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It's time to keep up with tech!

Are you stuck in a social media rut?

Instagram making no sense?

Your Twitter engagement dwindling significantly?

Can't figure out how to schedule Facebook posts?

What is Tik Tok?

Social media can be an extremely confusing and time-consuming entity.

It's started to add hours to your already heavy workload.

It's getting too much for you, isn't it?

You don't know how much longer you can keep working this hard without burning out.

I know exactly how you feel.

When my client started their business, they were working 13 hour days, 6 days a week.

They would wake up, start work, and not finish until they dropped.

Thankfully, one of my other clients informed me that he'd just hired a virtual assistant.

He claimed it had 'changed his life'.

I thought that was a bit dramatic to be honest, but...

I didn't have anything to lose, so I thought I'd hire one too.

7 minutes and £9.50 later, my client's new assistant was already amending their schedule for that week.

For less than £10 an hour, they managed to shave 5 hours off their work day.

And my client even managed to cut their workweek from 6 days to 4!

Not having to spend their time completing boring social media tasks freed up time to work with their own clients.

Their profits actually went up 37% in the 9 months after hiring the personal assistant.

Given their success, I thought it was only fair to pass on the advice that helped score their success!

I can show you how to choose the assistant that's most likely to save you time and earn you money.

Let's make the most of your day!

Chapter 1

Why Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?

You want to know what a virtual assistant can do for you, right?

Well, it's easier to ask what they won't do for you.

A virtual assistant will do pretty much anything you ask them too.

If you want them to put in eBay bids for you, they will.

If you want them to order you a suit from Debenhams, they'll do that too.

But here are some of the disciplines they're most commonly asked to do...

Admin Work Content Creation Financial Management Social Media Management

Answering The Phones


Managing Your Budget

Creating Social Media Content

Making Calls


Making Purchases

Encouraging Follower Growth

Data Entry

Sourcing Images

Keeping Track Of Expenses

Engaging With Followers

Managing Your Schedule

Editing Images

Keeping Track Of Profits

Scheduling Posts

Amending Your To-Do List


Keeping A Record Of All Payments

Creating Advertisements

Making Meeting Arrangements

SEO Management

Organising Receipts/Invoices

Analyzing Traffic Reports

Email Management Customer Service Research

Managing Mailing Lists

Engaging With Clients

Tracking Your Competitors

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns

Responding To Customer Queries

Keeping Up-To-Date On Market Trends

Organising Inboxes

Dealing With Customer Complaints

Deleting Spam

Replying To General Queries

The best thing about virtual assistants is that anyone can hire them!

It doesn't matter if you're a CEO who wants a senior social media manager…

Or a small time business owner who needs a meme created every week.

They can help any business up their social media game from anywhere in the world.

Nothing is too big or too small of a job for them.

You hire in accordance to the work you need done.

Which means you'll never hire someone who can't do what you've advertised for.

Hiring them is also extremely cost-efficient if you're a small business or freelancer yourself, as you don't have to spend money on office space.

As they're outsourced, their prices vary - unlike in-house assistants who receive a set wage.

Virtual assistants set their own prices.

They also won't cost you a penny in training as they're already trained.

The beauty of this system is you get to pick the assistant that already has the expertise you're searching for.

In contrast to in-house employees, who usually have multiple jobs to complete at once, a virtual assistant's focus remains on the specific jobs you set them.

They're as essential as your morning coffee…

Your day just won't run right without them.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant

Did You Know?

Twitter has 126 million daily users!

If you aren't tapping into the power of social media, then you might be wasting your time...

What are you waiting for?

Chapter 2

How Will They Improve My Social Media Game?
[image of social media growth chart rising quickly]
Who doesn't want social media success?

The list of things a social media-focused virtual assistant can do for you is almost endless.

But I want to tell you briefly about what I think the top 8 advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are.

These are the eight things I requested that my assistant be able to do.

And boy, were they a lifesaver.

Beat Procrastination

Are you one of those people that can send a work-tweet and immediately sign off without getting distracted?

If you said yes…

You're a big fat liar.

These people don't exist.

We all know that the majority of the time spent on social media is worthless.

(You can call it ‘research', or ‘social-listening' all you like, but we both know what's really going on)

Sure, you could spend 3 hours actually working on social media…

But you know you'll also spend and extra 3 just browsing .

I get it.

My client was the same.

But hiring a virtual assistant has increased their productivity significantly.

You can hand over your accounts to them and just rid yourself of the distraction completely.

Now, guess what?

You have 6 more hours in your day, you can use as you please.


Take on an extra client.

Have a Netflix marathon.

The world is your oyster!

Social Media Scheduling

You want your social media pages to be successful, don't you?

Well, all good social media pages require structure and commitment.

Yep, even Grumpy Cat's account.

[RIP Grumpy Cat]

It's just that social media scheduling takes up so much time.

First, you need to set up some sort of planner/calendar so you know exactly what's being posted and when...

Then someone would actually need to sit down and create the content, before researching the best times to post.

Initially you might think a standard 280-character tweet would take a little over a minute to produce…

You're wrong.

Content has to add value for both you and your audience.

It actually takes round-a-bout 37 minutes to research, draft and post a useful tweet.

Getting a virtual assistant to do it for my client was the best decision I ever made.

Audience Engagement

Does a potential client tweet you everyday just to ask questions you've already answered?

Yep, mine do this all the time.

Or maybe you've received a ridiculous complaint over something extremely trivial?

Well, you won't have to waste your time with nonsense anymore.

You can give your virtual assistant free rein over your accounts so they can deal with these messages instead.

This way you can keep the engagement from your followers high without personally having to respond to them.

You can spend your time focusing on your work instead.

You can request that they forward anything essential over to you immediately, though!

Social Media Purging

You should be conducting a social media purge at least once a month.

That alone can take an entire day - depending on the quality of your account beforehand.

Consider this example…

Imagine you have 25,519 followers on your Instagram account but only receive an average of 312 likes per picture - your accounts quality is relatively poor.

That's an engagement rate of 1.51%.

You would now have to remove a large percentage of ‘ghost' followers to improve the quality of your account.

When it comes to followers, quality is always better than quantity !

Unfortunately, you can't integrate third party apps with Instagram anymore - they remove accounts who still do - so you'd have to manually delete the ghosts.

And sometimes there can be tens of thousands of them.

Luckily for you, you won't have to spend any time doing it at all.

Not if you hire a virtual assistant.

The best part - you wouldn't even need to hire one full-time.

You could set up a one-day payment plan, then never see them again!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

You never have to meet your virtual assistant face-to-face.

So if you're a business executive who's not keen on running to different meetings all day, this is the perfect option for you.

Destroying Your Enemies

Do you remember that company?

You know…

The one who keeps stealing your potential clients and has 17,543 more followers than you across their platforms.

Even though, on paper, your company is better than theirs in every way - they just keep beating you.

Well, your virtual assistant can find out how.

They can monitor both your social media growth and that of your competitors simultaneously - then compare the two.

Once you figure out what they're doing right, you'll realise what you're doing wrong.

Then you can improve your pages and steal those clients back!

Following Market Trends

Do you have any idea how often social media changes?


The standard social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) are constantly being updated.

And if they aren't, a new social app is probably due to appear on the market.

How can you be expected to learn how to work a new app the second it's released?

Or update your profile to match the new Twitter layout even though they don't tell you when there's going to be an update?

Well, you don't have to be concerned with that anymore.

A virtual assistant is trained to be constantly aware of any upcoming changes to pre-existing apps or addition of new ones!

They'll have all the tools ready to keep your profile looking good before the updates even occur!

You'll never have to suffer with the embarrassment of a dated profile again!

Ad Management

What's the one thing you want to know after you've purchased a social media ad?

That's right, how well it's performing.

VA's can track the analytics of each advert to see who's viewing it - as well as who is following through and who is purchasing your product/services from that ad.

They can also add elements to a pre-existing ad.

Picture this, I had an ad that was doing particularly well in Manchester.

The reach and follow through from the CTA was very strong.

So, I decided to push the ad onto other northern towns.

I then purchased a new ad and used the new towns as keywords.

Turns out, I wasted ||$||22.40||$||.

After I hired my virtual assistant, they informed me I could actually go back into my pre-existing ad and change the location keywords there - for free.

Not only did they save me money…

They made me money on top of that!

They knew all the tricks to get the maximum potential out of my ads.

Free Time

Most importantly, a virtual assistant will save you time.

All those sleepless nights you spend trying to fit what seems like 127 hours of tasks into just 24 are no more.

Your assistant can (and will) cut your work load significantly.

You - or your staff, if you have them - will now have countless hours to finish the tasks you've actually been assigned.

You won't need to skip client meetings to reply to Twitter complaints anymore.

Nor will you have to give up your lunch break to post a carefully selected meme on your Instagram story.

Chapter 3

How Much Do They Cost?
[image of someone handing someone on a computer some change]
Get your money's worth with your virtual assistant

The pricing for this service isn't a fixed, black and white, sum.

It's actually quite a grey area.

As VA's set their own fees, they could charge anything from ||$||1.20||$|| an hour, to a couple of hundred!

Obviously, the ||$||1.29||$|| option is rather attractive.

But remember, you get what you pay for.


That doesn't necessarily mean the higher-priced person is the right fit for you - or better at their job than a low cost one.

You also need to consider that their hourly fee may be slightly more than that of an official employee.

However, just remember you're saving on very expensive elements such as;

- Training
- Office Space
- Specialist Equipment

So how do you consider which assistant is best for you?

Well, there are actually three key elements you should consider before selecting one.


Has this person been working as a virtual assistant for more than a decade on the side of their corporate executive job?

Or are they a social media student at the local university that needs to make a bit of money on the side?

Neither are a bad option.

But you need to decide who is right/wrong for you, which all depends on the tasks they'll be completing.

Which leads me onto my next point...

Daily Tasks

What does your virtual assistant need to do?

Are you hiring them to send out a few tweets a week?

Or are you looking for someone to schedule posts;
Manage ads,
Track your account growth,
Find your marbles,
Etc, etc.

Obviously you're not going to be paying ||$||96.40||$|| an hour for a person to draft a few tweets...

(if you are, I'm coming to work for you!)

Or pay someone else ||$||19.28||$|| to basically run your entire life.

So the college student may be the best option for the odd jobs and the executive may be best for everything else.

Obviously, these are just a couple of examples of common virtual assistants job profiles.

There's actually thousands of different profiles out there to choose from.

So many that you could probably do with a virtual assistant to help you narrow down the options, ha!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Virtual assistants work to their own schedule.

So if you're a business executive who needs someone to work 9-5 on a Saturday, you need to express this before you hire them! Don't just expect them to be free whenever you need them.

Your Deadline

How long are you giving your assistant to complete this workload?

Is it an ongoing project that you're dedicating an entire year to?


You're probably going to pay them a fair hourly wage.

Got a project you need finished by 11:15pm tonight?

Get that wallet out, you need to splash the cash.

If you're asking someone to drop everything (remember these people usually work from home and have kids, studies etc) you need to pay them more!

Although virtual assistants are usually trustworthy (especially here at Quotegrab, we only accept the best) always remember to read testimonials first.

And make sure you write up a pretty tight-knit contract so neither of you can screw the other one over!

Chapter 4

Where Can I Find One?
group of virtual assistants
How can you ever decide on a virtual assistant?

There are so many places to find social media-focused virtual assistants, and a lot are very well priced!

However, not all websites are trustworthy and some are full of inexperienced people looking for quick cash.

Here at Quotegrab, not only are the virtual assistants we match you with fair-priced and well-trained - they're all also thoroughly background checked.

We want your social media pages looking as good as they possibly can - and to get you the best pages we need to give you the best people!

We pride ourselves on the ease of our booking process and can get you set up with your new assistant in minutes!

Chapter 5

How Do I Get Them Setup?
[someone handing over ‘top secret' envelope]
Hand over the details, and let them get their hands dirty!


You've found the perfect assistant and are ready to get them to work.

But how do you go about that?

Do you just give them your Twitter password and never speak to them again?

Well, we're getting slightly ahead of ourselves.

There are a few things you need to do first!

Tell Them About You

First, you need to tell them all about you.

Not your business…

You as a person.

Tell them what you like/don't like in a business partnership.

Let them know if there are any words or phrases you never want them to use in your social media posts.

Only like to be contacted on a Wednesday and before 4pm? Tell them that then!

Any information you give them about your preferences, they'll make a note of.


Not only does this make it easy for them to reference to, but it's also a handy document to pass onto your next virtual assistant…

But that's only if they have to leave for any reason!

Tell Them About Your Business


Now, here are some important things to tell your assistant about your business:

What social media pages you want them to use.
You don't want them guessing that you don't need an Instagram account if you're a photographer, do you?!

What your writing/posting style is.
Posting memes daily might be very on-brand for some, but not if you're a criminal defense lawyer. Not cool.

Who your audience is.
Let's say your assistant posts everything at 7pm UK time. Great. The Brits love it! But you're actually trying to advertise to everyone in Florida - who are all fast asleep! Not so great now, is it?

Hand Over Your Passwords

This is the bit everyone hates.

I know I did.

It felt like I was handing over complete control of my business to someone else and that I'd never see my accounts again!

I also had a slight worry that they wouldn't give the passwords back to me and steal my accounts!

But I was being stupid.

This didn't happen at all.

There are so many ways to allow them to post on your behalf without compromising the safety of your accounts!

You can use sites such as Lastpass to safely hand over your passwords to your assistant!

The two-step authentication and master password scream security.

If you're still feeling a bit iffy, you can also give them access to your Hootsuite account.

They would be able to draft and post messages on your behalf without ever having direct access to your social media passwords!

This way they can also draft messages and wait for your approval to post them - that's if you don't fancy giving them complete control!

They would still need access to your Hootsuite password though!

Okay, still not your cup of tea?

Well you can just make them an administrator of your pages.

All this requires is you adding them to your pre-existing pages which will allow them to post on your behalf.

No passwords required!

Chapter 6

My Top 7 Hiring Tips

Know What You Want Before You Hire Them

How will they know what to do if you don't?
Find the areas you struggle with and write down a list of ways your virtual assistant can help you with that!

Give Clear Direction

“Oh yeah, I kind of want you to post on Sundays..
maybe Wednesday. Probably around 6pm?”

Don't do that.
It's confusing and will lead to mistakes.
Tell them as concisely as possible what you
want and when you want it.

Set Up A Time To Chat

Sporadic emails a few times a month
just won't cut it.

Set up a specific time each week when you can call
(or even just dedicate a 10 minute email slot to them)

where they can ask questions and discuss any
problems they've encountered!

Always Be Accessible

Don't have a spare 5 minutes
to chat to them this week?

Or maybe they're on holiday but you
still need to approve posts.
Well, you can still be accessible!
Ensure there's an area (a Dropbox maybe)
where you can both store and access any projects
currently being worked on - even if the other person
isn't available.

Respect Their Time

You don't know your assistant's life story.
They could be working from home and
looking after their kids at the same time.
Or maybe they have a full-time job and
do this on the side!
Be mindful of the fact that your assistant
has a life outside of their job and can't
be expected to be at your beck and call 24/7!

Discuss a clear schedule with them so
you both know when they'll be working!

Never Miss A Payment

They have bills too.
They don't want to spend their day chasing you
up over missed payments!
Write in their contract when they'll be paid so
there's no confusion!

Trust Them!

You may not always be 100%
convinced on their strategy,
but you hired them for a reason.

They're trained in this and know
all the tips and tricks to
get your business soaring -
trust me.

[image of someone shaking hands with their virtual assistant]
Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant?

Well, this is it.

I know I've convinced you that a social media virtual assistant is something you really need.

It doesn't matter the age or size of your company, if you predict growth (and who doesn't?) you need an assistant!

No one adds life jackets to a boat after it capsized, they plan ahead so they're available when they need them!

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the stress out of your social media.

Call us today and get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers and we can find you an assistant in minutes!