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How A VA Can Save Your Business

Hiring a VA can reduce your stress levels almost instantaneously!
Are You Stressed?

Most of our clients have been exactly where you are now.

Work piling on top of them.

A never ending stream of admin.

It, well, it sucks.

You know you need to spend more time sourcing clients, but you just don't know how you'll ever be able to.

Not when you have so much other stuff to do.

Okay, okay.

Admin isn't important - well, not more important than building connections with your clients anyway.

But it still needs to be done.

Should you have to sacrifice your profits to ensure all your emails are getting answered in a timely manner though?

Of course not.

So, why suffer?

You don't have to - not when virtual admins exist.

When our clients were struggling, a lot like you are right now, most of them had never heard of VAs.

This was certainly the case for the client I was just speaking to.

(They're actually an old client of ours, they were just updating us on their progress)

Before they contacted us, they'd actually spent years in their mess, basically self-sabotaging.

Always putting off their actual work, in favour of time-confusing admin tasks.

But then... they got lucky.

Let me tell you the story that made them want to try out a virtual assistant!

The owner of this business was on the train one day and overheard the conversation of the people in front of them.

They asked me to inform you that they weren't earwigging, promise - it was just a happy accident.

The guy in front of them was talking about his new role as a VA and all the amazing ways he'd helped businesses thrive.

Intrigued, they decided to stop what they were doing (which happened to be emailing me) and keep listening.

The owner claimed that they almost fell off my seat when the man claimed he only charged ||$||9||$|| an hour.

“I could get all that boring admin work done for just ||$||9||$||?” was a direct quote from the email they sent me, following their encounter.

They just couldn't believe it.

Though this client wasn't the type to approach people on trains - hello, that's weird - they didn't want to let this opportunity pass.

They gave the guy a quick tap and asked if he was taking on any new work right now.

By some strange coincidence, the number our client was given by the guy was ours - crazy, right?

It turned out he actually lived in Barcelona, and we were his British contact!

When we spoke next, the client expressed a lot of worry about the location of this particular VA as, “how can they help me with stuff with that commute - it would take hours to get here.”

Yep, that's an actual quote.

It was honestly the funniest thing they've ever said.

That's when, through my laughter, I informed them that he actually worked remotely - duh!

And that's when it finally clicked for them.

They would be paying this man to work for them from the comfort of his own home - that's why he was so cheap.

Though this was a very new experience for our client, I convinced them to take a chance.

After all, he charged by the hour, so it's not like they were tied into a contract if it wasn't for them.

And boy, were they thankful that I did convince them.

Thanks to us, they haven't done a single piece of admin work in 4 years.

Instead, they spend their workday liaising with clients - which actually forced their profits to triple.

A virtual assistant saved their business, even though they didn't actually know it needed saving.

Actually, I don't think anyone ever really believes they need to outsource help.

But I want to show you why you do, and how to get it.

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Admin Assistant?

A virtual administrative assistant is a contractor that works for you remotely, from anywhere in the world.

That's right!

You could even hire a team of assistants, from LA to Cape Town, to cover admin duties at all hours of the day (and night).

Want to know what the best thing about an admin focused VA is?

They're always highly experienced in their craft, meaning they know the quickest and most efficient ways to get things done.

They're the ultimate time-saver, as they free up your schedule to work on the things that matter to you and your business the most.

Getting clients and making money.

After all, that's what you do best.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Most VAs are aged 35+.

So, if you're a person that requires an assistant with a lot of experience, a virtual one is the way to go.

Chapter 2

Do I Need One?
Say goodbye to long workdays, and hello to free time!
A VA Can Benefit You Significantly.


A thousand times yes!

A virtual administrative assistant is essential to anyone who wants their business to succeed.

Especially if you have (or plan to have) a lot of clients.

Don't want to take my word for it?

Well, take a look at these five points instead.

Admin Takes Up More Time Than Breathing

When was the last time you had a meeting with a client?

Or even returned a clients call for that matter?

If you can't remember the last time you did something other than bog-standard clerical work, you need a VA.

It's unfair to both you and your clients to spend all of your time on administrative work, rather than keeping up good relationships with them.

Plus, if you keep avoiding clients to delete spam mail, well…

They're going to get sick of you pretty fast.

It won't take long for them to lose trust in you and start doing business with your competitor instead.

Harsh, but true.

Your Work-Life Balance Is So Bad, You Accidentally Called Your Computer Wife

10 years.

That's how long it's been since your last holiday, isn't it?

2004 ...the last time you went to a school play.

I know you're a hard worker, I am too.

I've definitely neglected my loved ones in the past in favour of work.

But they don't care if we've managed to create a new spreadsheet today, they just want to spend time with us.

Did you know that 59% of business owners spend at least 3 hours a day on admin duties?

If you hired an administrative assistant, you wouldn't have to do this anymore.

You could easily cut those 3 hours off of your workday, leaving you more time to spend with the people you love.

You're Constantly Working, But Your Workload Is Still Insane - How?!

This isn't right.

You shouldn't be working 12+ hour days, but not really getting anywhere.

Well, this is only happening because you're wasting your time doing admin.

You heard me right.

You're wasting time.

You shouldn't have to clear your email inbox out 4 times a day.

Not when you can outsource someone else to take care of the spam.

If you keep working like this, you're going to start facing bigger issues than long workdays soon - i.e no work days because you don't have time to find clients.

The sooner you hire an admin assistant, the sooner you can take control of the most essential elements of your business.


And because they're so experienced in administrative duties, they can actually complete their tasks in half the time you can.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Each VA will work with an average of 6.2 clients a month.

So, if you're a person that likes the focus on your business alone, you can request an assistant that only works with one assistant at a time.

You Just Really Hate Admin

We all have those tasks we absolutely hate, but really need to be done.

What's yours?

The client's I mentioned earlier was booking meetings.

They despise having to sit down and spend hours discussing which day will work for each client.

Guaranteed, they all wanted to meet them on the same day and claim they're never free any other time.

They wholeheartedly loathed having to coerce them into picking a different day, they found it so annoying.

Luckily, they ended up hiring a VA that's insanely in love with booking things.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that he only takes on all of their booking work because he knows how much they can't stand it though.

That's the thing with VAs.

Their main priority is your peace of mind - so if they find a task you're not keen on, they'll always suggest they take it on.

They want a happy client, after all!!

You Have Clients From All Over The World

Well, this is great.

You have a client in every country.

Your company is slowly taking over the world - but, you have just one problem.

All your customers prefer communication on the phone.

Which would be fine, except they're all from different time zones.

They shouldn't expect you to stay awake 24/7 just to talk to them, but they do.

Thanks to the help of a VA, you could feign constant communication.

While you're snuggled up in bed, your North American assistant is liaising with your clients in Michigan.

You get your 8 hours of sleep, and they get the customer service they need when they want it.


Chapter 3

What Can They Do For Me?

What do you want to be done?

Go on, name it.

Guess what?

They can do that.

Yep, I'm serious.

Anything you want doing, they'll do it.

Though the catalogue of everything a virtual assistant can do is pretty much endless, you obviously want to see a list with a focus on administrative duties.

However, there still isn't enough time in the day to list all of the admin tasks they can actually do.

But don't worry, I'm still going to show you the most common tasks virtual administrative assistants are asked to complete!

Data Entry

Email Management

Taking/Making Calls

Diary Management


Booking Things

File Management


Customer Service

Chapter 4

How Can I Ensure A Good Relationship With My VA?

A good relationship with your VA is essential to the success of your business.

If you're horrible or just not helpful, why would they want to help you?

Take a look at what I think are the best ways to ensure you and your assistant have a good relationship:

Don't Micromanage

Come on…

You know this is annoying.

You would hate it if someone was standing over your shoulder 24/7, just eyeing up what you're doing and making snide comments.

No one likes a backseat driver, do they?

You and your virtual assistant are both adults, there should be an element of trust between you.

You've hired them to complete a job, and informed them in as much detail as possible what this job is.

Trust that they'll do it right.

Good Communication

If you and your VA can't speak properly, how on earth will they know if they're on the right track?

By this, I don't just mean you have to talk to them regularly, although I do suggest setting up a time to talk to them on a weekly basis - or another time that suits you.

But, when you do talk with them, ensure everything you say is clear and concise.

This avoids any confusion about what needs doing and eradicates the chance of mistakes.

Store Work In A Shared Place

There's nothing worse than your VA needing a file urgently, but you're nowhere to be found.

Especially if you're outsourcing from another country, and you sleep during their work hours.

You can avoid this problem completely by storing all your files in a shared place - like Dropbox.

This ensures you both have access to all the work you need for a project, without having to chase up anyone else!

Inform Them Of Any Issues

So your VA sent out 30 emails rather than 300?

That sucks, but you shouldn't fire them for it.

Chances are, it was just a minor misunderstanding due to unclear communication - see, I told you communication was important.

A VA always takes ownership for their mistakes - if you think they've misunderstood something, just tell them.

They want your business to do well, so it will be rectified quicker than you can blink.

Chapter 5

Are They Expensive?
They're so much cheaper than a salaried assistant!
Hiring A VA Can Actually Save You Money.

They don't have to be.

But, honestly, it depends on where you look.

Like you, virtual assistant's run their own businesses.

This means they set their own prices, based on what they think they deserve to be earning.

Their total price actually depends on you as well.

They need to know what you want, when you want it and how often.

Only then can they give you a final price!

That doesn't necessarily mean that an expensive VA is good, and a cheap one is bad though!

To keep it simple, let's imagine a virtual assistant charges a set price.

You could, for example, hire a VA that assumes everyone who selects them wants ||$||647||$|| worth of work - so they keep that as their set price.

If you only want 5 hours of work, you're paying them ||$||130||$|| an hour to do the same job as a low-cost assistant.

So don't disregard the VA that's advertising their services for a set price of ||$||194||$||.

||$||39||$||ph for 5 hours of work is pretty fair - standard even.

Plus, upon further research, you may discover that the inexpensive profile has actually been an office admin for the last decade, for an array of big companies.

And the more expensive one is actually a uni student whose only experience is in their office library.

To get the best deal, ensure you do your research.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

The virtual assistant market is set to grow 29.4% by 2026 - that's a lot!

And we can help you do that!
It's Time To Hire You Dream VA

Well, there we have it.

Why you need to get a virtual administrative assistant ASAP.

It's not just beneficial for you, but for your family, your clients, your customers, your dog - literally everyone.

I know you're eager to start searching for assistants, I can sense it.

But trying to use Google to find a virtual assistant is equivalent to throwing a little fish in a big pond - there's just too much information out there to successfully wade through it.

You could end up spending hours, days even, researching the subject.

And we already agreed, no more procrastinating from work that matters, didn't we?


Let us help you.

We can take the stress out of finding the perfect virtual assistant.

Get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers.