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You know a little bit about virtual assistants.

Or at least, that's what you tell people.

The Quality of the Virtual Assistant Affects Pricing
Virtual Assistants Don't Require Big Budgets

Really, you have no idea what they are - just that you need one.

That's what everyone keeps telling you anyway.

But you're sick of nodding along in agreement and just saying “haha, yeah soon” whenever anyone asks when you're going to hire one, aren't you?

Truthfully, you don't want to spend money on something you know nothing about.

That's understandable.

I wouldn't either.

And I didn't.

I was in the same situation as you a couple of years ago.

People were raving about virtual assistants for months.

Except, their ‘compliments', if you were, didn't actually tell me anything about VAs or why I should convince our clients to hire one.

Everyone I asked said the same thing.

“Oh you must get one, they're a complete lifesaver!”

Gee thanks, you should become a door-to-door salesman - you'd be great at it.

‘Ooh why should I buy your home insurance?'

‘You just should, it's really good.'

Who does that help?

No one.

I was sick of no one actually knowing what a VA was, but claiming they did.

I decided to find out myself, so started googling it.

But, like a bar of Galaxy, once I started I couldn't stop.

4.5 hours into my search, I was obsessed.

I was calling every assistant's number I could find, trying to find the best quality assistant for the best price.

And then I found her.

It was like love at first sight.

I just knew she was the perfect match for one of our clients.

For just ||$||25||$|| an hour, she would do everything they needed and more.

Plus she even offered me the chance to give them a massive discount for booking so many hours in bulk.

2 years later and that client is still using the same assistant - and she was even hired by four more!

Want to know why?

Well, she was a complete lifesaver!

Okay, okay.

Enough joking around.

You want to know the real reasons to hire one, and how much this service will cost.

Well, let me tell you…

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?
A VA is a Freelancer
A Virtual Assistant Works Remotely

Before we even get started on pricing plans, it's best you understand what a virtual assistant actually is.

I don't think I really need to tell you though.

What do you think it is?

Take a wild guess…

You're right!

They are assistants that work virtually.

See, I knew you knew.

The popularity of them has been growing immensely over the years, making this the perfect time to hire one!

Like you, they're business owners - contractors, if you must.

Although they do work around you and your needs, to an extent, they set their own prices and work hours.

Many VAs do this as a second job, or as a side to looking after their kids etc, so their working hours may be considered ‘unsociable.'

That isn't the case for everyone though

You can request a VA that works during general office hours, if you wish - it's very easy to accommodate!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

There are over 11,400 virtual assistants in the UK alone.

How many could there be where you are?

You certainly will be spoilt for choice...

Chapter 2

So, How Do They Decide Their Prices?


There's a variety of circumstances that can affect what a virtual assistant charges you.

Let't take a closer look at some of the major reasons for a price change:

Their Self Worth

A virtual assistant is quite similar to you actually.
Like you, they set their own prices based on what they think their worth.
So, for example, if they've recently left an executive managerial position, they're going to expect a lot more money than say, an office intern.

Their Training & Experience

Let's pretend you're not a business owner for a minute.
Imagine you and your best friend are out of work and looking for a new job.
You've received a Masters degree from Oxford University, and had 2 decade long, high-level jobs.
Your best friend on the other hand, has no formal education and worked in their dads shop for a couple of years.
Who's going to receive the higher paying work?
Your friend of course!
Okay, kidding.
It would be you.
Obviously, the contrast won't always be as extreme as this, but you will likely have to pay slightly more for a higher trained and well experienced individual

How Much You Want Done

Before you hire a virtual assistant, you always have to tell them what tasks you need doing.
Obviously, if you're surprised with a project at a later date, it doesn't mean they won't help you out.
They may just charge you a little more, depending on your pre-existing agreement.
But, as long as you give them a general idea of how many tasks you actually need doing, they'll be able to give you an accurate final price.
This prevents them from being underpaid and you from being overcharged.

Whether You're Buying Time In Bulk

Do you have a lot of work that needs doing?
Will it take a fair amount of time to complete?
Well, then I suggest you purchase their services in bulk.
The majority of the time, buying X amount of hours up front would usually end up in a big discount.
Even if they don't actually offer you a discount, it doesn't hurt to ask them if that's something they would consider.
You never know unless you ask!
And if you're worried about purchasing too many hours up front and them not being used, you can plan for this in advance.
Include a clause in your contract with them regarding unused hours; i.e a partial refund or the opportunity to carry them over to another project.

The Task's Urgency

Imagine you're in a meeting with 3 potential clients.
Two are asking you to complete a project that's due next month, but must be started today or they won't take you on.
And the other one well, forget about going home tonight, he wants you to complete a project for him that's due tomorrow.
So which client would you pick?
Why the one that pays you more, of course!
Now let's reverse this.
If you expect an assistant to drop everything to help you, you should be compensating their loss.

Their Work Hours

Though virtual assistants set their own schedules, it's fairly common for them to work around you.
So, even though they say they only work 4PM-9PM, they may be able to push that to 10PM if you ask nicely - as long as you're willing to adjust your pricing plan.
Or you could hire them for an extra day to cover those extra hours, if you really need them worked!
These partnerships require flexibility from both parties.

Chapter 3

How Do I Know If I Can Afford One?
VAs Are Low Cost Hires
There's a VA in Everybody's Price Range

Get your calculator out, it's time for a maths lesson.

I know, you weren't expecting this were you?

But trust me okay, I have a point.

Okay, so let's say you spend 4 hours on admin tasks everyday - which is something a virtual assistant can get done in 2 by the way.

Anyway, that's 4 hours you're not getting any clients, right?

Well how many clients can you get in 4 hours?

Let's say 2 an hour, so 8 in total.

And how much could you earn from each of those clients?

Let's say ||$||122.13||$|| per client, so ||$||977.09||$|| in total.

So that 4 hours you're not working, you're actually losing ||$||977.09||$||.

Still following me?

Okay, let's say you hire a pricier assistant for ||$||61.07||$||ph.

That's ||$||122.13||$|| you'll be spending for two hours work.

Don't think you can afford ||$||122.13||$||

Well, what if that ||$||122.13||$|| ended up gaining you a profit of ||$||854.95||$||?

See, you can't afford not to hire one.

Want to have a go with your actual prices?

I'll leave the equation below for you!

I Could Earn ____ Per Hour (||$|| ||$||)

I Spend ____ Hours Not Earning (HNE)

____ HNE X ||$|| ||$|| ____ = ____ (Potential Income)

My VAs Fee ____ Per Hour (||$|| ||$||)

My VA Will Spend ____ Hours Working (HW)

||$|| ||$|| ____ X ____ HW = ____ (Outgoings)

Potential Income - Outgoings = Profit

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Often people hire VAs from the other side of the world.


Because they can do work outside of your office hours, keeping the workflow constant.

Chapter 4

What Exactly Can They Do Though?
Virtual Assistants Can Do Almost Anything
There's No Limit To What A Virtual Assistant Can Do

You're intrigued aren't you.

You know the price of a virtual assistant is pretty great - and can even save you money.

But, apart from being a remote assistant, you're still not exactly sure what they do.


I guess it depends on the type of assistant you hire.

You didn't know there were different types of VA?!

Oh boy, there are thousands!

From generalised office assistants, to specialised ones - they've covered all the bases.

Let's talk a little about the most common types of assistant , and what they do.

Social Media Assistant

A virtual social media assistant is one of the most sought after types.

They're a god-send to anyone who doesn't understand social media, or just doesn't have the time for it.

But they do a lot more than draft a few Facebook posts…

They can also analyse all your social profiles and keep a check on market trends etc.

Marketing Assistant

Similar to a social media assistant, they can keep an eye on all your public profiles - creating content and tracking follower growth etc.

But they have a stronger focus on ‘selling'.

So they could be creating video advertisements one day and emailing newsletters to potential customers the next.

Anything to promote your business and gain you more sales!

Graphic Design Assistant

Well, this is a highly specialised role.

Almost anyone can draft a tweet, but not many can use an app like Photoshop to create content.

It requires a lot of training due to it's difficult nature.

They could be doing anything from creating brand logos, to designing posters, to making animations.

Any sort of creative art, they've got covered.

Travel Assistant

Though not as specialised as some of the other assistant I've mentioned, they do require an excellent eye for detail.

After all, we all have that one friend that spelled their own name wrong on their boarding pass and got turned away at the airport.

No one wants that guy booking their travel arrangements.

Think of this assistant as a virtual tour operator.

They can book you flights, accommodation, day trips etc - all without the extortionate commission.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

At the start of 2019, there were over 5 million small businesses in the UK.

That's a lot of people that are overburdened by their own ambition.

Get a step ahead of the competition, and hire a VA!

Admin Assistant

Well, this is one of the more generalised roles.

They take on a sort of office secretary persona, covering everything from answering calls to data entry!

They're usually one of the cheapest assistant types too, perfect for those who want just a little clerical help.

Chapter 5

Okay, I'm Convinced, Where Can I Find One?
VAs Are Everywhere, You Just Have To Know Where To Look
We Make Finding Your VA Easy

The internet is awash with a whole host of people trying to make it as a virtual assistant.

From executives looking to start their own business, to students looking for quick cash - the variety of VAs out there is immense.

With so much on offer, it's easy to get tempted by the low-cost, seemingly great profiles.

I mean, who wouldn't want an assistant that's offering to work for them for a ||$||1.22||$|| a week?

I know I would.


If a person is drastically undercharging for a lot of work, I really recommend finding out why.

Does their price list contain lots of hidden fees?

Are they genuinely misinformed?

Here at QuoteGrab, what you see is what you get.

Plus, our pool of VAs is so extensive, we rival all the other top-ranking VA sites.

We keep our pricing fair and accurate - and don't hide any fees!

Hiring a VA is The Best Thing You Could Do For Your Business
We Could Find You The Perfect VA in Minutes

Chapter 6

Our Top Hiring Tips

Before you hire a virtual assistant, there are a few things you should know.

Knowing these things isn't a be all end all of the hiring process though, so don't worry if you're not 100% certain on what you need.

Think of these more as a guide to make the hiring process a little easier for all of us.

My Top Tips What Does This Mean?

Know The Details

Know exactly what you want from them before you hire them i.e what hours you want them to work, when your projects need to be done etc.

Know If They're Specialised

There's no point hiring and admin assistant if you want them to work on graphic design projects.

If you require a specialised task, let them know before hiring them - or you'll both end up disappointed.

Know How To Give Feedback

Everyone responds to feedback differently.

Some prefer a ‘tough love' approach, while others prefer a non-confrontational approach.

Discuss with them what sort of approach is beneficial for both of you.

Know How To Communicate

Inform them how often you want to communicate during the hiring process.

If they're only free to talk every Friday, and you're only free every other full moon - it's not going to work.

Consistent communication is essential for a good relationship.

I hope I've covered all of your questions about the work of VAs, and how they price their services.

And why it's always so important to ensure you're hiring workers of the utmost quality.

Our team here at QuoteGrab always go above and beyond to ensure you we match you with the best VA possible.

We know quality matters, and would never deprive you of that.

Why not give us a quick message to see what virtual assistant we think fits you?

We could get you introduced in minutes!

Call us today and receive a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers.