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How An Administrative Assistant Can Help You

Find out how they can help you.
A VA Provides An Endless List Of Benefits

I know the term ‘virtual assistant' isn't new to you.

Everyone, from your old boss to your grandma, has been telling you that you need to invest in one.

But no one's really explained why, have they?

Our top client was in the same position as you about two years ago.

They'd heard of a virtual assistant but weren't sure exactly why everyone thought they needed one.

After all “oh, they're just, erm, good for your business” isn't really a strong selling point.

Why would they invest their profits into something without any real reason to?


One day, they had enough of everyone telling them to hire one without explaining why.

They thought they would take a chance and contact us about it.

And boy, was that the best thing they ever did.

For the same price as their daily Starbucks order, we managed to set them up with a VA for two hours.

(They only wanted two hours at the time as they still weren't quite convinced that hiring a virtual assistant would work.)

But as soon as that time was up, they decided to hire them to stay on for another week, then a month, then a year.

To this day, that same VA still works for them.

Want to know why?

Well, in that short two hours, they'd cut their workload in half and increased their profits by 27%.

Yep, you heard that right.

A 27% profit increase in just two hours.

I know…

I can barely believe it worked so well for them myself.

But it's true!

And I want to show you how you can achieve the same results as that client.

So sit back and let me tell you how you can benefit from hiring a virtual administrative assistant.

Chapter 1

What Is A Virtual Administrative Assistant?
They can even specialise in particular jobs - like email management!
A VA Can Help You Tackle Tedious Admin Tasks

So, you know a little bit about virtual assistants, right?


You know what they're called, but that's about it.

Not to fear.

Their job role is pretty easy to understand.

I doubt this comes as a surprise, but…

They're an assistant that works...virtually.


I told you.


Though VA's can do basically anything, some - like virtual administrative assistants - specialise in a role.

So, an administrative assistant, would obviously specialise in admin work!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

A virtual assistant can actually reduce operating costs by up to 78% a year.

Imagine all the other things you could buy if you're saving that much?

Chapter 2

What Should I Know Before Hiring One?

Though hiring a virtual assistant is a fairly easy process, there are five things you should take note of to make the job even easier.


There's absolutely no point in contacting a VA without knowing how much you have to spend.

Though their prices can vary from anything from ||$||1||$|| to ||$||500||$||+, the cost is still dependent on services and experience.

That doesn't mean a cheaper VA is less experienced though, they may just offer less work for that price!

It's a good idea to quote your estimated budget when you call us, so we can narrow down the search.

But leave some wiggle room, in case you decide you want extra services - which may cost a little more.


Something else that affects your budget, is the time frame you expect the work to be done in.

If you end up needing a lot of tasks completed over a long period of time, you could actually end up scoring a discount.

But, if you expect someone to complete a months work of urgent tasks in an hour, expect to pay them double.

After all, they're dropping everything (family time, other jobs etc) to help you.


As a virtual assistant is self-employed, they set their own hours.

They could be completing this work around looking after their kids, or even have a second job.

Also, depending on your business's requirements, you may actually want to hire a VA from another country to work for you - giving the illusion that you work 24/7.

Either way, you can't hire a virtual assistant and just expect them to work 8 AM- 5 PM every day.

Quote the hours you expect them to work before you hire them.


Do you want 1001 tasks completed for just ||$||1||$|| an hour?

Or maybe you're expecting your admin-focused assistant to start doing extensive computer coding for you.

If you want a lot of work done, or expect someone to specialise in a subject, tell us!

We can easily provide a VA that suits your needs, but only if you're more-or-less aware of what you need in advance!


Though this should be discussed with the VA themselves, it's a good idea to have a set time to communicate with your VA.

This is where you can discuss ideas or brief each other on any up-coming problems!

Good communication is essential for a successful relationship with your virtual assistant

Chapter 3

How Will A Virtual Assistant Benefit Me?
From your productivity, to your professionalism - they can improve anything!
A VA Can Benefit You In Various Different Ways

I would give you ||$||1000||$|| out of my own pocket if you could find a way that a virtual assistant couldn't benefit you.

That's how strongly I believe that they're the best thing ever created.

Understandably, my belief isn't enough of a reason to hire one.

But these next 5 reasons might be.


Is a salaried assistant a good use of your money?


Why, you ask?

Well, when you pay them their wages, that's all you're paying them, right?


You're also paying for their;

  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Breaks
  • Training Costs

And that's not all!

You also have to hire an office space and pay for all of their equipment.

You can imagine just how quickly that adds up.

So why not cut those costs entirely by hiring a virtual assistant?

Forget an 8-hour workday, you only pay them the hours you actually need.

Which means no more procrastination!

You don't have to pay for breaks or holidays (etc) either, as they only advertise the times they're actually available to work!

And say goodbye to office space and equipment costs, they work from home so supply all the equipment themselves!


Are you self-employed?

Do you have little idea of when the next paycheck is coming, or how much you'll actually be earning?

Not to worry…

A virtual assistant team is completely scalable.

So, if you've acquired more clients than expected this month, you could have an entire team of VAs set up in minutes!

On the other hand, if you haven't earned anywhere near the profits you thought you would this month…

You could just not hire an assistant this month.

It really is as simple as that!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

55% of people believe that hiring a VA would give them the freedom to spend their time doing tasks that actually improve their businesses profits!

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Is work getting on top of you?

Do you spend more time responding to customers than to your own kids?

Not anymore.

A virtual assistant can almost halve your workload!

They can take on all the time-consuming tasks, so you don't have to.

You'll be left with plenty of time to spend with your family, or even just chill out in front of the TV.

24/7 Customer Support

Need your website to be monitored for customer queries at all times?

Or maybe you just want to convince your social media followers that you don't sleep.

After all, what could make a customer happier than a business that would ,strong>give up sleep for them?

Did you know that 69% of US citizens shop at places that offer constant customer service?

It would actually be rather detrimental to your business to not seem readily available whenever a customer needs you to be.

Well, now you can simulate 24/7 access by hiring a VA from a different timezone!

Imagine you hire a virtual assistant from the US.

While you're wrapped up in bed, your VA will be getting up to get on with their workday and respond to your customers.


Focus On What Matters

You know the best way to increase your profits?

More customers.

But how can you possibly get more customers when you're spending all of your time completing long-winded admin work?

Well, that admin work doesn't need to be completed by you.

You can hire a specialised admin assistant to take on all the boring tasks, while you focus on what you do best.

Making money.

Chapter 4

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?
A VA Can Do Almost Anything!


Well, anything within reason.

Don't go expecting them to take your place on Tinder dates - go get your free meal!

But enough about what they can't do, you want to know what they can do - right?

Well, let's take a look at a few of the most popular things business owners request their virtual assistant's to do.

Email Maintenance

Is your inbox just full of spam mail?

And I'm talking messages being in the thousands here.

Well, we've all been there.

Yep - even us in the QuoteGrab office.

And pretty much all our clients too!

It's so unmotivating to see just how full it is, right?

The thought of having to manually delete thousands of emails (to ensure you don't miss anything important) is so, well, tiring.

So you just put off doing it altogether.

If you don't look at the problem, it's not there right?


Though it's time-consuming, those emails need to be sifted through and kept on top of - or you definitely will miss something important!

Luckily, you don't have to be the one to do this boring job - you can just outsource a VA!

Did you know you can actually get an assistant that only focuses on clerical tasks?

Yep, they're literally getting paid to check your emails!


Answering Calls

Did you know that you can hire a ‘receptionist' without even having a reception?

Wow, amazing right?!

Having someone a customer/client needs to go through to get a hold of you just seems so... professional.

Plus, it saves you the job of answering questions or chasing people up!

Your VA will take and make all your calls for you, while you just sit back and relax - result!

Diary Management:

A recurring theme with our clients, is that they all seem to hate diary management.

When I queried this in the past, they just say they hate having to organize things themselves.

Especially if it means they have to ‘remember' things - yep, even though it's written down in front of them.

They all prefer having a virtual assistant schedule the meetings/appointments, and just send them alerts when they're due to attend them!

Hey, whatever works for them!


So I've filled you in on 3 of the most popular requests of a virtual assistant.

But, there's actually so many more things they can do.

However, I really don't think that you want to sit here for the next 12 years reading the list.

Seriously, it probably would take that long - the list is pretty much endless!

But I know that you're a curious person and still want to know more about what they can actually do.

So I thought I'd fill you in on another six of the most common things they're asked to do as well!

Scheduling Meetings

Booking Things

Customer Service


Monitoring Spreadsheets

Data Entry

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

In 2018, UK based virtual assistants worked with over 11,400 small and medium-sized businesses!

Chapter 5

How Much Should I Expect To Pay One?
They actually save you money!
Hiring A VA Doesn't Break The Bank!

A virtual assistant charges, well, whatever they want really.

They charge based on;

What They Think Their Services Are Worth

Like you, a virtual assistant is a business owner.

Therefore, they set their own prices.

As they're deciding a price based on what they think they're worth, it's very unlikely they'll under or overcharge.

After years in the business, they're pretty fair with their pricing system.

Their Training And Experience

If your VA attended Harvard Law School and then spent the next 15 years working in an executive position, they're definitely not going to charge less than someone who's just left school and has no work experience!

Though you don't actually pay to train a VA, you will pay extra if you do require them to have a lot of pre-existing training!

The Tasks They Need To Do

It's common sense really - the more work you give to your VA, the more you'll have to pay.

You can't seriously expect them to do 50 tasks a minute for just ||$||3||$||.

However, if you do purchase a lot of tasks in bulk, there's a strong chance you'll be offered a discount!

The Time Needed To Complete Said Tasks

If you really expect your assistant to drop everything they're doing to help you (which they will have to do) finish a project by tonight, pay them more!

Though it's not always required, it is courteous to offer a higher payment in this situation as they're losing out on potential income by only helping you out.

For example, when the client I mentioned earlier first met their VA, she only charged ||$||4.50||$|| an hour.

That's because they only required a few small tasks, which could be completed fairly quickly.

Now, because they believe that their VA really is the key to their success, they pay her ||$||35||$|| an hour!

Plus, she's taken on a lot more work from them now!

So, before you even think about hiring a VA, compare your budget to the tasks you need completing, and when you need them done by.

It will narrow down your search and make the hiring process a lot easier!

Chapter 6

Where Can I Find One?
Hiring one through QuoteGrab guarantees quality!
They're Easy To Find - If You Know Where To Look

Well, that depends.

Are you happy to hire anyone that offers you a lot of work for less than ||$||10||$||?

Well, you can find that anywhere.


If you're looking for a top-quality virtual administrative assistant with plenty of experience and all the required training - look no further than us!

Not only are our virtual assistant's the best of the best, we've background checked each and everyone provider.

This ensures we'll never pair you with an untrained assistant who risks only completing half-assed jobs for fast money.

Here at Quotegrab, we believe that for your company to thrive, we need to supply you with a passionate workforce!

We can help you choose the best of the best.
Now, It's Time To Start Hiring!


You finally understand what a virtual assistant is and why you need one.

So you can go back and thank your grandma for the advice!

Why not hire a virtual assistant today?

They cut so much time off your workload, you could even end up going home early!

There are no hidden fees, and you only pay for what you need.

Honestly, you don't have a reason not to hire one, do you?

Well then, we can get you set up with your new assistant in minutes.

Call us today to get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers!

Chapter 7


I Require A Certain Style Of Work, Can A VA Accommodate This?

Of course!

Our VAs actually keep files on things their clients love/hate.

So if you hate the phrase “as per my last email,” they'll make a note of that!

And, if for any reason you decide to part ways, they'll forward these files to your next assistant.

Will I Ever Meet My VA?

Well, if you really wanted to, you could.

But you don't need to.

All work and communication is completed virtually - you never have to make an in-person trip!

How Do You Pick My VA?

We have an entire team dedicated to matching you with your virtual assistant.

Think of us as a dating agency, but for business.

We compare your wants and needs with the profiles of our VAs, looking for similarities so we can match you with one exactly like you!

How Do I Contact My VA?

Any way you like!

We give you and your new assistant free reign to find a communication method that works for you.

Do I Need To Supervise My VA?

Not at all!

In fact, we strongly recommended not micromanaging your VA.

A successful VA relationship requires trust and good communication from both parties - you'll never feel like you need to supervise them at all.