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Ready to find your assistant?
Tired of overworking yourself?


You've finally decided to hire a virtual assistant.

But you're brimming with questions...

Where do you find a great virtual assistant company?

And how do you know which one is best for you?


I've got you covered.

Just call me the virtual assistant know-it-all!


If you didn't already know, virtual assistant companies are awesome.

They recruit and train talented individuals to meet your business needs.

AKA someone to deal with all the time-consuming stuff - like admin and CRM management.

But picking the right company can be a tricky business…

And a hot mess when you get it wrong.

In fact, a few of our clients made some disastrous mistakes in the past…

(Before they found us - duh.)

I assure you, it's not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Last year it got so bad for one of our clients, that they lost £3500 of potential revenue.

Their assistant wasn't dedicated - (no surprise when they hired them for £10 off of Craigslist.)

They didn't respond to their customer queries, let alone schedule appointments on time.

Luckily for them, they came to us!

We assisted them in finding a reliable virtual assistant who saved them tons of money.

Their new assistant did everything the old one couldn't - like actually scheduling important meetings.

(Which was great news as the meetings garnered investment.)

This lead to a revenue increase of £5,000.

Insane, right?!

We threw them a life jacket when they needed it!

And we want to do the same for you.


I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about virtual assistant service companies.

Take a look!

Chapter 1

Who Are The Top 5 Virtual Assistants Service Companies?
Get a headstart
Take the lead and be the best in your field.

Before you decide which company you're going to hire your VA from, you're obviously going to want to know more about it.

It's human nature to be quite picky, after all.

(There's nothing wrong with wanting the best anyway - you deserve it. )

Anyway, back to the point.

When you contact a virtual assistant company, you'll be asked to tell them all about your business and what you're looking for.

They'll find the best match that suits your needs.

Sounds awesome, right?

But I know what you're thinking…

Who are the best companies out there?

And why do I think they're worth your time?


Let me tell you.

Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions understand the stress that comes with being a business owner.

So they aim to eliminate all the chaos around you whilst enabling your business to grow.

To them, it doesn't matter if you're running a church, non-profit organization or cakeshop.

They believe that you deserve quality experts who whole-heartedly support your organisation - and that's exactly what they deliver.


And they even tout that their VA acceptance rate is lower than Harvard's.

(Which is how you know that you're getting top-notch service from a qualified virtual assistant. )

They also assign you a relationship manager to ensure you and your VA are getting on well.

(See - they take their quality very seriously.)

However, despite their wonderful service, they do have a downfall.

You have to get a quote from them to find out a price - which does put off a few of our clients.

We see this as a good thing though!

It means that you can be certain your VA package has been tailored to you!


I believe Prialto's success is due to the heart of its operation - their core values (COILS).

Commitment - dedication to finish what they started.

Ownership - responsible for their members' success.

Integrity - do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Learning - continuous thirst to grow their skills and knowledge.

Service - a product of their core values, existing to improve lives.

They provide you with a highly trained team of virtual assistants...

That includes a project manager, primary assistant, and backup assistant.

The only downfall, if you will, of Prialto is that their speciality is supporting executives.

Which obviously isn't great if you aren't one.

That doesn't mean that you can't use Prialto if you're not in an executive role…

But they may be a little pricey for someone self-employed, for example.

The Virtual Hub

I've got to give it to The Virtual Hub, they're not scared of a challenge.

They've got a cracking mission - can you guess it?


They want to take the pressure off small businesses by making the outsourcing experience trouble-free and cost-effective.

They want to make things easier for you, and that's exactly what you need...

Simple things to make your business life, well, simpler.

Plus, they offer a range of services that will benefit your business, such as:

General admin

Social Media

Content management

Digital marketing


(You can read more about those here .)

Their VA's can accomplish the tasks that are important to your business with little to no supervision.

And handle complicated tasks with ease and confidence.

However, despite them creating rockstar VA's, they don't offer web development, content writing, video editing etc.

You'll have to get those services elsewhere.


At least they're honest.


UAssist.Me was ranked as one of the best virtual assistance companies by multiple award bodies.

(Who needs a Grammy when they won the Empact Showcase's People's Choice Awards?)

UAssist.Me makes you take a quiz so they can understand your needs and what you're looking for to help you find your outsourcing personality.

And you get a free Ebook discussing ‘The Ultimate Guide to Efficiency Hacking.'

You learn the importance of efficiency on your work-life balance and you get tips on how to improve it.

You can't go wrong with free goodies!

Plus, you don't need to waste money hiring a VA monthly when you don't need one.

You can actually select the number of hours you need them for and only pay for what you use.

But the downside is, you can only reach your virtual assistant between 9.00 AM and 6.00 PM.

So, if you need any assistance outside these hours, you're going to have to wait.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

You're trying to find the best virtual assistant company, right?

Well, 24/7 goes beyond offering professional services…

They also help you with things going on in your personal life, by doing non-work related tasks such as online shopping.

They care about your well-being just as much as your business.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you decide to work with them:

Assistance with data mining.

Plenty of admin support.

Exquisite customer service help.

They can take on bookkeeping tasks.

Overly skilled in email marketing.

It's just a shame that their US membership plan isn't as cheap as their offshore one.

Virtual Assistant Service Company Price Pro/Con Testimonials

Belay Solutions

Request a quote

Diversified in their services. Non-transparent pricing.

“My rock-star assistant keeps my head from exploding.”



Specializes in supporting executives. Begins with a two-month commitment before shifting to a month-to-month contract.

“Allow me to focus on what I do best.”

The Virtual Hub


Affordable pricing but limited services.

“On time, enthusiastic, supportive and superstars."



Specializes in many fields. If you cancel a monthly membership midway the remaining portion will not be refunded.

“The daily progress reports are impressive.”

24/7 Virtual Assistant


Allows 25% of unused hours to roll over to the next month. The US plan is more expensive than offshore plan.

“Helps me take care of all the groundwork so that I can focus on my business.”

Chapter 2

Which VA Service Company Has The Best Offer For Me?
Time to make a change
Your big move starts with the magic card.

You want the best offer, right?

(You're business-savvy, so you should.)

As a business owner, one of your objectives is sustainable growth.

So, you're going to want a deal that's beneficial, to your company.

Especially one that will have you drooling like a toddler.

If I came across a food booth selling hotdogs for £7 and there was another one nearby selling two for £9...

Guess which one I'm going to pick.

The second booth, duh!

But that doesn't mean it will taste better, just because I get two.

It has different qualities just like how every business is different.

Virtual assistant companies have hourly rates and bundles for you to choose from.

What Does The Virtual Hub Offer?

The Virtual Hub offers 3 levels of virtual assistants.

Level 1

This gives you a general admin assistant, that is fluent in English and trained by The Virtual Hub.

Level 2

The package includes the above, and expands to include social media management and digital implementation.

Level 3

This package goes yet another step further to include CRM, systems integration specialist and all of the above.

What Does UAssit.Me Offer?

UAssist offer a bundle package that will surely entice your appetite, especially if you're big on efficiency.

UAssist.Me 20 hour monthly plan cost $299 but it can cost up to $799 per month if you opt for their shared assistant plan.

However, you don't need that if you're not planning on using other services but if you do you'll get a backup assistant.

A backup assistant will be able to double check your virtual assistant work and they'll be there if anything was to happen to your assistant so if you take pride in efficiency you'll need one.

In the long run, your business performance will be tightly knit with an extra assistant.

You'll be almost error-free!

What Does 24/7 Offer?

24/7 Virtual Assistants offer six plans that'll be sure to get you on your feet. (Trust me - I've been standing here a long time...)







The cheapest offer is the entrepreneur plan which starts at $359 a month and includes 20 hours.

The higher you go up the plan the more you pay and the more you save on the hourly rate.

It all depends on how many hours you need if you need a lot and I mean a lot.

I recommend the upgraded VIP plan, it comes with 160 hours and you'll save a lot of cash.

Still unsure?

You can give them a call they'll be happy to help.

What Does Prialto Offer?

I love Prialto because there aren't any hidden fees in their pricing plan.

They tell you upfront everything you get for your money, which are:

At least 55 hours a month of frontline support.

Free episodic overflow time.

Continual productivity coaching and process optimization.

Continuity assurance.

Enhanced work-life balance.

All for $1200 a month!

So, not only will you get 55 hours from your dedicated assistant to help you achieve your goals, the free episodic overflow time means if you go over your hours by 10-15%, they mobilize their staff to meet your needs.

Yes, it's a little expensive…

But you can't put a price on those perks!

Like a trained backup personal assistant who guarantees continued assurance by supporting you whenever your assistant is out of the office.

And you'll get a Prialto Engagement Manager who'll be with you every step of the way optimizing your productivity with continued coaching.

Now that's what I call getting your money's worth!

What Does Belay Offer?

Your VA from Belay will manage your email and social media accounts.

They'll also edit documents, coordinate with clients and handle appointments.

They'll coordinate almost anything you need!

If you're looking for prices on Belay it's best you contact them and get a direct quote as their pricing varies.

Did you know that their non price transparency is actually a good thing?

It means they're customising their services to fit your business, so when you get a quote it's going to be based on your business.

Chances are you're still prawdling your brain on which company to choose…

(Take a breather, I'm here to help.)

That's why I've brought together a summary of the companies, and compared them based on their prices, the value for money, and the quality of their VAs:

Company Good value bundle offer? Cheap hourly plan? Qualified virtual assistants?




Belay Solutions


The Virtual Hub






24/7 Virtual Assistant



Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

The Virtual Hub call their Virtual assistants rockstars.

This is due to their intensive training programmes aimed to craft the best assistants.

Fancy adding a rockstar to your team?

Chapter 3

What Type Of Services Do VA Service Companies Offer?
110% effort
It's okay to relax you're in safe hands.

Picture this…

It's 9 AM and you've just woken up.

You were up all night trying to sort out a query and there's still so much more you need to do to resolve it.

Then a worrying thought enters your mind…

‘Oh damn it, I've forgotten to reschedule the meeting.'

This isn't the first time this has happened, is it?

Who knows if your client will be willing to reschedule this time...

They might think that you're not serious about your partnership.

And you can't blame them judging how scattered you've been lately.

You don't know what to do - the meeting is in 30 minutes and you're just not ready!

You simply can't afford to lose this client...

Then suddenly, you receive a text from your VA.

‘Good morning! In case you've forgotten, I've rescheduled your appointment. Have a great day.'

You've been so occupied, you forgot this task had already been delegated.

That is why you contacted a virtual assistant company last week, after all.

You were just so tired of being overloaded with heaps of tasks.


That obviously hasn't happened to you yet.

So let's take a look at some of the services that can be offered to you - (before it's too late.)

Oh No, Not Administration Again

We all hate admin work.

Well most of us, anyway.

If you love it you're just weird…

(Sorry, not sorry.)

It's long, boring and time-consuming.

There's nothing fun about it.

Come on who wants to sit behind a screen all day writing invoices, replying to emails and dealing with customer queries.

It's draining and you want time to work on other aspects of your business anyway, don't you?

Well, a virtual assistant company will match you with a talented individual to take care of all your admin work.

(Like answering the phones and transcribing meeting notes.)

So, say goodbye to sending invoices...

And say hello to the sweet taste of freedom.

Time To Go Global With SEO & Digital Marketing

You've launched your website and you're ready to make some quick cash.

That's all well and good but, if you don't have any web traffic, it's pretty pointless.

You need potential customers to visit your site as often as possible!


Your virtual assistant will be responsible for a multitude of things, including:

Creating a SEO and web marketing strategy.

Setting up a landing page.

Keyword research for your website and performing a blog analysis.

Monitoring google analytics reports and observing web traffic.

Keyword research allows customers to find you easier and faster (watch out, Usain Bolt!)

Landing pages improve elements of your website and are designed to generate sales and capture leads (i'm sure you can smell the money, it's really strong isn't it?)

By monitoring Google Analytics, your virtual assistant will be able to tell you if you're generating any traffic to your website by accessing mobile performance reports, content efficiently reports and other factors contributing to your site's success.

And when your assistant creates a SEO and web marketing strategy, the visibility of your business will improve, keeping you connected with customers and up with competition.

Sounds important, right?

Wait - it gets better.

A virtual assistant can take you global.


By outsourcing your work to different VA from different countries, you can interact with a new set of customers.

(Even when you're fast asleep!)

Good Ol' Content Writing

Anyone can technically be a writer…

But that doesn't mean we all have a knack for it.

Writing content, just like any other creative subject, is an art form.

You can't have just anyone do it!

Imagine assigning your content writer to do your accounting.

I don't even want to think about the mess they'd make.

They'd probably end up using metaphors instead of numbers to fill in your tax return.

(Yeah, I don't know how that would work either.)


You want them to keep customers coming back to your site, right?

Well a virtual assistant who's experienced in writing, will be able to write for (and engage) a specific target audience.

(Without sending your customers to A&E to be diagnosed with rubbish content syndrome.)

Great content equals great engagement which means they'll keep coming back for more!


And they can do all this, too:

Create social media posts

Video scripts


Advertising copy

Website copy


Landing pages


Email marketing

Chapter 4

What Makes The Top 5 VA Service Companies Special?
Happy times ahead
You need something special the ordinary is boring.

Some virtual assistant companies are specialized in certains industries (like real estate or web development or services.)

Every company I've mentioned previously is unique in its own way.

Let me tell you why!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Most VAs are over 35.

This confirms their experience, something that is vital to any business. It means you have access to years of knowledge and skills.

Why not hire a VA to take your business to the next level?

Why Is Prialto Unique?

Well, I've said it before...

But Prialto's focus in on supporting executives.

They actually have 500,000 hours of support experience with managing executive workflows with different companies ranging from hospitality to high tech.

But don't worry if you're not an executive...

They offer other services such as virtual sales assistants, service professionals, real estate professions and more.

Even their work outside of providing VAs is top-notch!

Prialto social mission is awesome: they support the Cooperative for Education, an organisation that makes sure every child has an opportunity to go to school.

Their employees even spend time volunteering at food banks, orphanages, human rights organisations, and other local non-profits.

Why Is UAssist.Me Unique?

UAssist.Me are one of my favourites, because they have virtual assistants specialized in many sectors such as:

Web development

Real estate


Design and development

And more!

I know you've heard the phrase less is more...

Well we think more is more!

Diversity is one of those business buzzwords that is currently hot off the press.

And it is key for businesses as it leads to increased profitability and improved opportunities.

So, if you're scouring the web for a specialist in a particular field, UAssit.Me will be able to help.

Their work has been so outstanding they received a letter from President Obama - yes, Obama - congratulating them for generating jobs.

And if the Leader Of The Free World has time to write them a letter, then they must be pretty good...

They were also listed in Inc.'s 30under30 Class of 2012 for most promising entrepreneurs, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Spotify and Pinterest.

Why Is Belay Unique?

Belay's founders were inspired to form the organisation as a result of religious inspiration.

That's why their core values are focused around Biblical principals.

They welcome all individuals from different beliefs and backgrounds, and believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.

Belay also specializes in virtual assistants who are experts in bookkeeping and web development.

Why Is The Virtual Hub Unique?

I wouldn't say The Virtual Hub are specialized in graphic design, video editing and website development...

I'd say they're rockstars at it!

(That is their mantra after all.)

Imagine a person on your team, dedicated to developing your website to a tee.

Plus, if you decide to sign up, you get access to their Super Task List.

“Ooh, what's that?”


This is where they break down your task list into daily, weekly and monthly projects.

No more fiddling round with calendars, and no more getting tangled up in to-do lists.


Why is 24/7 Virtual Assistants Unique?

24/7 virtual assistants are very professional they even help you with personal tasks (they're like a best friend you never had.)

They allow up to 25% of unused hours to roll over to the next month so you can get your complete money's worth.

This is a big deal - trust me.

Let's say you don't use your all your hours one month but the next month, your workload increases.

Well, guess what?

You'll be able to use some of your unused hours without having to dig your hands in your pockets.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Offshore Virtual assistants work while you're asleep.

Why? You're in different time zones of course.

Get a virtual assistant to take care of your business whilst you have sweet dreams.

Chapter 5

Feeling alone?
Nothing comes easy.

Do I Need to Sign A Contract?

Well, this depends on the company Belay offers a month to month contract (it's best you ask them beforehand just to be sure.)

Other companies offer you a membership or an hourly plan.

You're billed month to month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service anytime before your next billing cycle (though some companies require a 30-day notice.)

Feel free to contact them about the change and they'll adjust your plan accordingly.

Remember this is your dream so if it's not working or you want to make a change I spur you on.

Go for it!

How Do I Communicate With My Assistant?

Any way you want!

Whether it's by email, phone or something else entirely - your amazing assistant will be able to adjust to your most convenient method.

Expect to be provided with a direct email identification and phone number so you can get in touch with them anytime you like.

Communication is key!

It will build better chemistry and understanding with your assistant - (an absolute must.)

How Do You Track Activity?

You're going to want to know how things are going.

Most virtual assistant companies will provide you with daily reports of all the activities your assistant has worked on and what tasks are still pending.

If they don't provide you with this you're welcome to use your own form of tracking if you wish.

Some companies use software like Time Doctor and may arrange for you to login.

“Wait - what's that?”

Time Doctor gives you ‘advance time use analytics' for the work day. This means you'll know how and where each and every person on your team is spending their time.

Think Big Brother, but not quite as terrifying.

What Happens If I Go Over My Hours?

It can be scary business going over your hours, but fret not - you'll be notified by your virtual assistant or a customer relations manager.

It really depends on the company but you may be offered the option to upgrade your plan, buy additional hours.

You can even ask your virtual assistant to inform the accounts department to renew your account which changes your renewal date.

Remember 24/7 Virtual Assistant? This is one of the companies that allows you to use your unused hours to cover that.

How Safe Is My Information?

Data leaks are like being visited by the boogie man (it's frightening!)

You don't want your private information getting out to competitors that's bad for business.

No one likes that, so you would've accepted a non-disclosure agreement which assures your information will not be shared with anyone outside the company.

Virtual assistant companies also use state of the art security software like SSL encryption which ensures a secure connection to make sure your data stays safe and protected.

You can also share passwords to make things easier.


Up and away
Time to fly away into the golden sunshine.

There you have it…

Everything you need to know about virtual assistant service companies!

By now you should understand how a virtual assistant service company can not only boost your business performance...

But save you tons of money too!

(Time to plan for that expensive holiday you always wanted.)

So, let us help you get the most out of your money.

Get up to four quotes from our suppliers now!