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So - business is booming.

The reviews are rating your products highly...

You're raking in new clients every day...

Things seem to finally be going your way!

One problem:

Thanks to your new-found success, you've also found a never-ending pile of work on your desk that is slowly morphing into Mount Fuji.

You need a new team member. And stat!

The thing is, you don't have money, and you don't have space.

I know, I know - it takes so much stress just to be successful!

But then, you hear someone mention something called a ‘virtual assistant'.

You go to the computer and you Google it.

And now you're here.


I know what you're thinking:

“Why should I trust you?”

someone looking stressed
Calm down - we are gonna get through this.

Because I'm a virtual assistant expert, and I've helped countless businesses just like yours.

Don't believe me?

Just last week, we helped a young business owner, Jon.

Jon needed an extra pair of hands to help out with his hairdressing salon.

(No, not literally!)

He just needed someone to handle calls and reply to emails from customers, all with a tight budget under his belt.

Without sounding dramatic, he was scared and he was alone.

Well, he was until we paired him with customer service expert, Sally.

VA preparing to work
This is Sally - the superhero of this story!

Sally has been working in the industry as a personal assistant for years, and had only recently taken things virtual.

With Sally's senior skills and Jon's ambition, they were a perfect match.

Within a short 8 weeks, Jon reported back to me with an increase in profit of 33%!

Pretty amazing, right?

And despite his concerns over a new hire, his main worry was about the cost - and not just how much a VA could cost…

But how you actually pay them!

Are you in the same boat?

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

There are 74,000 virtual assistants listed on Guru, a VA agency!

And that's just one of the many platforms for these freelancers…

Think of the sheer number of VAs that can help your business.

This article will take you through:

- What VAs actually are

- What types of VA exists and how this affects price packages

- What price packages are

- And how to find the best package for your business

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

You've heard of the legendary virtual assistant, haven't you?

No, they aren't some mythical creature…

They're way more awesome than a unicorn with wings.

A virtual assistant is someone that provides assistance remotely, such as from their own home. You conjure up a task for ‘em to do, send it their way via email, message or phone call, and tick it off your to-do list. Oh, and you have to pay them for their services, of course. (We will talk about their low prices later...)

These VAs can do any job - no, really!

Well... as long as it can be done over the internet.

Supercharging your social media?

On it.

Need this accounting done, like, right now?

They're already done.

Just want someone to take phone calls from angry customers?

They're listening to them yell down the blower as we speak.

VA on the phone
Gosh, that guy was angry, wasn't he?

“Wow, that's, like, a lot of tasks.”

You see, there are two types of virtual assistant.

There are general virtual assistants.

Got any admin you need doing? Any time-consuming tasks you're hoping to get rid of?

These VAs do the work that might not bulk up your business in terms of success, but will keep the ship afloat.

Typically they organise calendars, book appointments, and sort your email inbox.

Goodbye, spam - hello, success!

And there are specialist virtual assistants

Think of a department you already have in your business.

Now imagine someone being a part of that department, but they cost waaay less than a regular employee.

That's a specialist VA.

They do the tasks that require training and experience, and tend to come with higher price tags.

It could be writing some blog posts, or it could be doing your bookkeeping - whatever you want, they can do it.

And this is the kind of VA I found for one of my client's who owned a vegan grocery store:

They wanted someone to sort out their online presence and take over their Twitter.

Lo and behold, I found the solution via a VA with the necessary training and experience in this field.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

A virtual assistant might sound like a brand new way to make money…

But really they are just sole traders who do everything on the web!

And as they tend to run their own business, they can dedicate all their time to you.

But more than anything, I found them a VA who had a price package that fit their needs and their budget!

This is because the main way the two types differ is based on the scope of the work they do:

General VAs tend to work based on an hourly rate. Specialists alternatively, do things based on projects.

Chapter 2

What Are Virtual Assistant Price Packages?

Virtual assistants?


Price packages?

Not so much.

Price packages are a set of hours of VA services you can purchase prior to use rather than on a one-off hour of support. These packages are offered for clients who are looking for a greater level of support or more regular basis of VA services.

Remember my hairdressing client?

They wanted to pay at most $240 dollars a month for support with their customer service, but wanted someone to support their business across the whole month.

I found a VA that offered a package of 10 hours a month for $200, giving them around 2 hours a week of customer service success and backup support when needed.

Not only could they finally budget their needs, they could finally enjoy peace of mind knowing that any fixes for issues were already covered.

(And you can't put a price on that!)

So - we know what packages are.

Unfortunately, it's not always as simple as that.

No business is the same, right? Then why would VA packages be?

Here are all the different types of VA price packages:

Standard rate

Have a small task you just need doing, like, right now?

Don't think that you need regular support from a VA?

Then this type of price package is for you.

This is when services are purchased for a one-off occasion, such as one hour.

Did you know that I always get asked if getting a VA for an hour is worth it?

And my response is always the same:

If you need simple support, reap the rewards of an hour or two of support for controlled costs!

Single purchase

Got a specific project you need doing? Want to dip your toe in the water before you take the plunge?

Single purchase price packages are when you pay for a limited amount of time, such as one month.

When my vegan grocery store client was first looking for a VA, I suggested this package so they could determine if a VA was for them without breaking the piggy bank.

They focused their VA on setting up and sorting out their new Twitter account, and used the month to determine if they could become a more permanent hire.

(And they did!)

Retainer scheme

Need regular support? Want a VA to provide ongoing services?

Then a retainer package is for you.

You set the number of hours you want, and then it's invoiced to you on a monthly basis.

But what if you don't use all the hours? They rarely roll over to the next month, and thus should be used.

This type of package is actually what my salon client switched to having fallen in love with their customer service success!

Chapter 3

What Are The Different Types Of Virtual Assistant Price Packages For Different Types Of Virtual Assistant?

I know why you're here.

You want a VA, and you want one now. The thing is, you have no clue how to pay for one, nor know how much they cost, do you?

Well, ok, that's not fair:

You now know that price packages are commonly used by VAs to guarantee a consistent set of hours and reduce their rates.

people confused on laptop
I'm guessing that this is you right now, isn't it?

And that's because there are different types of VA who have different types of pricing.

When my hairdressing client first contacted me they were seeking out support for their poor online ratings and customer service hotline. The thing is, as they had a tight budget they didn't want to fork out for an expensive VA who could take on all of those tasks.

They'd rather have someone who could cut their to-do list to an extent and keep the costs low.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

We spend 45% of our workday on primary job duties.

The rest? Uhh… you tell me!

Or instead, you tell your VA and have them fix that efficiency fail for you.

So, when they were first growing as a business, I found them a virtual research assistant who came at a much lower price than a writer or social media expert VA who could respond to angry reviews and social media comments.

I've already mentioned general and specialist VAs and how the latter is more expensive due to training and experience…

But what specific roles come at a higher price than others? And why?

Data entry virtual assistant

||$||12||$|| - ||$||20||$|| an hour.

It's a simple task that requires simple training:

These VAs will not break the bank. But this isn't just down to the low-cost job - it's because they don't do projects that result in higher prices and costly packages.

One of my clients from only a few weeks was in the market for data entry VAs for their accounting firm.

As they only wanted one-off support, I found them a package for a low volume of hours at an even lower price.

Virtual research assistant

||$||12||$|| - ||$||20||$|| an hour.

Just like data entry VAs, research VAs don't need to have the experience expected of more costly VAs.

Sure, these VAs can be used for a variety of other tasks - from researching competitors to help work out your next social media move - but they rarely take on a whole project.

Use these VAs to cut corners and cut costs as you don't need to cough up the cash for a large package.

In fact, these VAs don't necessarily need to be hired by the package. A one-off hire can do the trick, instead!

Virtual administrative assistant

||$||12||$|| - ||$||20||$|| an hour.

Who else hates doing admin?

Answering phones, organising emails, filing paperwork… It just takes time out of the workday!

And even though these seem simple tasks, as VAAs are often hired as long-term support, they can come at a higher price.

You may have to fork out for a long term package, but the value will be much greater than that of a one-off purchase.

In fact, only 4 months after hiring their social media VA, my client scored a VAA to help them take yet another task of their hands!

eCommerce virtual assistant

||$||20||$|| - ||$||35||$|| an hour.

This is when consistent support becomes important.

(And expensive.)

In recent years, eCommerce has come to dominate the internet.

Team that growing demand for these VAs and the need for their constant support, and you can see some hefty prices!

This is especially true given the tasks expected: SEO, email and ‘live chat' support to customers, processing orders, writing copy, managing inventory…

These are not tasks that simply require basic Excel knowledge.

My hairdressing client has considered an eCommerce VA for when they want to take their products online, but the cost of the packages alone put them off committing to an online store.

Well, for now, anyway...

Virtual bookkeeping assistant

||$||20||$|| - ||$||35||$|| an hour.

Do you know how to do your own bookkeeping?

(Can you even open Excel?)

I didn't think so.

And just like eCommerce VAs, the consistent support needed meant pricing packages are a must.

Sure, good value isn't a bad thing, but high prices you can't afford certainly is.

This is especially true when you want to hire someone to keep control of your finances!

As this requires specific knowledge and specific software, this solution doesn't come cheap.

Virtual marketing assistant

||$||20||$|| - ||$||35||$|| an hour.

It's a basic concept of business:

The higher the demand, the lower the price. And VAs who specialise in marketing are just one example of this.

As marketing VAs are very common due to the demand by businesses, finding a package to suit your business is hardly a challenging feat.

Social media? Facebook adverts? Blogging?

These are just a few of the tasks that might be outsourced to a VA, and all 3 are very common skills among VAs.

Ok, fine, given the array of tasks they need to complete they aren't a low-cost hire, but compared to bookkeeping and real estate, this is a cheaper service.

The packages will thus be less expensive than the more niche roles.

Virtual real estate assistant

||$||38||$|| - ||$||50||$|| an hour.

Last week I got emails from 2 new clients.

Both were in real estate, and both needed support with their luxury real estate businesses.

The thing is, hiring a personal assistant was an expense they couldn't afford as they expanded their business.

A couple of Googles later, and I discovered that real estate VAs were now a popular choice for this industry. But given the array of tasks they needed to do and the experience required for said tasks, the prices were bound to be high.

Mix in the need for their constant support via packages, and they won't charge a cheap bill.

When I finally got back to my clients, I told them that whilst VREAs are cheaper than personal assistants, they still aren't exactly cheap.

So, we know how much the different types of VA tend to cost, and why certain ones have a price tag which is that much higher than others.

And we even know how pricing packages can affect your final bill!

someone asking for a bill
Don't forget to tip!

Question is, how can you find the best package for your own business?

(Hint: it's in the next chapter.)

Chapter 4

How Can You Find The Best Virtual Assistant Price Packages For Your Business?

Price packages are obviously an awesome way to budget your business and take on the benefits of hiring a VA.

Yet despite the awesome advantages, finding one tailored to your business' needs isn't always easy.

(Ironically enough, you could use a VA to find a package to suit your business!)

But you know me.

I simply can't stop finding people solutions for their businesses!

That's why I brought together the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you need a virtual assistant price package, and the kind of package your business needs:

1. Do you need project-based support?

What's the difference between outsourcing to a VA for one hour or on a package basis?

It's the extent of the tasks you need for them.

If you need a VA to complete a project, a package might not be the option for you.

Take one of my clients from last year:

As the owner of a legal firm, they wanted to try a YouTube channel to entice potential clients.

The thing is, they could barely film their dog jumping in a muddy puddle, let alone record and edit a trending video!

So, they hired a VA to edit and upload 3 videos to assess whether YouTube could do the trick.

This project only required a one-off splurge, and thus a single purchase package for the month was chosen.

But it was when their videos started getting some serious views that they decided to use a retainer package to reap the rewards of a YouTube-centric VA.

2. What size is your business?

Own a small business?

Only have room to squeeze in 3 desks in your office? No chance that you can afford a whole new employee?

It's time to get yourself a retainer.

(Think less braces, more business success...)

VAs are a popular business solution as they can fulfill the role of a new employee but for a much lower cost.

So, if you find yourself seeking a new employee - but with a substantial discount - an ongoing package is the deal for you.

The consistent support of a remote employee is the latest business trick you need to have in your arsenal!

3. What kind of support are you seeking?

Looking for a solution to your social media needs?

Get yourself a retainer package to keep up the support for this vital area of your business.

Hoping for a one-off fix for that growing pile of admin?

A single purchase package will solve the issue at hand.

The bottom line is if you're looking for departmental support - like marketing or bookkeeping - you will always need that support.

And if you always need it, ongoing packages should be on your shopping list.

As my salon client needed help with their business' customer, I ensured he opted for a retainer package as he would always need support with Twitter and their other customer support outlets.

Essentially, Sally became a whole new department to their business, and getting rid of her became out of the question.

Chapter 5

The Virtual Assistant Price Packages Of Our Top-Rated Agencies

Still not sure if VA packages are for you?

(Not entirely sure if VAs are even for you?)

someone thinking
I know, I know - running a business is hard.

Don't worry.

I've brought together our top-rated VA agencies, and compared both their VAs and the price packages they have on offer.

This way you can see for yourself what's on the table, and which one will satisfy your business.

(How delicious.)

Yes - it really is that easy!

Avirtual Timeetc Virtalent

Online rating

What VAs do they offer?

Their VAs tend to be executive assistants, thus providing secretarial or administrative assistant services.

Their VAs tend to be executive assistants, thus providing secretarial or administrative assistant services.

The VAs you can hire tend to be marketing VAs and executive assistants, but a variety of other VAs are also on offer.

What packages do they offer?

Avirtual has 3 different packages on offer. They all include a dedicated assistant, holiday and illness cover for your VA, unlimited users, and a backup team of digital marketing assistants and website managers.

The only difference between packages is the number of hours per month.

The smallest package is £145 for 5 hours a month, and the biggest is £2195 for 145 hours.

There are 4 packages to pick from. They all include a dedicated VA, unlimited tasks, the ability to add extra assistants and your unused hours to roll over to the next month.

The only difference between packages is the number of hours per month.

The smallest package is £260 for 10 hours a month, and the most expensive is £1380 for 60 hours.

There are 4 packages to choose from, and each is tailored to a different business type in terms of unused hours needed, and the cost of extra hours.

Another difference between the packages is the hours included per month and the prices.

The cheapest is £260 for 10 hours a month, and the most expensive is £1380 for 60 hours.


By now you should know what kind of VA should work for you…

And what kind of package should serve your business best!

someone running a business
Kick back, and watch your business blossom...

But now it's time to hear from you:

Is a retainer package on your radar?

Or is a one-off single purchase the next step for your business?