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The Cost and Usefulness of a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant Can Be Anything You Need Them To Be
Could You Benefit From An Extra Pair Of Hands?


When I say virtual assistant I know you're thinking…

What is that?

Don't worry, it's not a robot butler.

Although that would be fun.


A virtual assistant is a living, breathing person that will do nothing but help you and your company get out of that rut you've been stuck in.

(And for a third of the price of hiring a new employee as well.)



If you asked one of our top clients what a virtual assistant was a few months ago, they would have given you the same blank stare I'm sure you gave when you first heard the term.

Their sales were down by 48% and they were desperate for help - but couldn't afford the added expense of hiring a new employee.

So we found them a virtual assistant.

Now business is booming and sales are up 56%

A company that was heading down the road to failure, managed to turn it all around and do better than ever!

(In 6 months by the way.)

All thanks to hiring a virtual assistant.

Now they have more time on their hands to spend on what really matters to them; their customers.

All the complicated and boring (but necessary) work was given to the VA and completed faster, better and cheaper.

At first, they hired a virtual assistant on a short term basis - (as a trial.)

But after seeing the amazing benefits of having one, they've continued to use them almost a year later.


I know what you're thinking;

How much is it gonna cost me?

Well, less than you think.

Actually, in the long run, hiring a VA will save you money.


Let me explain...

Chapter 1

How Much Does The Average VA Cost?
They Can Actually End Up Saving You Money
A VA Costs A Lot Less Than You Think.

Right, so you're thinking about hiring a virtual assistant.


But how much does one cost?


That would depend on exactly what you need doing.

And when you need it done by.

Actually, there are quite a few things that can affect the price of a VA.

Let me show you!

What They Value Themselves

You wouldn't expect to pay an artist ||$||8||$|| for an entire mural, would you?

They value themselves a lot more than that.

Well, apply the same logic to the virtual assistant industry

They'll rate their training, experience and availability against their competitors, and charge a fair price to either match or beat theirs.

Ultimately, they decide what their services are worth and you're expected to pay that!

What You Expect Them To Do

Virtual assistants are usually hired on a task by task basis.

But you can hire their services in bulk too - like a bundle package!

Obviously, as a whole, this will cost significantly more than paying for each task you need.


If you predict that you'll probably be using their services for a while, you could end up saving money in the long run this way.

(Because buying in bulk typically results in a discounted price. )

Where You Hire Them From

The internet is full of sites boasting that you can hire top quality VAs from them.

But not all of these sites are honest.

For example, hiring a VA through an agency almost always costs slightly more than hiring one through a site like Fiverr.

The prices typically vary so much (you can guess how much VA's on Fiverr roughly cost just by looking at the name) because of the quality of assistant available.

Anyone can call themselves a virtual assistant on an online marketplace.

To be hired through an agency/quote site (like us) they would need to be properly vetted first!

That's not to say that all cheap VAs are terrible though, you just need to do some research on them first!

There are actually a significant number of ways to determine how much you should be charged for a VA's services.

But honestly, you'd be here all day if I listed them.

So, I decided to give you the top 3 instead!


Virtual assistants aren't con-artists, they won't ask for a ludicrous paycheck for mediocre work.

And likewise, you can't expect to pay a mediocre rate for a ludicrous amount of work.

VAs are hard workers, who only want what's best for your company.

Like any business relationship...

If you look good, they look good.

Chapter 2

What Can A VA Actually Do?
They're Basically Your Own Personal Superhero!
You Name It, A VA Can Do It.

A VA is so worthwhile.

But what do they actually do?


Anything you want.

(Within reason.)

They won't take your cat to the vet for you...

But they can write, edit, schedule meetings, organise your diary and set up meetings - the list is endless.

Need Your Finances Managed?

Spend, spend, spend.

Is that all you seem to do with your companies money?

Do you even know why you're going over budget?

Maybe you need a little bit of help with the company finances.

(Find out what money is going where and how you can make some cuts etc.)

You have the time to do that, right?


Use a VA!

They use their time to focus solely on the company's finances - and can even report back to you with ideas on how you can save money.

A VA can help keep you inside budgets, make necessary purchases and get your expenses to make more sense to you.

Because let's face it...

When numbers are involved, we're all guilty of glazing over after a while.

A VA will make it their priority to make it easier for you - and save you money in the process.

And they'll even free up more time for you too!

Who can argue with that?

Don't Understand How To Utilise Social Media?

Social media is an amazing tool to use if you want a cost-effective way to advertise your business.

But do you really want to spend the next 7 hours researching how to advertise on popular social media sites, like Instagram and Facebook?


Totally understandable.

Well, a virtual assistant can set up a variety of profiles for your company and make you more accessible than ever to the growing number of people using these sites.

They'll be able to navigate their way through all the top social media sites and help you to understand exactly why you need to use them!

Plus, gaining a following on these sites can also boost your company's SEO ranking!

A higher SEO ranking is essential for your company, considering most people use online reviews to find out what other people think of a company before they decide to invest their own time in them.

Exposure through social media helps establish your company as an authoritative figure in your field and makes it recognisable to the general public.

This building of trust between you and your customers is essential if you want repeat custom.

And all of this can be done by one person.

A virtual assistant.

Need A Little Help With Research?

Research is an incredibly important aspect for any most businessess - but we don't always have the time to do it.

Or at least, not enough of it.

Here's where a VA can help.

If, for instance, you had to write a report on a topic you aren't too familiar with...

You could assign it to an in-house employee.

But there's no guarantee that they would have the time to do it either - especially not with everything else they've got to do.

So use a virtual assistant instead!

They could actually do the research and write the report for you.

Their attention can be focused solely on that one task that would otherwise be amongst a million other, just as important, tasks I'm sure you have to attend to.

So why take on another assignment that you know you won't be able to give your full focus to, when you know someone else can do it for you?

Plus, you'd probably complete it at a much lower standard than them anyway.

Lose the stress and hire a VA.

Need Something Proofread?

Before something can be published/printed/distributed it has to be proofread.

It has to make grammatical sense - as well as generally read well.

(Hey - not everyone knows how to use Grammarly! )

Proofreading is usually an afterthought for most people - or sometimes skipped completel.

But it's an absolutely necessary element if you want to keep your business looking professional.

However, not everyone has time to do it.

Especially not you.

Allowing a VA to proofread something for you is nothing but beneficial.

If you leave proofreading to an employee who has a million other things to do, then chances are it won't be a very thorough job.

Which will reflect very badly on your company.

Hiring a VA to do the proofreading for you means that they can dedicate all their time to making sure your documents are at their utmost best.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant

Did You Know?

VA's don't always work the typical 9-5.

Their hours will vary depending on what they're needed for, or any other commitments they have.

(Like looking after their kids or working another job.)

Virtual assistants exist purely to help you.

You just need to tell them how they can do that.

It's actually amazing how much a VA can (and will) do for you and your company.

Hiring one allows you to focus on more important matters - like company growth and consumer relations.


Chapter 3

Aren't VA's And Salaried Assistants The Same Thing?
In Fact, You Could Actually Hire 3 VA's For The Price Of One In-House Assistant.
Salaried Stuff Are Rather Costly.

So at this point, you're probably thinking…

Well I may as well hire an in-house assistant, right?

I get it - you like to have an assistant available to you at the drop of a hat.

It's nice to have someone in the office you know is always there to be called upon when needed.

But a VA is always there too - they're only at the other end of your phone!

(And they don't have a clocking out time either - so they're probably more available.)


If they're so similar, why bother picking a VA - what's the difference?

The pay-check.

Hiring an in-house assistant would require you upgrading your office space to fit another 9-5 worker in it - and thus, taking more money from your (ever-tightening) budget.

Whereas a VA would work as and when you need them.

Plus, they don't require a monthly salary.

Or holiday pay.

Or sick pay.


Okay, you get it.

But would a VA have time for me?

To put it simply - yes.

Just advertise the times you need them for , and they can do it!

Of course, virtual assistants have other clients they'll be working for too.

This is their job after all, they don't put everything on hold to work with one client.

(Unless you pay them to.)

But they won't let this affect the work they do for you.

As long as you remain logical, then the work will be done.

You can't ask them to respond to five hundred emails in five minutes - duh.

But don't worry - the work they do do for you will always be exceptional!

Chapter 4

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A VA?
Seriously...I Can't Think Of A Way That They Don't Benefit You!
Where Do I Begin? The List Is Endless!

Ok - by now you know how a virtual assistant can benefit your company.

Work will get done faster.

And the cost to your business is significantly reduced.

But what does this mean for you personally?

More Free Time

Free time?!

What's that, right?

I know - as a business owner, it's almost impossible to believe you'll ever have time for a social life again.

We've all done it - forgotten important events because we're so distracted with work.

(Like missing your partners birthday - again. )

If you hire a VA, they can do almost anything you ask them too.

Anything that you know is unnecessarily taking up your precious time is a job that can be delegated to a VA.

Which allows you to significantly cut down your work week.

In fact, a lot of our clients don't work more than 40 hours a month!

You too can cut down your daily hours just by outsourcing virtual help!

Less Mundane Work

Everyone knows it - work can be so boring sometimes.

But it doesn't have to be.

Getting a VA to help you get combat the ever-growing pile of papers on your desk has a huge impact on work-load.

In turn, it has an immensely positive affect on your productivity.

(And we all know that a happy, productive boss is not only nicer to talk to - but they're also more likely to makes sales!

So, acquiring the help of a VA to get rid of mundane tasks could actually improve the overall impact of your business.

Get Your Priority's Straight

No one works their best in a rush - and that's how you're feeling, right?


This creates a stressful environment for you, prompting you to produce shoddy work.

This affects everyone involved in your business, including your customers.

So stop stressing about the amount you have to do and give the slow, time-consuming tasks to a VA.

They'll do it ten times faster (and better) than you'll be able to because they aren't spreading themselves as thi as you.

And you can use that extra energy on more important tasks.

Like customer acquisition!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

No two VA's are the same, meaning that not every VA is perfect for every role.

It's important to research different people to make sure they're the right fit for you.

Chapter 5

How Should I Manage My VA?
You're More Likely To Succeed If You Have Workers On Your Side!
A Good Relationship With Your VA Is The Key To A Successful Partnership.

So...you've finally decided to get yourself a virtual assistant.

And now you're wondering what you can do to make their life (and yours) easier.

Well look no further, here's a handy list of tips to help you manage your VA!

Practice Good Communication

Of all the VA partnerships that fail, the majority are due to poor communication.

After all, how is your assistant meant to know what you want if you can't even put it into words?

Give a deadline to your VA and let them know what you're expecting.

Don't say something along the lines of “can you sort out that report that I sent you info for last week I think sometime before Friday afternoon please?”

Especially if it's a hard deadline.

Instead, say “I need the John Smith report researched and written by 1 pm on Friday please.”

You see?

No room for confusion!

Set Up A Shared Drive

Set up a direct line for work with your VA.

Using something like Google Drive or Dropbox can really benefit both you and your VA.

It ensures both parties have access to the documents they need, at all times.

So there's no need for emails back and forth, with attachments getting lost and responses taking too long.

If everything is in a safe place and accessible for both parties, then the working relationship can work smoothly and the work will get done quicker.

Don't Micromanage Them

When you're out on a drive, there's nothing worse than a backseat driver.

You know what you're doing, you don't need someone constantly criticizing you..

All it does is stress you out and make you never want to go on a drive with them again..


The same applies to your virtual assistant.

If you're constantly micromanaging them, they won't want to work with you again..

They'll probably rush to get your work done too, as they'll hate every minute they spend with you.

(Sorry, it's true.).

They're qualified and experienced, you need to trust them!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Like you, VA's are their own bosses.

They decide their fees, their hours and how they run their business!

It's Worth It - Promise.
Have You Finally Decided To Hire A VA?

So, that's it.

Simple right?

That's all you need to know about the cost and benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is more than just a handy helper.

They can be a saviour for a dying company.

They can free up time for your friends and family life.

By saving costs and getting a VA to do all the odd jobs that would otherwise be time-consuming, it saves you from the danger of neglecting other, more important things.

It's the little things like that, that really make a difference when it comes to running a company.

It's time to get back in the driver's seat and ake charge of your work life again.

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