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So you’ve been calling potential clients all week.

But you’ve not got any results from it.




People are swearing and taking their daily stresses out on you.

It’s not like you would walk into their work and swear at them.

But it still hurts, doesn’t it?

All that work and energy...

Yet nothing to show for it.

Feeling a bit desperate now, aren’t you?

Don’t know where to turn?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Just last month, we helped a client who was struggling massively - just like you!

John, a US-based small-business owner, was making call after call but was getting nowhere.

People kept hanging up on him.

(That’s if they answered at all.)

He got very nervous on the phone with so many things to remember,

Like the script,

And all those numbers to wow the clients

Let alone confidently secure a deal.

John was wasting a lot of time - time that could be spent on something more beneficial to his business - and making basically no money.

In fact, he was probably losing money due to his massive phone bill.

John heard about us through a friend.

So, finally made the right call by calling us

And we matched him with His dream virtual assistant.

Just by filling out a 2-minute form.

Straight away - (okay, like a few days in) - he’d already noticed a 40% increase in people wanting to listen to his pitch.

He even gained 8 new clients in the first 2.5 weeks of working with his VA.


You’ve got to admit that’s impressive!

Don’t want to waste time on people who’ll only hang up on you anyway?

Well, turn all that wasted energy into gold:

Your virtual assistant will know just how to engage your leads.

Yep, you could be as successful as John.

So, what are you waiting for?

Chapter 1

What Is A Cold Calling VA?

Before I even begin telling you about virtual assistants, let me tell you exactly what a cold caller is.

Or maybe the question should be ‘what isn’t a cold caller?’

A person you wouldn’t want to hangout with

(only joking!)

Cold calling is trying to gain potential customers with no prior contact through a calling


We’ve all had a bad experience with a shoddy cold-caller, haven’t we?

I Had a long day at work and all i wanted to do now is to sit down

and eat my dinner while watching Glee on Netflix

so, I finally sat down to eat.


The landline rings.

Just my luck.

Now I have to get up and listen to them talk.

And talk

Andddd talk,

About something, I don’t even care about.

These types of Cold Callers can be soooo annoying.

They’re often untrained and unprepared...

(Maybe even a little scared of you.)

They’re just calling random numbers in hope of a breakthrough sale!

And that will never happen with their rubbish sales tactics.


Did you know that back in 2007 it only took around 3 calls to land a sale?

But today…

Well, it takes a whopping 8 calls.

That’s over double the number of calls it took previously - just to make a single sale.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “I’m not surprised, cold calling it so outdated!”

Well, hold your horses:

82% of callers actually accept meetings after a cold caller reaches out to them.

That’s a high percentage of leads still being converted with this practice.

It may take a little longer than other lead conversion processes, but this is where your virtual assistant can display their expertise in the area and time management skills.

There’s obviously still a market for cold calling , so why wouldn’t you want to invest into making your practice more efficient?

Well, ta-da.

You can with a VA!

But what exactly is a virtual assistant?

Well, it’s pretty obvious.

They’re an employee that works... virtually.

You can actually hire them from anywhere in the world because they work from the comfort of their own home.

Giving you full flexibility . As they work for you and are there for you, rain or shine.

While you’re sleeping (your stress away) they will be working away,

(if you hire one from a different time zone)

So say goodbye to those awkward phones call

And hello to new clients

(Unless you still not sold - then you should read the next chapter.)

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Email is 40 times better at getting new clients than both facebook and twitter.

Looks like email is here to stay.

Chapter 2

Why You Should Get A Cold Calling VA

You’ve created a business to get clients and make money, right?

You want to get the word about your business out there, don’t you?

Didn’t see yourself becoming one of those annoying callers, did you now?

But you’re stuck with making these tedious calls that aren’t bringing any clients in.

You’ve exhausted your copy of the yellow pages...

And don’t even get me started on those scripts that you’ve been up all night trying to perfect.

“Hello Sir, can I interest you in ___?”


It just sounds bad, right?!

Anyway, you can barely make a doctors appointment without stuttering, let alone call 1001 leads every day.

Plus you’ve got reports to write, tweets to post and invoices to send.

You really don’t have the time for any more work .


Hiring a virtual assistant will eradicate all those problems.

But how do you know when to hire one?

Something Here

Are you constantly overwhelmed? Do you wake up everyday thinking, “oh god, here we go again.” You know you need to make calls to get more clients, but you can’t stand people yelling at you. And you’re starting to wonder what the point of all this is. In fact, you’re considering shutting up shop altogether! Of course, no one should feel like that. So, why not eliminate that fear altogether by hiring someone to take over? No more trembling every time caller moans at you as your VA can take every call you need. Plus they can even perfect your selling script, to limit the chance of rejection… Result!

More Effective Calls

We all wish we were perfect at everything. Like, folding the laundry straight away when it’s dry and not just leaving out days at times. Or Being able to gain more clients. (Ay, see what I did there?) But with all these calls nothing is happening. It’s even worse that it now takes 8 calls to get anywhere That at lot of time wasted

And lot money being lost. When you could be focusing on other things, (like those taxes you haven't sorted yet) But why are VA be more effective Well because they’ve have experience and training in dealing (Maybe, dealing isn't the right word.) Speaking to clients, They know what word to say, they even know what time to call Did you know the best time to cold call are wednesday Of course didn’t (or maybe you did, my bad) But your VA did.

Escape The Prison (of time)

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? “What is, Joanna?” That massive pile of paper on your desk that’s growing by the second. I know you feel bad about ignoring it… (Especially after all those poor trees died for it.) But feeling bad doesn’t get your work done. But you can’t seem to fill them out in time , I know what it’s like (I’m trying to balance two jobs and university degree, who am i kidding. ) Virtual assistants get things done... And done quickly. Because they are experts in their field.


The task you set them will be their sole focus. Meaning amending those scripts will be a breeze for them. Now look at these things you can do: Spend time in bed without a panic attack done! Focusing on different aspects of the business Done! Those scripts need editing Done! Covering the phone for you Done! Finally, Giving you, your time back…