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You did it - your business is finally up and running.

Your team is assembled.

Your to-do list is covered in ticks.

And you are finally getting off the ground.

Are you ready to fly?

business team celebrating
Is this you?

But before you spread your wings, there's one thing you haven't considered:

You probably need a virtual assistant.

Hold on - what's that?

Virtual assistants are the current business trick for the professionals among us.

If you've got a task that you...

- Don't like

- Don't have time to do

- Or can't do

...they can do it.

Send them an email, hand over the relevant information, and lickety-spit - sorted!

All you have to do now is to kick back, and relax.

Oh, wait - there's just one more thing you need to bare in mind:

(I promise, it's the last one.)

How can you squeeze a virtual assistant into your budget?

Sure, we know that virtual assistants are awesome.

But actually finding one?

It's no easy feat.

image of virtual assistants
Where are you going to find your virtual assistant?

Take it from me:

Last year, one of our customers who ran their own catering business was in trouble.

Their profits were down 5% for yet another month, and they soon figured out why:

They had to do all of their administrative tasks themselves.

They didn't know how to efficiently process their data, nor organise their documents. So when they did their admin, they were wasting time on these tasks.

Lucky for them, I had a solution:

I had to find them a high-quality virtual assistant who could take on these admin tasks, whilst meeting their budget.

And guess what?

I found one - lickety spit!

How are they doing this year?

Oh, not bad with their 43% profit increase!

What really mattered here, however, wasn't just finding any ol' virtual assistant.

I made sure that found a suitable rate for a sensational virtual assistant

interviewing VA
What matters is finding a high-quality VA.

See, it's all well and good to get a cheap deal.

But when you get a cheap deal, you will probably get a cheap service.

You deserve better.

So, to help you find a great virtual assistant for your business' needs - and navigate the different virtual assistant services rates - I've brought together:

- The different kind of virtual assistant services rates

- What you need to consider when finding a virtual assistant

- Why you need a high quality virtual assistant

- Our top-rated agencies for virtual assistants

Chapter 1

What Are Virtual Assistant Services Rates?

There are loads of different types of virtual assistants:

There are general virtual assistants that do office-based tasks like admin, manning the phones, and tying up the odds and ends around the office.

And there are those that perform within their niche field, and guarantee you incredible results from their incredible expertise. This could be marketing, or supercharging your social media, for example. These are specialised virtual assistants.

Oh, and then there's the different ways to hire virtual assistants.

You can hire them through their own websites…

There are freelance marketplaces…

There's agencies…

And then there's how you can pay them!


Sounds confusing, right?

someone looking confused at computer
I was confused, too.

Don't worry - I've got you covered.

I've decided to go through all the different types of rates and packages to help make your search super-simple.

Firstly, here are the different rates you need to know about :

Virtual assistants' rates

When VAs market themselves, they use hourly rates.

They've simply conjured up a number that fits their bills, taxes, office costs, and the wage they want to be paid.

And unlike agencies, there are no additional fees, and no extras costs.

Aside from these hourly, one-off rates some do have packages on offer to support your business.

They can charge anywhere between ||$||1||$|| to ||$||100||$|| an hour - but the average for a good-quality VA is between ||$||15||$|| and ||$||30||$||.

Freelance-marketplace rates

Freelance marketplaces are a bit like Amazon for virtual assistants.

They put up their previous experience, jobs, reviews and rates so you can scan through and select your next VA.

And these rates tend to factor in the fees of being on a freelance-marketplace, raising the price you will have to pay.

However, this still tends to be a cheaper rate as you won't have to pay for certain government-mandated benefits, and they often have fewer niche skills and less experience than those with agencies.

On average, the hourly rate can be anywhere from ||$||3||$|| to ||$||100||$||.

Agency rates

Agencies take pride in being an up-market way of finding a VA.

They often vet candidates based on their experience and expertise.

Thus, from the outset, you will be paying for the higher-quality and niche-expertise of these virtual assistants.

On top of this, additional fees for being with the agency can be factored in, pushing up the prices just like with freelance marketplaces.

Another cost to consider is that you often have to pay for plans which clearly will cost more as you pay for multiple hours.

These task-based plans start at around ||$||30||$|| a month.

Alongside these specific rates for the VAs, there are different rates for the specific services they can offer you :


There's a variety of packages on offer - from individual VAs marketing their own services, to agencies.

In turn, these can have a wide variety of possible prices.

This will depend on the hours contracted for, the specific skills that you will rely on, and the quality of the service provided.

Let's say you need someone to innovate your social media, and kick-start an awesome YouTube channel.

And the person you want has 10 years of experience in doing this, and has given 3 past clients on average 50k YouTube subscribers.

Firstly - wow!

Secondly - this virtual assistant will not come cheap.

Retainer packages

A retainer package is when you pay for a certain amount of service in advance.

Perhaps you want 20 hours of support this month?

This is put aside by the VA, and when you need that support, you just let them know.

However, if you fail to use those 20 hours, they won't rollover to the next month.

Nevertheless the hours in total do come with a saving rather than paying for the hours separately.

We even found savings of up to ||$||10.11||$|| an hour with NB: Virtual Assistant!

Project-based payment

Some virtual assistants opt for rates per-project.

It could be a certain amount of posts on social media, it could be a YouTube video, or it could be sorting your email - it's up to you!

You can either put up a project on one of the jobsites and have VAs apply with proposals.

Or, VAs themselves charge for a project.

This is a popular method of contracting as VAs know how long something typically takes, and it means you can receive a completed project.

No extra hours needed, no out-of-control payments.

Just results!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

There are as many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide!

How's that for being spoilt for choice?

That's a lot of technical terms.

But now you can lean over to your closest colleague and rattle off the different rates and methods of paying your new VA!

You can even tell them that for higher-quality results and specific areas of expertise, the prices will be higher!

Sure, we all know how important it is to cut costs in business.

But let's say you own a manufacturing company:

You wouldn't opt for the cheaper, poor quality material, would you?

Why would you do the same when it comes to a virtual assistant?

By being aware of the different kinds of rates, you can decide on the best deal for your business.

Chapter 2

What Do You Need To Consider Before Finding A Virtual Assistant?

We know that protecting your business is your No.1 concern.

You want to find the solutions that support and see it through until success, right?

And considering we've helped so many businesses find their virtual assistants, we know the process inside-out.

In fact, I've worked out the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to help you on your search for your virtual assistant:

1. What tasks are you hoping to outsource to a virtual assistant?

If you expect a professional service for a particular task, your bill will be higher.

Take a customer I helped only last month:

This graphic design company was looking for some support with their marketing - specifically with content creation.

Enter their virtual assistant, Sam!

Sam had a wealth of experience and an arsenal of tips and tricks up his sleeve that he had garnered over many years. He simply waved his magic content wand, and delivered top-notch results.

But these top-notch results come with a price as this would be classed as work within a specific niche or field.

Can you put a price on something as important as high-quality marketing for your business?

2. What rate are you willing to pay for a virtual assistant?

As with any business decision, there's one thing that always ranks at the top of the list of anxieties:

It's your budget.

It's time to pull out a calculator:

By going through your current budget, you can work out the wiggle room for a virtual assistant.

Let's say you're only willing to spend ||$||15||$|| an hour on a virtual assistant.

And per week? You're thinking 5 hours should do the trick.

This will cover the standard jobs expected of virtual assistants, such as administrative tasks like scheduling your workweek and data entry.

But for skilled tasks?

$15 is a low price for a quality VA service, so this rate might not get you the results you deserve.

An alternative to this could be fewer hours and a more expensive rate.

3. How much support do you require?

Basic maths will tell you that the more hours you contract someone for, the more expensive the bill will be.

But did you know that most VAs have packages on offer that can guarantee them work and reduce their rates?

If you are in need of 20 hours a week of support, you can have the hourly rate dropped as you ensure them work!

So, if you can afford that stretch of support for your business, it's time to click ‘hire'.

Also, if you require more support from the same VA, you'll probably want to guarantee the quality of this VA's service to ensure a consistent spread of top-notch work.

So you've asked yourself the questions; you've sussed out the answers.

Are you expecting someone to complete the basic, administrative tasks now and then for a low rate?

Or do you need the high-quality results that only an expert can leave in your inbox?

Either way, you should now be more clued in on how to read virtual assistants and their rates.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Only 1.6% of virtual assistants are male.

Could this female-dominated field suit your business?

Chapter 3

Why Do You Need A High Quality Virtual Assistant?

You put a lot of effort into your business, right?

All those all-nighters.

Every scrunched up idea that was tossed into the bin.

(Even the ones that missed the bin.)

Each of those clients you had to chase down.

You've put a lot into making it the success that it's become.

success graphic
Are you ready to become more successful?

So, why would you drop the ball for a mere couple of seconds and click ‘hire' for a low-quality VA?

Sure, if the tasks are basic enough to warrant simply being done, it isn't necessarily a problem.

But what if it was a really-important and really-difficult task?

What if a low-rated and even lower-priced VA handed you back 3 poorly written blog posts that didn't mean your standards?

Using something with low quality can even be worse than using nothing at all!

But it doesn't stop with the need for high-quality results -

Scammers are rife in the virtual assistant industry

They could be slacking on tasks and stealing your money.

They could even be taking your information and details and using it for purposes outside of your control!

Question is: how can you avoid scams and low quality work?

Simple: opt for virtual assistant agencies, and avoid low-priced scams.

In order to entice clients, scammers sometimes use extremely low prices with the promise of completed tasks.

Instead, focus on the higher-priced, quality-driven virtual assistants.

image of great VA
Could this be you?

You can't put a price on supporting your business!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Most virtual assistants in the UK are based around London, and the same goes for cities around the world.

But you don't need a VA nearby for them to do their job.

Where could your VA be?

Chapter 4

We Compared Our Top-Rated Agencies

Let's recap:

You know what you're looking for in a virtual assistant.

You know the rates you should be looking for.

You even know how to skip out the scams!

But now, you need to know where you can find a virtual assistant - then you can put all my top tips to use.

Well, guess what?

I've found them for you.

I've brought together our top-rated agencies for virtual assistants to help you on your search.

And I've even broken down the rates for each agency to help you see crystal-clear what's on offer :

Boldly Time Etc MyTasker

Online Rating

Previous clients talked about the personalised service on offer, which includes moving VAs around due to the changing needs of businesses overtime.

Reviews raved about the zippy response times, ease of contact, and free trial on offer!

Reviewers loved the professional service on offer, and it's their customer service which gets the best ratings.

Hourly Rate

||$||37||$||- ||$||43||$||

The higher rates correspond with the services on offer.

This included bilingual customer service, project management, C-level executive assistance, and marketing.

||$||22||$|| - ||$||26||$||

This medium-priced range of VAs on offer are suitably skilled to their rates.

They only have VAs with at least 5 years of experience, and some have worked for business big-hitters like Facebook and Apple.

||$||8||$||- ||$||14||$||

Clearly, these are much lower rates than most agencies.

They stick to more basic tasks like online research, website management, administrative tasks, and customer support.

Special Feature

Most of their team have 10-15 years experience in their own niche fields.

If you want specialised and high quality results, you have to pay for it!

There are a wide variety of packages on offer, all of which include a dedicated assistant and extra assistants on offer.

It is easy to scale up and down.

They explicitly offer affordable support to businesses, and have even started to offer SEO support in different packages.

Let's face it: money matters.

Everything you do will be costing you, or making you more of it.

So, it stands that trying to get your money's worth is pretty important.

And no - you don't need Bill Gates to tell you that…

So now it's over to you:

What tasks are you looking to outsource to a virtual assistant?

And are you looking to splurge, or save?