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How A Cold Calling VA Can Benefit Your Business

With The Help Of A Cold Calling VA, You Will!
Do You Want To Gain New Clients?

So you've been calling potential clients all week.

But you've not got any results from it.




All that work and energy...

Yet nothing to show for it.

Feeling a bit desperate now, aren't you?

But you have no clue where to turn for help.

Well, you're in the right place.

Last month, we helped a client who was struggling massively - just like you!

John, a US-based small-business owner, was making call after call - but not gaining any clients.

People just wouldn't stop hanging up on him.

(That's if they answered at all.)

His downfall was that he was just so nervous whenever he was on the phone.

Don't be too hard on him though, he did have a lot of stuff to remember.

Like all those sales figures he needs to reiterate to wow the clients!

No wonder he couldn't confidently secure a deal.

John was wasting so much time on these disastrous calls - time that could be spent on something more beneficial to his business.

In fact, he was probably losing money too due to his massive phone bill.

Luckily, one of John's friends had worked with us before, and told him how we could help!

He decided to call us - (yep, he finally had success on the phone.)

After he filled out a short form, we managed to match him with his dream virtual assistant.

Straight away - (okay, like a few days in) - he'd already noticed a 40% increase in people wanting to listen to his pitch.

He even gained 8 new clients in the first 2.5 weeks of working with his VA.


You've got to admit that's impressive!

Well, we want to produce the same results for you.

No - we want your results to be better!

We can find you a virtual assistant that knows exactly how to engage your leads.

So, what are you waiting for?

Chapter 1

What Is A Cold Calling VA?

Before I even begin telling you about virtual assistants, let me tell you exactly what a cold caller is.

Yep, there's a better way to describe them than 'a person you wouldn't want to hang out with.'

(Only joking!)

Cold calling is usually described as the act of trying to gain potential customers through unsolicited contact.

But times have changed...

Companies generally only tend to call leads who have already expressed interest in their company.

You can see why people still don't like cold callers though - we've all had a bad experience with one, right?

Just last month, I'd had a really bad day at work.

All I wanted to do was stick Netflix on and order a takeaway.

But the second I sat down... bam!

The landline rings.

Just my luck.

I'm too polite to hang up, so I just had to listen to them talk...

And talk...

Andddd talk.

I hadn't even been mis-sold PPI!

Cold callers like this are so annoying.

They're often untrained and unprepared.

And honestly, they're just calling random numbers in hope of a breakthrough sale!

(Sorry, never going to happen with those rubbish sales tactics.)

But, these cold callers do have a reason for being so annoying.

Back in 2007, it only took around 3 calls to land a sale.

But today…

Well, it takes a whopping 8 calls.

That means the difficulty of making a single sale has more than doubled.


Now you're probably thinking, “I'm not surprised, cold calling it so outdated!”

Well, hold your horses...

82% of people actually accept meeting requests after a cold caller reaches out to them.

That's a high percentage of leads still being converted with this practice.

There's obviously still a market for cold calling, so why wouldn't you want to invest into making your practice more efficient?

Well, ta-da.

You can with a VA!

Yes, it may take a little longer to see results than other lead conversion processes.

But it's so worthwhile, I promise!

Plus, it gives your virtual assistant a chance to display their excellent time management skills and cold calling expertise.

But what exactly is a virtual assistant?

Well, it's pretty obvious, right?

They're an assistant that works... virtually.

Because they work from the comfort of their own home, you can actually hire them from anywhere in the world!

Not only are they fully flexible...

I mean hellooooo they can work while you're sleeping!

(If you hire one from a different time zone, of course.)

But they come pre-trained in all things cold calling.

So hire a virtual assistant and say goodbye to awkward phone calls and hello to new clients

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants Expert

Did You Know?

30-50% of sales go to the first company who calls.

So you can see why you're always getting spammed, everyone's trying to get to you first!

Chapter 2

Why Should I Get A Cold Calling VA?
Don't Dismiss It Based On A Few Bad Reviews
Cold Calling Is More Beneficial Than You Think

You've created a business to get clients and make money, right?

You know that getting the word out about your business is essential...

But you never envisioned yourself becoming a cold caller.

Now you're stuck making tedious calls that aren't even bringing any clients in.

You've never hated your job more, it's just so boring...

Oh, and don't even get me started on those stupid scripts that you've been up all night trying to perfect.

“Hello Sir, can I interest you in ___?”


It just sounds so bad, right?!

Anyway, you can barely make a doctors appointment without stuttering - let alone call a thousand leads every day.

Plus you've got reports to write, tweets to post and invoices to send.

You really don't have the time for any more work.


Hiring a virtual assistant will eradicate all those problems.

But how do you know when to hire one?

Here We Go Again

Are you constantly overwhelmed?

Do you wake up everyday thinking, “oh god, here we go again.”

You know you need to make calls to get more clients, but you can't stand people yelling at you.

And you're starting to wonder what the point of all this is.

In fact, you're considering shutting up shop altogether!

Of course, no one should feel like that.

So, why not eliminate that fear altogether by hiring someone to take over?

Your VA can take every call you need.

Plus they can even perfect your selling script, to limit the chance of rejection…


More Effective Calls

We all wish we were perfect at everything.

Like imagine having the ability to fold your laundry straight away and not just leave it on ‘the chair' for days.

Or imagine being able to perfect the art of gaining thousands of clients a day.

We can all dream right?

But sadly, you haven't conquered that dream just yet.

It's even worse now that it takes around 8 calls to get anywhere.

That at a lot of wasted time.

Especially when you could be focusing on other things, like those taxes you haven't sorted yet.

But why are VA's more effective salesmen?

Well, because they have more experience in making successful sales and training in dealing with clients - even the difficult ones.

They know what to say, when to say it - and even know what time to call!

I bet you didn't know that the best day to call a lead is a Wednesday.

But your VA did.

Escape The Prison (Of Time)

It's ridiculous, isn't it?

“What is, Joanna?”

That massive pile of paper on your desk that's growing by the second.

I know you feel bad about ignoring it…

(Especially after all those poor trees died for it.)

But feeling bad doesn't get your work done.

But, if you hire a virtual assistant, you're free to cry in the shower as much as you want.

Your VA can get things done…

And quickly too.

They're experts in their field, so amending those stupid scripts that you can't quiite seem to perfect will be a breeze for them.

You'll have so much more time to spend on things like;

Customer acquisition
Market Research
Or even a Netflix marathon!

Bridging The Gap

Is your team lacking the skills they need to make progress within your company?

Or maybe you have an employee that has a knack for finance but is painfully awful at note-taking.

You don't want to let any of your pre-existing employees go, because they really are great.

But you just can't afford to hire a new person to fill in the blanks.

So what do you do?


A virtual assistant can bridge the gap between employees!


Well, these VA's have been in the industry for years - with all sorts of training and experiences.

So, of course they have a speciality!

One might even be skilled at note-taking - lucky you!

And guess what…

They only cost a 1/3rd of the price of an in-house employee.

So you can bridge the gap for pocket change!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

Companies lose between 10% - 30% of their customers each year...

So remember that follow up calls are just as important as cold ones!

Chapter 3

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A VA?
The List Of Things They Can Do Is Pretty Much Endless
Honestly, There Isn't A Way That They Can't Benefit You

Not sold just yet?

That's okay, I've got plenty more reasons on why you should hire one up my sleeve.

Here's a couple of my favourite ones!

Put Space To the Back Of Your Mind

Virtual assistants work from the comfort of their own home.

So you don't need to run around your city looking for office space rentals.

You don't have to try and score a deal on the latest Macbook to provide them with either!

Hell, you don't even need to buy them a pen.

They work from home, so they supply their own equipment.

The only thing you need to invest in is that fancy new coffee machine you've had your eye on for the past month.

(Okay, maybe it's not a need - but you should definitely buy it with all that money you've saved! )

Money Rules The World...But Not Yours

Money makes the world go around, right?

But not yours.

(Mainly because you don't have enough of it.)

But don't worry!

Hiring a VA is way cheaper than hiring a full-time employee.

One of the main reasons being because they're so much better at managing their time!

In fact, they can do tasks in less than half the time that it takes your full-time employees to do.

(This is their sole focus after all.)


And you even don't need to pay for things like:

Sick pay
Maternity pay
Training days
Or even computer repairs!

They're Super Flexible


I don't mean that they're top of their aerobics class.

What I do mean, is that VA's aren't glued to the normal 9-5 workday.

They can work any time they choose - which is fantastic for you!

Need someone to work a couple of hours on a Sunday night to help you reach those last-minute weekly targets?

Or maybe you have a lot of international customers, so need someone managing your phone line while you're fast asleep.

Whatever you need, they'll do.

VA's are there to give you non-stop support whenever you need it!

(Of course within reason - remember your ‘virtual' assistant is still human. )

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistant Expert

Did You Know?

The best time to call a lead is between 4 PM and 5 PM.

So, you better stop calling them at 8 PM, when they're already settled down in front of the TV for the night.

Unless you enjoy being told where to stick your phone every evening.

Chapter 4

Where Can I Find A VA?
The Type Of Assistant You Want Will Change How You Should Search For Yours
There Are Two Main Places To Find A VA

There are actually multiple ways to find a great VA…

But I know you don't have a lot of time to spare.

So I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you about the two most popular ways businesses hire their VAs!

To help you understand the hiring process more, first, you need to understand that there are actually two types of virtual assistant…

Good ones and okay ones.

(That sounds so harsh - but it's true).

The good ones typically belong to some sort of official company, while the okay ones are usually found on freelancing sites - (like Upwork or Fiverr. )

Businesses generally use these sites when they're either low on funds or the work they need completing isn't that extravagant.

So they scrimp out and hire the lower-priced VA's.

(When I say scrimp, I mean scrimp - you can get ones that cost £3 an hour. )

Which is all well and good if you're looking for cheap labour for a low-risk job.


Anyone can register themselves as a virtual assistant on one of these sites.

(Yep, even you.)

So you'll never truly know if they're well-trained or experienced.

Not until they make a monkey out of you anyway.

If you need a difficult task completed, or are about to hand over sensitive information - I'd suggest going through an official company instead.

You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that all assistants on their site are properly vetted!

Stuck on which company to use?

Well, I've heard that a little site called QuoteGrab hits the mark.

(Shh, I'm not biased.)

You tell us exactly what you need doing and how much you're willing to pay, and we'll start comparing all the VAs we can find.

I promise that it won't take us long at all to find the best VA for you and your business.

In fact, if you do choose to use us, we can start finding you a great VA in minutes!

All you need to do is fill out this short form.

Chapter 5

My Top 4 Hiring Tips
I've Got 4 Top Tips To Help You!
You Need To Know How To Hire A Good VA

So, now what ?

You think you know what you want - but you're scared of making the wrong choice.

After all, hiring the wrong person can be detrimental to your company.

Don't worry, I've got some tips for you!

Know What You Want

You need to be absolutely sure about what you want before you agree to work with a VA.

After all, you can't hire someone then...unhire them.

(Well, technically you can if you want, but it's not very professional. )

Especially when it was you that was unsure about the exact tasks you needed doing.

You need to understand what your business is missing and find that in your new VA.

Once you know what you want, you can communicate that with your VA.

It'll cut the confusion and ensure a strong partnership between you both!

Good Vibes Only

You want to work with someone that loves your business, right?

And you obviously want to love them just as much.

No, you're not asking you to be best friends for life…

But, chances are, you want to at least like them a little bit!

The better the relationship between you both, the stronger your sense of trust in each other will be.

And trust is vital for a successful partnership.

Trust me.

(No pun intended.)

Respect Their Time

Yes, VA's are always there for you, rain or shine.

Well, kinda.

Here's the thing:

They actually have their own lives.

Yep, just like you and I.

Big shock, huh?

Jokes aside, VA's will advertise their hours and communicate this with you before hiring.

Of course, if you reallllly need their help, they can work around those hours.

But it's still better to prepare than pay to compensate!

Answer Your Phone

I'm going to be really honest with you for a second.

I'm not always the best at replying to messages in a timely manner.

In fact, I totally suck at it.

And I can bet you do too.

But you do have to be great at responding when you work with a virtual assistant.

That is their only way of contacting you after all!

The fact is, they're virtual - they aren't sat next to you at work.

They can't just shout across a desk at you if you've taken too long to reply…

This means that constant communication is key.

(Okay, maybe not 300 emails a day - but you know what I mean.)

I would suggest setting up a weekly chat with them though.

This means you can discuss any issues either of you has or give clarification about certain tasks, and so on.

Plus, it helps you remember that there is a real person on the other end of the line - not a robot!

We Can Help You Find That person!
It's Essential That You Hire The Right Person For The Job.


There you have it.

You now know everything you need to know about cold calling virtual assistants!

(And more.)

They sound great right?!

Who wouldn't want someone to make all those awkward calls for them?

And with a higher success rate too!

I know I would!

So don't want around any longer.

Fill out our free form now!

In just two minutes, we can find you up to four top quotes!