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In Fact, You Could Even Say They're The Leading Cause Of Stress In Your Life
Menial Business Tasks Can Easily Become Overwhelming

Struggling to cope with the menial tasks required in the day-to-day running of your business?

Lagging behind with your company blog?

(You know, the one you planned to update daily.)

Constantly checking your overloading inbox?

(Even when you're meant to be in meetings with clients - rude!)

Sound familiar?


That doesn't even begin to cover all of the duties our clients are trying (and often failing) to balance.

But imagine how beneficial it would be if someone else was doing these tasks for you!

Guess what!

Someone else can!

The Virtual Assistant.

Think of them as your business's best friend.

They can save you time, money and even give you the benefit of a 24-hour workforce.

Why wouldn't you want this?!

When one of our top clients first contacted us - let's call him Joe - his business was about to fold.

Completing administrative tasks had eaten into the time that should've been dedicated to maintaining his client base.

We advised him to hire a virtual assistant and he was desperate enough to accept our help, no questions asked.

It was lucky he did...

His profits soared 35% in the first month alone.


And he also cut 3 hours off of his workday.

That's 15 hours a week saved - enough time to treat himself to a three-day weekend.


You want this success too, right?!

(No need to answer - I already know you do.)

Still not sure if it's for you?

Don't fret!

I've put in over 37 hours of research - (including contacting all of our clients for their input.)

And now I've put together the ultimate list of virtual assistant services - just for you!

Chapter 1

What Can A VA Do For Me?

And If You're Reading This - So Do You!
Yep - this guy needs VA!

The real question is...

What can't they help you with?

(Well, maybe washing the dishes.)

Would an extra pair of hands (or brain) help you out?

I mean, we know you're talented.

(You own a business - duh.)

But, as great as you are, you can't be perfect at everything.

The good news is - you don't have to be.

You can hire a VA with skills tailor-made for your business!

Like these!

Social Media Management

Imagine you're rubbish at using Twitter and Facebook.

Having a professional social media expert in charge of those channels could boost potential sales.

Whether it's drafting a tweet or creating a series of infographics for the ‘gram...

A VA can manage and create content for ALL of your social channels.

Keeping your customers updated with what you're doing is important!

But instead of just asking your followers to visit your website, remind them of your industry knowledge instead.

But Joanna, surely I should be selling my product or service?

Well, you should - but it's much more effective to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Plus your website is way more likely to rise in the search engine rankings.

So you may not close a sale today...

But people will remember how helpful your social media profiles were and likely click back on your site at a later date.

But remember, there are potential clients on social networks beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Google Plus, LinkedIn and internet forums are usually forgotten but are all great places to engage in a dialogue with your customers.

After all, most people won't find out about your business from your website directly…but from someone else on another platform.

Harness the power of social media - or better yet, have a VA do it for you!

Customer Service

We all know that disgruntled customers love to make their opinions known online.

(Seriously, no one is ever this invested in their good experiences.)

88% of customers actually read online reviews before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

That's almost your entire client base - so you can see why negative reviews are bad for business!

Customers today also have a very 'right here, right now' approach when it comes to customer service.

Do you have time to speak to every potential customer?

Didn't think so.

Well, a VA can respond to customer queries and complaints as they occur.

They can also be online (or on the phone) at all hours of the day - especially if you hire from another timezone- to feign a 24 hour workforce.


And did I mention they can also contact your current client base, with information about new products, discounts or offers too?

See -good quality customer service is a must for your business if you wish to retain custom.

Content Creation

Well crafted and informative content raises your website's SEO ranking.

(Trust me.)

This can take the form of e-books, newsletters, videos, podcasts… and so much more.

Luckily, a VA will already have the expertise required to create engaging content.

And striking, well-researched copy, graphics, and videos are much more likely to be shared by your customers.

Woohoo - free advertising at no cost to you!

Head over to the Coca-cola website, for example.

You'll find out way more than the difference between a coke and a coke zero.

Right now they're blogging about sustainability, as they're aware of just how many of their consumers are passionate about the subject.

You can also read more about how they're reducing sugar - or even a fun story about a superfan who collects coke cans!

By educating and entertaining, they're reaching out to a wider audience.

Their posts are increasing traffic to their website immensely, by exploring different perspectives on their business.

That's the power of relevant and timely content.

Administrative Tasks

Tired of trying to reply to hundreds of emails every day.

Sick to death of the office telephone that won't stop ringing.

Your attention is divided between 1000 different tasks on a daily basis and it can be... exhausting.

Many, many business owners phone our office just to complain about admin ruining them.


There's an answer!

Have you considered hiring a virtual assistant instead?

You'll be able to focus your time on the tasks that help with generating revenue, rather than just keeping the wheels turning.


And how about a hand with these things as well...

Diary Management

Data Entry


Processing Orders

Photo Editing


IT Support

Blog Maintenance

Email Management



Contract Preparation

Chapter 2

How Can A VA Cut Down On Wasted Time?
Imagine How Much More You Could Get Done If You Didn't Have To Do Those
So Much Time Is Wasted On Menial Tasks

When you waste time at work, you aren't just missing a deadline... You're losing money.


Probably thousands.

All money and time you've invested in your business!

Time you could be spending on building your client base through social media...

Money to invest in new technologies and upgrade your office!

Or even put in your pocket (no, not like a thief! I mean paying yourself - duh).

Was your dream to push paper around?

Of course not!

It's a trap our clients fall into…

They spend hours on tasks they aren't skilled in - just because they think it's productive (it isn't).

What's Excel speak for ‘total' again?

Are you fluent in formulas?

Neither was the distressed client who spoke to us last year.

She was wasting hours staring at spreadsheets she just didn't understand.

A small mistake led to a problem that took ages to sort out and could've been avoided.

“I keep making mistakes with my invoices and accounts.

Please help!”

Mistakes can be costly.

In time and money.

Our team hears this all the time - seriously, every day.

Admin is the bugbear of business owners.

(Don't worry, a real bear isn't chasing you - we hope!)

I actually received a call from her again recently.

(She was catching me up on how the business was going).

Hiring a VA to take care of the accounting freed up so many hours during her day.

And the best news?

Her client base has doubled.

Want to know how?

Well, she told us that she “spends time on marketing now instead of staring at a spreadsheet.”

In fact, her profits were up by 23% in her first two months working with a VA.

Imagine that was you.

Knowing that your tax return was in hand, that invoice checked, those accounts balanced…

Sounds like a dream?

With a VA it's a reality.

A VA can also input all of those sales figures and other calculations into a business proposal for you,

That's charts, graphs and statistics organised for you.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

It's been estimated that 120 days are wasted annually by businesses on boring admin tasks.

Yep - that's almost a third of the year!

And it's costing the economy billions.

Chapter 3

What Are The Benefits Of Delegating Routine Tasks?
business growth on a chart
Hands up if you want to see growth like this!

Every business owner has one…

A ‘to-do' list.

Now...think about that task…

You know... the one that never gets done!

We know - there aren't enough hours in the day...

Especially for a business owner!

Your attention is divided.

Accounts, customer service, marketing, emails...

No-one likes an overflowing inbox. (If you find a person that does let us know - seriously ).

When you hire a VA you could have those bases covered.

All those repetitive tasks outsourced...

24 hours a day if you wanted to!

Remember that you have access to a worldwide pool of VAs.

(But we'll talk more about this later).

We forgot the top benefit our clients phone us to thank us for!

Outsourcing these tasks means more time for you…

Think about what that could mean for you

Free of those repetitive tasks

(imagine not having to answer that phone!)

You can focus on running your business from the helm - without having to row at the same time.

Daily, weekly and even monthly tasks can be more of a drain on your time than you realise.


Do you have five minutes now?

Grab a sheet of paper and jot down a list of all your daily tasks.

We're guessing it includes a big chunk of your day (and lunchbreak!) replying to emails and customer queries.

Imagine the hours you could free up by delegating this to a VA?

What about everything else on your list?

Our team believes it's a strength to be aware of your business weaknesses…

How much time are you dedicating to your business instead of keeping the wheels turning?

By hiring a VA you can focus on growing your business.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the time they end up spending on menial tasks.

But with a VA those tasks can be delegated or outsourced!

Chapter 4

How Can I Hire A New Employee And Save Money?
Can't say 'no' to a penny pocketed, can you?

That's right.

Hiring a VA can actually save you money!

VAs can be paid by the hour or even by task.

Some VAs prefer a monthly retainer charge.

Remember that a VA wants to retain your custom…

It's highly likely, therefore…

that they will complete their tasks to a high standard

And on time!

Especially if you have hired them to complete a last-minute task.

And remember...there is no payment required for new office equipment.

A VA will have all of the equipment they need already!

Imagine having no employee salary or taxes to calculate…

That's also no sick pay, holiday pay or pension to worry about either.

Did we mention?

As they work remotely...

There's no need to squeeze another desk into the office or purchase another laptop.

You don't even have to pay for a phone line.

Your VA can respond to customer phone calls from their own office,

Even less hassle for you - you won't even hear the phone ring!


Remember you are hiring a trained professional so no training expenses are required!

A skilled VA will already have years of experience in their chosen field.

They are also already fully trained to complete that task you keep putting off!

They are also already fully trained to complete that task you keep putting off!

By the way…

How many hats are you wearing?

Remember the more hats you wear…

the more your time is being divided between different tasks.

We know...you wear a beret for bookkeeping…

a cloche for customer service and a baseball cap for…

Ok, ok!

What we're trying to say is...

Your time is better spent by focussing on tasks that generate a higher hourly rate.

These tasks help to generate your revenue.

Make a list of more low-value tasks that can be outsourced.

You won't miss those tasks that took up so much of your time.

For example...

The time you spend on menial tasks could be spent meeting with a prospective client.

What if that client would be willing to pay hundreds of pounds for your product…

But you were busy replying to emails instead?

Think of £200 missed from a prospective client vs £18 for two hours of your time spent on administrative tasks you could have easily outsourced!

Imagine if you were too ‘busy' for six months…

this would cost you £1,200 potential income vs your wage of £108.

That's administrative time eating into the time you could be spending on more high-value tasks.

Think marketing and SEO optimisation…

Not good at those?

No problem!

Hire a VA to complete those tasks for you.

Why not treat yourself to a proper lunch break instead (sandwiches don't count!)

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Hiring a VA can help to reduce overheads

Remember a VA already has the expertise in the project or task you are delegating.

There should be no (or little!) training costs involved.


So you know now everything a virtual assistant can do for your business.

I know - it's a lot!

And best of all -

can save you time and money!

Now it's time to hear from you: