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Business Energy - Compare Providers,  Pricing and Reviews

Compare Business Energy, In Just One Search

Here at QuoteGrab, we understand just how integral the right energy company is to your business. After all, you literally need gas and electricity to do anything. You cant even switch your lights on without it - and who wants to work in a pitch-black office? Even though having gas and electric is obviously a necessity, spending a fortune on it isn’t! We can help find you a good energy deal, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. All you have to do is fill out this quick form!

Takes less than 2 minutes

Takes Two minutes

You need your gas and electric set up ASAP, and we don’t want to delay that! That’s why we made sure our form only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Saves you money

Save Money

Yes, gas and electric is essential and needs to be installed quickly - but that doesn’t mean you should accept the first deal that comes along. We compare every deal we find to select the one that saves you the most money.

Find a great provider

Get Great Business Energy

Business energy deals run slightly differently to domestic ones. That’s why we make sure all the deals we offer are customized to fit your office environment

Find Business Energy For You

We understand that finding a good gas and electricity deal is usually the last thing on your list of priorities when it comes to running your business. As essential as it is, it’s usually forgotten about. People have a habit of just using the same energy provider they have at home out of ease - but that isn’t always your best option. In fact, choosing the wrong provider can become quite costly.

Here at QuoteGrab, we don’t want you picking a provider just because it’s easy, we want you to pick them because they’re good! That’s why we take the effort out of the search for you, to ensure you get the best of the best - and aren’t put off by the amount of work that goes into finding them.

We compare your needs with what each provider is offering, and select up to four that we believe compliment you! You won’t have to move a muscle - promise!

Why Compare Business Energy Prices?

Though there are many reasons that make the comparison of business energy prices highly recommendable, there is one point that makes this comparison an absolute must. Unlike domestic energy contracts, business energy contracts are fixed and supply no cooling off period - which means that once you’ve signed it, you’re stuck with that company until the contract ends. So, if you made the wrong choice or a better deal comes along, you just have to suck it up. Plus, depending on what contract you signed, you could be burdened with this mistake for up to three years!

This is why price comparison is so essential in this instance. If, for example, the contract you picked was actually too expensive, or you didn’t do enough research into the provider and they’re actually rubbish, there wouldn’t be a way out of paying. But, this could all be easily avoided by doing appropriate research and reading any contract you’re presented properly before you sign it!

Benefits of Comparing Prices

Find Low-Cost Energy Suppliers

Customise Deals To Your Budget

Only Talk To Highly Experienced (15+ years) Energy Experts

Discover Where To Find The Best Energy Packages

Though finding the best energy package is a necessity if you want to run a business - it shouldn’t break your bank account! With QuoteGrab fighting your corner, we can find you the best deal for your budget.

All you need to do is fill out this quick form!

Renewable energy production accounted for 31% of the UK’s total electricity generation in 2018, 3.3% higher than 2017.
According to Finder - July 2019[†]
How To Get Business Energy Cheaper

Here at QuoteGrab, we have plenty of personal experience in bagging a bargain. So, we deemed it fit to send on our knowledge, so you can make sense of your market research whilst pocketing a penny or two, as well.


Use Less Energy

Unlike domestic energy bills, which charge 5% VAT, business energy bills actually charge 20%. However, if your company qualified as a ASLlow energy consumption business, you may be given the option to pay a cheaper VAT! So using lower energy is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your company!


Check Your Calendar

Did you know that business energy rates are actually based on the wholesale prices of that day? Which means the price you’d need to pay actually changes daily. So, it’s worth keeping an eye on your calendar and seeing if there are any correlations between particular days/times of the year and low prices. You may end up scoring yourself a cheap as chips deal just by checking prices everyday!


Get A Longer Contract

Once you officially sign your contract, you’re locked into it (until the term agreed upon runs out). If you’ve accidentally signed an expensive one, that’s obviously quite disastrous. However, if you’ve managed to score a cheap deal, you don’t want to lose it after a year, when the prices could go up! If you truly think the deal can’t be beaten, try and negotiate a longer contract - then you keep the low price even longer!


Know When Your Contract Ends

Your provider will always contact you before your contract is due to run out but, as the switching process takes time, it’s beneficial to be aware of that date yourself. This is because, once the contract ends, if you haven’t switched to a new deal, you’d actually be put on an out-of-contract rate. This could see you being charged an increase of up to 85%!

What Exactly Is Business Energy?

Well, it’s gas and electric for your business, as opposed to your home. The contracts differ between the two, as business energy is usually provided at a fixed rate - and accompanied by 20% VAT as well!

What Are The Benefits Of Business Energy?

As business energy contracts are usually fixed, they provide the business owner with financial security as they’re only charged wholesale costs, which won’t change at all throughout their contract. This also makes it easier for businesses to budget, as they know what they need to pay each month!

Tips To Get Your Business Energy Cheaper

Yes, providing your business with an appropriate gas and electricity system is essential. But it shouldn’t be back-breaking work, and it definitely shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Here are QuoteGrab’s top tips to keep costs down:


Use Less Energy
If you can prove your company has a low energy consumption, you may be exempt from paying the full 20% of VAT - you can get it for a reduced rate!


Check Your Calendar
Business energy rates, due to being charged at a wholesale price, change on the daily. Keep an eye out every day, until you spot a price that’s too good to be true.


Get A Longer Contract
Due to business energy contracts usually being fixed-rate, you’re locked into them for a set period of time. So, if you spot a really good deal, try and negotiate a longer contract - so you can extend your low-price period.


Know When Your Contract Ends
If you forget to switch your contract before it’s end date, you could end up paying an increase of 85% due to being placed into an out-of-contract period!


Start A Gang
The more people there are in an area using the same company, the more likely the provider is to offer you a bigger discount. So, find other businesses in your area looking for a good deal, and approach the provider together!


If you’re already with a provider, but your contract is due to end, bargain with them. If you tell them that another company is offering the same deal, but for a lower price, they’re much more likely to give you a discount so you stay with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve seen your tweets, opened your emails and listened to all the voicemails you left us! Yes, we have your questions - and we’re going to answer them, once and for all!

+ What Is Business Energy?

Well, ‘energy’ is just another name for gas and electricity! And business energy would be gas and electric that’s been moulded to suit a business environment, as opposed to a home one. The major difference between a business energy contract and a domestic one, is the flexibility of their contracts. Domestic contracts are generally rolling ones, allowing customers to switch at any time. Business contracts, on the other hand, are usually charged at a fixed rate - so once you’re in, you’re in. Plus, they have to pay 20% VAT!

+ Do I Need Business Energy?

Though you don’t need to switch to a business energy contract - as in it’s not a legal requirement - it’s extremely beneficial to do so. It not only means you pay for energy at wholesale rates, but you can also significantly reduce your VAT contribution by proving that you’re a low energy consumption company. As the prices a business energy provider quotes changes daily, you’re also way more likely to score a cheaper deal on one of those contracts.

+ How Do I Find The Best Business Energy Supplier For Me?

Would it surprise you if we told you that we actually don’t want you to find the best supplier for you? That’s because we do all the work for you! We assess your needs and compare them with every energy supplier we can find, and then match you up with up to four of the best! You won’t even have to lift a finger - lovely.