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It's that time of the year again.

No, I don't mean Christmas.

I mean crazy hectic busy days


Clients screaming...

You name it.

You wish it was Christmas though, don't you?

To finally put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea in peace.


(that was me enjoying my tea actually)

You want to take a break from this craziness.

I understand.

What's even worse is accounting and finances.

And doing math.

A Virtual Accountant can help with your accounting.

No normal human being is good at maths and finance, really.

Except me... but I'm a goddess and I'm the exception.

But stress no more, human beings!

I have a solution!

Christmas has come early!

Kind of, not reeeally really.

And it's all because you can have a virtual assistant:

A person who will take care of things.

Take care of you and your business and its finances.

Don't we all want someone who will share the workload?

We certainly approve of this genius idea!

And so do 83% of our clients who have tried our services!

Goodbye accounting & stress.

Hello productivity!

In search of a Virtual Assistant Accounting.

Chapter 1

What Is The Difference Between a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Assistant Accountant?

I can already see the question marks popping up in your head.

What in the world do these people do?

What are they?


These assistants help people like you and me!

People whose tasks are never-ending.

People whose clients never stop calling.

Generally very busy people.

Virtual assistants are exactly what you think they are!

A Virtual Assistant in Accounting can organise your life.

They are assistants working on their own, on tasks you've provided.

They can literally help you with anything !

All you have to do is ask.

And then pay.

Because of course they don't work for free!

I wouldn't.

Neither would you!

You have to pay for their time working for you.

Just like you do with any other employee.

But there's a perk here!

A virtual assistant is not a full-time employee of yours;

You only pay for their working hours.


Now you'll be able to save money and actually go on that trip to the Bahamas!

So jealous. *insert crying face*

You finally have free time to go on a trip, thanks to your VA!

But what is a Virtual Assistant Accounting, you ask?

The difference is really simple.

It depends on the tasks you provide to your assistant and the purpose of hiring one too.

So to explain it in veeery simple words,

For all the people like you reading this,

A virtual accounting assistant is an assistant specifically for your accounting.

For the management of your finances.

For invoices, payments and so on...

A general virtual assistant can accomplish other tasks too.

(Apart from your finances, I mean.)

Such as social media management.

Or taking client calls.

Or organising your calendar.

But a virtual accounting assistant is specifically hired to do maths.

And help those poor ol' souls who suck at maths.


I did not mean you!

I bet you're great at maths haha

Chapter 2

Can a Virtual Assistant Only Do My Accounting?

Yes, of course!

A virtual assistant can do everything and anything.


You can give them whatever tasks you don't want to do.

Or don't have the time to do.

And they'll happily do them!

They are life-organisers , packed with skills to tackle the world!

Their skills are so diverse

Their experience ranging from sending emails to doing marketing!



Let's be honest…

Research is no one's favourite thing to do.

It's boring - there, I said it!

It takes so much time too.

I'd rather do something more important than go through endless amounts of pages to find what I want.

And I actually do just that.

I focus on tasks that matter.

You know how?

87% of our clients and I are happy to have an assistant to help us!

We simply give instructions on exactly what we want done and they come back with the results!

Client Management

Another thing a VA can help you with is client management.

Running a business is not only about administrative stuff but you have to pay attention to your clients too.

Your VA could handle those lengthy phone calls that you just want to hang up; or emails to clients who demand updates 24/7.

Diary scheduling & management

Another boring task that you'd rather not do is keeping your calendar updated.

Wasting time on booking business trips and hotels, organising all your upcoming events on your calendar, confirming appointments.

It doesn't sound like it will take too much time; but if you add all of them, your whole day will be gone - forever !

And you can't take that back.

My client was so happy to finally have help with managing his busy schedule.

So focus on what you do best and your virtual assistant will take care of the rest.

Photo Editing

Do you have a website?

A blog maybe?

If you use photos for your business, you'll know how time-consuming it is to do something as simple as photo & video editing.

My client, who owns a small food business, found relief in having a helping hand.

Paperwork was increasing as well as other responsibilities.

Until her VA whooshed in and took care of the photo editing and blog maintenance for her.

You can do the same if you're struggling in certain areas of your business.

You can also hire them for very specific tasks.

Tasks you can't do...

Like accounting!

Don't get me wrong - you might be okay at maths.

But they might be better at it.

Just give it away , why won't you!

Make your life easier and full of excitement again.

It's a win-win situation!

Less stress, that's the goal!

Let's do this!

No more stress with your accounting!

‘But why give my assistant access to my finances?'

Let me ask you a question…

Do you want your free time back?


To have free time, you have to give a task away.

Accounting and dealing with finances takes sooo much time.

Personally, I like focusing on important tasks.

Although I'm the queen of maths,

I do find it boring.

I'd rather pay someone to do this task for me.

They might do a better job at it too.

Now THAT'S a plus!

A virtual accountant assistant works remotely.

They can do many tasks.

And they can also focus on one thing, like accounting.

With accounting, there are loads of things a VA can do!

For example, they can take care of your bills.

Your bills will actually be paid on time for once!

Also, bookkeeping is one of those boring tasks.

You know, the ones you think you have under control

But you actually don't

Because you don't invest time in it.

Yes, madness!

But it will allow your VA to track where your money goes!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants Expert

Did You Know?

A Virtual Assistant is not educated to a degree level for this job position.

All they need is a can-do attitude , bags of enthusiasm and great organisation skills.

For a Virtual Accountant, a degree is not necessary;

However, many agencies recruit Finance graduates to guarantee quality service to their clients.

Your Virtual Accountant can also focus on the invoices.

More paperwork and numbers.

Prepare the invoices and whatnot

Email them to your clients and customers

In order for you and your virtual accountant to get paid on time.

They can chase after those little rascals too

Those trying to get a free service out of you!

They can do the dreaded taxes too.

Some of them actually live for this;

They live and breathe taxes and tax returns.

So don't hold back in asking them to do it!

Chapter 3

Who Can Hire a Virtual Assistant Accountant?

Anyone who is suffering from excess workload.

Those who need a helping hand

Or a right hand.

Maybe a left one too.

(Just kidding!)

But really -

If you need a hand, get yourself a virtual assistant.

Anyone can hire one;

Whether you're a mum, a business person;

Or a rich person looking for more free time to spend that cash...

A cup of coffee while your VA accountant is helping you out.

There are also Virtual Assistants specialising in certain fields.

Assistants for marketing,

For administrative tasks and accounting.

You could hire a remote assistant to handle a specific task

Your accounting

Which will allow you to take a break for once.

68% of our clients have reported less stress since hiring a VA

You need a break - I can see it in your eyes.

Well, not literally cause I can't see you

But for you to be here reading this…

You need help with your accounting ASAP!

Don't waste time then

Have a look at a few quotes and see for yourself!

Chapter 4

Do I Really Need a Virtual Accounting Assistant?


Trust me - you do!

You will not believe how much you need them

Until you've given it a go.

The difference in time and task management is unreal!

You will actually have time to sip that piping hot tea in peace for once.

Not rushing through the door like a thief!

There are so many benefits to hiring an assistant.

But what are the benefits?

Allow me to discuss:


They are experienced employees.

Accountants are extremely experienced

And just really good at doing their job.

It is a major perk to have a person ready to start working for you.

Like those toys you got on Christmas when you were little

Straight out of the box, brand new and ready.

No nonsense with putting it together and seeing how it works.

Assistants like these are fully trained and ready

Straight out of the box!

Accounting is never easy, let your VA do it.

They know what they're doing.

So, training is out of the picture.

Thank goodness.

They know how to analyse data ,

Pile it into a report and make it look pretty for you




You name it.

They're superheroes in real life.

They have their financial -ish together!!

They can do all the boring stuff for you.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants Expert

Did You Know?

Virtual assistants might be working for you while you're sleeping!

VAs work remotely and internationally.

A Virtual Assistant could be anywhere in the world working at flexible hours.


And I don't mean doing the splits and bending backwards 180 degrees.

Unless you're that flexible but okay show-off!

I mean, flexible work for both of you

It is possible for both of you, indeed.

You, my dear, are flexible in terms of hiring whoever you want,

Whenever you want.

You can be the judge of whether an assistant is good enough

And whether they do adequate work for you

If you feel like the work is not up to your standards

It is really easy and simple to let them go.

However, it is a really really and I mean really rare thing to happen

And that is because all my clients are happy with our services

The virtual assistants are competent in all areas

We can guarantee this!

This type of work is also flexible for your virtual assistant too!

These assistants not only work remotely

But they also work whatever hours they feel like working

As long as they meet the deadline

And the end result of their work is professional.

There is no 9am-5pm in this job.

Just pure flexibility and competency.

Increased productivity

I personally LOVE productivity!

I love being busy and accomplishing tasks throughout the day.

I'm sure I'm not the only weirdo though!

Who doesn't like feeling accomplished

As if they're on top of the world!

Aaah I love that feeling.

But for you…

The only way to feel what I'm feeling on a daily basis

Is to get an assistant for your accounting !

I swear

Accounting can suck the life out of you

Along with your free time too!


You guessed right!

Unless you get someone experienced to help you

Not only with administrative tasks

But specifically with your accounting.

Once accounting is out of the picture for you

You'll start focusing on tasks that matter

And on areas that need strengthening.

Just like our clients have managed to do!

Your smile when your VA Accountant is doing a good job.

This year, a business owner was really struggling.

Many areas in his business were suffering;

He was multitasking instead of focusing on one sector at a time.

By hiring a VA for his accounting,

He managed to focus and reassess weak areas in his business.

If your social media is suffering

Now is your chance to work on it!

So, go ahead and give your accounting away to your assistant

And fully embrace productivity and quality work!

Which leads me to my next point…

All aspects of your business will be under control.

Everything will slowly be under control.

Everything will run smoothly for once

And you'll get to be more relaxed

Which will feel strange in the beginning too.

You're not used to not having a crazy morning.

But you can achieve less stress by increasing the quality of your work.

Once you start being productive,

Everything falls into place.

Free time for a cup of coffee.

You won't feel like a lunatic or like a zombie

from managing too many tasks

And from lack of sleep.

Or a failure for not being able to do it all.

Your virtual assistant is what you need.

Someone to take the huge bulk of accounting off your shoulders.

No budget?

No worries!

Stress no more about prices

Or about the salary of your employee.

Yes the budget is low but there is always a solution!

A virtual assistant is neither a full-time employee of yours

Nor part-time

In reality, they can be whatever you want.


1. You hire an assistant specifically for your accounting

2. You assign specific tasks

3. Give precise instructions on how to handle your finances

4. And then pay them for their time

So the amount of work they do depends on their assigned workload.

If it's a lot, they will work longer and you'll pay more

If it's not that much, they will work less hours and it will be cheaper.

Chapter 5

How Exactly Do You Hire an Incredible Virtual Assistant Accountant?

Yes, everything sounds good

Like angels singing in heaven...

Cause this idea of a VA for your accounting is GENIUS !

But there is one problem.

(And we're back to Earth, guys)

How do you hire an incredible Virtual Assistant Accountant?

It sounds hard

Especially if you don't know much about hiring staff.

But you do know the process!

Look at you having a chat and relaxing after a stressful week.

You can hire a virtual assistant:

1. Through word of mouth.

If you've been recommended a certain assistant

Go for it!

Hire them.

Chances are they'll be as good as other people say.

It is easier to comment negatively

Than say something positive about their work.

So when someone praises an assistant's skills

It's a good thing!

2. By posting the job vacancy on a job search website.

This is a typical method we're all aware of!

And the most effective as well.

Simply because you post about the vacancy,

You list literally everything you expect from this person

And then wait for applications.

Searching for the perfect Virtual Assistant in Accounting

Once applications are in,

You are the boss!

You have full control and judgement over who's worthy of your attention.

No more faffing about.

You choose who to interview,

Through a video call or a call

(remember: they are remote assistants!)

And then pick the best candidate!


Through an agency.

What more can I say about this option, hey?

It's self-explanatory really!

Agencies are the most trustworthy places to get yourself an assistant.

Especially a remote one!!!

They can guarantee a well-trained and qualified person.

It's a fact.

An assistant in accounting does not necessarily have a degree in finance

But it is crucial that they are qualified.

Accounting is not an administrative job.

It is slightly more serious and complex.

It deals with taxes and payments.

A virtual accounting assistant should be qualified.

Great with numbers too!

We mustn't forget that!

A virtual assistant for accounting should also be organised.

Because if a VA is not organised for a job like this

If they don't know how to prioritise tasks

They can't actually function.

You know, do their work properly,

For a demanding job like this.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants Expert

Did You Know?

A Virtual Assistant can boost a business' profit by 23%

This is because:

1. you share the workload,

2. your productivity increases

3. and you strengthen weak areas in the business.

Also, accounting needs IT proficiency.

It might be self-explanatory

But knowing how to use a computer is a must.

Now everything is done on the computer

Especially finances!

Basically, virtual accounting assistants should be skilled.

Accounting is not playtime

Accounting is not playtime

Picking a qualified assistant is no easy task.

Which is why it should be done with care.

Chapter 6

Where Do You Hire Virtual Assistants Specifically For Accounting?



FlexProfessionals is a recruiting company which provides flexible work to professionals in several fields.

The company hires professionals, qualified with a degree in sales, accounting, business and HR.


Acelerar provides virtual assistants for accounting services.

Their services include: accounting, finance, bookkeeping and spreadsheet services.

This agency provides 24/7 virtual assistance.

Lastly, the virtual assistants are guaranteed qualified for the job.

Robert Half International

Robert Half International has been named by Forbes Global 2000 as the world's largest financial recruitment company.

Although it is a large company, it has been ranked as one of the happiest companies in the US , which means they must be doing something right.

With that being said, they offer services in fields such as: accounting, finance, administration, IT, marketing etc.


SmartBooks is a private company, offering financial assistance to small businesses.

One of their core values is to not find just one virtual assistant perfect for you, but harness the skills of multiple talented people.

Essentially, the accounting tasks will still be completed but not by a certain VA.

Summit CPA Group

Summit CPA is the perfect place to hire a Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer), aka a virtual assistant specialising in accounting.

It is a company that provides remote accountants along with a Chief accountant at an affordable fixed cost.

Essentially, you need a virtual assistant for your accounting.

My clients can guarantee that it's the best decision for their business.

Their productivity skyrocketed,

As well as their profits.

As you can see

It is easy to find a virtual accountant assistant.

All you have to do is read this post!

And save it, in case you forget how to do it hehe

I am now giving you the knowledge I have on virtual accountants

And you shall part with it

And hopefully use it wisely

And effectively.

Click the link below and have a look!