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Can virtual assistants make you this happy?

So you’re looking for a virtual assistant…

Brilliant decision!

Virtual assistants are becoming hugely popular with business owners all over the world.

In fact, experts suggest that by 2020 up to 40% of the U.S workforce could be made up of virtual assistants.

No surprise there - virtual assistants are incredibly beneficial!

Trust me, I know.

You see, when our St.Kilda-based company was looking to hire a virtual assistant, it was my job to find the perfect match for us.

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And so I spent over 18 and a half hours researching.

It was a long process, but was it worth it?


We found that after hiring a virtual assistant our productivity levels soared by over 40%.

And the best part? It was all for the low cost of $16.41 an hour.

I bet you’re looking for results just like that, huh?

Well, you’re in luck.

Because I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to hiring a virtual assistant in Melbourne.

So that you can start working with your fabulous new VA and begin reaping the rewards as soon as possible!

Chapter 1

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

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