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So, you've started a business.

You've polished up your business coach skills.

Or maybe you've perfected your life coach techniques!

Either way, when your coaching business starts to grow, so does your to-do list.

A longer to-do list means more things to do…

And more things to do means a greater chance of things not getting done...


stressed executive
Everything is going to be okay - trust me.

This sounds just like one of my clients:

Their business coaching had just seen its 2nd birthday when it suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed.

And by ‘a bit', I mean ‘a lot'.

Their website hadn't been updated for 7 weeks…

Their social media presence was, well, not there…

And their revenue had fallen by 13%.

But when they emailed me 5 months ago, I knew exactly what to do.

I found them a virtual assistant that was tailored to their specific needs!

happy executive
You want to feel like her for a change, don't you?

Sounds good, right?

Fancy getting your hands on numbers like these?

Then it's time to hire a virtual assistant of your own.

This article will take you through:

- What a virtual assistant is

- The tasks they can do for business and life coaches

- The benefits of hiring one for your coaching business

- And our top-rated agencies

I've even answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get every day!

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Isn't it obvious?

A virtual assistant is an assistant who is virtual!

Alright, I'll give you a better explanation…

A virtual assistant is a freelancer who works remotely.

You send them a task via the internet, and they'll do it!

VA being set up for job
This - but over the internet.

In simple terms, there are 2 types of virtual assistant:

General Virtual Assistants

These VAs stick to basic tasks that will keep your business running. Typically this includes organising your workweek or sorting your inbox.

Specialised Virtual Assistants

These VAs have specialised skill sets that can transform your business or take on a task you need specialist experience to complete. These tasks could range from maintaining your social media, to running the numbers for your accounting.

For a business coach like yourself, there is a wide range of tasks that a virtual assistant could take on.

They could be specialised or they could be general VAs!

But this is what is really great about hiring a virtual assistant for your business…

As there is such a wide variety of VAs, you can be sure to find a perfect match tailored to your business' needs.

Or, you can leave that to us!

Chapter 2

The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Making any decision regarding your business is hard.

We know that.

“Will it work out?”

“Will it be a waste of money?”

“Will it use up all of my time?”

That's why I've decided to make things that much easier.

I've brought together the questions you need to ask yourself to determine if a virtual assistant is an option for your business.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies use business coaching.

Yep, that's a lot of people using a lot of your services.

So, why aren't you investing the proper resources in it?

1. Do you work remotely?

Let's say you're a freelance business coach.

Your living room is your office, and the second you check your phone when you wake up, the office is officially open.

You need a VA!

My client was the same, and this meant that hiring in help for their social media was simply not an option!

They considered renting out an office, but this would blow their budget.

But as virtual assistants work remotely , they could provide the support my client needed without them needing to pull up a chair!

Even if you work in a small office, VAs are the right option for your business.

2. Do you struggle with certain tasks, like marketing?

You're a business coach.

You know the ins and outs of running a successful business…

And you know the importance of marketing that business...

Problem is, you have no idea how to market your business!

(Houston, we have a problem.)

My client was exactly the same - that's why I suggested a VA.

Their VA could take care of their marketing with their specialist knowledge and experience.

Are there any other tasks you struggle with? They've got those covered, too.

3. Is your budget unable to budge?

One of the most popular benefits of virtual assistants is this:

They're the low-cost option with a high-return.

As you can contract them based on an hourly rate and hire them per project or package, you can easily budget your VA needs.

My client needed their Twitter sorted pronto - but it had to come with an affordable price-tag!

I found them a VA with experience and expertise in social media who came with a cheap rate.

Thanks to VA agencies you can scroll through the options and compare their prices, experience, and expertise.

Now, bag that bargain!

So - what's the verdict?

Could virtual assistants suit your business' needs?

Chapter 3

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For Coaches?

(The question you should really be asking is “what can't they do?”)

Virtual assistants can do basically any task for you or your business.

Well, as long as it can be sent over the internet!

The main benefits stick to your online presence:

Fact is, getting the word out about your business and showcasing your coaching skills is key to scoring clients.

And virtual assistants can do just that!

Prepare to be amazed by everything that they can do…

Sort your social media

In case you haven't noticed, everything is online now.

From your fave music artists to the neighbour's dog, everyone is on social media.

So, why wouldn't your business be, too?

That means you need to put a lot of effort into your online presence.

Oh, you don't have one?

Enter your new virtual assistant.

My client's VA transformed their twitter, invigorated their Instagram and made their Facebook fantastic.

Getting the word out about your business is key to your success, and social media is the go-to way to do just that.

What could your VA do for yours?

Maintain your website

Just like with keeping up-to-date with your social media, your website is pretty damn important.

It's where people learn all about you and the services you have on offer!

Chances are if you know squat about social media, your WordPress knowledge won't be so hot, either…

Lucky for you, there are people that have that knowledge.

My client hadn't updated their website in 7 weeks when they emailed me that fateful night.


An out-of-date website equals an out-of-date business!

A professional look, on the other hand, can transform first appearances and guarantee you yet another client.

Sounds good to me!

Content creation

It's a basic principle of all-important Search Engine Optimisation: start a blog, and update it regularly.

Don't have time to do that?

Don't know how to do that?

Enter your new VA.

Copywriting is a common skill among VAs, and it means you can hand over the research, the writing, and the uploading of the content.

You won't have to lift a finger!

(Well, ok, you will because you have to run your business...)

Support for speaking events and webinars

As a coach, you'll know that showcasing your skills via speaking events and online webinars is key.

That means your calendar is going to be chock-full with these events!

You're going to have to sort out a presentation…

Create the content…

Promote the event…

That's a lot!

And it's for that exact reason that you need a virtual assistant.

Only last month I had a new client - a life coach - ask for advice regarding these events.

They barely had time in their schedule to make a 3 slide Powerpoint Presentation, let alone perfect a Prezi!

So, when I suggested - and found them - their new virtual assistant, they were pretty happy, to say the least.

Could they bring finesse to some of the most important dates in your calendar?

(The answer: yes!)

Completing administrative tasks

So, they're clearly a useful tool for your coaching business…

But what else can they offer?

Remember when I mentioned General Virtual Assistants?

That's right, they're the ones that stick to administrative tasks.

By ticking those pesky tasks off your to-do list, you can stick to what you know best: coaching!

Take my business coach client:

They hated Excel and needed someone to deal with their data!

I found them a fix, and they've seen a 47% rise in profit since then.

Now, that's a lot of tasks!

And that's your to-do list chopped in half, and your time put to better use.

Cool, right?

Chapter 4

How Can You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

So - you're interested in a virtual assistant for your coaching business.

Question is: how can you hire one?

thinking about their business
I've got the answers.

Well, I'm here to answer that question!

There are 3 different ways you can hire your new VA:

1. You can put out a job posting on a job site

Once you've penned an advert, you post it to a job site. When the candidates start rollin' in, pick your top contenders and get comparin'. Interview, assess with a trial task, and hire. Easy, right? Well, this process does take the longest amount of time. How long will it take you to write the job advert? And what about waiting for the virtual assistants to sign up?

executive writing a job post
Ready to find yourself an even more awesome VA!

2. You can search for a virtual assistant via social media

Next up is a similar process: But this time you skip the job advert bit, and source the candidates fresh from their own marketing. Virtual assistants utilise their online presence as their main tool for finding clients. Whether it's LinkedIn, Twitter, or simply checking out virtual assistants' websites, see who impresses you the most. Ping them a message, and get interviewing. Hey presto - here's your new VA!

interview with a VA
So - is he impressing you, then?

3. You can use a virtual assistant agency

Virtual assistant agencies are a bit like Amazon… You scroll through, see which price, experience and expertise suits you, and click ‘hire'! There are even agencies which specialise in certain types of tasks, professional experience, and their location.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

Virtual assistants work with multiple clients at the same time.

They are used to juggling tasks…

And they are used to keeping up with deadlines.

Chapter 5

Our Top-Rated Agencies To Find A Virtual Assistant For Coaches

Let's recap:

You know if you need a virtual assistant…

You know what virtual assistants can do…

And now you really want one!

Well, I thought I'd make things that much easier.

That's right - I've brought together the best agencies that provide virtual assistants for coaches' specific needs.

(All you'll actually have to do is grab a quote…)

Column1 title Zirtual AVIRTUAL TLC for Coaches


Despite the positive reviews regarding the quality of the VAs, it was the value for money that suffered the most criticism - we will let you be the judge...

Reviewers loved the access to a wide variety of talented VAs, and noted their own increase in productivity and efficiency as a result of the hire.

Reviewers loved their specific experience with online support, whether it's fixing issues or making the websites look incredible and tailored to each client.


Their most popular - and cheapest - package starts at ||$||398||$|| for 12 hours (||$||33.16||$|| an hour).

The cheapest package starts at ||$||148.84||$||, and comes to ||$||29.60||$|| an hour.

Their WordPress services (which they specialise in) start at ||$||59||$|| a month.

Special features

Zirtual specialise in a professional service - they pride themselves on only hiring 2% of applicants. Each VA also has a university degree.

They have a wide degree of tasks on offer, from social media to data entry.

They have a wide range of specialist VAs including virtual PAs, marketing assistants, bookkeepers, etc.

It's this wide berth of experience and expertise that they take a lot of pride in.

They are a team of VAs that specialise in providing support for coaches and entrepreneurs alike.

Most of their services revolve around your online and website-based presence.

So: which one could work for you?

Are you looking for specific support for your business or life coaching business?

Or are you seeking general virtual assistant support to tie up the odds and ends?

Chapter 6

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Communicate With My Virtual Assistant?

Like I said: virtual assistants get their name from working remotely!

That means everything they do is online.

So, when you send over the necessary files, ask for certain tasks to be done, or have a meeting with them, it's all done over the internet!

It could be via skype, or it could be sent in an email.

video message between VA and executive
It's as easy as tapping a button!

Is Hiring A VA Cheaper Than Hiring An In-house Employee?

Not only are the rates cheaper than paying a salary, by controlling how long you contract them for you can keep your budget in check.

Plus - the remote nature of their work can help cut those costs further:

No more forking out for another employee laptop…

And no need to buy a new desk from IKEA…

It all adds up to a low-cost solution to your coaching needs.

How Do I Choose A VA?

As mentioned previously, there are many different ways to find a virtual assistant.

But picking them?

Just like with an employee, it's never easy.

Nevertheless, interviews are the tried-and-tested go-to for finding your next hire.

Chat to a few of your top candidates, and assess which will suit your business best.

Finish off the process with a trial task.

Whoever does the best is hired!

someone being hired
"Welcome to the team!"

How Does The Pricing Work?

The prices are either calculated as a part of a package, or are an hourly rate.

There are different types of package, and they vary as per the number of hours included, the number of VAs on offer, and the level of support.

Retainer packages for example provide a back-up level of support such as 20 hours a month.

Do They Have To Be Local To My Workplace?

Ready to hear something crazy?

Your virtual assistant could be on the other side of the world and still do a top-notch job.

No, seriously.

Yep - they can be 2000 miles away and still send you that content for your website on time.

And it's all because of the internet…

The world really is your oyster!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith, Author

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants expert

Did You Know?

You probably won't meet your virtual assistant face to face…

But this is actually a benefit of virtual assistants!

When you go to sleep, they are just waking up.


So - you now know what your coaching business needs…

And you even know how to remedy those needs!

From choosing a virtual assistant to handing them their first paycheck, you know the ins and outs of virtual assistants.

business coach
Now, go be even more successful!

Now it's over to you:

What tasks are you most excited to outsource?

And how many hours a week do you want to hire your virtual assistant for?