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A virtual assistant can help you in so many ways.
A VA is Essential To The Success of Your Business

It's overwhelming, isn't it?

The amount of work you have to do today is just ridiculous.

You thought working from home would mean you were in control of the time you spend actually working, right?

You thought you'd finally found a way to give yourself the optimal work-life balance.

But you just have too much to do.

It's impossible to manage your time when you're the only one around to keep your business afloat.

Or is it?

Most of our clients used to think like you too.

They thought, to be successful, they had to wave goodbye to a healthy sleep schedule and time with their families.

Look at our top client, they were working at least 12 hours a day, without so much as a tea break.

They had to do at least 13 tasks every hour for years and, honestly...

They confided in me that they were starting to hate their job.

The ridiculous work overload they were experiencing was just killing their passion.

They were ready to throw in the towel and go back to working at their old 9-5 job.

Minutes away from closing down their website, they happened to see an ad.

‘Do you want to cut your workload and increase your profits - fast? Hire a virtual assistant today.'

What did they have to lose?

They rung us and sent ||$||27.50||$|| for the 3 hours of work they needed completing that day..

And boy, was that the best ||$||27.50||$|| they ever spent.

Exactly 9 minutes after the call ended, their brand new virtual assistant was creating marketing plans and responding to customer queries for them.

She did such a good job, they ended up signing off for the day four hours earlier than planned.

And not just the one time.

Thanks to her hard work, they managed to cut all of their workdays since then in half.

This left them with so much more time to source new customers.

In fact, their profits actually went up 39% in the first month of her working for them!

I just couldn't keep this story a secret from you!

I knew I had to tell you, so you get the help you deserve.

So, let me tell you everything I know about virtual assistants.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant

Did You Know?

UK based virtual assistants worked with more than 11,000 small businesses in 2018 alone!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Office Assistant?
You can hire them to work from anywhere in the world.
A VA is a Remote Contractor.

Well, in short, they're an independent contractor that performs office-based tasks for you.

Think of them like a builder.

But they're building you a better future, as opposed to building you a house.

Honestly, they're one of the key elements in the ever-growing success of a company.

I'm serious, you have no chance of achieving anywhere near the amount of success you could without one.

A virtual office assistant is an affordable alternative to a salaried staff member.

They work much more productively than an in-house assistant, and their work is just... better.

As they're self-employed, they don't have job security.

They make their money from repeated hires, which is why they put maximum effort into every piece - to impress you.

And hopefully, convince you to keep using them!

So, essentially, they're a person who supplies you with high-quality work at a low price point.

Oh, and you never have to meet them!

All your correspondence with them will be - you guessed it - virtual.

Chapter 2

When's The Right Time To Hire One?
Anyone with a business should be hiring a VA.
There Are So Many Reasons To Hire A VA

I know what you're thinking.

‘Does this even apply to me?'

I could go into specifics like;

- Do you have an overwhelming workload?
- Is work-life cutting into family time?
- Have you only slept once in 48 years?

But I don't need to.

There's only one question you need to answer.

Do you have a business?

If you said yes, you need one.

It's as simple as that.

It doesn't matter if your company is big or small, new or old - everyone needs help sometimes.

You don't need to wait until your company is suffering to start looking for a VA.

After all, when a child is learning to ride a bike, you don't put stabilisers on after they've fallen off.

You put them on before they even start riding.

This ensures they feel supported through the baby steps of this experience.

You too need to be supported throughout the baby steps of your business.

So don't waste any more time…

Don't finish work today without hiring one!

Chapter 3

What Can They Do For Me?
Seriously, the list of things a VA can do is endless.
A Virtual Assistant Can Do Just About Anything.


I'm serious.

Whatever you need doing, they'll do it.

Need someone to answer phone calls?

They're happy to.

Want someone to manage your inbox?

They're deleting your spam mail as we speak.

Want lunch delivered today?

Congratulations, they've sent you a free coffee too.


I think you get it now.

So let's focus on the most common tasks virtual office assistants are asked to do.


Data Entry

Managing Email Lists

Answering Calls

Booking Appointments




Website Maintenance

Customer Service

Complaint Handling

Client Outreach

See, I told you.

They can do anything!


You hire based on the skills you need.

So if you need your virtual assistant to be a Photoshop wiz as well, take note of that!

Chapter 4

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A VA?
There's just so much those handy hires can do!
The List Of Virtual Assistant Benefits is Endless

Oh wow.

Where do I even begin?

There are so many reasons to hire one, it's near impossible to narrow it down.

In my opinion, these are the four most crucial reasons you need one for your office, take a look!

They're Cheaper Than Your Morning Coffee

Let's be serious.

You're spending at least £25 on coffee a week.

As yummy as it is, it's not a necessity.

The future of your business is though.

And for the same price, you can reduce costs and increase profits significantly.

Look at it this way.

Just because you require an office admin, it doesn't mean you want to hire an actual office space.

When you hire a salaried staff member, you're not just paying their wage.

You would have to fork out for a space for them to work in.

And pay their training costs.


And pay for any equipment they need to complete their job.

But, as virtual assistants are self-employed, they already have their own office space - and they're already well-experienced in the role of office admin.

So, if the low wage doesn't persuade you to hire one, the reduced costs definitely should.

They'd Do A Triple Somersault Out Of A Plane If They Thought It Would Impress You

Though virtual assistants can also work regular jobs, a lot of the time this is their sole source of income.

They rely on ongoing work with people like you.

This is why they use their time much more productively than a regular staff member would - resulting in better work.

Who wouldn't want that?!

Did you know that an in-house office worker, who ‘works' 8 hours a day, is actually only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes!

Is it fair to pay someone for 8 hours of work when they're only doing two?


So hire a virtual assistant instead.

They keep focused for the entire time frame you've requested, to turn you into a repeat customer.

A low price for good work…

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant

Did You Know?

76% of virtual assistants actually work from home - lucky them!

They're Like A Yo-Yo Diet: You Can Scale Them Up Or Down With Ease

A lot of businesses, especially those that are self-employed, can't predict their monthly income/expenses.

You can venture a guess, but it's unlikely to be accurate.

Imagine you had a salaried assistant, and you didn't make as much profit as you thought you would that month.

You can't just not pay them, so you'd probably have to let them go (or end up getting yourself into debt).

Or maybe you suddenly attracted more customers than you predicted.

You would end up with 10X the amount of work to do, but won't have the time to hire any help.

You would need to advertise, conduct interviews etc.

It would take forever.

Which is no good if you need the help now.

The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can create (and let go) an entire team of them.

Whenever you want.

Got an influx of sales and need urgent help?

No problem, you could have a team of assistants in minutes.

Can't afford a VA next month?

Not to worry, just don't hire one.

They work around you!

The World Doesn't Revolve Around You, But They Do

Not all businesses are the same.

They require a variety of different tasks - some may rely on email marketing to make sales, while others use cold-calling techniques.

They all want assistant's that work at opposing times of day too.

Some want their VAs to work through the night and on weekends, while others require standard office hours.

Luckily, there are millions of VAs located all over the world.

There will always be someone available to work for you.

If you want your office assistant to catch up on admin while you sleep, that's possible.

You can choose a VA in a different timezone to ensure they cover anything you've missed during your workday.

Or maybe it's 2 AM and you've just remembered you have to have a new website running by 6 AM.

There's no way on earth you'd be able to wake an in-house assistant at this time to work with you.

But again, it's not 2 AM for someone on the other side of the world.

They're wide awake and eager to help!

They can get straight onto making calls and sourcing the emails you need to get that website up and running!

Chapter 5

How Much Are They?
Hiring a VA could save you so much money!
A Virtual Assistant is Cheaper Than Your Morning Coffee

Well, it depends on who you hire.

VAs set their own prices, and charge what they think they're worth.

That doesn't always mean the ones that are more expensive are better workers, though.

You can have an untrained student charging ||$||107||$||ph, and a decade long professional only charging ||$||32||$||ph.

That's why you always need to check their credentials if you're self-selecting.

Some agencies will background check all of your VAs for you though, taking the chore out the VA search!

Chapter 6

Where Can I Find One?
Get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers!
Only Hire A Virtual Assistant Through A Trusted Site

There are plenty of sites that provide a selection of VAs for you to choose from.

However, you can cut down your search time by checking out our offers!

We don't allow just any VAs onto our system - not without a thorough background check first.

This means, if you call us, your new VA will not just be well trained, they'll have plenty of real-world experience too.

The best companies need the best people supporting them.

We would never set you up with a VA that doesn't have a true passion for your industry.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant

Did You Know?

A VA usually works with around 6 clients a month - but can focus on you alone, if you request it.

Chapter 7

My Top 5 Hiring Tips

Ensuring you hire the right VA is essential for the success of your business.

Take a look at my top 5 hiring tips to make sure you hire the best person for you.

Top Tips What Does This Mean?

Pick Out Desired Skills

Write down the top 10 skills you want your VA to have, in order of importance.

This helps narrow down your search criteria when you're trying to find them.

Set Your Hours

Know the hours you need them to work before you hire them, this ensures they're always available for your every need.

Know Your Time Frame

Have a good idea of how long each project will take.

You don't want to pay them for times you don't need them - or let them get halfway through a project and realise you haven't paid enough for them to finish it.

Query Discounts

Negotiate prices with them if you require more than one task.

Bulk orders can often result in discounts!

Hire Safely

Always hire from a reputable company (like us) so you don't end up hiring someone who can't complete the task you need.

Now you know exactly why you need a virtual office assistant and just how they can benefit you.

So what's stopping you from hiring one?



Come and get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers - we can set you up with your new virtual assistant in less than 10 minutes.

That's a QuoteGrab promise!