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We only have one aim here at QuoteGrab: and that's finding the solutions for your business needs. Ensuring you see success, and guaranteeing you save time and money just so happens to be a part of that promise! And when it comes to a product as vital as air compressors, finding the low-cost, high-quality solution to your business needs is key. So, if you're looking for an air compressor, we can help you find it. Or, rather, we can find it for you - simply fill out the form, and grab that quote!

What do you have to do? Just fill out a form, and grab a quote!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes 2 minutes

Saving you time is always at the top of our to-do list. And that's why we've made sure our form takes a matter of minutes to complete. Yes - that's 120 seconds!

Saves you money

Save Money

If you thought we were good at saving you time, wait ‘til you hear about our next promise - we strive to save you money, too. Time is money, so why not save both?

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Get A Great Air Compressor

We don't stop with pocketing you some pennies and helping you beat the clock. Finding you a high-quality solution to your business needs is what really matters to us, here at QuoteGrab.

Find The Air Compressors For You

There's a lot of rules to follow when it comes to running a business - but there's 2 which should be at the forefront of everything you do: save time, and save money. That's why we always make sure that they are at the top of our to-do-list when it comes to our clients. And given the importance of air compressors for certain businesses' practices such as catering and healthcare, the need to stick to a budget and keep to a deadline matters. Question is, how can you find an air compressor for your business? Well, this is where we come in.

Finding the solutions to your business needs is just apart of the 9-to-5, here at QuoteGrab. So, once you've clicked for a quote, and filled out our super-fast form, we are busy reviewing their ratings, assessing the air compressors, and running the numbers on the prices. Having found the solution tailored to your business needs, we also make the time to present the key information about air compressors.

So, if you'd like to get the lowdown on everything air-compressor, you can find that here, too! Or, you can skip straight through to the low-cost solution for your business. And that's your problem solved.

Why Compare Air Compressors Prices?

In case you haven't noticed, finding you a high-quality, yet low-cost solution to your business needs is just how we do things, here at QuoteGrab. But we really pride ourselves on saving you money. The fact is, what you do with your money matters; spending too much, and spending too little can decide the future of your business. That's why we place so much importance on bagging you a bargain, whilst also guaranteeing you a high-quality air compressor. Comparing prices is just one of the ways that we do this!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find lower-cost, higher-quality air compressors

Discover a wide range of air compressors to choose from

Get an air compressor deal to suit your business' current and future needs

Air compressors are a key tool for a wide variety of businesses, and claim an even wider selection of purposes. From cleaning, to powering tools and machinery, securing a top-notch air compressor is a necessary feat for many businesses. That's why we think every business in need of this tool should have one tailored to their business needs. But how can you get that?

Easy - just grab a quote!

Air guns - which use compressed air to fire a bullet, similar to the uses of compressed air today - date back to 1580.
According to airsupplies - Nov 2019[†]
How To Get Air Compressors Cheaper

We don't just love bagging a bargain for our clients - we can't turn down a good deal, ourselves! And because of this, we've picked up many-a-tip over time. So, it's about time we passed some of them down to you…


Compare The Costs

There's only one way to find a cheap air compressor, whether you're on the lookout for an alternative, or shopping around for the first time - and that's by comparing air compressors. Consider the companies on offer, the different compressors, their features, and their prices. Or, you can grab a quote!


Choose Cheap

Fancy a cheap air compressor? Then pick the price that suits your business best. But beware: if you skimp on the price, you skimp on the quality, too. And the threat of low-quality goods can lower the quality of your business as a whole. Poor profit definitely won't suit your budget...


Consider Your Needs

Getting a good deal might be attractive for your bank balance, but getting your money's worth is what really matters. By reflecting on your needs you can align the compressor to your business, ensuring you aren't paying more than you need to. And we can find the air compressor tailored to you!


To Own, Or To Rent?

There is now a variety of ways to pay for a variety of air compressors. This includes buying and renting. And if you opt for the latter, you won't have to fork out to own an air compressor if you don't use it on the regular. Only need it once a week? Sign the contract, and start saving!

What Exactly Can Air Compressors Do?

An air compressor is a device that can convert power into energy (which is contained in pressurized air). In simple terms, an air compressor forces air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When the tank pressure reaches the limit, the compressor is shut off until the air can be used. The energy contained can be used for a variety of applications by utilizing the kinetic energy of the air as it is released. It supplies pressurised, clean air to fill gas cylinders, for driving pneumatic HVAC control system valves, pneumatic tools, to high-pressure air tanks, and produce air for large-scale industrial processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Compressors?

Not only does it give you air on-demand, allowing you full control of your usage and needs, the air can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning to tools. It also offers a source of power generation that is necessary for many businesses, such as with construction. Also, air is, well, cheap! Filling up your tank at roadside stops for example is often free or comes at a very low price. Also, they are considered to be a more reliable and safer source of power. They provide a lower risk of electric shock, and can be used in environments that contain water.

Tips To Get Your Air Compressors Prices Cheaper

Even if it's a price you're willing to pay, there's always a way to keep those costs down. Here are some Quotegrab suggestions for cutting down on your website design costs:


You Need To Know Your Needs
By considering your business' needs you can identify the usage you require, and finetune the features and purposes it is required for. Once this has been assessed, you can avoid paying more than you need to, ensuring you only get your money's worth.


Compare, Compare
If you're looking for a cheap air compressor, then you best be doing just that! Compare the top contenders based on their prices, products, features, and their suitability to businesses like yours. Or, you could skip that, and grab a quote instead! That's your problem sorted.


Pick The Price
Here's the easy answer: if you want cheap, then choose the cheapest air compressor! But will it suit your business needs? Will it have the features you need? Will it be of good enough quality? Grab a quote, and we can find a cheap one for you.


Rent An Air Compressor
You've got a couple of options on the table when it comes to paying for an air compressor: buying one outright which will come with a hefty price tag, and renting one. The latter will obviously cost less, and can be suited to your business' usage. You can even get air via a contract, only paying for what you need!


It's Time To Get Efficient
Over time the cost of energy has been rising. This has, in turn, caused many businesses to question how cost-effective air compressors are as a source of power. By conducting an audit of your energy efficiency, you can see if you need to cut back on an air compressor and start saving, or need to switch models to cut costs.


Back To Basics
Why not swap the complex uses of your air compressor for basic functionality? More simple models such as the reciprocating air compressor comes to a much lower price than the most advanced model. So, cut your air compressor costs by reducing your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get emailed, tweeted and asked the same questions every day. So, to combat those queries, we've decided to answer the most common ones here.

+ How Do I Choose The Right Size Of Compressor?

The capacity of a compressor is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute, and is considered one of the most important things to consider when shopping around for an air compressor because it tells you how fast your compressor can deliver air. This will tell you if your tools can be run on this air compressor, and allows you to determine which will suit your needs best.

+ Are Air Compressors Safe?

Compressed air is only considered dangerous if used in an improper manner. It should never be used to blow debris and dust off clothes or off someone's body and hair. At a low pressure it can be used to clean surfaces, but if used on human skin, it can penetrate the skin and cause an embolism which can go on to be fatal. It can also rupture eardrums, rupture lungs, and cause brain damage. There are safety features often included with air compressors to prevent accidents and problems.

+ Is Maintenance Of Air Compressors Required?

The maintenance of the oil level and ensuring there is no dirt or debris is key to maintaining the air compressor and ensuring it has a long lifespan. However, only qualified technicians should perform this maintenance.

+ How Do I Know Which Power Supply To Choose?

There are a variety of air compressors on the market for use by businesses, and they come with a variety of power supply needs. More basic models can be run off normal domestic electricity, but petrol and diesel-driven models do exist.