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Seriously, they can help improve anything!
A VA Can Increase Your Positivity

Don't have the office space for a new assistant?

Are staff training costs too high for your budget?

Are you sick of paying people to sit around procrastinating?

Don't worry, we've all been there.

It's just ridiculous how much time and money people invest in their salaried workers.

Especially when someone else can do a better job for a third of the price.

A third of the price?

I must be lying, right?


Introducing the ‘remote assistant.'

‘What is that?' I hear you ask.

Well, let me take you back to 2015.

One of our clients was celebrating their first year as a business, the only issue was... it was more than likely going to be their last too.

They had a habit of, despite always complaining about losing sales, not actually listening to our advice.

Due to this, they hadn't received any new orders in 4 months.

Plus, they'd lost a quarter of the customers they already had.

Want to know why?

Well, it's because they were spending more time on administrative work, than actually replying to customers.

Obviously, admin needed to be done, but not at the expense of their customers' access to them.

Luckily, an old colleague of theirs was bragging about their new virtual (or remote) assistant.

They were boasting that thanks to this new hire, they only had to work 4 hours a day and almost doubled their profits.

Our client couldn't believe it, and ran straight to me to ask if it was possible.

They thought their friend must have been lying just to look good in front of them.

I convinced them, if they hired one themselves, they'll soon see just how great they are - and outdo their old friend (yeah, they were one of those people).

We had actually told them they should get a VA before, but this was the first time they chose to listen to us - and thank God they did!

Help from a virtual assistant actually increased their profits by 37% in the first month of use and cut their work day down to 3 hours.

In their typical working day now, most of the time all they have to do is reply to the most urgent messages in their inbox.

The rest of the day is spent okaying everything their VA has already done.

A few months after they hired their VA, they decided to contact us.

They told us our help in finding them a VA had changed their life completely.

And I want us to be able to change yours, too.

So let me tell you everything I know about remote assistants, and just why you need to hire one.

Chapter 1

What Is A Remote Assistant?
They Can Work From Anywhere In The World!
A Remote Assistant Is A Virtual Freelancer

Well, a remote assistant's title is pretty self-explanatory.

They're an assistant that works - you guessed it - remotely.

That's right!

That means you can outsource work from anywhere in the world.

So, in theory, you could hire an assistant from the US and be tucked up in bed in Australia while they're working away.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Plus, because they're self-employed contractors, they're fully flexible to work around you and your needs!


And, of the millions of virtual assistants there are in the world, they all have their own speciality.

So, if you're searching for an assistant that's also an experienced graphic designer, well…

We can find you one!

Whatever task you need doing, someone will always be specialised in that particular subject - and we're going to set you up with them!

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

67% of people are willing to outsource tasks they hate - not surprising!

Chapter 2

How Do If I Know I Need One?
Though Some Company's Need The Help More Than others!
A VA Can Be Beneficial For Any Business

There are so many good reasons to consider hiring a VA.

Honestly, the list is endless.

But, obviously, you're not going to waste your entire day reading that list (not when you can get a virtual assistant to read lists for you haha!)

So, here are the 8 reasons that mean you should hire one immediately.

If you don't, you may as well start burning your money now.

That's what you'll have to do (metaphorically, obviously) to keep your business afloat, just start haemorrhaging money.

Okay, I'll stop being a Debbie Downer now and just get on with telling you the reasons instead.

You may not think you need a remote assistant just yet, but you definitely do if:

You're Spending Way Too Much Time On Menial Tasks

Forget processing that customer's order, answering a three-week-old spam email is so much more important.

Do you disagree?


Because it's not.

And you would be mad to think it's okay.


That's exactly what you have been doing these past few months, isn't it?

I know you've been avoiding essential tasks, to waste time on admin instead.

I know the signs because loads of our clients have done that before too.

But it's time to stop.

It doesn't help anyone - and it's the quickest way to lose your business.

The Only Time You See Your Family Is When You Glance At Your Lock Screen

Look, I get it.

You work hard to provide for your family.

But is the hard work worth missing your child's first-ever school play, or forgetting your anniversary - again?

You shouldn't be wasting time researching market trends at the expense of missing those little moments you just can't back.

If you hire a VA, you'll be able to significantly cut your work week down - leaving you with plenty more time to spend with the most important people in your life.

Honestly, they'll thank you for it.

All You Do Is Work, But Nothing Ever Gets Done

Since when was this your life?

Working at least 12 hours a day.

Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee before 9 AM.

A giant pile of work that never actually goes down, no matter how much work you actually do.

If you're doing that much work, but not yielding results - it's time to outsource help.

There's clearly an issue, and you're way too close to the problem to spot it.

It's kind of like how the parents of the school bully always think they're such an angel - they need someone that's impartial to the situation to spot that there's a problem.

that's exactly what your business needs too.

Within seconds, a virtual assistant would be able to note exactly what's going wrong - and how they can fix it.

Highlighting, and solving, issues will reduce your workload immensely.

This means that you'd be able to work less, as you would be doing it in a more meaningful way from now on.

It's quality, not quantity, after all.

Pulling Out Your Own Teeth Is More Exciting Than Your Job

You used to love your job.

And while you might not hate hate it, there are certain aspects you... strongly dislike.

For the last client I advised, that was proofreading.

They told me that there was nothing they despised more than re-reading the same piece of text 30 times in a row.

It's boring and draining and they blatantly refused to do it.

Have you got a task like that?

Well, it's time to outsource it.

Not being forced to do a task you hate will actually make you happier in the long run.

And a happier business owner is a more productive one.

And a more productive one will obviously make more sales.

Essentially, getting rid of that job you hate will actually earn you more money.

Like A Kardashian, All You Can See Is You're Behind

Everything has started to go wrong, hasn't it?

You've begun making mistakes on an almost daily basis.

And you've procrastinated so intensely that that project that was due in 8 weeks is actually due, well, yesterday - oops.

At this rate, you don't believe you're ever going to catch up to speed.

But all is not lost.

If you hire a virtual assistant, they could actually clear up your backlog of incomplete work in just a few hours - maybe less.

And, if you decide to rehire them, they could even prevent you from ever getting so behind again.

Your Customers Are In A Different Timezone

It doesn't matter if you have a single customer from overseas, or a thousand.

If any of your business is done outside of your the country you reside in, you should really find a VA there - especially if it causes a significant time difference

For example, an assistant from the United Kingdon is no good for you if half of your client-base is actually located in the US.

Your assistant will be asleep when your customers are awake, and your assistant will be up while you're customers are snoring away.

You'll never build trust if you're never available to talk to your customers.

Chapter 3

What Can A Remote Assistant Do?
A VA Can Do Almost Anything - Seriously!
What CAN'T They Do Is A Better Question!

Find me something they can't do.

Go on, I dare you.

Well, guess what?

They can do everything and anything.

Within reason.

Don't go getting any ideas…

They're not going to give your grandma that foot rub you promised in your place.

That's all on you, I'm afraid.

So, why not take a look at some of the things they can do instead?

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Diary Management

Data Entry



Answering Calls

Email Management


Customer Service

Customer Complaints




Obviously, this isn't everything they can do.

That list is actually endless.

But I didn't think you'd want to spend your free time sitting here reading a thousand-page long list - not happily anyway.

Because I'm nice though, I thought I would show you the list of the most common things they're asked to do instead!

In short, if you need anything done, they can do it.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

The majority of remote assistants are aged 35+ - yep, that's plenty of time to gather experience!

Chapter 4

How Much Should I Expect To Pay One?
They're a lot cheaper than in-house staff!
Hiring a VA Can Actually Save You Money

Well, you're running your own business, aren't you?

You set your own prices and expect clients to pay them, because that's what you think you're worth.

Well, remote assistants aren't any different.

They're also freelancers that decide what they think they should get paid.

However, they do have a few other factors they consider before giving you a final price.

Their Training & Experience In Your Requested Specialty

If you're looking for a marketing assistant, for example, it would only be fair for an experienced executive to charge more than a college student!

How Many Tasks You Want Done

Don't expect 30 tasks done an hour for just ||$||4||$||.
It's not realistic.
But equally, they won't expect you to spend ||$||30||$|| an hour for 4 minutes work.

Whether You're Purchasing Their Services In Bulk

If you hire by the bulk, they're way more likely to give you a discount.
If they don't explicitly offer one on their profile, you could always ask.
After all, don't ask don't get.

The Urgency Of The Tasks You Need Doing

If you expect them to drop everything (including other potential clients) to do your work, you must compensate them for that.
Remember, they're the ones helping you out at the end of the day.

The Hours You Require Them To Work

Similarly to conventional jobs, expect to pay them more for unsociable hours.
If for some reason you don't want a US assistant - but expect your English one to do a US workday - be prepared to empty your pockets.
It's only fair.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Just over 87% of assistants are paid on an hourly basis - that's almost all of them!

Chapter 5

Where Can I Find One?

That depends.

Are you looking for thousands of cheap profiles?

Or would you prefer a smaller pool of well-trained, well-experienced profiles for a slightly - hey, im talking pennies here - higher price?

Well, if you're anything like the rest of our clients, you'll prefer quality over quantity.

Is a few pounds really something worth scrimping on - especially when it's for something that's so fundamental to the success of your business?

Nope, it isn't.

So why not give us a call?

We only supply you with the highest quality assistant's, handpicked to suit your every need.

To become the best business, we have to supply you with the best people.

After all, your success is our success.

And the sites you can find them on are equally as big.
The VA Pool Is Extremely Large

I know you're intrigued by the allure of a remote assistant.

You now know all the ways they can improve not just your business, but your life.

So what are you waiting for?

I know you want to hire one, and you don't have a reason not to.

They're well-priced, readily available and eager to help.

Don't put it off any longer.

Start putting your business first, today.

Call us to get a quote from one of our four trusted suppliers - you won't regret it.

Chapter 6


How Quickly Will They Complete The Work I Give Them?

As quickly as you want it!

We ask that you inform them of your time frame in advance, so they would have plenty of time to work towards your deadline.

It also helps to give both soft and hard deadlines as well!

Here's a brief summary if you're not quite sure what they are:

Soft Deadline
This isn't urgent, think of it more as a deadline of when it would be nice to check up on something! It's also adjustable if either you or your VA believe the project needs more time!

Hard Deadline
This is the date the work absolutely must be completed by - no exceptions, no negotiations!

How Do You Know Your Assistants Are Well Trained?

Well, the providers we use, we always thoroughly background check.

That's how we ensure we only match you with the best of the best.

Every provider we use, we ensure also carry out background checks on every remote assistant they employ.

This ensures that every VA we set you up with is credible, has plenty of real-world experience and is appropriately trained!

Can My Assistant Work For Me Alone?

A remote assistant, more often than not, does this as a full-time job.

This means that, usually, they work with multiple clients at once.

However, that isn't a rule as such and, if you both agree, we can definitely enquire into assistant's to work for you solely.

But, they do this job, among other reasons, to put food on the table at the end of the day.

So, if you're asking them to drop other clients (which results in them losing money) to help only you, it would be courteous to pay them more!

Will My Assistant Work Weekends?

If you need them too, yes.

As remote assistants generally work around their own lives (caring for their kids, other jobs etc), they can work some ‘unsociable' hours.

Some assistants do charge more for night or weekend work, but if you don't want to pay extra - but really need those hours - we can help.

We can actually match you with overseas providers, so your assistant could be working in a different timezone.

So ‘unsociable' hours to us, would be normal working hours for them!

Let us know when you call when you require your assistant to work, and we can easily accommodate your request.