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Yes, you!

You're looking for virtual PA services, am I right?

You came to the right place, don't worry.

Life is crazy at the moment.

I get it.

Especially when you're running a successful business.

It's all about the hustle.

You're crossing off as many tasks from your stressf-errr to-do list as possible.

Guess what though?

You're not the only one feeling overwhelmed.

Stress no more!

Many of our clients also feel the strain.

And there is a solution.

But, no, it's not a 24/7 personal masseuse.

It's the service that 68% of business owners say is mind-blowing!

A Virtual Assistant.

In other words, a life-changer!

A VA will ultimately lighten your workload.

And isn't this what we all want?

In fact, our clients have reported a 37% increase in their productivity - just by hiring a virtual PA.

That's a lot of time saved.

And we both know your time is precious.

That's why you should focus on the important tasks of the business only .

Allowing your VA to do what they do best - provide awesomeness and a helping hand.

All you have to do is give them tasks.

Career upgrade unlocked!

Chapter 1

What Exactly Is A Virtual PA?

You might be wondering, what in the world is a virtual PA?

Everyone is talking about them.

You hear whispers on the streets.

...virtual PA…

...virtual assistant…

And you're just not quite sure of the answer.

But don't worry, that's why I'm here!

A virtual PA is simply a hired assistant that works remotely.

This is your Virtual Assistant, here to help and support you with your to-do list.

They're someone who works on their own, supporting you and your business.

But how do they do that, you ask?

You simply assign tasks to them and they work to complete them in their own environment.

For example…

Imagine your calendar is crazy busy and you don't have time for phone calls.

All you have to do is shoot them a detailed email with instructions of what you want.

Is it diary-keeping?

Taking phone calls from clients?

Is it research?

Your virtual PA is ready to work !

This assistant will lift some workload off your shoulders, enabling you to take a breather!


It's nice to finally have some ‘me' time.

Game of Thrones won't finish itself, right?

Chapter 2

Do Celebrities Use A Personal Assistant?

Of course celebrities have PAs!

You can't be a celebrity without one.

(Seriously, it's on the celeb test).

A PA is a lifesaver , especially to the rich and famous.

Can you imagine Oprah working by herself ?

That is exhausting.

(She's almost President now, with all the PAs working for her!)

So of course celebrities like Kim K and Harry Styles have personal assistants.

PAs are responsible for organising their lives, after all.

They manage their day-to-day schedule.

They book appointments.

And even manage the staff.

These assistants can do anything!

By no means though is a celebrity PA's job a breeze, it's rather demanding.

Organising someone else's life is hard work, you know!

All you need right now is a life-organiser, right?

In a business environment, a virtual PA service will help you grow from 0 to 100 in just a few short months.

Just assign tasks to them!

Big or small, important or insignificant - just do it!

Your to-do list will finally start to shrink.

Trust us, our clients' testimonies can prove this.

FUN FACT: did you know that virtual PAs don't work from 9 am - 5 pm?

Yes, this is true.

PA work is quite flexible, as long as the tasks are completed on time.

Chapter 3

What Tasks Can A Virtual PA Help Me With?

Delegating tasks is the fun part of hiring a virtual PA!

It just feels so good to share the workload with another person!

Especially when they're not clueless.

Not as clueless like other people, at least!

Nobody wants their business up in shambles.


Discover incomplete tasks…

With deadlines approaching…

AND clients waiting for results!

That's a total nightmare if you ask me!

But remember:

Assistants are there to assist; they're good at everything and anything.

From booking appointments to proofreading to marketing activities.

So just let go and assign tasks to others.

Make your life easier.

A task list for your Virtual Assistant - amazing!

I know, I know!

It's not easy to ‘just let go' .

Although it seems easy to hand over some of your work, it doesn't mean it is.

Trusting a stranger with your business is hard.

And I mean really hard .

I get it.

But you can do it, I believe in you!

So, what can a virtual PA help you with?

Which tasks can you let go of?

Well, they can execute loads of tasks!

From managing your busy schedule…

To answering your phone calls.

For instance:

table of virtual PA services

Social Media Management

Social media is time-consuming; why not give it away to your VA?

They could easily handle your social media by scheduling regular posts, interacting with customers online, and building relations online with potential clients.

They can also do research on social media for competitors or clients!

That way your social media will be active, attracting more people each day.

Content Creation And Supervision

Do you need help with content creation for your website?

Do you run a blog too?

If you don't have time to write a piece for your website, keep it up to date, look at the reviews or interact with your customers in the comments section, a VA can help with that!

Photo Editing

Research for the perfect photo for your blog may seem like an easy task - but it's actually extremely time-consuming.

You have to go through countless pictures to find the perfect one, and when you do find it, you also have to edit it to match the visual style of your blog.

Just pass it on to your PA and save some time!


A fresh look at your content and a second opinion before publishing are always worth it.

It's essential to proofread before publishing - no one like grammar mistake or incorrect vocabulary - get it?!

The grammar police are everywhere!

Virtual PAs can also review contracts and articles, (any kind of text really) as long as their attention to detail is impeccable.

Handling Calls

A virtual PA is great in allowing you some time to focus on important tasks.

By reaching out to clients, networking for potential clients or simply answering calls from clients is an easy task for them to take on and help you!

Project Management

Huge projects can actually consume your life.

Sharing the management with a professional PA is reaaally beneficial.

It'll keep you sane, trust me.

I'm sane because of the help I've had.

The PA could keep track of the time spent on each task during the project; there is nothing worse than running out of time in the middle of the project.

They can take on a few tasks from you, liaise with the partners involved in this project, and generally help in taking this project to the finish line.

See? A virtual assistant is so useful!

It's your turn now!

But what tasks can't they help you with?

Hmm… tricky question over here…

They certainly can't make your coffee!

Why, you ask?

Remember when I said that virtual PA services are remote ?

They also can't run the business for you.

They're simply your right hand .

They're there to help, not take charge of your work.

YOU'RE the boss here!

They may know the ropes, indeed, and they may be superheroes.

But at the end of the day, your business should be run by you.

Not for you.

Also, they can't do your dirty work for you.

Too many tasks? Hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with your work.

I mean clean your house and mow the lawn!

What did you think I meant?

A virtual PA is essentially a helper, and a life organiser too!

They are not baristas.


Or you!

Chapter 4

Why Should I Use a Virtual PA service?

We've finally reached the fun part of this post!

No I'm not saying it only to make conversation.

It is my favourite part!

And it will be fun!

This list is endless actually, but I'm nice enough to not bore you further.

So here's where I convince you that a virtual PA is all you need in your life right now.

They're much cheaper!

First things first, a virtual assistant is not another full-time employee.

These employees work differently, and here's how.


1. Hire them

2. Assign tasks

3. Pay for their time.

That's it!

3 easy steps right there.

You don't have to worry about taxes...

and holiday pay...

and medical benefits...

or sick days…

Nope, none of that!

Virtual PAs are independent and in charge of their own finances.

Because they're not your full-time employees, you only pay for the hours they worked.

AND their hourly rate is much cheaper too!

Perk? Oh yes!

Forget about your worries.

Time to focus on your work now!

Remember: happy you = a more productive you!

Increased Productivity And Work Quality!

Once your attention is dedicated to the crucial assignments of your job,

Once you focus on tasks that interest you more,

You become more productive at work!

Yep, exactly that!

And this is the main point of hiring a virtual PA!

To start focusing on the important tasks - and the ones you enjoy.

And when you do that, you're instantly happier.

Happy you = productive you, and that's a rule!

Think of it this way;

Do you put more effort into your work when you hate it?

Me neither.

If I dread doing it, I don't do a good job on it.

And that makes a perfectionist like me very sad.

That's why a virtual PA handles the tasks you dread doing.

So that you can focus on tasks that matter.

And be happier.

It's a win-win situation!

Stress? What is stress? You can't remember what it is, if not for your Virtual Assistant.

Flexibility For Both Of You

It is also a flexible situation for both of you as a virtual PA doesn't have a 9 AM- 5 PM working schedule .

They work various hours - whenever they have time during the day.

Maybe even a bit in the morning and then a bit in the evening.

Isn't that cool?

I'd love this flexibility when working too!

I hate routine, that's why hehe

You and your assistant essentially work together, around each other's schedule.

Rest assured that the tasks you've assigned will be completed by the deadline!

You certainly wouldn't be able to do that with a real-life assistant!

Look at it this way;

Imagine living in a different time zone to your assistant - they would hate you forever if you called them in the middle of the night!

Do you want that?!

That's why you need to have a schedule that works for both of you!

Thankfully, they are pretty flexible time-wise too.

A much needed break after a long week of hard work.

A VA from a different country not only sounds exotic but it would be super smart to have one too!

Different time zones can boost your international outreach.

Yeps, that's right!

While you're sleeping, your assistant is providing customer service to your clients.

The service is non-stop - boosting customer satisfaction 24/7.

And who doesn't love 24/7 customer service?

No likey? Try a different VA.

Also, if you don't like your PA, you can simply end the contract with them.

Another flexibility perk!

A virtual PA getting fired is extremely rare though.

They're just so easy to work with!


If it's not working, it's not working.

Don't dwell on it too much.

You simply lose precious time overthinking the situation.

Flexibility like this is a TOP priority in building a strong team around you.

Don't worry though, it's easy to hire another one.

No, your life won't explode into ashes once you let them go.

Hiring someone else couldn't be easier.

Just use the link below!

Easy peasy.

No training required.

Hiring a virtual assistant is pretty easy and straightforward.

They're ready to start as soon as you hire them!

No nonsense with training;

These assistants come fully qualified and they're ready to work!

You don't have to show them how to do their job.

Poof, magic! *insert fairy dust*

They are ready to fulfill all your deepest, most desired wishes from the start.

(But they can't teleport you coffee or cake, unfortunately…)

Chapter 5

What To Look For In Your Virtual PA service.

A virtual PA's job is obviously very important.

They manage your life and business -so your life is literally in their hands.

Which brings me to my first point: reliability.


I can't emphasise this enough, but a virtual PA must be reliable.

They have to be dependable and responsible.

Imagine waking up one day.

Fresh as a cucumber and ready to work…

But discover heaps of incomplete tasks...and with deadlines approaching!

Total nightmare, am I right?

But you don't have to go through this if your PA is reliable and punctual.

It's not a problem if you've done the right research first!

Don't feel intimidated.

The process is easy- breezy.

An angel in disguise; a Virtual Assistant.

‘Can-do' attitude.

Another attribute your virtual assistant should have is a ‘can-do' attitude.

It's really important that your assistant has bags of positivity.

Willingness to do their work in a confident manner too.

It shows that they're quite nifty and resourceful!

This also ties well with my previous point...

If your PA is resourceful and always finds a solution, it's a good sign of reliability.

As I said before, the life of a virtual PA isn't all unicorns and rainbows.

It's hard work!

Finding someone that works hard for a solution is like finding water on a deserted island -


Multitasker & go-getter.

Feeling overwhelmed leads to incomplete work.

And that's never a sign of professionalism.

Frankly, it won't look good on your business either, if clients are frequently disappointed.

Which is why a virtual PA has to be a multitasker and go-getter.

The workload might be a bit intimidating.

So they need to be able to smash through it!

This is you finally finishing the tasks that matter.

Organisation skills.

At this point, it's time to present to you the most important PA attribute.

We've all been waiting for this.

But I won't make you wait any longer.

Or will I?

Just kidding!


Great organisation skills.

If a virtual PA isn't organised, then they can't be PAs.

Simple as that, and I'll tell you why.

The whole purpose of a virtual PA service is to organise someone's life - often taking on multiple tasks at once.

If they're not able to do this, then it's time for them to change their career path.

Organisation is key in a job position such as this.

It can get really hectic and crazy!

Which is why organisation will chase away the stormy clouds.

aka business craziness.

Chapter 6

What Are The Top 5 Virtual PA Services?

So now you're intrigued.

Finally, we've caught your attention, hooray!

This is where you ask me ‘but where do you find a virtual PA service?'

Apart from clicking the link below?

Yes, it is a shameless plug!

We're here to help after all!

You can also check out the following companies.


‘Time etc' was founded in 2007 in the UK, having expanded in the US.

Pros: affordable price and you match to a VA depending on your time-zone and schedule.

Cons: there's no 24hour VA service.

Image alt

‘BELAY' was founded in 2010 in the US.

Pros: provides superior service, trained VAs with a degree and work experience.

Cons: it is an expensive service, but it depends on your business budget and whether you want quality service.

Image alt

'MyTasker' was founded in 2012 in Kolkata, India.

Pros: even cheaper than ‘Time etc' and 24-hour virtual assistance.

Cons: it is used mostly for administrative work, not, for example, customer-service skilled PAs.

Image alt

‘UASSIST.ME' is a VA company providing bilingual (English & Spanish) assistance.

Pros: you can do business in two languages and attract two segments: Spanish-speaking and English-speaking customers.

Cons: it asks for payment before appointing you an assistant.

Image alt

‘Boldly' was founded in 2012.

Pros: the selection process for a VA according to your needs is rigorous and provides 24-hour coverage.

Cons: pricing is high but maybe worth the money as the service is exceptional.

Image alt

Do you maybe have more questions?

Here are a few more answers!

Is a virtual assistant expensive?

Expensive is a relative word, isn't it?

It depends on your budget really.

But if your budget is really ||$||3||$|| then you might have an issue, sir!

And, of course, it depends on the amount of work you'd like them to complete.

An average virtual PA will charge ||$||18||$|| - ||$||35||$|| per hour , according to Upwork.

How can I ensure a good relationship with my remote assistant?


Regular phone calls to keep each other updated on issues or tasks.

Be open in expressing what you like and don't like about the work they submit back.

Evaluation of their work is important here , as they'll be able to improve on any mistakes.

Don't be afraid to show them exactly what you expect from them.

This way you'll both be on the same page about work expectations.

It's a professional relationship which can benefit both of you in the long-run, so having a friendly relationship and good communication is key here.

What if it doesn't work out?


It's not a romantic relationship, your car won't be keyed after the breakup.

As explained before, virtual PAs work remotely so you'll never see them in real life.

Also, there's a certain flexibility in hiring a VA.

If it's not working out well with your assistant, you can simply end the contract and hire someone else.

Can anyone become a virtual assistant?

To become a virtual PA is quite easy and straightforward.

They don't need to have a uni/college degree or special qualifications.

Anyone can work as a virtual assistant.

Which is why you should hire from a reputable company , where you know that the employees are professional and qualified to do this job.

Virtual assistants only need a can-do attitude and resourcefulness, to complete tasks efficiently. Hiring from a good agency can guarantee the employee you really want!

How can I ensure that my virtual PA is competent and able to complete the assigned work?

Let me ask you a question first.

How do most companies hire employees?

Correct, after an interview!

You can get an idea of what type of person someone is even after a quick chat.

See what I mean?

Also, hiring through an agency is really helpful as they try to find the right candidate according to your needs. The assistants are guaranteed professionals too!


That was a long explanation, wasn't it?!

But how else would you get the full picture of what virtual PA services are?!

I had to spread the knowledge.

After all, knowledge is power.

And you need this power.

You're welcome.

But what's the next step?

Well, all you have to do is fill in the form below and start comparing prices!

Say goodbye to boring tasks once and for all!

Au revoir!!

Farewell - you won't be missed!

Hello, free time - you're back.