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You're in a situation, right?

In a bit of a pickle, aren't you?

Because once again, business is crazy.

And you don't know what to do first to fix it.

You're so busy suddenly that you even need a VA to look for a VA for you!

That's how hectic your life is right now.

But I'm here to help you!

Today I'll show you that

- A VA is totally worth hiring

- Is not too expensive

- And that they are the perfect little helpers.

Your VA working remotely

When your budget is tight, you think about costs and prices more than anything.

But virtual assistant rates per hour are not too expensive.

They are affordable and totally worth hiring for your business!

A true testimony is my client with a small online grocery business;

He managed to improve his business within 3 months of hiring a VA!

In the beginning, he was skeptical of the price - just like everyone else -

But he gave it a go and hired a VA to help him out.

The VA provided great customer service, making clients and customers happy.

Since then, he has never looked back!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant might sound self-explanatory but it isn't.

It is, indeed, an assistant to you.

Someone who helps out, just like a secretary would.

But a VA works remotely.

Yes, you heard right!

That's why they are ‘virtual' assistants.

Because you speak and interact with them virtually.

They work as secretaries and assistants to you,

but from the comfort of their own home.

Or office.

Or maybe even a coffee shop.

They can actually work anywhere they want,

Anytime they want and can work!

As long as they complete their tasks by the end of their deadline.

VAs also don't always have a degree to be able to do this job.

A VA just needs to be a go-getter who's organised, with a can-do attitude.

In this job, a VA learns better while working.

A VA's career background varies

There are also VAs from various backgrounds.

In their previous careers, they could have worked in:


Project management



And so much more!

There are VAs who have experience in all these fields.

My client definitely benefited from a skillful VA.

The Virtual Assistant had previously worked in the creative industry under several art directors.

The experience and knowledge she gained definitely helped my client boost his graphic design business.

She was in charge of producing reports and analysing sales data ,

As well as liaising with internal and external stakeholders.

My client had more time to focus on developing design concepts to promote his services rather than spend his time writing reports.

Generally, the skills a virtual assistant has vary; which is why you should look for the perfect one for you.

Generally, a VA with the right attitude can help you out with anything!

A Virtual Assistant can help you with anything!

To give you an idea of what virtual assistants do…

Here are a few examples of tasks they can tackle!


Research is the most time-consuming task in the world!

Dreadful tasks like this one can be passed on to your assistant.

They will happily do them!

Social media management

Social media management needs consistency and creativity.

If you don't have the time to post frequently and interact with your customers and clients through social media consistently, then you can give this task to your VA.

They are more skilled in this area that you might think!

Customer service

Great customer service ensures that customers and clients feel a personal connection to your business

It also ensures loyalty because of the special attention you provide to them.

But if you're constantly busy and don't have time to reach out to them, then this area will start to suffer.

But a VA can help you with that, especially when you want to focus on other tasks.

Booking appointments

If booking appointments takes more than 30 mins, you could ask your VA to take charge of this.

Because during those 30+ mins, you could be focusing on a more important task.

Just as my busy client did who hired a VA specifically for this task.

She felt like she was wasting time booking appointments instead of focusing on her marketing business.

She couldn't juggle everything anymore, so we helped her hire the perfect VA for her for diary management!

Chapter 2

What Are The Perks Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

There are so many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

In fact, I could probably bore you all day...

The best perk of them all is that you will get your time back!

(Netflix is back on - yay!)

You will not have to work overtime anymore, and you will not have to cancel on plans, yet again.

You're more productive when you hire a VA

You will also be way more productive!

All the tasks you

-don't want to do

-can't do

-or constantly put to the side

Can be done by your virtual assistant.

They are your right hand remember?!

By taking away some of your workload you can actually focus on important tasks.

And no, I don't mean Netflix...

I mean you can focus on the weaker areas of the business, or those clients who have been demanding your attention.

A Virtual Assistant was definitely the best choice for another client who owned a start-up tech company.

They are life-saviors and she saved his business.

Simply by helping him with various areas of the business that needed their full attention,

Such as the company's marketing sector and social media,

The business owner was able to focus on other key areas and increase his productivity by 34%.

Perks of hiring a VA? Less stress

Virtual Assistants are extremely skilled.

They could be such an asset to your team.

Everyone needs hard-working and intelligent people on their team, right?

By hiring a VA, you will have someone by your side, working for you.

You can focus on other details of the business without worrying about whether they're doing a proper job.

If they're skilled, then everything is under control.

And if they're skilled, you're lucky, too!

Not only do you not have to train them, but also you have a competent employee, strengthening your team and your business!

Question is, how can you ensure you hire a VA that will provide a good service at an affordable price?

You have to look for the appropriate skills.

If you need help with your accounting, you wouldn't hire a VA from a marketing background, would you?

Which is why hiring a Virtual Assistant with the appropriate skills for your workload is essential.

A Virtual Assistant should be skilled and ready for this job.

But what are these skills?

The first basic skill a VA should have is:

1. Organisation

Organisation is a must.

It is the most essential and basic skill a VA can have.

And should.

Without this skill, chaos ensues!

Also, the main reason a VA is hired is to provide organisation and stability to a business.

If organisation is non-existent, then the VA is not useful or skilled.

But this is a rare phenomenon.

VAs are trained and qualified to be organised, so that they can organise your business too!

2. Can-do attitude

Being able to do anything and be fearless in tackling anything

is a major perk in a Virtual Assistant.

Being enthusiastic about your job and eager to complete tasks

shows a productive character.

It shows that your VA will also produce quality work.

Here is your enthusiastic VA, happily helping your with your business.

3. Great problem-solver

When someone is a great problem-solver

It means that they have common sense and logic skills.

Both equally important!

In a job such as this, a VA should be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Because once you give a task away to them,

you certainly won't have the time to fix the problem, when your VA tells you about any mistakes.

There is a reason you gave this task away to them;

To focus on more important things that need attention.

4. Communication skills.

Let's not forget about communication!

Having this asset is really crucial.

Sure, it sounds like everyone has it as it is a basic skill...


Not everyone is able to communicate effectively with others.

It's not about sending an email and then you're done.

It's about getting your point across to others.

A great skillful Virtual Assistant is able to communicate effectively

with you, with your clients, and with your customers.

Chapter 3

Is a Virtual Assistant Expensive To Hire?

Virtual Assistants in the UK normally cost £25-30,

In your country, it's around ||$||25||$||.

And I can hear your outrage already.

‘||$||25||$|| an hour?!'

If you do the math…

‘That is almost 50k per year!'

Yes, this is the price but there is a huge ‘BUT' in the middle - these assistants do not work full-time.

Because of this, you don't have to pay for their sick days, holiday pay or maternity leave…

You simply pay for their time.

You assign tasks to them and depending on the hours they work, you pay for their working hours.

||$||25||$|| per working hour is certainly not too expensive.

Think about it this way:

If your VA works 4 hours 3 days a week, that is ||$||300||$|| a week.

If productive work is done during those 4 hours, the perks still outweigh the negatives (in this case the ‘expensive service').

Anyone would pay for productive and quality work!

A skilled assistant that will take your business from 0 to 100, is always worth the money.

The money spent on a Virtual Assistant, you get it back in free time.

And results.

And less stress.

Isn't that great?!

86% of our clients are satisfied with the service provided by their VA

If you think about it though, it is reasonable for a VA to charge ||$||25||$|| per hour.

If they are highly experienced having worked in this field for more than 5 years, then they should be charging for their quality service, right?

They bring so much more to the table in terms of skills and ideas,

than a newbie in this field would.

So, let's be less frugal and think reasonably!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Virtual Assistants don't work 9am-5pm,

Which means they don't get paid as full-time employees.

They have their own flexible schedule.

And their own working environment.

Their prices can also depend on the type of work they do.

For example:

Social media work is less demanding than accounting.

So of course they will charge more for doing accounting.

Research is less demanding than doing business marketing.

That's why marketing tasks are more expensive in the Virtual Assistant world than research.

Which is why each type of VA gets paid differently.

Depending on their expertise, the charges are different.


Administrative VA

Calendar management, booking appointments, answering phone calls etc.

||$||25||$|| - ||$||35||$||

Marketing VA

Email marketing, social media marketing, competition analysis etc.

||$||30||$|| - ||$||45||$||

Accounting VA

Bookkeeping, paying bills, budgeting etc.

||$||30||$|| -||$||45||$||

Customer Service VA

Responsible for interacting with clients and customers, answering any queries, providing information on products and services etc.

||$||25||$|| - ||$||35||$||

Personal VA

In charge of organising in-house tasks, responsible for household staff, diary management etc.

||$||25||$|| - ||$||35||$||

Executive Assistant

Managerial position, project management, website development and management etc.

||$||40||$|| - ||$||60||$||

Apart from expertise, VA prices depend on whether they are self-employed or not.

There are also two types of VAs:

1. A freelance VA

2. An agency VA.

Which both affect charges.

A freelance Virtual Assistant is a self-employed solo worker.

They do not depend on an agency for clients and you work directly with them.

A VA through an agency is usually tied up to that company.

You could be working with one VA or a talent pool.

However, an agency offers better stability and security.

Here are the pros and cons of a certain VA to help you a bit more:


Flexibility in scheduling clients.

Low to medium rates.

Able to bundle services and offer packages.

Limited skill set.

Highly experienced VAs.

No security.

They work solo; you speak directly to them.

You have control over who you work with.


Trained VAs

Higher rates due to agency fees

Security through the agency

You speak to VA through the agency.

Customer service provided.

You usually work with a talent pool of VAs; you have access to a variety of skills.

Bundles and packages may be offered through an agency.

There are no hidden costs when hiring a freelance VA.

They are transparent and the price you pay depends on the hours they've worked.

It also depends on the type of work they produced.

On the other hand…

A VA hired through an agency is more expensive.

An agency will charge for their services.

They will charge for finding you a suitable VA.

Now insert the topic of ‘packages'.

You might be able to purchase a package provided by an agency.

So, you pay a fixed price for a VA who will work a set amount of hours for you.

Packages may be offered by a solo VA too.

It works cheaper this way!

Small business owners with low budgets usually purchase packages.

For example, my client, with a clothing business, purchased a VA package last year during Christmas.

Christmas is a busy sales period for him; he couldn't manage monitoring sales and providing quick customer services - it was taking too much time.

But once he hired an assistant, he never looked back!

Now busy sales periods are a breeze since his VA took charge of these tasks.

Virtual Assistant rates per hour are actually affordable.

So, are Virtual Assistants expensive to hire?

It really depends on your budget and your workload.

There is a form of flexibility when hiring a VA;

Depending on your budget you can determine their working hours.

With a Virtual Assistant, you are more in control of your budget simply because you determine how much you're willing to spend in comparison to a full-time assistant.

Chapter 4

How Do I Hire A VA?

So there are two types of virtual assistants…


But how do I hire one?

This is easy!

The first step is to research:

Research, research, research

- Research the exact skills you want from a VA

- Research the best agencies or online job platforms for a VA.

- Research on the rates so you don't get scammed.

After you've gathered all the information you need on VAs,

It's time to find one!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Virtual Assistants are considered more professional than any member of staff.

Employees will usually spend a good amount of their working hours, not being productive.

Virtual Assistants work more effectively remotely.

They have their own working schedule and their own environment.

You can find one:

1. Through an agency.

This is the easiest option.

(And maybe the priciest.)

An agency will make sure to match you to the most appropriate VA.

Their skills matching your expectations.

But you'll have to pay a certain fee for their services.

In the end, it IS worth it because you've managed to avoid the hassle of hiring someone.

Also, because you're hiring through an agency, the rate per hour may be different compared to the general market.

It's not only about the fees but also about the actual price for the VA service.

It may vary according to the agency.

2. Through word of mouth.

Listen to recommendations!

This advice I picked up after years of working in this VA world.

If someone recommends a certain VA they worked with, or a VA agency that they had a great experience with, or even word on the street...

Follow those whispers and those good reviews!

They will only lead you to something good!

In this case, the salary rate depends on the VA.

It also depends on whether they're self-employed or not.

Charges may vary.

Your jealous face when someone says they have a Virtual Assistant

3. Online job platforms.

This is another cheap option if your budget is tight this year.

And there are no hidden fees when hiring in this situation.

Freelance Virtual Assistants tend to advertise their services:

Either on their own website for free or on a free job searching platform.

You can still make sure the VA is perfect for you either way.

As long as you list the exact expectations you have on your job listing, then you are good to go!

Also, virtual assistant rates per hour vary in this situation, too;

The charges do depend on the VAs themselves, but the average charge for an assistant is ||$||25||$|| .

Chapter 5

What Is The Best Option For Me In Terms Of Pricing?

The best option depends on:

You and your preferences


Your budget.

Hiring a VA depends on your preferences and your budget.

However you choose to hire your VA, you can never go wrong with any of them.

Well...As long as you do your research and choose wisely.

If you want to hire through an agency and pay a small amount on fees,

that's great!

It's your choice, at the end of the day!

And if you want to hire through a job searching platform for free, that's also great!

You are guaranteed to find the perfect VA for you this way, too.

But in order to choose the best option, you'll have to look at your budget and see how much you're willing to spend.

Just as the freelance journalist who needed help with her busy diary did, too.

After thorough research and budget evaluation, we helped her hire a VA:

A highly capable one for managing her schedule and booking appointments and events she had to attend.

Chapter 6

Does Price Affect Quality Of Service?

There's this phrase ‘You get what you pay for' - that price signifies quality.

If you didn't pay much for it, then don't expect the quality to be good.

However, I disagree in this case!


I don't think that by getting an assistant that charges less that you'll get low quality work done.

If you do the research yourself, you'll choose the assistant that you think is qualified and matches your work expectations!

If this assistant happens to charge low, too, then that's not a problem.

It doesn't mean that they are less hard-working.

Coffee on a much needed break!

You just need to make sure that your virtual assistant will be skilled enough to carry out the assigned work.

And the price does not really matter - well, unless it is above your budget, of course!

Generally though, unpredictable problems are always part of the job.

But don't assume that these problems are due to the price you pay for VA services.

Price does not matter as the service may be equally good to a low-priced job.

But the quality of the service does matter.

So, make sure that your Virtual Assistant is skilled and qualified for the job.

You will also need to make sure that you're not being scammed!

Scamming is a frequent phenomenon so be careful when hiring.

As you can see, a Virtual Assistant is totally worth the money!

They are super cool helpers who work tirelessly to help you juggle tasks and grow your business...

From 0 to 100!

The price for a Virtual Assistant may look expensive, but it is actually not!

Virtual Assistant rates per hour might look unaffordable...

But remember:

You're only paying for their work!

Couple of sums later…

A quick equation via the calculator…

Ah yes - this makes it a cheaper option, in the end!

Go on, grab yourself a quote!