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You're a doctor? Congratulations.

You've conquered medical school.

You've accumulated a few patients.

And you are officially a respected medical professional!

One problem - when you become successful, you tend to have more things to do.

And when you have more things to do, there's a chance you'll rush certain tasks.

There is no room for rushing in the medical professional.

Making a mistake in data entry might cost a businessman a couple of pennies…

But making a mistake as a doctor could risk your patients' livelihoods!

doctor talking a patient
You can't do it all on your own, can you?

There's only one thing for it:

You need a virtual assistant medical specialist, or a virtual medical assistant.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

Contrary to popular opinion, a virtual assistant is considered a sole trader who runs their own business.

They are not an employee of the client.

They have to sort out their own salary and benefits.

Just last year, one of my clients was in trouble.

They ran a doctor's office in the middle of Dallas. And a busy city means a lot of patients.

He had far too much to do.

In fact, it was when he was so burnt out that he misdiagnosed someone.

And that lawsuit came with a hefty price tag!

It was when I suggested - and found - a virtual assistant medical specialist (or a VA) that things finally changed.

business team celebrating

Not only were they less stressed as someone could finally take over some of those pesky admin tasks, the physicians' offices actually started making more money.

That's right - thanks to their improved efficiency, they could start seeing that all-important success!

So, I only thought it was fair that I shared my expertise out…

This article will take you through:

- What a virtual assistant medical specialist is

- What they do

- What the benefits of hiring one are

- And how you can hire one!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant Medical Specialist?

Let's start off with defining ‘virtual assistant', shall we?

A virtual assistant is an assistant who works remotely!


Okay, fine, here's a better definition:

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who works remotely.

They don't work in your office - in fact, you might not even see your virtual assistant in real life!

“But how can I assign them work?”

Over the internet.

Send them an email, ping them a message, or give them a skype call.

emailing VA
"Yep, just do all the things I hate, please."

The main benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that they work remotely, meaning you don't have to purchase office supplies or get a bigger office to accommodate your new employee.

If you have a task, they can do it.

In simple terms, there are 2 types of virtual assistant:

General Virtual Assistants

These VAs stick to basic tasks that will keep your business running.

Typically this includes organising your work week calendar, scheduling appointments, or sorting your inbox.

Specialised Virtual Assistants

These VAs have specialised skill sets that can transform your business.

These tasks could range from maintaining your social media, to running the numbers for your accounting.

A virtual medical assistant typically represents a mixture of these types of virtual assistants.

They often have the required medical knowledge expected from an employee…

But they tend to perform general VA tasks.

Here's a simple definition:

A virtual medical assistant - or a VMA - completes administrative tasks to support medical professionals.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

Hiring a virtual assistant has recently become a popular trend.

Only recently has the medical sector decided to reap the rewards of remote work!

Why not get #OnTrend?

Specifically, there are 3 types of virtual medical assistant.

Virtual medical receptionist Virtual administrative assistant Medical transcription assistant

Thanks to the wonders of technology, these VMAs can be connected to your business phone lines so they can take your calls, schedule appointments, and call insurance companies.

These VAs help with the - yes, you guessed it - administrative tasks in your clinic. This could include prescription refills, medical record management, and medical billing.

You can send your virtual medical assistant recorded dictation over a variety of cloud-based services and have them transcribe the notes onto the patient's chart.

Chapter 2

What Do Virtual Medical Assistants Do?

So, we know what they are, but what do virtual assistant medical specialists actually do?

In short, they take care of the smaller tasks that a practicing medical professional doesn't always have time to do.

But I get it.

Making a decision for your business is stressful enough.

That's why I thought I'd make things that much easier and layout every single task they typically perform.

Scheduling your business calendar

I don't know about you but I find sticking to my deadlines near impossible.

Everything is always up to the last minute!

My client was exactly the same.

And sticking to client appointments is pretty important as a doctor…

Enter their new VA!

Their virtual medical assistant had the training and expertise required for top-notch scheduling.

A couple of swishes of their magic VMA wand and hey presto -

That's your life sorted for the next few months!

Maintaining patient records

When I first got emailed by my client that fateful night 11 months back, this is the first thing they told me:

“I'm a damsel in distress with my data…

No clue how to organise it…

And no clue how to learn to organise it!”

Lucky for them, I had the solution up my sleeve.

Not only could their new VMA solve their scheduling problems, they could process and organise the patients' records.

And in case you haven't noticed, those records are pretty damn important…

VMAs are trained in processing and maintaining such data.

Addressing patient queries

Don't get ahead of yourself - you aren't the only one with medical knowledge around here!

In order to qualify as a virtual medical assistant, knowledge of medical terminologies and past experience is often required.

So, if patients have any queries or concerns, they can run it by your virtual assistant medical specialist, saving you time!

My client found this to be a surprise benefit of hiring a virtual assistant medical specialist:

No longer did they have to provide snap explanations to patients, preventing unnecessary appointments and boosting customer service.

Processing the health insurance of patients

Depending on the healthcare provision where you are, processing the health insurance of patients is key.

You're a busy doctor - do you have time to process patients and then have appointments with them?

Didn't think so.

It's time to outsource this task, and speed up your schedule.

Like I said: my client struggled with organising and processing data.

And incorrectly processing and sorting your patients' data is bound to cause problems.

Pricey problems!

General office maintenance

Got any other admin tasks you don't have the time nor the skill to handle?

Well, that's exactly why you should hire a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant medical specialist can put your office and medical supplies in order.

And thanks to their bank of knowledge, you can trust their expertise to do this effectively and efficiently.

(Sounds good to me!)

Sort your social media

Helping to run your medical clinic is the main tasks of virtual medical assistants.

But what about getting the word out about your clinic and boosting your business?

Yep - they can do that, too.

A typical task of a virtual assistant is to take charge of a business' internet presence…

And VMAs can also cover this!

So, which tasks are you looking to outsource?

Are you looking for medical support, or admin support?

Chapter 3

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant Medical Specialist?

Virtual medical assistants can clearly do a lot for your medical clinic.

But what are the other benefits of clicking ‘hire'?

You can save time

This is the most popular benefit of hiring a virtual assistant. Who doesn't want a few more hours in the day? You're busy enough as a medical professional, so finding a few more minutes to keep to yourself or stay on top of your work goes much further than you think. It could be providing more time for your patients or it could be increasing your availability for these clients! My client highlighted this in their first few emails to me. And be highlighted I mean underlined , in italics , and bolded . I made sure that saving them time was at the top of my to-do list, and found a VMA that could cut out the tasks like processing patient records for my client.

You can save money

Not only do you not have to fork out for a salary for a new employee, but you can also easily budget your needs. Oh, and don't worry about the added expenses of this new employee. No need to pay for a new computer - they already have one! VAs are typically paid for at an hourly rate meaning you can determine how much support you need, and how much you will have to pay for it. Having a tight month? No money to spare that week? Simply don't hire them. All it requires is a couple of clicks! My client was running out of their budget when they contacted me. They needed extra support, but not the extra costs. I made sure I found them a low-cost, high-quality solution to their business needs.

You can boost your productivity

Thanks to an extra set of hands you can increase the productivity of your clinic, becoming a more efficient and lower-cost business. And considering how busy medical professionals can be, staying productive is key. This productivity is all down to their experience and training. Most agencies train their VAs to bring them up to their standards, and given their experience in the medical field, they are certainly high-quality employees.

You can keep the office open 24/7

Ready for a surprise? Your VMA doesn't need to be down the road for them to be awesome at what they do. They don't need to be in the same town… The same city… Not even the same country! They can be on the other side of the world - and this is actually a major benefit of hiring VAs! My client was based in the UK and was shocked when they found out their virtual assistant medical specialist was in Australia… But this meant that when their office closed, their VMA was just starting to get up. And so, they returned to work the next morning and discovered completely organised patient records.

You can improve your customer service

Remember when I said your VMA can solve your patients' queries and concerns thanks to their medical knowledge? Your virtual assistant medical specialist can provide support to your patients themselves. Also, as your VMA supports you remotely, you can get on with your own tasks, such as one-on-one conversations with your patients.

You can have qualified support

When you hire an employee, you consider a few factors, right? This can include their experience in your field and their qualifications. Lucky for you, most VAs have the relevant training by their agencies meaning you have support suited to the medical profession. And given the knowledge required to work at a clinic, this is a useful addition to any doctor's office. When I first talked to my client about finding a fix for their business needs, I suggested a general virtual assistant. They weren't convinced. They worked at a busy clinic, and they needed qualified medical support. A couple of minutes later, and I had provided the new solution of a virtual medical assistant.

Now, that's a lot of benefits!

VA medical benefits
Sounds great to me!

You certainly won't be spoiled for choice when it comes to a virtual medical assistant.

Question is - how can you find a virtual medical assistant and reap all these rewards?

Chapter 4

How Can You Hire A Virtual Assistant Medical Specialist?

Convinced, yet?

I thought so.

Well I thought that I'd make things that much easier.

I haven't just shown you why you should hire a VMA…

I'm going to show you how to hire one.

There's 3 methods you can follow to find your new virtual assistant:

Post a job listing

Pen a job advert, and post it on jobsites. Once you've got a couple of candidates, review the options and pick favourites. Then, pull your interviewing shoes on and fire a couple of questions their way. Pick the best virtual assistants and hire ‘em!

hiring a VA
"Welcome to the team!"

Search social media

Virtual assistants have a variety of talents on offer - one of which is sorting out your social media. One of the ways they advertise this is through their own social media or websites. So, get searching on this platforms, and send out some messages to your favourite virtual assistants. Then go pull on your interviewing shoes yet again, and complete the process!

Use an agency

Or you can skip the search and use an agency. It's like Amazon for virtual assistants - scroll through the options, and pick the one that suits your business best. You can even assess their experience and expertise, as well as past projects. I recommended my client use an agency as they make the process of looking for a VA much easier and much quicker. (Sounds just like hiring a VA!)

Chapter 5

Our Top-Rated Agencies

Like I said: my client used an agency to find their new hire.

And given my wisdom regarding virtual assistants - I am an expert, after all - I've brought together the agencies that have the QuoteGrab seal of approval!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

Virtual assistants don't necessarily work from 9 to 5!

(Sorry, Dolly Parton).

They run their own office, and so they can start and finish whenever.

All that's left to do is pick the agency you like the most and go find your VA.

Avirtual Hello Rache Xilium

Online rating

Reviewers loved that they had more time thanks to their VAs, and also mentioned the usefulness of having a back-up VA on hand.

This is ranked as the no.1 virtual assistant service for medical professionals. Reviewers also of the pricing - there's no hidden costs!

Reviewers notes that this is one of the few companies with a chiefly medical focus to their services, making it a popular choice.


The hourly rate starts at ||$||21.38||$||.

The Core package starts at ||$||213||$||.

The hourly rate is ||$||9||$||.

There are no packages on offer - you only pay for the hours you use

The hourly rate is ||$||9||$|| - ||$||15||$||.

Customised packages are also on offer to suit your business' needs.

Special feature

Avirtual pride themselves on their low-cost virtual assistants. The founder sought to find UK standard VAs at a cheaper price.

You can start a live feed with your VA through a tablet or mobile, and take the with around the office so they can carry out their tasks.

They specialise in a wide range of administrative support for healthcare professionals such as medical billing and medical coding.


So, you can save time on admin , organise your patients' data better, and have more time to do your actual job?


Medical VAs at work
Imagine this - but over the internet!

You best get hiring a virtual assistant medical specialist then!

Which tasks are you looking to cross off your to-do list?

And are you looking for medical-specific support from a virtual assistant?