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It's time to hire a personal assistant.

2019 is nearly over…

But you still have so many goals left to reach.

Don't know how to reach them?

Not enough hours left in the day to even try?

Got a family holiday coming up as well that's just adding to the stress?

Well, look no further…

The private personal assistant is here to save the day!

They'll save your business and make your family holiday planning look like a walk in the park.

How do I know this?

Well, most of our clients were in the same position as you once.

Take the client I caught up with last week, for example.

Jude's business was growing fast - (Go Jude!)

But that meant he had more work to do - meaning he had fewer hours in the day to relax.

Until he got - (you guessed it) -

His very own private personal assistant…

Since hiring a PA, his profits have soared.

40% in the last 3 months, actually.

And with the help of his brand new PA, planning a holiday has never been easier.

Need even more proof?

Well, he's not the only client we have that absolutely loves this service.

In fact, over 70% of our clients say their new private personal assistant has been life-changing.

It's time for you to work smarter, not harder. .!

Chapter 1

What Is A Private Personal Assistant?


You've heard the term ‘personal assistant' used in plenty of films, right?

(Hello, The Devil Wears Prada!)

But have you heard of a private personal assistant?

You probably think they're just for the rich and famous, no doubt.

Of course they aren't!

They're easily affordable for everyday people - like you and me!

But anyway…

What actually is a private personal assistant?


It's simple really.

Just like a typical personal assistant, a private one will help you run your business AND manage your personal life.

But all from the comfort of their own home.

No task is too big or small for them.

From email management, to booking excursions for that much needed holiday - they can do it all!

Think of them as your personal superhero.

(But they're saving your business, not the world.)

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

PPA's don't necessarily the normal work 9-5.

They can work some really weird hours.

So, before you even think about rolling over and pressing snooze, your entire workload has been sorted for the day.

Get stuff done - all of the stuff done - with a PA.

Chapter 2

Why Should I Hire One?

You're stressed about work again, aren't you?

You want to switch off…

But all you can think about is Mount Everest.

(No, not the famous mountain, it's what I call that giant mass of emails piling up on your computer.)

No way can you get through all of these on top of your typical duties - let alone plan a family get together for your mum's 60th as well.

Don't worry.

We've all been there.

Maybe it's time for a private personal assistant?

Duh - of course, it is!

Having a personal assistant isn't just for the wealthy.

The average price is actually around £25!

When you hire an assistant they'll cater to your every need.

(Yep, even planning that birthday party.)

Have a million emails to reply to?

Nope, no longer an issue.

Need to book a doctor's appointment?

Already done for you!

Got a report that needs writing ASAP?

Done and done.

Here are some of my favourite benefits that come with hiring a PA:

They're Cheap As Chips

You need an extra pair of hands , don't you? But you don't need the added expense. You definitely can't afford to buy a new computer... Let alone take out another mortgage to build space for this new employee! Private personal assistants are actually self-employed and supply their own equipment. So you only need to pay their hourly wage.

Personal assistants get stuff done

Way faster than an in-house employee - because you're their sole focus! You actually only have to pay them for the hours they work. So if the project you need completed only takes 3 hours? Well, Then you'll only have to pay them for those hours! No more paying in-house assistants for wasting 8 hours of your day. There's also plenty of other things you don't have to pay for, like; Sick Pay Maternity Pay Training Days Computer Repairs

Never-ending Support

text hereA personal assistant can pretty much do anything - catering to all your needs! From day to day tasks, to HR activities and even planning personal events… they'll do it all! This bridges the gap in staff skills that others may not have in the business! They can support you with all aspects of your business - without ever having to take part in those pointless team-building exercises.

less stressed thanks to a PA
Wave goodbye to your hectic work week!

Add Professionalism To Your Business

Your personal assistant would be your the first point of contact for anyone trying to get through to you. So when people call you, it goes straight through to your assistant. Which honestly, makes you sound like you've got your life together (It makes you sound cooler too - promise.)

Allows You To Refocus

Why spend hours of your day focusing on boring admin work? Did you know we actually waste 3 months of the year doing menial tasks… That's insane, right ?… Especially when you should be using that time to seek new clients and work on your business growth. That's why you started a business, right? Because you wanted to grow it. Well, with a private personal assistant, you can! They'll free up your time significantly, leaving you to focus on the really important aspects of your business… Like making money of course!

Chapter 3

What Can A PPA Do For Me?

A personal assistant is here to encourage balance. .

But they aren't your mother, are they now?

So you're still going to have to clean your own laundry - (sorry.)

But anyway...

Enough about what they can't do.

Here's a list of their most requested tasks - the ones they CAN do:

Taking Care Of The Phone

Ignoring those seemingly never-ending voicemails?

Phone won't stop ringing off the hook?

Well ... Guess what!

Your new PA has it covered.

Every phone call you get, they take.

All from the comfort of their own home

So no more paying overpriced phone bills!

Because they supply their own equipment


Social Media Management

Can't figure out how to grow your followers?

Just tired of looking at the never-ending blue screen of social media?

(They didn't even pick a nice blue, ugh.)

Why not just give these tasks to you PA instead?

Another little screen you don't have worry about

There we go...

Diary Management

So you double-booked yourself for a meeting…again.

And then you forgot your mother-in-law's 95th birthday too.

(Wow, today isn't your day, is it?)

Don't worry, this is your PA's bread and butter.

They take over, booking all of your appointments in a timely manner.

They also notify you of meeting well in advance.

so you don't have to do the London marathon just get to your next meeting.

Diary management is vital to your business success

With help from your PA, they can make your day - or life- just a little easier.

Report Writing

Need a report written, but your brain turns to mush as soon as you think about it?

Well, your PA can cover that…

From writing reports, to creating presentations - they really can do it all!

You just need to ping an email to your PA, telling them what they need to write about...

And the rest is history.

No more brain fog for you.

Travel Assistants

Travelling can be such a stress - trust me.

From booking flights, finding a hotel, finding transport - the list of things you need to do is endless.

Even filling out the visa form seems like hell

Why worry when your PA has it covered

They take over like a magic fairy.

So the only thing you need to worry about is if you packed enough underwear!

Personal Events

Got sidetracked with work and forgot about all the birthdays coming up?

(Your friends will kill you if you don't bring them a present for the third year in a row.)

No fear!

Your PA has already ordered the gifts, and they're coming straight to your doorstep.

They can buy presents on your behalf - (with your permission of course) - and even remind you about that up-coming anniversary

No more ‘ sorry I forgot'...

And more ‘knew I, you would love the gift'.


Here some other things PA's can do for your business!


Website maintenance


Data entry

Client outreach

File management

Managing emails


Customer service

PA leaving reminder
Phew - you nearly missed that one!
Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Most PA's are women with only 1.6% being male...

I guess women do know how to multitask better after all.

Chapter 4

How To Manage A PA

It's great.

Having a PA is great.


How on earth are you going to manage one?

Well, I'm going to give you some tips in that department.

No need to worry.

Give Them Clear Instructions:

Got a family member who doesn't quite understand texting? (Ugh it's the 21st century, c'mon.) You have to play Sherlock Holmes to decipher every message they send. Seriously… All their texts look like this: “eY3 10vE mi PA*!” Well, that's what it looks like when you send your PA nonsense too. They obviously can't do their job effectively, if they have no idea what you want them to do. You need to give them clear, concise deadlines if you want success. Trust me.

Constant Communication:

They're not sat next to you - so you can't wave your arms around like a headless chicken to get their attention. In fact, the one you hire could even be on the other side of the world that means. You need to establish good communication (even the best PA's can't mind read) by booking a call so they're on the same page as you. Be open with them. No, I'm not asking them to become your therapist. (That might not technically be in their expertise, but who knows?)

But if they make a mistake like, not corresponding with emails as quick as you like... Don't straight up fire them. Imagine it's like when you were younger and your your parents come home and you'd forgotten to defrost the chicken. They didn't just disown you, they told you why you were naughty. Communicate what the problem is, so they can quickly resolve it. They want to see your business to succeed after all.

managing PA
Now back to managing your new employee!

Setting Boundaries

Of course, the boundaries between you and your PPA will blur at times. They can be involved in rather personal aspects of your life, so it's easy to forget that they're not your best mate. For example, when you PA buys gifts on your behalf, make sure they have the receipt. As much as you trust them, it doesn't hurt to be cautious! (Don't want all that money you made suddenly disappearing.) But this is also this is a two-way system. You need to respect their boundaries too. So maybe don't boss them around every day to order you some toilet roll.

Give Them Both Soft And Hard Deadlines

We all have deadlines. It sucks, but we probably wouldn't get anything done if we didn't. So don't be afraid to give deadlines - but don't be unrealistic. (Unreachable deadlines aren't fun!) Be clear with the way you distribute them too. for example : “It would be nice to see a copy of this around Wednesday lunchtime please” if that's actually your final deadline. The world probably won't blow up if they miss this, but it would save you both confusion if you instead said; “I need this completed by 10 pm on Wednesday, but I'd like to see a copy on Monday!” Makes more sense, doesn't it?

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith
Virtual Assistants

Did You Know?

Half of the UK workforce wants to work remotely by 2020.

That's a lot of people who want to work in their pjs

File Sharing

Well, seems a bit obvious but most people over look this. Both you and your PA need a place where you can share important documents, like Google Drive or dropbox. Imagine you're sleeping and your PA really needs that document to meet that deadline. But can't because they're waiting for you to send it. And you're not budging anytime soon. Now, you don't need to worry about that if you have mutual place to store the said documents. Because you can access them anywhere, anytime (with internet connect of course.) Without needing others to send them to you.

Chapter 5

Where Can I Find A Private Personal Assistant?

There are hundreds of sites out there to help you find a new PA.

With a quick google, you can end up on sites like Fiverr , where people work as PA as low as ||$||4||$||

But how can you really trust them?

All they have is a small bio saying they're experienced.

What if they're lying?

(I mean, I could tell you I'm an experienced fire-eater, where's the proof that I'm not?)

Anyone can upload profiles onto sites like these and claim to be the best PA everrrrr.

When in fact, they don't even know how to open a Word doc.

With no background checks available - how can you trust anyone?


At QuoteGrab, we only let the best of the best through our system.

The ones with the most training and greatest real-life experience

We check each and every one of our providers - to make sure they are up to par to help you change your business for the better.

someone trying to hire PA
No need to get stressed; we can find a PA for you!

Chapter 6

How Much Do PPA's Cost?

Do personal assistants cost an arm and a leg?

Of course not.

Well, PA's decide their own prices, based on what they believe they can bring to the business.

Here are some other things that can affect the final cost:

Their Training And Experience

You have no idea just how important this is in deciding prices.

For example...

One PA might have a PHD in diary management - (pretty sure that isn't a thing) - and work for the president.

While another may have barely finished school and only worked for their mum's dry cleaning business.

The first one clearly has way more experience and a better education...

Of course they're going to ask for more money!

But of course, being cheaper doesn't always mean they're worse.

It's a competitive industry, so even with experience, they still need to adjust their prices to outdo their rivals.

What Tasks Need Doing

Every personal assistant you hire needs to know the exact tasks that need doing before they quote you with a price.

Obviously, more tasks usually mean higher costs…

But you can negotiate a deal with your PA, where you can bulk buy hours instead.

That means you save money (win.)

Also, depending on the task, you might need a more specialised approach.

For example, a specialist graphic design assistant will charge a lot more than a general admin one.

Of course, something may come up and the task load/speciality changes.

But, as long as you supply them with information that's as accurate as possible from the get-go, the new price shouldn't be too much.

Task Urgency

Maybe a deadline fell through the cracks - but suddenly hits you 4 hours before it's due.

You really can't let this client down, but it's not something you're trained in.

You need to hire a personal assistant ASAP.

So obviously, their prices will go up significantly, due to them having to drop everything to help you.

They might even have to drop other clients to focus on you…

So, in theory, they will lose money if they don't raise their price!

But as long as you're willing to pay the difference, I doubt they'd have a problem with that.

Work Hours

Yes, virtual personal assistants will work around your schedule to an extent.

But they set their own schedule for a reason…

And paying more is essential if you mess that schedule up!

(This could include working hours that they don't advertise or unsociable hours.)

But to combat the issue of needing work completed during unsociable hours, you could hire people from different countries.

Meaning they'll work normal hours in their time zone - but not in yours.

If it's urgent, they'll be willing to help as long as you are willing to adjust your price plan

Don't worry - most PAs are better than this one...


Now you know how to get more done in 2019.

Yes, it was really that simple.

(Told you so.)

Let's find you that dream PA of yours.

The one that you and your business deserve!

So what are you waiting for?

Just fill out our short form and we can find the best personal assistant for you in less than 10 minutes (promise.)

Get up to four top quotes from us today!