmost priority, is it not? However, despite the need for excellence in order to please your customers, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on broadband services. We can help you find a low-cost, high-quality provider fast - all you need to do is fill out this short form!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes Two minutes

We know that you don't waste time on time-consuming broadband sources efforts. That's why we ensured that our form only takes a couple of minutes to complete, so it doesn't waste a second of your time!

Saves you money

Save Money

It's entirely possible to find great quality service at a low cost. That's why we compare every broadband provider we can find, to get you a great service at a reduced cost!

Find a great provider

Get A Great Business Broadband

A business requires a completely different set of benefits to a domestic one - which is why we go above and beyond to find a great business broadband for you!

Find Business Broadband For You

We understand that the qualities you seek in a business broadband, are not the same qualities you wish to find in your home one. Your work broadband needs to meet some pretty big demands, which a domestic plan could never fulfil. For example, you need higher speeds to keep up with the influx of customer messages. You're also going to require generous usage limits, considering you're (or even a team of staff) are going to be using this service for at least 8 hours a day!

Here at QuoteGrab, we don't want to see your business broadband being limited like your home one - slow speeds and network errors are just not okay by us. In fact, we believe that a poor broadband package will actually negatively impact on your business and your relationship with customers!

This is why, when we're comparing providers for you, we pay close attention to detail. We compare everything from prices to consumer reviews, to find up to four great deals for you!

Why Compare Business Broadband Prices?

When shopping for a business broadband package, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the endless list of new features on offer to you. That's right, faster internet speeds and higher usage allowance is just the tip of the iceberg when comparing plans - in fact, those things are standard inclusions. Very often, a package will actually come with a phone-line deal as well - which could either greatly affect your total cost, or have no impact on the price at all. This bears the same for internet security and static IP addresses - you never know if they're included in the price or not!

This is why we tell you that comparing prices is so important - you don't want to pay extra for things like 24/7 customer support if other packages already have it built in! We go above and beyond in our research process, to ensure we never miss a good deal. Our priority is finding you a low-cost, high-quality provider to ensure you get the most for your money!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Broadband Providers

Customise Plans To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (10+ years) Broadband Experts

Discover Where To Get The Best Packages

Yes, the right broadband package is essential for the day-to-day running of your business - but you shouldn't have to break your back finding it! With us on your side, you won't have to do any of the hard work required - not when we can do it for you!

All you need to do is fill out this quick form!

In 2017, nearly 45% of UK businesses were receiving speeds of 30Mbps or higher, up from under 10% in 2010. In fact, more than 16% of businesses now have speeds of 100Mbps or more.
According to Finder - August 2019[†]
How To Get Business Broadband Cheaper

Here at QuoteGrab, we have plenty of personal experience in bagging a bargain. So, we deemed it fit to send on our knowledge, so you can make sense of your market research whilst pocketing a penny or two, as well.


Get A Slower Connection

If you're a freelancer, or your team is very small, chances are you won't need a high-speed internet connection. If no elements of your business require a ridiculously fast connection, why pay more for one? After all, even the slowest internet speed in a business package is faster than a domestic one - so you're not really losing out!


Change Your Download Limit

Again, a freelancer or small team will very rarely need an ‘unlimited download' package - so request yours to have a limit put on it, in order to reduce costs! Alternatively, if you find yourself constantly having to fork out for going over your limit, purchase an ‘unlimited download' packaged to reduce your fees that way! You need to do what's right for you!


Get A Rolling Contract

Quite a few of the providers we work with actually offer businesses rolling contracts. Though the monthly cost may be slightly higher than a typical contract, you're given the freedom to cancel at any time. So, if you can't afford their services next month, it's not a problem as you can simply not renew it until you can afford it again!


Get A Standard Broadband Package

If you're a solo entrepreneur or have a minuscule team, you might not even need an official business package- a domestic one will do you just fine! If you work in a home office, for example, you can choose to increase the speed/usage of your pre-existing broadband package instead - it'll save you bucket loads of money!

What Exactly Is Business Broadband?

Well, it's the official name given to your internet/phone-line package! It's not too dissimilar from your home broadband package - it just hosts faster internet speeds, among other benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of A Business Broadband?

Well, the list is endless really. Not only do you receive higher usage availability and faster internet speeds as standard - but you also have the opportunity to receive 24/7 customer support, a more secure network and even a static IP address!

Tips To Get Your Business Broadband Cheaper

As essential as a good business broadband package is to your efficiency and productivity of your team, it shouldn't come as a massive cost to you. Here are QuoteGrab's top tips to keep costs down:


Get A Slower Connection
If your none of your day-to-day tasks or customer interactions rely on a high-speed internet connection, why not switch to a slower one? You'll be paying a lot less for a minor reduction in speed - but it will still be faster than your home broadband!


Change Your Download Limit
Depending on the rate you're currently downloading things, either increasing or reducing your limit will save you a lot of money. Take a look at how your company treats downloads, ad do what's best for you!


Get A Rolling Contract
Though a rolling contractor is generally a little higher than a fixed-term contract, the ability to cancel it anytime means you can actually save a lot of money!


Get A Standard Broadband Package
If you work alone in a home office, the chances of you needing to fork out for a business broadband are incredibly slim. In fact, your home broadband should work just fine - and is slightly cheaper! I recommend upgrading your home package though!


Minimal Support
Does your business rely on a working internet connection? If not, why pay out for priority support? It may take a little longer to be fixed, but not pushing yourself to the top of the queue will reduce your costs significantly!


Though they don't usually advertise it, broadband providers are usually quite willing to haggle on prices. It doesn't hurt to try and score a lower deal anyway - the worst they can do is say no!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to our own broadband speed, we receive all your messages instantly. Unfortunately, that means our inbox is overflowing with a thousand messages at once. But don't worry, we've received all your questions, and we're going to answer them here!

+ What Is Business Broadband?

Well, officially, broadband is the name given to your high-speed internet connection. However, the term is closely associated with the internet/phone-line package plan your provider gives you. A business broadband is exactly like your home one, but better. Not only does it boast faster internet speeds and higher usage limits, but you may also receive;

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • A Static IP Address
  • Stronger Security
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Better Data Transfer

+ Do I Need Business Broadband?

Well, only you can really decide if you need business broadband. Though almost every business requires some sort of broadband package (in fact, 99% of businesses require access to the internet), the criteria for a business one is as follows;

  • A Business That Relies On High-Speed Internet Access
  • A Business That Needs A Lot Of Downloads
  • A Business That Relies on 24/7 Customer Support
  • A Business That Needs Stronger Security
  • A Business That Uses A VPN
  • A Business That Shares A Lot Of Data
  • A Business That Hosts Its Own Website/Server
  • A Business With More Than 10 Employees In One Space

If you said yes to even one of those points, you need business broadband ASAP! You can thank us later.

+ How Do I Find The Best Business Broadband For Me?

Well, you don't - we find it for you! We actually compare your needs with every provider we can find. If we think we've found a match, we'll send you the information - we can actually send you up to four quotes! So you don't need to lift a finger at all - well, only to fill in this short form! The rest is up to us.

+ How Much Is Business Broadband?

Well, that depends on the package you want and the provider you chose (among other preferences of yours). We can't give you a quote for a total cost without finding out a little bit more about you, as we don't want to match you up with any old provider! So fill in this short form and we can contact you with a quote ASAP!