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How A Virtual Assistant Will Benefit You

Well, A VA Can Improve Your Business In Multiple Ways!
Is Work Stressing You Out?

You're tired, aren't you?

You're stressed, overworked and just sick of spending the majority of your day on boring, time-consuming tasks.

Don't worry…

I understand how you feel.

I've seen plenty of clients where you are now.

In fact, 99.9% of them were also burning out before they requested our help.

It's sad to see businesses like yours, with the potential for success, suffer.

4 years ago, our top client was in your exact position.

They didn't know what they could do to cut down their list of menial tasks, and start focusing on their business again.

The constant need to do admin actually forced their profits to dwindle 73%.

They were so close to going out of business.

But, they called us.

We told them, they didn't have to suffer anymore...

They could just hire a virtual assistant!

But they had no idea what a virtual assistant was.

After a 5-minute chat with us, they were begging us to set them up with one.

A week later, our office received the biggest box of doughnuts - win! - to thank us.

With a mouthful of jam and sugar, I read the note attached to the box.

They were so grateful that, with our help finding them a virtual assistant, their profits had increased by 27%.

Fast forward 5 years, and that ‘failing' company is worth over ||$||5000000||$||.

Insane, right?

Well, I want to help ensure your company is worth millions too!

I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about VAs, so you can find the one that's perfect for you.

Let's go make you some money!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Well, the clue's in the name really…

They're an assistant that works virtually.

“But how Joanna?” I hear you ask.

There's actually only a simple two-step process involved!

Hire An Assistant

The most difficult part of this step is choosing between all the amazing profiles sent to you!

Set Up A Communication Method

Don't have Skype?

Only free to talk between 3-5 PM?

Well, tell them that!

Once the who/what/when/where of how you communicate is decided, you're ready to start!


I told you.


If you're still confused, think of them as an independent contractor - kind of like a builder.

No, they're not going to build you a house - but if you do find a virtual assistant willing to do that, let me know!

They're a cheaper, more productive alternative to a salaried, in-house assistant.

But we'll get into that later…

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

A virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs a year - woah, that's a lot!

Chapter 2

What Do They Do?
Seriously, The List Is Endless!
What Don't They Do?

Whatever you want.



Maybe not quite anything.

Come on, they're not going to cook your dinner or clean your bathroom for you.

They can do anything, within reason i.e. related to their role.

So if you're looking for someone to;

  • Do All Your Admin Work
  • Increase Your Social Media Traffic
  • Destroy Your Rivals (kidding - or am I? )

A virtual assistant can do that!

Though the list of things they can do is almost endless, let's take a closer look at their most commonly requested tasks.

Answering Phone Calls

Need to call a client?

Or maybe you're avoiding a call from your gran?

Either way, your virtual assistant has it covered.

They'll both answer and make calls, as required, through their own phone system.

You won't even need to pay their phone bill!

Diary Management

We've all done it, haven't we?

Forgotten a meeting, and not realized until it's too late - usually when you've received 30 angry voicemails.

Or maybe you accidentally double booked two important clients, and neither have the time to rearrange.

It sucks, but it can be easily avoided.

With a virtual assistants help, you'll never face these issues again.

They focus on booking meetings and sending you alerts.

You just focus on turning up!

Content Creation

Content creation can be so time-consuming.

You shouldn't be spending hours of your day editing your company's logo onto stock images.

Not when you can easily get someone else to do it for you.

You can actually hire a virtual assistant that specialises in content creation, making them the perfect person to outsource this task to.

Customer Service

Inbox full of repetitive questions?

Received the most stupid complaint you've ever read?

Well, don't waste your time responding to things like this anymore.

Let a virtual assistant deal with your existing customers for you, while you focus on getting new ones.

Email Management

Don't look at your inbox right now.


You know it's full of hundreds of spam emails.

It will take you all day to sift through them and actually find something worthy of a reply.

Come on, you know it's not productive.

So outsource it to a virtual assistant.

They can delete anything not worthy of your time, send you any urgent emails - and answer everything else themselves.


Well, that was only 5 tasks from an endless list.

Obviously, I'm not going to give you the whole thing.

Come on, that would take like a month to read.

Instead, I'll leave you with the rest of their most commonly requested tasks!

File Organization





Social Media Management


Ad Management

Scheduling Posts


Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

55% of people believe that hiring a VA would allow them to focus on more important tasks, and make more money!

Chapter 3

But How Will They Supercharge My Work?
A VA Will Always Be Around To Save The Day!
Honestly, They're Like A Superhero!

How won't they supercharge your work?

That's the real question here.

Well, there are actually 6 major ways a virtual assistant could help you.

Let's take a look!

Everything, From Your Filing To Your Fridge, Will Be Organized

Let's not lie to ourselves here.

We all know that a messy office kills productivity.

It's kind of like when you were younger and forced to clean your bedroom.

Every time you'd think about starting on the job, you'd be distracted by some shiny toy you hadn't seen in a while.

Well, the same behaviour applies to your business.

If your office/desk/computer is messy, you won't be able to get anything done.

You probably won't actually be able to find anything you need.

But you'll definitely find some distractions along the way.

Hiring a virtual assistant would ensure all those files with a life of their own would be put in the right place - so you can find what you need, when you need it.

A tidy room (or computer) is a tidy mind, after all.

This Isn't School, You Don't Have To Do Things You Don't Like

Hate email campaigns?

Don't think transcription is actually gaining you any new customers?

Ad management taking forever?

Well, luckily for you, you don't have to do any of these tasks then.

If you have any tasks that you think are unessential to the growth of your business, too time-consuming - or you just outright hate - you can hire a virtual assistant to do them for you.

Don't waste time on tedious jobs, when you could spend that time actually growing your business.

They Can Be As Specialised As You Like

Unlike what some of our clients previously thought, a virtual assistant isn't just a ‘freelance secretary.'

Yes, you can hire one to complete clerical duties only - but that's quite rare.

Many of our clients were actually looking for specialised assistants.

Think more social media executive, less glorified receptionist.

You can actually hire a virtual assistant that's specialized in just about anything.

From graphic design to web management - they've got it all.

Around The World In 80 Assistants

Guess what…

A virtual assistant can take you global.

Due to them working virtually, they can be hired from anywhere in the world.

Which is great news for companies that trade with multiple countries.

For example, if you were a company that trades in the UK, the US and Australia - you wouldn't be able to converse with every customer /potential customer.

Not unless you've found a pill that keeps you up for 24 hours anyway.

So if you wanted a customer service ‘desk' available in every country you do business in, you could just hire a virtual assistant from that country.


They Can Turn You Into A Vampire


Not literally.

But a virtual assistant can trick your customers into thinking you are.

We all know that customers want to feel special.

They want 24/7 access to you.

And if you give that to them, you're way more likely to make sales.

But, you couldn't possibly be available all day, every day.

You have to sleep, you have a life (I assume).

Well, that's where a virtual assistant comes in.

If you source one from a different timezone to you, they can respond to customers while you sleep!

Your customers would never know the difference, and just assume you're always around to answer their queries.

See, you're a vampire.

Want To Learn How To Cook? Well, A virtual assistant Can Give You The Thyme

Cheesy jokes aside, a virtual assistant can improve your work/life balance tenfold.

Let's face it, the list of mundane tasks you need to complete each day just seems... endless.

Plus, if you're spending all your time doing that, when will you ever focus on doing things that actually matter?

Like growing your business or finding new customers.

A virtual assistant can complete the tasks you outsource to them in half the time you can.

And do a better job - (Sorry, it's true).

Meaning you'll have plenty of free time to work on your business plan, take up cooking lessons - or just chill with your family in front of Netflix for the day.

Chapter 4

Are They The Only Benefits Of A Virtual Assistant?


There are so many other benefits of hiring a virtual assistant!

Take a look at my top four:


For our clients, this is one of the biggest selling points of virtual assistants.

So, instead of telling you what you do have to pay for, I'm going to give you the list of things you don't;

- Sick Leave
- Maternity Leave
- Holiday Entitlement
- Pension Allowance
- Office Space
- Equipment Costs
- Training Costs.

Yep, your savings could be in the hundreds of thousands.

Amazing, right?

No Training Needed

A virtual assistant wouldn't advertise for a job they can't do.

So, if you're looking for a virtual assistant that specializes in graphic design, you wouldn't get a response from one that's only trained as an admin.

Plus, every virtual assistant you hire would be heavily trained and highly experienced in their subject area!

More Productive

Did you know that office workers are productive for less than a third of their shift?

That's right…

All those salaried workers you've been hiring are doing absolutely nothing right now.

So why pay someone for 8 hours of work if they're only doing two?

It's not fair, is it?

Well, with a virtual assistant, you only pay them for the hours they work.

This means they remain focused on the job at hand and don't get distracted by their phone/email/snacks.


Had a sudden influx of customers and need immediate help?

Hire a team of virtual assistants!

Not made as much money as you thought you would this month?

Fire your virtual assistant.

Okay, okay.

You wouldn't do that.

You just wouldn't hire them again until more money came through.

That's the beauty of virtual assistants, you can scale them up or down as you please.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

UK based virtual assistants worked with over 11,400 businesses in 2018 - and this number won't stop growing anytime soon!

Chapter 5

Okay, How Much Are They?
You Save So Much Because You Don't Have To Pay Any Training Or Equipment Costs!
Surprisingly, They're Pretty Cheap

I know what you're thinking.

A specialised worker, whose sole focus is on me and works around my hours…

That must cost hundreds.

Well, you're wrong.

It's a lot cheaper than you think.

Even the highest charging virtual assistant would cost you at least 50% less than a salaried worker in the same field.

Actually, let's work this out together.

Come on, it'll be more fun that way!

Let's say you had a salaried employee who earns minimum wage, and works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

||$||8.21||$|| x 40 = ||$||328.40||$||

So they'd be earning about ||$||17,076.80||$|| a year.

That's a basic wage, without any benefits - but we'll keep it at this number so we don't confuse things.

Okay then, let's say you hire a virtual assistant that charges ||$||25||$|| an hour (that's about average) and only works 8 hours a week.

||$||25||$|| x 8 = ||$||200||$||

If you chose to do this every week - which is very unlikely, as you hire based on your needs at that moment in time - they'd be earning ||$||10,400||$|| a year.

That's already a saving of ||$||6676.80||$||.

Obviously, the total savings vary in accordance with things such as the country of employment.

In the US, for example, only 68% of an employee's total wages were from their base salary.

The remaining 32% is just benefits.

So let's use these numbers here.

||$||17076.80||$|| = 68% of ||$||25112.95||$||

So, let's add the first lot of savings to the cost of benefits!

||$||6676.80||$|| + ||$||8036.15||$|| = ||$||14712.95||$||


That's a pretty substantial saving, isn't it?

I bet you could do loads with ||$||14712.95||$||.

Think how much extra cash you would have to invest in your business!


Phone your accountant and start planning how you're going to spend it now!

Top Tips

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is just the first step.

You need to ensure that your partnership is helpful to both of you, or it won't work.

Here are my top tips to help enforce a positive relationship between you and your VA:

Give Clear & Concise Instructions

How will they ever know they're on the right track if they don't understand you.

If you want 8 articles published by Tuesday and 4 customers contacted by Thursday, tell them that as clearly as possible.

“Yeah, I need a couple of articles - like 4-10 probably not more than that, maybe 8?

Oh, and you need to get back to those customers that emailed me today, the important ones.

Both need to be done by Tuesday/Thursday, thanks.”

You see?

That made no sense.

And the worst thing was, that's an actual email one of our suppliers received.

And then was moaned at for not completing the job properly.

Get On All The Right Apps

Honestly, this tip simplifies your entire life.

Transport all your work to an app like Dropbox, that both you and your virtual assistant can access.

This allows each person to gather the work they need, without relying on the other person to send it through.

It's ideal for anyone who's hiring a virtual assistant from overseas, as you'll likely both be working during each other's bedtime.

Constantly Communicate

Okay, maybe not constantly…

But fairly regularly.

I recommend setting up a (virtual) meeting with your virtual assistant at least once a week.

This allows you both to talk through any concerns/issues you're having - and discuss how to improve company growth!

Don't Hire Someone Under-qualified

Oh God, the result of this is terrible.

We had a client years ago that thought they could save money by hiring a virtual admin assistant when they really needed a web developer.

They obviously weren't trained for this, and had no clue what they were doing.

You probably guessed it, but it ended with a stressed-out virtual assistant and an angry business owner.

So don't scrimp out on specialised services if you need them.

Give Both Soft & Hard Time Deadlines

This is such an important factor to discuss when communicating with your virtual assistant.

Don't say “oh, it would be nice if you could have this finished by Tuesday” if that's your project's final deadline.

You could say “you need to have this finished by 9 AM on Tuesday morning, but I would love if you could get a copy to me sometime on Sunday.”

Much better.

There's Nothing It Won't Improve!
Hiring A VA Is The Best Thing You'll Ever Do


There you have it.

How a virtual assistant can supercharge your work.

It's pretty clear that attaining one is essential to the success of your business.

Especially if you would prefer spending your profits on investments in your company, not on hiring in-house assistants to sit around gossiping.

Okay, that sounded harsh.

But it is semi-truthful.

So put an end to wasting time, and enforce a more productive business approach today.

Get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers!