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We understand - you're stressed.

You're at the end of your tether, aren't you?

You're receiving at least 117 emails a day - which are impossible to sift through quickly, by the way.

One of your clients is chasing you up because you forgot to send them the document they needed yesterday.

And to top it all off, a new social media site has just been realised that you have no idea how to work.

Well Houston, you have a problem.

I've faced all of these problems too.

When my client first started their small design business, they faced more problems than they care to admit.

Their accountant actually informed them that there was a 47% chance their company would be closing by the end of the year.

This was not good news.

They managed to survive the year - just about.

But they were left with £127 to their name and on the brink of registering for a dissolution.

Then they saw it.

An ad!

“Are your profits dwindling? Got a spare $15? Our virtual assistants can save your company!”

They were about to close down anyway, so what was the harm in giving it a go?

And boy, did it change my life.

Within a month, their profits were the highest they'd ever been and their customer base had tripled!

The ad did exactly what it said, my virtual assistant did save their company - for just £15 an hour!

Now, while your business may not be crumbling, you obviously have some issues with your workload.

That's why you're here!

I'm going to teach you everything there is to know about virtual assistants - and just where in Houston you can find them!

So buckle up and let's take a look at what virtual assistants can do for you!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?
Virtual Assistant on the phone
They're remote; they're really awesome.

A virtual assistant is exactly what the name claims - an assistant that you work with virtually.

Thanks to 21st century technical advancements, they can perform virtually (ha!) any task you need performed from the comfort of their own home.

From generalised clerical jobs, to skill-based assignments (like social media management) - there's an assistant available for every need.

You'll never meet them in person (yay, no more awkward social interactions) and will conduct most of your business via email.

Occasionally, you may want to set up a phone call with them if either of you need something clarified.

But in the most part, the internet is your only form of communication.

They work independently.

They're not an employee - just someone you pay for a job.

It's kind of like, instead of hiring a live-in personal chef, you head out to Subway and pay per sandwich made!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

There are over 11,400 VAs in the UK.

And given its small size, think of how many more could be on the other side of the pond!

Then again, your VA could be on the other side of the world and be just as good as an assistant next door...

Chapter 2

What Can They Do For Me?

If you want it, they can do it.

That's not a cue to start waking them up at 3am to order you breakfast though.

As great as that sounds (to me anyway), that's not really the kind of task we're talking here.

To make it a little easier to understand the scope of what a Virtual Assistant can do, take a look at the chart below...

Social Media Management Customer Service Admin Content Creation

Scheduling Posts

Responding To Queries

Diary Management


Drafting Posts

Dealing With Complaints

Data Entry

Sub Editing


Sending Offers To Loyal Customers

Answering Phones

Creating Graphics

Analyzing Your Growth

Promoting You To New Customers


Taking Photos


Responding To Social Media Followers

Booking Things

Blog Management


I know that list doesn't look endless…

But that's only because I couldn't possibly fit the amount of tasks they can actually do into the table.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

VAs offer a wide variety of tasks.

No, seriously - if you have a job, they can do it!

Chapter 3

The 4 Reasons You Need To Hire One
Tightrope walker
Do you feel like your business is on the edge?

Better Balance Than A Tightrope Walker

What's a sure fire way to ensure you have a great life?

That's right…

A perfect work-life balance.

And boy is that hard to come by.

Well, not anymore.

If you hire a virtual assistant, you earn the right to be selfish with your time.

You can relinquish control of as much work as you possibly can, freeing up hours - or even days - of your time.

Need your social media manned while your son stars in the school play?

Not a problem!

You've hired this assistant to fit around your lifestyle, they'll be happy to takeover.

Make Your Customers Think You're Allergic To Sleep:

VA working
Welcome to your open-all-hours office!

The key to customer service is accessibility.

And what says accessible more than a business owner that doesn't sleep?

Well, that's how it looks anyway.

While you're tucked up in bed in Houston, your UK-based assistant is waking up to start their day.

Your customers don't know this…

So instead it seems like you're there to answer their queries 24/7.

Anything You Can Do, They Can Do Better:

2 executives
No one is perfect - that's why you need a VA!

You consider yourself to be rather good be rather good at email marketing, right?

Well, so do they.

And I can guarantee that they're 100 times better than you.

They've spent years undergoing dedicated training in their role, and have plenty of real world experience.

So why settle for doing a ‘good' job, when you can hire them and receive a phenomenal one?

Stop Burning Cash Like You're At A Bonfire:

Wasting money
No one likes losing money - so why are you?

Hiring a full time staff assistant is equal to just throwing your money in the trash.

If the task at hand only takes 2.5 hours, why would you pay a staff member to be available for 8?

And pay their breaks.

And holiday.

And sick days.

When you add it all up, the sum you're wasting is ridiculous.

It's much more efficient to hire a trained specialist for the specific time-frame you need.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

VAs work with on average 6 clients simultaneously.

That's right; they can provide the specific support tailored to your need.

How's that for providing a personalised experience?

Chapter 4

When's The Right Time To Hire One?
Executives shaking hands
Solve your problems, and shake that hand!

When do you put airbags in a car?

Certainly not after a crash.

You put them in before an accident, a preventative measure to cushion the blow.

It's a lot easier to avoid the crash than fix the wreckage.

So why wait for your business to fail to ask for help?

Do you think billionaires waited until they made their first million to outsource help?

Of course not!

They had it from the get go.

So, you're wondering just how to know when you should actually start looking for a virtual assistant.

Well, here are the top 3 signs that you're missing a VA...

1. Work takes up all your time.

Evenings, weekends, family time...hell, you even almost missed your own wedding rehearsal dinner because you were updating Twitter.

It's pretty clear you've taken on too much work.

Not only does that disrupt your work-life balance, it affects the quality of your work too.

The stress of doing everything at once will start forcing small tasks to slip through the cracks…

2. You don't enjoy work anymore.

When you started this business, you loved it.

It was your passion project and you enjoyed every moment of it.

But now…

Well, now, it's just stressful.

Your home-life is strained, your down-time nonexistent.

You'd rather be jobless than spend another minute staring at a computer screen, responding to customers.

3. You have a business.

I cannot stress this enough.

If you have a business, you need an assistant.

It doesn't matter how big or how small it is.

Nor does it matter if you're making a ||$||5||$|| profit or a ||$||500000||$|| profit.

There's an assistant out there for you.

You've just got to find them.

Chapter 5

Where Can I Find One?

The internet is awash with people offering their services as virtual assistants.

From dedicated apps to social media posts, it's hard to think of a place where you can't find one.

However, just because someone is easy to find, it doesn't mean they're good.

Anyone can put out a post claiming to be a trained assistant.

VA scam
Don't fall victim to them!


These people are asking you to part with your hard-earned money in exchange for shoddy services.

Take the time and stress out of reading these terrible adverts and contact us here at Quotegrab instead.

All of our virtual assistants are thoroughly background-checked, meaning they're well-trained and experienced!

Virtual assistant at work
That's your VA sorted!

Well Houston…

It looks like you don't have a problem anymore.

You know exactly how to improve your business quickly and efficiently.

And all within a few hours!

So what are you waiting for?

Call us here at Quotegrab today and get a quote from our trusted suppliers.

We can set you up with the perfect assistant in minutes.

That's a promise.

Chapter 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Virtual Assistant Worth It?

Is your business worth it?

That's the real question here.

If you believe in your vision and want success in your future - and who wouldn't want that? - then hiring a virtual assistant is the right move for you.

Are Virtual Assistants Popular?

Oh yes.

And their popularity is continuously rising.

I predict that in the next 10 years, there won't be a company left who doesn't have one!

What Training Do Virtual Assistants Have?

Whatever training you need, they'll have.

You hire based on the profile you want, meaning we match you up with an assistant already experienced in the field.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Prices will vary depending on the service you want, length of time required and turnaround.

Prices can range from ||$||1||$|| to a few hundred!

Contact us for a quote today!